Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wall Words

On 10/10, I was given a new source of inspiration... my supervisor handed me a new catalog I'd never seen before. It is called Wall Words. You can use words and quotes to decorate the walls of your home or business. Even put a recipe on your kitchen wall if you so desire to do so. They have a website If you would like to order their catalog, the # is: 888-422-6685. (I should be in advertising. I was once told by a speech teacher in college that I would make a good copy writer. She told me I should have applied at a local news channel because of a term paper I wrote on Robert Redford. But I never applied for it. At that time I did not feel qualified for it.)

Since I am trying to watch my pennies, I would probably take the word "Create" and it paint it somewhere I'd see it every day. Not that I really need it with all the creating I have been doing lately! Just another idea I thought I'd pass along....

So I will leave you with a quote of the day from their catalog:

"The ecstasy is so short
but the forgetting is so long."
-Walt Whitman-

What would your wall word or words be?

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