Friday, September 28, 2007

Rain & Rainbows

We went to Cici's for lunch today after church because it was cheaper to eat there, for the cinnamon roll desert pizza and it was my idea. I ate too much cheesey bread and desert. I was miserable later.

After the evening service at church there was a rainbow among the trees after the downpour. I took a picture of it but didn't think the rainbow shows up too well. I also took a picture of the rain falling. (see previous photo).

I stayed on the computer most of the night. I found artwork very, very similiar to some of my doodlings on I emailed it to my friends who still think mine is better! I love my friends. I couldn't sleep because I was worrying about my Daddy's surgery tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bass Pro Shop

Don didn't have to work for the 1st time in a long while, maybe all summer. This morning he was loading up the truck to go to the hunting land. I thought he'd left when I came out of the shower. He was surprised I was up so early on a Saturday. I reminded him that I had an art class at church which he'd forgotten about. He forgets a lot of things I tell him these days.

Our project was to make napkin holders out of the cardboard tube from the end of a toilet paper roll. We were supposed to glue on fall colored buttons. I couldn't find all my buttons, but we had enough. Sort of like not having all your marbles. There were only 2 other kids to show up. It was the 2 kids that moved to SC. One of them is Rhett's best bud, Alex. Their father brought them. They brought red, white and blue buttons. Some times you just have to say, "Oh, well.." About an hour into it, the boys got bored, started running up and down the hallway, making too much noise for my nerves. Rhett only completed 3 rows on his napkin holder. Alex did pretty good on his this time. The buttons were scattered randomly with lots of space in between. Too much so for me. His sister Emily's was - I'll just say unfinished and leave it at that. I don't know how many rows I had. Didn't stop to count them. Mine was "looking good" even if I say so myself.

I'd made a really beautiful one last Thanksgiving with my Grandmother Graddy's buttons. So mine was really special to me. Now we will have 2 fall colored napkin holders and an unfinished Christmas one. I hope to do another class next month were we do the same thing only using orange and black buttons for a Halloween theme. I can just see them...

I called this class off at about 11:30 because the boys couldn't stop their hall antics. I just didn't think it was proper in a church even if it was on a Saturday. Plus they were on my last nerve.

Then we paid the cable bill and got barbecue sandwiches at a place I said I'd wouldn't stop in again so I had to eat my words. We took the sandwiches to my parent's house. I called my best friend Genie while there. First we talked about Rhett's school. I had not filled her in on the latest by email lately which isn't like me. Just been involved with my artwork and photography I guess. She being a teacher couldn't get over the fact that the students cannot talk at lunch! She'd never heard of such. Neither have we and we don't punish him for that. Its just too ridiculous. I asked her if I could get her daughter Jena's phone number to see if she wanted to eat with us. I forgot it is football season in the south which is a big thing here. Jena was in Auburn anyway. I asked about our mutual high school friend Katherine, but Genie said they go to all the Auburn home games. Strike two. Or maybe it was for the best. Part of me wanted it to be just the three of us. Our family.

I'd also called my Aunt Margareet in Montgomery, told her we might stop by if it wasn't too late when we got through at Bass Pro. She wanted us to stop by her house first, but I knew that wasn't what Don wanted to do. I told her I couldn't promise anything.

We got home in plenty of time for our afternoon journey. Had my cell phone charging. Caught up on emails. Sent one out about Daddy's upcoming 2nd eye surgery. He had a fungus and has scratched his eye he'd had catarac surery on not long ago. I got online directions to Bass Pro.

So we departed at 5:11. Now we could have left earlier since Don came back from the woods before I expected him. We passed through Montgomery. once past Montgomery, I saw name of streets from the map. We found it with no problems except for where to turn into the place. Don was complaining about the idiot who designed the parking lot. I've told him he didn't complain this much when we first got married.

The place was beautiful. I liked it far better than the one in Clarksville, IN. It wasn't as big story level wise. It has one floor less. When you first walked in the doors, you just stand there in awe looking upward to the tall, tall ceilings where there are murals painted (?), mountain sides formed out of rocks with deer standing on the ledges. On the ground, in the entryway, it felt like an actual lodge. One I wouldn't mind owning.

We learned our lesson. We should have checked out the restaurant first, but we were like kids in a toy store looking at everything. We gravitated to the huge fish tank which must be a prerequisite for all the stores. Then we went upstairs. The elevator is not over the fish tank at this one. The arcades were not as good as the ones in Clarksville. The view down below was breathtaking literally. Rhett and I with our hydrophobia would not get too close to the rails.

Don wanted me to buy him a pair of thermal camo overalls for his Christmas present, but I REFUSE to buy him hunting stuff! I resent his hunting as I did the "damn deck" he built while I was pregnant. Besides I have been good not buying anything, but pictures and compasses lately.

Rhett and I had to go to the bathroom which was downstairs. They were labeled "Bucks" and "Does". So I am a Doe. When we came out, I discoverd THE most comfortable chairs to sit in while we waited on Don. They were upholstered in camo fabrics. I could envision us in his and her's matching rocker/recliners... instead of rockers on the deck since we don't have a front porch. I could live with them. The cheapest one they had was $499 in the old style camo not the new prettier camo!

While sitting there, I noticed a lady had a menu in hand. Then I saw she had one of those cafe beepers. She had a daughter older than Rhett who had the prettiest color hair. I cannot describe it. It wasn't brown nor blonde. She was far too young for it to come out of a bottle. She didn't know how lucky she was to have undescribeable hair. It was the color only a fairy could create.
After they departed the comfy chairs, I called Don on his cell phone to tell him I was going to get a menu. I made reservations. There was an HOUR wait! But it was well worth it. It was rather expensive, but we didn't want to find another place to eat. Rhett insisted on eating catfish instead of getting something from the kids menu. There were 2 fillets with the catfish so we split it.

They brought out this wonderful, hot loaf of bread with crystallized sugar on top. It was called "Bimini bread". Don had grilled, blackened Mahi Mahi which was SO tender. Rhett's potato wasn't done, but they gave him another one. We had to have more of that bread. Rhett ate almost all of his fish except for one bite. Needless to say we didn't need doggie bags.

Don bought a deer stand before we left. This part of Alabama is an hour behind us so we were not concerned about time. We left after 10 pm. It rained really hard on us on the way home. It was about 10:30 by the time we got to where turn to go to my aunt's but I felt it was too late to stop. We were glad we were traveling in the direction we were headed due to the Auburn traffic going back to Montgomery. We had to stop for gas. I was praying the place was open and thank goodness it was. It looked like some folks were taking a short cut back to Montgomery in front of this lone gas station. I thought we'd never get out of the lot. We arrived home safely at midnight, but we did not turn into pumpkins.

Today's Discovery

Today I made a 3x5 postcard with goldfish I drew myself. One of the ladies at work had a pin on her desk of a multi-colored fish. I'm sure it was meant to be a religious symbol. I traced the outline onto a leftover piece of cardboard I'd been saving for something and made my own template!

After work I went to Walmart which seems to be my home away from home since I am printing so many of my photos there. I also had to get Rhett a compass for school. Would ya believe they did NOT have any? Yet I learned something new today.... You can take your small pieces of artwork such as the 3x5 or 4x6 postcards I made, take them to the Walmart picture maker and make 4x6 photos of them for only 28 cents which is far less than going to Office Max or Kinko's to make color copies which can cost 89 cents on up. Unless they are on sale.

I found a woman's face I'd drawn on baroquial ivory or linen paper years ago. I took it with me to Wally world. The face was actually larger than a 4x6 so it cut off the eyebrows except for a tiny bit so you know she does have some and it cut off the very bottom part of her lips. When the picture came out of the machine, it reminded me of Dolly Parton! I thought about sending her a copy of it. I need to crop the original or have a color copy made of it at Office Max. For once in my life I hate to crop something. I never had a problem with my photos when I got into scrapbooking. My mother hated it when I "chopped up" my pics. Anywhoo I was rather proud of myself today. The only downside was the goldfish didn't turn out as orangey looking as the ones I drew. They were more yellow which I didn't like. Too pickie I know. I will probably have to make color copies of those too.

I called Don to see what to do about supper. I mentioned there was a new Cowboy Saloon in town. By Friday's he is too tired to go out to eat once he gets home. He had other better ideas... He wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville tomorrow and we would eat at the restaurant there. I got all excited. Something new to do. So Rhett and I picked up Backyard Burgers after I bought him a compass at Staples paying more than $3 for it which is ridiculous. I cannot find the old metal kind that I used to use as a child. I guess they may be considered weapons nowdays.

There were lots of good tv shows on tonight. I really go into "Vegas". It was the cliffhanger ending of the season.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Rain Looks like

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The Sign

I had been wanting to take a picture of this for days and days. We had to stop and park in order to take it. I'd like to take it at night as well. I think the sign says it all.

At least the blogger is working right today. Or at least my pictures came out. Its funny the other did not work yet this one did. Think Someone of a higher power had a hand in this one? I do.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Old Movie Poster

I will tell you where this poster was located later... but first it has a story to tell about me... When I was small, my parents always took me to the movies especially Elvis Presley movies. My mom loved Hank Williams, Sr. She'd even seen him live in person and jitterbugged to his music at the juke joints they used to go to when she was young. The tales she could tell... But she says you never could tell he was high on drugs or drunk when she saw him. She still doesn't believe that about him to this day.

So my parents took me to see this movie "Your Cheatin' Heart". At that age, I thought George Hamilton was actually Hank. Of course he dies in the movie and I did not want him to die. I just busted out crying at the end as if my own Daddy had died. My Aunt and Uncle were also in the theatre a few rows over. They couldn't believe me. It is one movie I will never forget. I remember how hard I cried even today. I have even watched it again several times, but probably still cannot watch the end without crying. Just as I cannot watch "Kramer Vs. Kramer" or the ending to "Steel Magnolias". I stop watching it before Julia Roberts dies.

When I took this picture, I saw the price of the movie... less than $2.00 for an adult. Can you believe that. Man, does that make me feel old. But it is a good memory for me.
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Fall Colors

I love the fall colors in these flowers which I took a snapshot of at Walmart of all places believe it or not. I could use this as a postcard for my 2nd postcard swap for Autum. We'll see what sort of things I create this go round....

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Went to Sleep on Elvis

Once again I didn't sleep well last night. The air conditioner no longer comes on since it has gotten cooler outside at night. There was a cricket outside the window that kept me awake. It woke me up at 3:30 am and I could not go back to sleep to save my life. When I did finally drift back off to slumber, the alarm blared out a song I didn't want to hear! What is it with the crickets and all the other critters around here. The cicada on the rabbit(see previous post). The BIG spider next door which is still there. There was what I thought was a small Daddy Long Legs in the bathroom. When Don killed it so Rhett would go to the bathroom, he said it was some other kind of spider!

I suppose because my "supervisor" gave me the idea for, I felt sort of obligated towards her so I gave her a 4x6 copy of my blue collage. That brought me to thinking what would I charge for a 4x6 of the piece? Or a 5x7? I have always short-changed myself in the past.
Then I wonder... will anyone buy my work?

I worked a bit more on the very 1st idea I made for the post card swap. I am at the point where I should just leave it alone instead of pick it to pieces when it is already in pieces! Pun intended. After all more is supposed to be less. I wish I could devote all my time to my artwork.

I attempted another idea on but didn't like it. Anyone could do that. It needs fall leaves which have not fallen yet.

I tried to sell some books at a bookstore but they were only accepting new used text books. I could trade some of my paperbacks in IF they were in good condition IF they were over $5.99 and probably a lot more ifs the lady with the shiney lip gloss rattled off. They would give me a percentage off the used paperbacks I bought. I told her a man had told me on the phone they were "always buying books". I left a bit perturbed.

I went to Walmart to pick up more pictures. I stopped at A. C. Moore to get some new Prisma colored pencils for another idea I plan to put on a postcard. By the time I got to Sears it was 6:10. Time to call Don. We were supposed to get a new stove today. The model we wanted had to be ordered and would be delivered in the store on Thursday. Next time Don comes with me!!! I had to call him several times with questions I couldn't answer. By the 3rd call, how was I supposed to know he was home by then?

I gave mom some pictures. I tried to sharpen my colored pencils there but my old pencil sharpener wasn't working. By the time I got home, I had a sinus headache . I'd planned to take my hay fever pill just before bed so I would sleep through the night, but took it earlier instead.

There was an Elvis special on tv. The man still looks good; is still sexy even today. He had one of the most beautiful voices in the world. He was the 1st singer I taught Rhett to recognize on the radio. It is just so sad about his drug additions. What a loss. Elvis was a Capricorn like me. He liked to surround himself with his friends. I used to wish I could do that but not all of them got along. Anyway, I went to sleep on Elvis! Well, just the last 15 minutes. At least I slept through the night. No crickets kept me awake. I am thankful.

Thankful For Things That Make Me Laugh

The most amazing thing just happened as I was sitting here at the Library touching up my blog since I can't do that on the home computer. I heard someone said "Hey!" At first I thought it was my friend Anne, but she moved to Carrollton. It was my friend Patti. It was good to see her as always. I showed her the pictures I posted on my blog today and all the other ones as well. I guess because I have 95 pictures on my memory card as of now, I thought I had more photos on here. I gave Patti the link so she can come back to read this when she has time and showed her where she could make comments if she so desires. I would love more comments.

Now I am going to try to catch up...

Monday, 9/17/07. It was catch up day for me. Later Rhett's teacher called me at work. I knew it was her when Caroline said my whole name Rebecca. Only my doctors call me that. My first thought was "Oh, no... I'm in trouble" but I was not. His teacher told me she moved Rhett as she said she would do. She moved him away from the girl bully. "Hopefully and prayerfully" as his teacher said, this will resolve the matter.

I receive two very funny emails today. One from my friend Kevin and another about a "Bubba" and his two friends. I am always thankful for the things that make me laugh.

What My 2nd Gratitude Journal Looks like....

My 1st Gratitude Journal had too much of a glare when I tried to phograph it so this is what my 2nd Gratitude Journal looks like. In the bottom right hand corner there is room for something... a title perhaps? Maybe something with Quoth the RAV on it so everyone will see that it is mine. The possibilities are endless as the sea... as ongoing as the ocean's tide; as eternal as the stars in the sky. Just looking at the cover gives you a feeling of hope and of peace, doesn't it? It's pages inside are weird color; almost a mauve with a flower in each corner. There is even enough room to write underneath the flower or I manage to squeeze words under it utilizing as much of the page as possible, wasting nothing.


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two fish

I made these a long time ago and refound them swimming in all the paper scraps I went thru for the BIG collage. I like them especially the patchwork part of them. I am submitting them to

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My Daily Doodlings

This is what I do when I have nothing else to do. Before when I was bored I would trim my split ends. This is much more creative. I have created several of these since last year. I am not sure what they really are or represent. I make them on a large doodle pad at work or on the the cardboard part of a pad. I have certain pens I use for making one. One pen is almost out of ink. Then I go back with a new pen to make some areas darker. Some people think I need to see a shrink, but I think the shrink would say it is a good outlet. It is a means of expressing myself. Getting out my frustrations some days. Sometimes I think this is the highway inside my mind. Or maybe it is what my brain looks like (not on drugs!) . Other times it is pathways but I like to think they lead somewhere.... Some I tried to make connections as much as possible so you could follow them in and out like a maze. Maybe they are a maze. The first ones had more pictures in them; more faces. One person said they were demons but I didn't agree. They may have been ghosts. I like to think they were good ghosts. I guess it is all in the eyes of the beholders...


(As I looked at these, I realize how blurry they are.)

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My 1st Mosaics

I made these last night with bits and pieces of the 1st postcard I attempted to make which you haven't seen yet. There were certain parts of it I really liked and additions I made that I did not like. Ever the perfectionist. I am satisfied with the mosiacs on a 1st attempt. The more I look at them, the more I like them. I will try more later... Will try to catch up on my blog also. I am going to participate in another post card swap. This time with a fall theme. YEAH! I have so many ideas flowing.... may they continue.


Monday, September 17, 2007

My 2nd Gratitude Journal

I had not written in my Gratitude journal in almost a month. Instead I had been writing in a pink notebook where I could insert a loose page to have another cover, but I haven't thought of THE Perfect Cover for it yet. The pink works fine. It doesn't draw attention to itself. Sunday morning I would not get up & go into the kitchen to go through a noisy plastic bag to retrieve the pink notebook for fear of waking everyone up with it rattling. So I pulled this new blank journal with a simple flower on the cover out of another plastic bag. It has no words on the cover. No "Gratitude" on the cover but on the inside now. That's all I seem to do is pull stuff out of a bag. Just call me the Bag Lady.

Now I must regress back to yesterday... Saturday morning 9/15/07, Rhett and I were supposed to go to a huge yard sale in Chattam Woods subdivision which is on my way to work. We got a late start because I first had to check my emails to see if there was a confirmation from for my first submission yesterday. There was one! They accepted my photo of my Daddy's tie. I was SO excited. I called my mom on my cell phone since I was on the computer to tell her the good news. Don was at work. I immediately sent the acceptance email to all my friends and family (well not all of my family!) so they could view it and per chance purchase it. Although I knew it was not one of my best photos I've taken, I still had to share my excitement with everyone.

We got to the subdivision rather late by true blue yard saler's standards. I was disappointed we were not finding anything, but maybe that was a good thing because I wasn't spending a lot of money. At least there was a nice, cool breeze blowing, showing the first sign of fall in the air, but I still sweated. I hate to sweat and try not to do it. Sometimes I can control it. Today was not one of those times.

I did find a pair of red button earrins for 50 cents. At the last stop I bought a round pin with gold flowers to cover the marker stain the cleaner could not completely remove from my blue purse. I may have another pin of a woman at home I like even better. I can always resell this one. The pin needs to be flat so it won't pull my clothes. The earrings I am quite sure my friend Abby would like to own especially at that price. See previous picture (s).

By then I had to make a mad dash to the nearest bathroom. The first public restroom we came to was at Mazzio's where we had pizza with Penny and her family not long ago. Rhett wanted to play video games while I was "occupied". I told him to holler if anyone grabbed him as I rushed inside locking the door behind me. I did hear him call "Momma" but he didn't answer me & he wasn't screaming it. Later he said it was not him. Needless to say I hurried. I bought a coke so I could take some asprins. Believe it or not, this helps me when my stomach is "tore up" as we say in the south. Tore up can also mean schnockered as in drunk as Cooter Brown.

We went to Fred's to get Pepsi's and Rhett a new ruler since his plastic one broke at school yesterday. We got a cool black one with an orange design similar to the Orange County motorcyle flames. It cost a little more, but it's flexible so it shouldn't break like the last one. I got bulbs for the nightlight in our bathroom which blew out. Funny that I'd forwarded an email about how Don always changes the light bulbs in our house. I changed that one. So I can't say that anymore.

By then Rhett was hungry so we got him something to eat at Fire House Subs. I knew I could not eat it so you know I am still not feeling well. While there, I called Don to see if he was home from work & tell him about my excitement of being accepted by Isn't that what we all want... is to be accepted? Don can never follow my telling of a story! He thought I'd sold my Daddy's tie!

I told Don we had 2 more stops to make before we started home. He was headed to my mom's to fix her back door. We went to Publix for potatoes and peanut butter. I planned to start cooking when I got home since the guys were going to the drag races later. Rhett had a free ticket. Not my thing.

Don told me to start cooking at 4:30 but I don't like being told what to do. So I do just he opposite. I re-checked my emails. My friends Mike E and Anne were very happy for me. Mike thought the design was cool. Then I began my kp duty of peeling the potatoes while watching HGTV. I like to use small, red potatoes for my mashed spuds. I put the taters on to boil and began flouring the chicken legs. As I was doing this, I realized I should have made my biscuits first. I put the legs aside and started making them biscuits. I'd preheated the oven and noticed the oven light was not on. Later I went to put the biscuits inside and noticed it was barely warm. I turned the switches off and off again. A blue spark came out of the back of the stove! Here I had 2 pans of biscuits to cook and no working oven! I began looking through the phone book for the neighbor's number when Don asked me what I was doing. Did he think I was calling Chicken Delight? I told him I wanted to ask the Sanders if I could cook my biscuits in their oven. He just laughed a me like I was crazy. Well, I couldn't stop cooking to take them to mom's or ask her make me some then bring them to me. So I wasted all that flour, not to mention time and energy.

The food was by no means ready by the time Don wanted to leave for the races. I'd been yelling as if the stove going out was his fault. I told him I was very hungry and wanted to eat NOW! I no longer take glucophage for my hormonal problems because it makes me go to the bathroom and I go enough! But I guess I needed it BAD! So I was not a happy housewife. He'd turned the fryer on high. I thought I was going crazy because I didn't think I turned it up high. I never do that because I don't like the grease popping out on me. Once you've been burned by a radiator, you don't like anything striking you! So turned it down. He said it would never cook like that. I really do want him to help me, but when he does "help" me, it doesn't help.

I had to make them sandwiches before they left. I made them both roast beef ones. As I was spreading the Miracel Whip on their bread standing by the sink, the chicken popped all the way from the farthest eye to my right naked ring finger! Was someone trying to tell me something? Was I being punished for being ugly earlier? Of course Don just laughed at me. Now this man is a Miracle Whip man and I am a Blue Plate woman. I fixed their sandwiches. Then Don told me he wanted mustard on his. MUSTARD! Well, he got both. Who eats mustard on a roast beef sandwich anyway?

Then he had the nerve to ask me if he got me a new stove, would I cook? Which made me mad since I have not felt good since before we left Indy. Where has he been? Obviously not in the bathroom with me!

So I finished cooking all the chicken legs at 9 pm. After they left I got to see what life would be like without them.... I finished cooking dinner ALONE. Without them, I would no longer have to cook or cook as much. I'd be buying smaller portions of meat. I'd probably have to ask for a special pack of 3 chicken legs instead six. Would the butcher look at me strangely, shake his head and feel sorry for me because he knew I was all alone? I'd eat all my meals ALONE. I'd watch tv ALONE. When I laughed out loud at the funny parts of the chick flick I was watching "Cinderall Story", there would was no one laughing with me. My laughter echoed in the living room oddly making me stop in mid laugh with the realization. Without them I could stay up all night n the computer until I could no longer stay up.

I did get on the computer. Everytime I went into, it would kick me out of AOL. It was frustrating so I lost my interest in doing that. I viewed for awhile and saw things I know I could make, but did not even attempt them. I figured I wasn't on a winning streak this night.

My guys got home at 11. I was still awake. I was very, very thankful they arrived home safely. A break in routine is good now and again.There is nothing like everything being shown how different your life could be... be careful what you wish for when you wish to ALONE. No one really wants to be alone. I think when people say, "Leave me alone" or they want to be alone, it is often a cry for help.

I discussed this day with my friend Katherine, the preacher's wife who could relate as well as Garry, the Sears repairman. He found it really funny. He asked, "You mean other people yell?"
He remembered the light bulb email about PMS and said a chair & stool have remained at his home in an inconvient spot for almost a week now, but he hasn't touched it.

Friday's Folly's

On Friday 9/14/07, I submitted a photo of my Daddy's tie to
We had a fish fry at work. I have never eaten fish at 10 am before. It was prepared by one of the Sgt. I was the only one who requested fries. Everyone else ate cheese grits. It was good but didn't sit well. Later the fish were swimming up. I felt yucky later.
I had to call Rhett's teacher when I got to mom's because the girl bully hit him several times in his back and kicked him. I did not stop to think about what my best friend Genie had told me. I looked for his teacher's cell phone number immediately. I told her we seem to have a problem..... She told me she would move Rhett away from her & speak with the assistant principle abou this on Monday. She said she just couldn't understand it because the girl is a straiht A student, apart of the student body and is allowed all over the school. I am not concerned about that; I am concerned about her bullying and hitting my child.
Then I took him to get his hair cut. Trimmed is a better word because Don didn't even notice it had been cut and he notices EVERYTHING. Afterwards I took him to Wendy's to take his picture taken in the cut out I'd been eyeing all week. See his picture on previous post below...

Red Button Earrings

These are the red button earrings I bought at a yard sale for 50 cents on Saturday. I thought of my friend Abby. When I told her I got them, I sent her an email with this picture, she told me to "wear them & wear them well; proudly like Jackie O." Later I would wear them, a young lady noticed them and asked where I got them. When I told her "yard sale", she looked at me funny. So I said "I cleaned them well before I wore them!" as if I had to defend myself for buying them where I did.

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Rhett's New Haircut

I really did take Rhett to get his hair cut on Friday. Afterwards I took him to the Wendy's near where I work where this cut out was located just so I could take this picture. A perfect moment in our lives.
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My Daddy's tie design

This is what I submitted to and the accepted it as a stamp design!!! I was so excited.
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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Good News, New Discovery

The bad news:
Well, now I have really done it...! I was playing with Picasa with my pictures, collaging some of them together. Later I went to Walmart to pick up more prints. When I loaded my memory card, some of my pictures were missing! Meaning: I erased them! The missing were those of my postcards. Some of the designs I had been taking which means I will have to re-shoot all of them. Doesn't that sound like a real photographer?

The good news:
The prints of the blue collage came out this awesome shade of bright blue which I love! I was imagining all sorts of possiblities with it... like a white mat around it, maybe painting a white frame to match what I think is a cobalt blue.

Today I found a new discovery... although I may have heard it mentioned on someone's blog before but did not persue it. My supervisor told me I should sell my art work as postcard stamps. Yesterday I tried to find it at Pitney Bowes because that is what she told me in one of her stupors. I got very frustrated with not finding the stamps you create yourself. Today she showed more stamps she had purchased which were from I went there and found the most amazing artwork! Check it out. You won't be sorry.

I also submitted one; a photo of one of my Daddy's ties so keep your fingers crossed for me and say a prayer they will accept it so I can start making money. It may look too much like an Etscher. Speaking of prayers, please say one for my best friend Penny who filled out an application to became a teacher's aide so she will have the same holiday schedule as her husband and girls. She said she is not sure the Lord wants her to do this, but I am asking for prayers on her behalf. I wrote her a nice, long email. She loved the pictures I sent, especially those of Rhett.

I had a free fish lunch at work today at 10 am! The fish talked to me later.

I may have used this quote before but it is a good one anyway....

Quotes of the Day:

The key to anyone's success is living your life with absolute passion, so passionately it manifests in every waking moment of your life, it influences your thoughts and behaviors and inspires others.
~Kimberly Adamson~

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cloud Chaser

I have become a cloud chaser this year. Sometimes I get good results like this one above. Other times like lately I don't and delete a lot of blah ones. Yesterday we couldn't get the right one until we pulled in the parking lot of church for the evening's bible study and I got a good sunset which I will upload later....

What did you chase after today? Were you a sucessful hunter? Did you capture your prize?

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Another Collage

Postcard collage by the RAV
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

8 Degrees of Susannah

For some time now, I have been thinking... with this postcard swap, it gave me 8 Degrees of Susannah with the eight ladies I sent postcards to, but I was wrong. She has given me so much more... inspiration, ideas, hope, drive, etc. She too is going through a creative phase like I have been lately. Then she led me to another creative person as I mentioned in my Cicada post. Susannah's post for yesterday was very good. We don't know where all of this will lead us, but she is following her breadcrumbs and I am fitting all my pieces together as we take a step in a new direction of our lives. It is exciting and a bit scarey at the same time.

Monday morning headache

9/10/07 On Monday morning, I woke up with a sinus headache which I didn't take anything for and it did get better as the day progressed - thank goodness. One of the ladies in the office is out all week with a death in her family which sadly reminded me of my own grandmother's death. How I miss her.

I worked some more on my first idea for a postcard that I didn't use. I will take a picture and post it soon...

I went to Wendy's for lunch. There was a long line and a new girl at the counter who seemed to be having trouble making change. The lady standing in line in front of me walked away without food. I deducted they must be out of or not serving baked potatoes which was what I wanted as well. So I had no choice but settle for fries. My burger was incorrect but I didn't know it until I bit into it. I'd asked for a double cheeseburger on the value meal menu more than once when placing my order. I hate to sound as if I complain all the time especially when I had such a good weekend and was finally able to upload pictures here. So I contemplated calling them to tell them my burger was wrong so I could get a free one the next time I go there. It just wasn't worth the hassle. Maybe I didn't really need the extra meat anyway. Someone trying to tell me something again perhaps?

I received more good feedback about my postcards from my friend Bob who thinks I am cool! Thanks Bob. He made me smile BIG and feel really good. I hope I passed some of my magic on to others as well....

I needed to get off early today to make the deposit and go to a meeting at Rhett's gifted school. Then pay a bill, get something for supper. I am just the picky one about what we eat right now.

Today I was Rhett's mom.... We went to the meeting where I made my own parking place in the shade. We went into the wrong room at first, but I recognized people from last year sort of like I did at the funeral. We were directed to the right one. They have more than one lunchroom to my amazement. Rhett had his 1st gifted class of the year earlier that morning. It was also Grandparents Day at his school. Daddy was working and mom did not have anyone to drive her to it. I couldn't ask off for it. Yet if they had been able to go, they would have missed Rhett when they went into his classroom. He only has to go to the Gifted Program once a week so we will see how it goes... His student teacher from last year is heading the program. He really liked her. She had them doing neat things while she was there. He hated to see her leave but he is like his mom in the sense that he doesn't like change.

Donna, Savannah & Adam from church came in after we were seated. Afterwards I had one of the longest conversations with Adam I have ever had. Can't believe he is in the 7th grade, making all A's.

Then we saw Chaundi and her two girls. Her mother Pat used to live next door to my parents. Pat was like a second mom to me back then. She took me lots of places. Chaundi told me the day before was Pat's birthday. I said I wouldn't ask how old she was but Chaundi proceeded to tell me her mom was 101! When she laughed, she reminded so much of Pat even if she is a darker version of her. It made me wonder... if I went to Subway tomorrow, would I see Pat there? I will go long spells then I will see her again.

Later we saw Lori Thornton and her son Eric at Walmart. Eric was standing up in the buggy. She let him him swipe her card & sign it. Rhett was watching this. He wants to do this, but I won't let him. I;m sure I will hear about it later.

When I got home I'd received another postcard! This one from Bella in NJ of It was pink. I guess I sort of spoiled my surprise by peeking into her blog and other's. Yet I was hoping I would get one of her pink ones and I did! We have been chatting a bit via the comment section in her blog. I thanked her for my postcard which really had nothing to do with her post that day. She sounded excited.

I finally pulled something out of Don about the postcards I'd been wanting to hear from him. I know I love this man for a reason!

Quote of the Day:

It is good to talk to those I consider my friends. Friendship is like a garden, it must be cultivated. One must not be so careless that friends are taken for granted. That is why staying in contact is so important. A call or a note out of the blue with no purpose is a great emotional uplift. It adds to your day.
-R. G.-

Blue collage

This was done on a 5x8 index card. I was going to use it in the postcard swap, but I decided not use it. I made this one after the brown one in the same weekend. Everyone seemed to like this one too. I noticed repeating patterns in my work when I made this one. With the watch face and the mother and child in it, maybe I was unknowingly thinking about the passing of time, motherhood and my child growing up before my very eyes. I was not feeling blue. I just had a lot of blue pieces and I wanted to see how they looked put together. I still have another baggie full of more.

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9/11/07 Lest we forget...

I can see the not so obvious patterns in my life where God has His hand on me. I was channel surfing since "Kyle XY" was not on tv last night. I came across a Christian broadcast where Alan Jackson's wife, Denise was discussing her new book entitled Its All About Him: Finding Love in My Life which I would like to read. The book also has a cd with two songs by Alan. One he sang to her at their wedding (sigh) and one he wrote specifically for this book. I need to remind Elisa about it since her reading group at her church led me to a good one Higher Calling which I wrote about in a previous post.

I'd also received a free religious cd from the American Bible Society in yesterday's mail but it is not going to be one of my favorites. I may give it as a gift.

Then Don finally said what I needed to hear from him.

I think someone is trying to tell me something... I see the religious patterns here.

What patterns did you see in your life today?
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Cicada on our Rabbit

Last week I noticed this little bug on the our rabbit outside. The rabbit was Madge's. I thought about taking a picture of it, but took the Scarlett O'hara approach by saying I would take it later. It was still there the next morning when I went out to the car. I grabbed the digi camera while Rhett was getting ready for school. He wanted to know what I was taking a picture of so early in the morning so I showed him which is too cool that I can do that. Later I showed it to our preacher to ask him what kind of bug was on the rabbit and he told me it was a cicada which had obviously shed his skin and left this momento for us. I think its neat.

Then Susannah of led me to a very creative Jen Gray's blog One post in particular really stuck out and cried out to me. It was where she was always asked the same dumb questions about not having children which were better left unasked. I'd been there before I had Rhett so I know how she felt. I never ask people if they are going to have children because they may not be able to have any. It only brings them more pain. I only knew of one girl who did not want to have children because she had to raise her brothers and sisters. She was the exception.

Then Jen had a post on 6/19/07 entitled "Shedding..." It had a photograph of cicadas shedding. She had several compared to my one shown here. Although her photo may be better than mine, it doesn't make me feel bad or make me feel less adequate. I still like mine because it is mine. I captured that one in a lifetime moment at our home. I am very proud of it. Who knew it would actually make a post like this? It just shows you how our lives are all entertwined with one another; how we woman are all similar yet different. I am proud to be among you.
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Wesley & Shelby

This is our youngest granddaughter Wesley Rose. She is wearing one of Shelby's outfits. They had been playing dress up. It looked so cute on Wesley like it was meant for her. There was also a sailor's cap that went with it. Later that night we were all too tired to take a picture of her with the cap on her head. Shelby is in the background behind her.
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A Room with a View

This was taken from inside Jason & Kristina's new house they moved into at Christmas time. I was standing in the dining room where all the food was and kept looking at it. I knew I had to take a picture of it. I was pleased with it.

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My fave picture of Shelby

Shelby is my second granddaughter by marriage according to age. She began preschool this year.
This was taken on Shelby's birthday & I love it! I was the only one to witness this pose and snapped this perfect moment. Usually she has her arms up over her face in typical Shelby fashion. So this was a rarity. It looks like she is contemplating her birthday party....

photo taken by Granbe
aka The RAV
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Brown postcard

This was my 3rd attempt at the postcard swap. I did this one on a weekend and it too just feel into place. Rhett helped me with the right bottom corner with the s shape that looks sort of like a snake.

Because Star of http:///thefriendliestflower.blogspot was into textures I sent her this one. The other ladies all received the abstract.

Now you can vote to tell me which one you like best....


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Abstract Postcard

This was my 2nd attempt at the postcard swap. I made this at work where I found all these pieces & it came together in a matter of minutes. Never happened before. But I hope it will again.... When I made it, I was afraid everyone would think I was weird because it was so abstract, but upon uploading it in an email, I have gotten lots of positive feedback from all my friends who loved it. They even preferred this one over the brown one that I will upload here next... This one was inspired by Claire aka BB with all her masks on her blog http://www.becomingamethyst/ (which I could not get back into the other day!)

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This is what The RAV looks like in case you were wondering...
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rhett without braces

I am sure all you readers have been wondering what my son Rhett looks like so now here he is... this was taken soon after his braces were removed. Everyone loves his smile. He is very photogenic and can be quite a ham for the camera. Such a cutie.

The Center of THE BIG Collage

This was the center part of the BIG collage I made. Our preacher liked this part best so I will probably make him somethng out of it as well do other things with it. I could make a postcard. I could sell it on I am like The Little Engine That Could. Just glad I can finally share these with you...


photos by Becky aka quoth The RAV
Rhett outside Bella's Place
Lamb Blessing ornament from Bella's Place

First of all I am so proud of myself for getting the correct picture on this one!

Sunday we had dinner at church. Still not feeling well. I took carrots and taco rice. They were hardly touched so I won't do that again! I'll stick with the Jello Cookies-n-cream desert the kids love. Maybe I'll feel better by next month's fellowship meal. I was almost afraid to eat just anything. The chicken leg I picked up was spicey so I gave it to Don. I ate Katherine's chicken casserole and Ms. June's good green beans with someone's cornbread. I haven't figured out who makes the cornbread yet. No deserts for me. Not that I am a big desert person like Don.

We talked with a friend who just returned from an elk hunt out west. We were discussing digi cameras, how many pictures you can take, how Gary has over 5,000 pictures stored on his computer. How you can take photos of EVERYTHING. Don said I always did that anyway. He told them how I take pictures of trees. "Yeah, because they have some sort of shape on them!" I defended myself. I just happened to have one on the camera from yesterday at Bella's place and showed them the "face" on the side of the tree. Everyone could see it.

Came home. Went on line to check for feedback from the pictures I emailed yesterday. Once again my friend Mike E said I need to take my artwork to the Joseph House downtown which I plan to investigate very soon... Anne really liked the abstract postcard which surprised me.

I came up with an idea for a post, a card, a sympathy email (since a lot of friends have lost loved ones lately) using a digi photo of the quilt my MIL made Don that is on our bed. I viewed some artwork on Then we went back to church. Upon returning from church, I took the picture aabove of my new lamb ornament I purchased at Bella's Place yesterday. I sent it out as an email. I was very pleased and proud of it and myself. Can't wait to try to upload ALL the pics to my blog soon...!

I attempted to make a butterfly collage for Tiffany's 15th birthday on the 21st. It did not work out as well as I envisioned it.... Just glanced at it again as I was handwriting this, and it is not too shabby. Still needs more butterflies. I may not have enough by her birthday, but luckily I have a back-up gift for her.

Blessing to you from the RAV