Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday morning headache

9/10/07 On Monday morning, I woke up with a sinus headache which I didn't take anything for and it did get better as the day progressed - thank goodness. One of the ladies in the office is out all week with a death in her family which sadly reminded me of my own grandmother's death. How I miss her.

I worked some more on my first idea for a postcard that I didn't use. I will take a picture and post it soon...

I went to Wendy's for lunch. There was a long line and a new girl at the counter who seemed to be having trouble making change. The lady standing in line in front of me walked away without food. I deducted they must be out of or not serving baked potatoes which was what I wanted as well. So I had no choice but settle for fries. My burger was incorrect but I didn't know it until I bit into it. I'd asked for a double cheeseburger on the value meal menu more than once when placing my order. I hate to sound as if I complain all the time especially when I had such a good weekend and was finally able to upload pictures here. So I contemplated calling them to tell them my burger was wrong so I could get a free one the next time I go there. It just wasn't worth the hassle. Maybe I didn't really need the extra meat anyway. Someone trying to tell me something again perhaps?

I received more good feedback about my postcards from my friend Bob who thinks I am cool! Thanks Bob. He made me smile BIG and feel really good. I hope I passed some of my magic on to others as well....

I needed to get off early today to make the deposit and go to a meeting at Rhett's gifted school. Then pay a bill, get something for supper. I am just the picky one about what we eat right now.

Today I was Rhett's mom.... We went to the meeting where I made my own parking place in the shade. We went into the wrong room at first, but I recognized people from last year sort of like I did at the funeral. We were directed to the right one. They have more than one lunchroom to my amazement. Rhett had his 1st gifted class of the year earlier that morning. It was also Grandparents Day at his school. Daddy was working and mom did not have anyone to drive her to it. I couldn't ask off for it. Yet if they had been able to go, they would have missed Rhett when they went into his classroom. He only has to go to the Gifted Program once a week so we will see how it goes... His student teacher from last year is heading the program. He really liked her. She had them doing neat things while she was there. He hated to see her leave but he is like his mom in the sense that he doesn't like change.

Donna, Savannah & Adam from church came in after we were seated. Afterwards I had one of the longest conversations with Adam I have ever had. Can't believe he is in the 7th grade, making all A's.

Then we saw Chaundi and her two girls. Her mother Pat used to live next door to my parents. Pat was like a second mom to me back then. She took me lots of places. Chaundi told me the day before was Pat's birthday. I said I wouldn't ask how old she was but Chaundi proceeded to tell me her mom was 101! When she laughed, she reminded so much of Pat even if she is a darker version of her. It made me wonder... if I went to Subway tomorrow, would I see Pat there? I will go long spells then I will see her again.

Later we saw Lori Thornton and her son Eric at Walmart. Eric was standing up in the buggy. She let him him swipe her card & sign it. Rhett was watching this. He wants to do this, but I won't let him. I;m sure I will hear about it later.

When I got home I'd received another postcard! This one from Bella in NJ of It was pink. I guess I sort of spoiled my surprise by peeking into her blog and other's. Yet I was hoping I would get one of her pink ones and I did! We have been chatting a bit via the comment section in her blog. I thanked her for my postcard which really had nothing to do with her post that day. She sounded excited.

I finally pulled something out of Don about the postcards I'd been wanting to hear from him. I know I love this man for a reason!

Quote of the Day:

It is good to talk to those I consider my friends. Friendship is like a garden, it must be cultivated. One must not be so careless that friends are taken for granted. That is why staying in contact is so important. A call or a note out of the blue with no purpose is a great emotional uplift. It adds to your day.
-R. G.-

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