Friday, December 19, 2008

A Random Act of Kindness

This is the time of year when I have to fix a new time roster book at work for the new fiscal year. I have to use index tabs so the pages do not tear up my hands. Index tabs come in four colors... red, blue, yellow, clear and green, but those are not enough colors for artistic me so I use pastel colored highlighters to add more colors. Mine name of course has to be done in hot pink. I used a memo pad as a blotter for when I am coloring the tabs a different hues and it runs off the tab. Some of the pastels blend to form their own shades on the page. When I was doing this on Wednesday, a Sgt noticed it on my desk and said it was pretty; very artistic. I jokingly said something about it being worth a lot of money one day. That one compliment made my day as well as much needed laughter from friends. So near the end of work day, I added a few swirly red flowers to it, addressed it to the Sgt with the day's date, wrote "Merry Christmas" on the lines for a message and signed it. I placed it in a small greeting card sized envelope, took it back to the Sgt's office and put it in the 1st shift's metal holder for him to find the next day.

When I saw the Sgt again on Thursday, before I could ask him if he found something, he told me thank you for that artwork. Then he said it was the first Christmas card he'd gotten (at work?) which made me feel good. Yet I almost wanted to send him a real Christmas card too. So I did a good deed; a random act of kindess.

I had a photo of it, but my memory card said it was full last night so I started deleting what I could bare to part with and that was one of them. It wasn't my best piece of artwork so it really didn't matter that much to me. It was the thought that counted.

Have you done any Random Acts of Kindness lately?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Views of the Voyles



I have a newer version of Picasa at home which has a collage feature I absolutelylove! I have been a collaging fool! LOL I tried to upload a collage of almost the entire Voyles' clan from pictures taken back during Thanksgiving, but the photo wouldn't upload to my great disappointment. It did email well especially to those who can't always pull up pictures I send. So I decided I would put my best shots forward here... This view of Don and I was taken at the city Christmas party. I did not like the 1st shot my good friend Debra took. I looked slumped, fat, old and like my mother! Then I sat up straight for this one and the difference was like night and day. It is funny to flip back & forth between the two shots. We get such a kick out of it. So let me be an example to you...Lesson learned: ALWAYS sit up straight.

The second photo of Rhett was taken in the hospital waiting room outside my uncle's room a few weekends ago. It was after my cousin Nancy's funeral. I saw him looking out the 6th floor window and knew I had THE perfect shot. He started to move and I told him not to move! This is perhaps my all time favorite photo of him. I am so proud of it and excited about it. These will Christmas gifts from the Voyles to the Voyles, my parents, other family members on my side, and our friends.

So much to do. So little time to do it all in. Haven't had much time for blogging.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Do You See What I See?


Hi! Sorry I have been away for so long from the blogging world. Rhett & I both either got food poisoning from Jason's Deli or we had the stomach flu so I have been out of commission then busy with two Chrismtas dinners, a Christmas party and a Christmas tea bridal shower. Whew! The tea was a first for me and really a fun thing to do. I will update more later...

This photo was taken at the city Christmas party. The candle was on our table. I guess I was sort of bored so I took a picture of it. Don said he saw a face in the candle whereas I did not see it. He said something about Freddie Kruger and I looked at him like he'd lost his mind. I just couldn't see it. Then I took one of the shiney colored Mardi Gras masks that were lying about on the table, placed it next to the candle then I could see eyes. Can you? Do you see what I see?

Hope you are having fun preparing for Christmas and haven't been under the weather like me. If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to the following....
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Monkey in the Mix


Friday night, we had the Artist Guild party to attend and I was to bring a sweet so I made a batch of brownies, adding extra ingredients so they would be big and fluffy not flat as mine usually turn out. I added chopped pecans as well as a pecan half on top. I tested them and they were not done in thirty minutes which left the big hole on the right side. So I cooked them another five minutes. That test left another hole only not as large at the first one. I realized the holes could be eyes so I made the second hole a bit bigger with the toothpick on purpose. I saw another "Monkey in the Mix" again. Sorry it is a bit blurry. How about you? What was your oddity you saw this week? If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to the following....

Today may you have an unexpected surprise...
Like when you open a new pack of labels you planned to make a special Christmas word upon for your Christms cards and you discover you have an extra sheet of clear labels you can use!

Quote of the Day"

Life is a convertible. Live with the top down.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

As Dorothy would say, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home." It is so very true for me as I discovered this past holiday.

In case you haven't noticed I have been MIA in words, in deeds, in photos and blog. We went with our oldest daughter and her two girls to Indiana to my in-law's for Thanksgiving. We had a great time and ate way too much good food. It was great to see everyone again. I got some once in a lifetime photos I wouldn't trade for all the crab legs in the sea. I even braved Black Friday's crowd to shop so Elisa wouldn't have to go by herself and survived without incident. I got a few things that I'd depleted the shelves of here as well as got a few gifts without spending an arm and a leg. I even got some artwork in as well.

While Rhett was with his best bud and step-nephew Austin, who is only months older than him, I did the journal thing with my granddaughter Tatum. It turned out really well. I think Rhett was a bit jealous though because I have only done this with him. Later I told him Tatum wants him to show her how he does his grafitti which made him feel better. I worked on another "floatsom" piece which is unfinished.

Saturday was the best day of the entire trip to me. We went with our oldest son and his family to a nearby Christmas tree farm to get their tree. Santa just happened to be there along with two of his reindeer. I got pics of all of our grandkids on a sleigh. One of the reindeers still had his fur and he was a bit on the rowdy side. I had trouble taking his photo through a wooden fence. He kept wanting to stick his antlered head through to get food yet he refused the reindeer balls offered him. Still the photo is priceless to me. It is not everyday you get a photo of a real reindeer.

Then my daughter-in-law's family was coming to her house for Thanksgiving dinner. I cut things out of the local paper before they arrived. The food was oh so good and I ate way too much to the point of almost being miserable. I really enjoyed spending time with Kristina's family and laughing. I think I had more fun than Don. As we were leaving, Kristina's mom hugged me which really made me feel good.

Going with our daughter, we left early without going to church. In a Kentucky rest stop, I picked up every pamplet they had on Abe Lincoln for Rhett's poster. We got home early especially for us. It felt so good to walk into the silence of our house. It was good to be home; to sleep in our own bed. There is no place like home.

On my drive to work on Monday morning, I noticed the trees are still colorful here compared to Indiana and I was thankful for the colors. Thankful we live here. Thankful to be back home again. There's no place like home.

Things are pretty much back to normal - whatever normal means. Double Christmas parties on the same nights to attend starting this weekend. Social butterflies that we are.

I really had trouble doing this post. Lost my internet connection. Uploaded then lost what I'd typed. Yeah, normal stuff. Still there is no place like home.