Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Unexpected Gift

I went to bed earlier last night because I was just so tired. Sometimes on Wednesdays I am as tired as I can be on Fridays. I woke up at 4 am this morning. What is this? Am I starting a new unwanted trend?

This morning at work we were welcomed into the warden's office after his return from vacation. He'd been to Cozamel, Mexico and brought all the ladies back a necklace with a matching stone bracelet set in silver. He said he didn't know how to distribute them so he laid four of them wrapped in clear plastic on the table. I immediately saw a very pale pink set, but luckily no one else reached for it. Was everyone thinking I would want it and let it be. It even matched what I was wearing today... like it was meant to be. The other ladies picked there favorite colors of turquoise, red and some browns mixed with other colors. We all put them on immediately. It was an unexpected pleasant surprise that made me feel as if this is going to be a good day. I think we all need trinkets to make us feel better. I am thankful for this unexpected gift today and the feelling it gave me. May this feeling last the rest of the day...

Quote of the Day:

Remember that when you can't give anything else, you can always offer comfort and encouragement.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Downloading Dream

I woke up around 3:30 am. this morning with visions of downloading digital pictures of my postcards onto the computer. I was working so diligently in my dream that I woke myself up feeling as if I was still working. Then I couldn't find my way back to deep, oblivious sleep. Was it because I was making my postcards prior to going to bed with only two more to make? Or is this just pre-traveling jitters about our upcoming Labor Day trip to Indy? It should be less stressful since we are riding with Elisa and the girls and fun for Rhett. I plan to sleep most of the way if possible.

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed that a lady was lying and taking advantage of a situation while I was the only one stuck at work when I need to get off a bit early because there was open house at Rhett's school. So I did not take the deposit to the bank and didn't feel bad about it either. Rhett & I arrived at the school early. I did not bother with make up. We sat in the car playing Bookworm while the rains came down until a bright bolt of lightning had me say, "LET'S GO!" We went inside early. His principal hugged me which made me feel good even though she was hugging everyone else as well. We were the 1st to arrive in his class. She told me he is doing wonderful. He made all A's on his progress report except for one B in math. Also she said she thought he was coming out of his shell by looking around more, making friends and talking. Most of his work is hanging outside his classroom. It may not be the neatest one hanging there but who cares? Then Rhett pointed out the troublemaker had entered with her mother. The girl is much taller than Rhett stands. Then it was over in a few minutes. That would have been a waste of my new make up. We sloshed our way to the car through the downpour only to find a car had squeezed in right in front of me when I'd left plenty of room between the other car. Had a hard time getting out and when I was pulling out of the parking place, here comes a car flying at me! We went home where we were dry and safe.

I called my friend Jimmy about a job opening and read him the job description. He was surprised because he'd sent me an email about working at JCP again after all these years. He had an interview today at 2 pm. Hope it goes well for him but I am sure it will. Then I cooked Hamburger Helper for supper while talking to Don about the days events, the open house, what his teacher said, etc. He'd been to Walmart to get Shelby's & Austin's birthday gifts. The jacket he got Austin fit Rhett so he will buy Austin another one. Now I don't have to buy Rhett a coat for the winter. He bought Shelby a dress which I didn't like and told him so when he asked.

I'd received my 2nd postcard in my swap from Star. It was a vintage collage photograph. Very pretty; very different. I loved it! It inspired me to work more on my own postcards after supper. I only have two more to make. 4 to address and off they go.... Because Star is into textures, I sent her the brown collage. Hope she likes it. I read on her blog today that she was unsure about her postcards. I am sure we all felt the same especially as we are about to put them in the mailbox. I sent her a reply post telling her she should not be insecure about her work. Hope that helps her.

Today Rhett wore his new shirt and looked so handsome. Yesterday I took pictures at the open house at his school. There was a paper tree in the hallway. All the leaves had words on the such as:

"vison, LOVE, enjoyment, meditation, dignity, inspiration, honesty, Bravo!, determination, soaring, passion, honor, faith, kindness, consideration, progress, respect, positivity, insightfulness, thankfulness, desire, sentivity, peace, freedom, excellence, gentleness, humble, optomistic, fortitude, friendliness, WOW!, uniqueness, knowledge, abilities, inventive, etc.

It was neat. I had to go back to the picture today, zoom in on it to get all these words which is kinda awesome when you think about we are capbable of doing that now with our digi cameras. Technology is a wonderful thing. Especially if you know something about it. I am just a fledgling floundering.

Today others have seen patience in me through my artwork such as The BIG collage. I nearly choked when I read the word "Patience" because I do NOT see myself as a patient person. I am the least patient person I know. Most of the time I loose my patience way too easily.

I did two good deeds for the day (My RAKs) by mailing a sympathy card and a job description to my friend Jimmy. I guess it is my day for postal duty. I will pick up my postcard stamps before I go to the funeral home. I have so much rushing around to do.

Must do's:

Must finish postcards and mail them
Must pack
Must no go crazy rushing around at the last minute

Monday, August 27, 2007

Create a Little

Two Quotes of the Day for Aug. 27, 2007:

Every moment is an opportunity to create a little bit. Those small moments add up. Create a little.
-Ralph Marston-

Faith doesn't get you into trouble, it gets you through it!
~from my friend Carolyn Tidd, "Ingeniously disguised as a responsible adult"~

9 post in one day. I think I set a record for myself!

The Confession

I have a confession to make.... I LOVE "High Shcool Musical"!!!! I love everything about it, the music, the acting, the plot, etc. The music plays in my head. Rhett will hear me singing parts of it some days. "Soaring.... flying..."

I have yet another confession to make... I have a crush on Zach Efron. In a way he reminds me of David Cassiday, another one of my teen idol crushes I had once upon a lifetime ago. There is just something about him, I can put my finger on... he just reminds me of someone else. I just can't figure out who it is yet.

Now whenever "High School Musical" comes on, if Rhett is watching it, he calls me to re-watch it with him like last night. We recently saw "High School Musical II". In fact, we rushed home for the premeir. Still I prefer the first to the second one. It is rare I like sequels except for "Mission Impossible II".

Yesterday I began writing in a dream journal that had only two dreams in it. Must not be dreaming as much as I used to dream. Where have my dreams gone?

The Meeting

Today was picture day at school for Rhett. During the night he'd slipped between the two pillows on his bed. I just knew I wouldn't be able to get his hair to fall into place, but with a little water and hairspray, I worked magic this morning. I'd keep looking at him in the car because he was just so cute and he would say, "What?" Then his eyes were start darting back and forth rapidly. I had to laugh.

I met with his new speech teacher. She was not who I expected. She did not look like I pictured her in my mind. When she talks, she reminds me of my cousin April. She sort of ticked me off to begin with when she took another lady ahead of me when I had an appointment and the lady did not! She is a lot different from his old speech teacher who we grew to love and now miss. His old teacher moved to a school in Columbus. This speech teacher has only been teaching 4 years. She seems all business whereas the other one felt like a friend; someone I could talk to about Rhett because she had an older daughter who was very similar to him.

Ms G, his new teacher said she is not only his speech teacher but his advocate and asked if I had any concerns other than his speech. After we talked about his slight speech problems with the r in the word world which are so improved since kindergarten, I mentioned his inability to stay on task the past two grades which we felt was due to his boredom by not being challenged enough. Or else he was just inventing inventions in his mind; daydreaming. I said I may be speaking out of turn because his 4th grade teacher has said nothing about this happening this year. I also brought up about the girl troublemaker that sits next to him in class. She does things to him to the point when the teacher turns around, Rhett is the one who gets in trouble. His teacher will say, "Rhett... warning." Last week the girl tripped him on purpose while they were outside. He fell on his elbow on cement. It barely broke the skin, but he had a really bad bruise. It could have been a lot worse. It could have broken his elbow. I was not a happy momma.

My best friend Genie, who is a special Ed teacher in Alexandria, VA told me I could NOT tell his teacher about how I felt about the girl tripping him on purpose. She said I would have to go to his counselor first. I had no idea who that was. Things certainly have changed since I was in elementary school. So I waited. If another incident occured, I would have been at the school talking to the principal about it.

I felt like this meeting was a blessing in disguise since I was able to voice my concerns. I just hope it doesn't make it harder on Rhett. His speech teacher recognized that it was bullying which is not tolerated in schools nowdays. She said she will talk to his counselor as well as his teacher. The teacher needs to be made aware of this so she can watch for it in the future and see it is not Rhett.

On the way to work I watched a water ballet of sprinklers arcing over a lawn. One going in one direction. Another going the opposite. A third and forth going yet other ways. I could have watched it for awhile if I had more time. It would make good stress relief.

Reply Back Sunday

On Sunday I received lots of replies back via email about Rhett's picture and the BIG Collage I sent out on Saturday. Ruth said Rhett was the spitting image of me; Becky made over. Abby and Anne thought he was a cutie. Me three. Mike E was very interested in the collage and had questions about it such as if were on a loom. Abby knew exactly what it was made of because she knows me so well and had received some of my artistic endeavors through the mail. One of the best compliments she could pay me was by saying she wanted to touch it. I'd never thought of that because I was the main on touching it daily. Susannah liked the swirling colors. I'd attempted to give it plenty of movement so must have succeeded.

I told Genie about Don's comment. Like any true best friend could or should be, she was on my side as always. She was glad I found something that brought me happiness in a far less expensive way than the cost of hunting! I can always count on her.

I sent out a really good email. It was short story on the back of a Guidepost greeting card. To paraphrase it, its about the watchers in life. Its about being on the sidelines; being cheerleaders cheering others on; the ones who watch the shows, etc. Thus bringing me to the Quote of the Day....

We watchers play an important role in the lives of others, who need to know that someone is cheering especially for them.
~Gina Bridgeman~

Tomorrow I meet with Rhett's new speech teacher for the 1st time. She sounded really nice on the phone when I spoke with her about setting up the meeting.

Where Are You?

The sermon today was about "Where are You?".

Where are you in your life? Are where you where you want to be?


"Evan Almighty" was a very good movie in my opinion. I noticed immediately the reference to Gen 6:14 in The Bible and pointed it out to Don. Yes, I am one of those people who talks in movies! I'm even worse at home.

It was awesome when they showed ALL the animals standing together side by side and then when they went up into the ark, it brought tears to my eyes. Just think of what it must have felt like for Noah. As the animals were entering the ark, I am thinking what are they going to feed them? Don gave me food for thought... in the Bible there were 7 of some animals to provide food for the others. So I learned something tonight.

There were several messages in this movie. One I'd completely forgotten about... I think I saw it on January's blog over a year ago. Its about Random Acts of Kindness. Practice at least one Random Act of Kindness daily. A good message to live by.

Then art imitated our life again as we were leaving. It was raining when we came out of the theatre which was weird considering the theme of the movie!

When we got home, Rhett and I played air hockey without keeping score. Afterwards I worked some more on my postcards as Rhett watched a video of himself from when he was two. So cute with his curls like a cherub and jabbering away nonsense only he understood. Such chubby cheeks. It made me want to pinch them. His first haircut by Don. Rhett was just awful and we have it on tape. I finally had to hold him in order for Don to finish. Then Don was holding him up to the bathroom mirror so he could see the results. His tears turned to smiles. My mom was so mad at us for cutting his hair.

My Excitement; My Passion

Saturday morning 8/25/07, I made strawberry muffins & bacon for the first time in a long, long time. It was breakfast for me; brunch for Don. Rhett didn't like the muffins.

Mom wanted to get Rhett new tennis shoes that were on sale for one day only @ JCPenney's. First, I had to try to upload my digital pictures and send them in an email. I was getting very frustrated because it wasn't working. Then to have a 9 year old come in to the computer/junk room to tell me how to do it...! If I had not been successful, I was going to a free digital class offered at CVS tomorrow. It would have meant missing lunch until 2 pm. Luckily I FINALLY was successful! I was so excited I figured it out! I sent out a picture of Rhett in his room. Some of my friends have not seen him in awhile. My blogger friend Abby had never seen him before today. I sent the BIG collage out also.

I may have spoiled my postcard swap surprise by going into other's blogs to view their completed ones. The good new is none of them are like mine. We are all very talented women each with different ideas, styles and tastes coming from different places. I am very proud of us.

Because these postcards have been my excitement; my passion lately, I've tried to discuss it with Don. Of course he doesn't share my interest one iota. Once again he managed to "insert both feet in his mouth" as my friend Penny would say. He had the nerve to ask, "What is the purpose of this besides wasting stamps?" I don't consider it a waste of stamps or a waste of anything. I won't divorce him for his comment.

It just reminded me of the time I'd planned a weekend on our 3rd anniversary at a B&B in Georgia. I think the place was called Scarlett's Inn. It had a "Gone With the Wind" theme. We were staying in Rhett Butler's room complete with a black top hat, gloves and cane on the bed. Being a damn Yankee from Indiana, he told the lady owner of the establishmenthe wasn't into that stuff. He even admitted to her he was a Yankee but left out the damn. Horrors! She told him she should burn his breakfast! I was so embarrassed. Later I admonished him like a mother would a child. I told him if he had more comments like that to keep them to himself. I would never had done him like that.

Don had been sick at the time even though that was no excuse for his lack of tactfulness. He had pharingitis and had been hiccuping non-stop. I couldn't sleep that night because of it. And I thought his snoring was bad! At 3 am., I'd had enough. All I could think of was hearing stories of how people who had hiccups for days and dying. So we came home to go to the hospital. The owner never got her chance to burn his breakfast. I'm sure she and her husband thought we were the strangest couple they'd ever had in there inn. I wonder if they wrote about us? Will we go down in their history book? Not exactly the way I've always wanted to be remembered in history.

Often I have felt like our life is art imitating itself into our existance.... Like not being able to get married in the church we attended because Don had been married before. We'd already sent invitations out and had to revise them with mauve colored postcards changing the location to my church. I felt like the black couple on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" when they were not allowed to be married in the white church they had been attending faithfully as we had been doing in reality.

Art also imitated our life at the ER that night when they prescribed a drug often used on the show "ER". At least it wasn't epi!

So mom, Rhett & I went to the mall. Rhett got new Sketchers. I wanted him to try on a cool sweater type jacket with a zipper I'd seen earlier. The size small was too big for him especially in the arm length. He didn't want it because it was too big. It had the neates design on it or at least I thought it did. So it begins... the child not liking the clothes the mom picks out.

I purchased Estee Lauder's Resilience Lift Extreme make up in linen which is supposed to match my skin tone exactly. So I am Linen. I also got free a free tube of lipstick plus other goodies all in a mauve bag with a paisley design. Rhett got a new shirt for less than $4 at Dillard's. He was able to enter a drawing where he may win an autographed Miley Cyrus guitar, a game box, etc. I entered myself and Don. Mom entered herself and Daddy. So Rhett's odds increased 5 per cent. Rhett also told me there was a free mother/daughter make-over. "Where am I going to get a daughter?" I asked him. He said our friend Tiffany, a teenager from church who sits behind us. I told him I was not sure her mom would let her. Forgot all about his big sister and Tatum.

As we were leaving the mall, I called Don on my cell. We'd planned to go see "Evan Almighty". I told him the 2 starting times. Now I had time to run in and get Rhett a Chick-Fil-A sandwhich and get me Krystals before going back to Mom's. I'd eaten 2 Krystals. It was going on 7 pm. No husband driving up. I called him again. He had 7:45 stuck in his head instead of 7:25! We made it just in time for all the previews.

First Postcard I Received from my Postcard Swap

On Friday, 8/24/07, I received THE funniest email from my friend Bob who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure - bless his heart. He said he can't have any more stress. He needs a stress-free job. When he finds, he needs to get me one also! Somehow I lost his funny email. I wanted to keep it to read later when I needed a good laugh, but I can't find it & he didn't save it. In it he just kept stressing the stress. If he didn't spend 15 hrs in the pool, he would stressed. Some of his friends took him too seriously about the email and called him to see if he was ok like he was at the end of his rope when he was just being funny. At least I understood his sense of humor and he seemed to appreciate that fact.

Today I took digital pictures of the designs in some of my clothes/blouses.

I came home to a wonderful unexpected surprise..... I received my 1st postcard from my postcard swap! It was beautiful and sent to me by Sylvia C. of It was about "Positive Energy". She included one of her original poems on the other side entitled "What a Poet Must Do". I won't print it here because I don't want to infringe on her copyright. Thanks Sylvia! It made my day.

I noticed the postcard had no postmark on it so I was wondering where Sylvia was located. I didn't bother to check my list. (Guess I would make a bad Santa!) Don was in the shower so I got on the computer and went to her blog. I'd visited it before through Susannah's blog. Sylvia is a very positive, upbeat person. These feelings show in her blog and her photography.

We went to Country's for dinner. There were some ladies from Australia sitting behind me. I wasn't intentionally eavesdropping, but when I heard their beautiful accents, I had to listen to their lilt. I took a picture of Rhett in the BIG rocking chair. I'll try to upload it later....When we came home, I watched "General Hospital" on Soapnet. Rick Springfield was singing on it.

I'd sneezed really hard at mom's earlier. Three hours later, I thought I had a lot of sinus drainage, but it was blood! It was scarey. Luckily it stopped but it still concerned me. Don had already gone to bed since he had to work the next day. This is the 2nd time that has happened in a short time. The 1st time I had acid reflux that projected up into my nostrils! I figured the acid must have burned enough to produce blood. If it happens again, I'll have it checked out or ask the nurse at work on Monday.

I am just experimenting today....

to see if I can upload pictures to my blog. Not sure if I like this color, but I do like the texture of it. Still it is a design and I seem to be into designs lately.... Feel like there should be some big, bold meaningful words displayed ontop of it.

So today I guess I am coral. Not one of my favorite colors, but I am a fledgling blogger still learning the ropes of this. Taking baby steps. Still proud of what I accomplished by sending pictures via email & now this....

Friday, August 24, 2007

"A Week's Worth of Words"

Saw two dragonflies at one time.
Dragonflies seen almost daily; Dragonflies everywhere.
Earlier this week I picked up a black stamp pad
My nailed etched a black heart in the plastic part underneath.
Does that mean I have a black heart? Hardly!
It's probably pink and pumping hot pink blood;
a shade of pink far darker than watered-down pink lemonade.
Today perhaps it's blue....
because I'm wearing blue
and the dye has seeped through my skin into my veins.
I'm a blue blood.

Some days this week I just didn't feel like blog writing
Hard to top my last entry.
Read other blogs instead
Caught up in the soap operas of their daily lives
Living vicariously through them now
as I have always done with my friend's lives all these years.
Waiting on their daily words like daily bread
Who waits for mine?

I realized as I went back to yesterday
to my old now defunct blog,
I have been a blogger for over a year now.
Without re-reading EVERY word, I know I have improved in my style.
I approve of my style (s).
I am thankful for my words; for my blog, my friends, etc.
Just felt the need to acknowledge my blogging anniversary
without a BIG celebration.
Another milestone in my life.

This week I'm back to reading instead of playing Book Worm
I'm reading High Stakes, a vamp novel by Erin McCarthy which I almost devoured.
My recent attempts at postcard creations haven't panned out as planned;
as well I hoped or envisioned....
That doesn't mean I will stop making; stop creating.
Never stop creating art.
I have a painting idea I want to try next...
I am leaning toward two postcards to send out in my swap
One an abstract, one brown
Two very much unlike me.
Recognized repeating patterns in my work.
Yesterday I was inspired by browsing through Utata photos.
Recognized Susannah's work before I saw her name "unraveling"
Couldn't get back into the same exact place in the site today.
Was I only meant to find it yesterday to inspire me
To take a snapshot of my Daddy's tie I gave him for a birthday or Christmas?
Love the v patterns in it.
I am really into patterns now.
Found a really good quote (see below...)
Shredded blue words.
Shredded my blues?

Quote of the Day:

Do it I say.
Whatever you want to do,
do it now!
There are only so many tomorrows.
-Michael Landon, actor

Never stop creating art. ~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Monday, August 20, 2007

Stepped Outside My Box

On Saturday, I found an old quilt catalog from years ago which I cut more scraps of paper patterns out of as if I don't have enough already. I had a whole lot of P shaped pieces so I attempted to make a postcard in blue, but it didn't work out. I started with 5 pieces of different shades of brown, tans, oranges, rusts, etc. on a 3x5 card. I had to add a few more smaller pieces to fill in, but it's finished now. I didn't time myself on it. Although that doesn't really matter. I am amaxed and proud of the results. I may even like this one the best so far.

It doesn't look like something I would do. Maybe that is a good thing. Because of the design, there is a lot of movement which has your eye constantly roving around which I know is good in art. Rhett even helped me with apart of it. He made one part flow like an S or a snake.

I showed this one to Don and asked him how did he like it since he didn't comment on the abstract one. So I had to explain the abstract to him, but he had the tv on the hunting channel so...

All I have to do is sign it "THE RAV" which is who I am now and I am done with another postcard for my postcard swap.

Today was about doing something different; something uplanned. It was about taking a few colors and running with them. It was about stepping outside my box; outside my comfort zone of colors. It was about taking a risk that worked.

What did you do today that was different; that was unplanned? What did you do to step outside your box; your comfort zone?


Friday, August 17, 2007

What Has Been Your Excitement Lately?

Yesterday I had 8 color copies made of 3 things at Office Max on one sheet to save money. I bought some 5x8 index cards, but unfortunetly they were ruled so I will have to paste over the ruled side (get it ... paste over the rules), some lavendar & pink 3x5 index cards to make even more postcards on. The girl behind the counter remembered me from my magnets which made me feel good. Its nice to be remembered. I told her about my upcoming postcard swap which she thought was a neat idea.

I made taco salad for supper. After supper, I asked Don if he wanted to see my postcards and showed them to him. He didn't say anything except "Um". I guess he thinks they are too abstract; too weird or maybe he was expecting another patchwork quilt type of thing. Fooled him! I made one postcard out of the copies I had made today before going to bed. The abstract may be THE ONE. Unless I come up with a better one.

Today was hat day for Rhett at school. He looked so cute in his Cubs cap. I told him so & he said "thanks" which reminded me of the way the snake said it or Harry did in the first Harry Potter movie which we have seen over and over and over. He had the cap pulled all the way down. No time for a picture as he was getting out of the car yet it will be embedded in my memory forever....

I sent out an email explaining my excitement over my postcard swap today. My question of the day was: What has been your excitement lately? I got back some different feedback from friends that I didn't even know they had such as stock trading and books. That was almost like finding out Genie wanted to open her own tea room. I never knew. After 45 years of friendship.

I had a box of books in the trunk of the car. I FINALLY went thru them after the flat tire happened. There are some I would never read. Some I will never have the time to read. But luckily there were some vampire books among them. I am going to sell unwanted ones at a bookstore! I called the bookstore today & they said they always buy books which wasn't what they'd told me once before. So I donated those to the local library. I will be selling these this afternoon or tomorrow! As London Tipton of "the Suite Life of Zach & Cody" would say, "YEAH ME!"

I am wearing blue today and thought I would work on a blue patchwork postcard this weekend. By tomorrow I may be in purple haze/phase/funk or work on a southern theme ya'll since I am from the south. Who knows? So many artistic things to do and so little time.

Quote of the day:

I will pray for you quietly,
think of you often
and love you always.
-Peter R. Stone-

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Muffin Morning

I am leaving out the bad parts of yesteday evening concerning my flat tire.

It was muffin morning at Rhett's school. His principal hugged me and thanked me for coming which made me feel good. I saw an old co-worker there . I think her grandson is in Rhett's class. There really was no need for me to take half the morning off for it. I already know how to raise my child which was what the meeting was basically about. It just reinforced things I alreay know like praising your child. Afterwards we were allowed to go say "hi" to our children in their classrooms. I think Rhett must have forgotten about it because he paled when he saw me. I spoke briefly with his teacher and him.

I went home, painted my nails and toe nails a second coat of Frankly Scarlett before I went to eat lunch at the Royal Cafe where the food Nazis work. I was giving myself plenty of time because they are s-o s-l-o-w. It took over 20 mins to get my food. I was observing time and the order which it was dispersed as I played Bookworm, trying to see if they are indeed prejudice against me as I felt the last coupe of times I tried to eat there. I learned you get an extra corn muffin if you get it to go. Not that I needed one.

A nice looking elderly lady with beautiful alabaster skin was looking around for a place to sit. She looked like she was about to ask me if she could sit with me when I invited her to join me. She had a book in hand so I knew she was good people. She was reading a Nora Roberts hardback. I began the conversation by saying, "So you're a reader too." She would read a bit then say something or ask a question. I don't think she had been here often but knew the food was good. It seems she works for a law firm. I thought she looked vaguely familiar. She lives in Seale. It was nice having someone to talk to.

As I was about to leave, we shook hands and introduced ourselves by first names only. Her name was Pat. Too bad I don't eat there often otherwise we might become friends, discuss and exchange books.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today as I was being artistic & making my first postcard for my postcard swap, I signed it "THE RAV". I made a poem out of my day which you just read and signed it the same way as "THE RAV". So I have officially become THE RAV today. I feel very good about it.

Who did you become today?

A Day in the Life of the RAV

Today is Friendship Day.
Saw birds flying in a line,
2 dragonflies
Did the 1st one follow me
to the 2nd location?
Going 35 in a 50 zone
No rush. Not late. No worries.
So far - so good.
The Georgia heat warped the plastic coating on my Gratitude journal.
A fax machine that sounds like a baby's movement in an ultra sound...
or the womb.
Humming sound from the fan in the restroom.
White noises annoy me.
Why does no one else hear them but me?
Finding pieces of art at work.
Air conditioning went out in the car on the way to lunch.
It came back on miles down the road.
Felt the car pulling to the right.
Had a flat
once I got back!
An inmate fixed it for me supervised by guards, of course!
I said, "And I thought I was having a good day..."
"You are," said two people at the same time.
Created 2 abstract pieces of art work at work
1 post card down
7 more to go....
I pray my air will work on the way home.

I'd Rather Be...

8/14/07 Today is Penny's birthday! She is as old as me... old enough to know better. I had oodles and oodles of thoughts today. I just left work. I got behind a car that had a bumper sticker that said"

"I'd rather be dancing."

That used to be mine and Penny's mottos back in the 70's & 80's. In the 90's, my motto was: "I'd rather be scrapbooking." Now it is: "I'd rather be creating something crafty." or "I'd rather be artistic."

What would you rather be...?

I attempted to take a picture with my new digi camera. I saw sprinklers on at a nursery. I turned the car around, went back, stopped and got out of the car. The camera wouldn't work properly due to sudden change in meat locker coldness at work to extremely hot August Georgia heat of over a hundred degrees! One of the Mexican workers had cut the sprinker system off anyway. Just not meant to be like my missing purple pieces. Ah, well...

4 more pages to go before I fill up my Gratitude journal. I wrote the original to this at the Piggly Wiggly before I got groceries. They have booths were you can eat so I sat and wrote like a good writer does. Pretty proud of myself today, of my wordiness, my blogging, etc.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If I could go back in time...

Today Susannah of had a poem entitled "The Stolen Camera". Upon first reading it, I thought her camera had been stolen which would have been really bad since she has begun a photography career.

This brought to mind when our house was broken into the day after Labor Day in 1998. Rhett was only 3 months old. I had just gone back to work. I'd just begun taking Rhett to my mom's instead of her coming to my house. A thief broke in, stole my Minolta camera, most of my jewelry my poor mother had bought me all the years of my life, and the video camera with Rhett's birth on it. They ransacked the house. Looked under our mattress as if we had money under there! Took a few bars of Don's candy & threw the remainder in the floor. Later we found out he was an old man and drug addict who had his son and a woman involved. The idiots pawned my jewelry locally but I am certainly glad they did now!

I was very lucky because I has able to get my camera back minus the original 35mm lense. The thief had put my telefoto on it which wasn't working properly anyway. I got back a lot of my jewelry especially my favorite and sentimental ones. But I had not recording of my child's birth which makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. I often thought, "What if Rhett thought he was adopted?" which is laughable because he is the spitting image of me. I cannot deny him.

Now Rhett loves to watch videos of himself as a baby. We were watching some on Saturday. We talked about the thief stealing his birth video. He began saying, "If I could go back in time...." and I said I'd go back to that day before I left to take him to my mom's, I'd also take my camera, the video camera and all of my jewelry with me. But I can't go back.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Missing Purple Pieces

As I said on Saturday, I began separating my many scraps of paper according to colors. I had a baggie for black & whites and reds, blues, oranges and fall colors, purples and tiny hearts. Last night when I went to look for the purple one, I couldn't find them in my magic box. I began frantically searching the couch for it. I felt down in between the cushions of my side. I thought I felt something slip down. I asked both my men to get a flash light and help me see if the baggie had indeed fallen through. No immediate response from either of them. Rhett did go ask his Daddy for a flash light. He did try which was more than I could say for Don so I got mad. I don't ask much of him. Just because it was after 10 & he was going thru mail and maybe paying a bill, didn't mean he couldn't stop and help me look under the couch. I really felt like it was there. Where else could it be? I'd only been in that one spot with it. Don told me my magic box fell over, but if it fell over then it would be right there on the floor where it fell.

So I began another baggie of purple pieces. I was still angry because the lost bag had some beautiful things in it I was going to use on my postcard swap. I emptied my 1st magic box of all the pieces I plan to use and then some! I have another box to go thru tonight.

As I just titled this post, I thought... I wonder if the One-eyed Flying Purple People Eater stole it from me. Someone or some unseen force did not want me to use that bag of purple pieces for some reason. It reminded me of when I was going to buy some Tarot Cards at a book store in the old mall. When finally got my nerve, I went back to the bookstore, the cards were no longer there. A weird looking guy with long, dark hair came up to me as I was looking in the New Age section and asked what I was looking for as if it was his business and I knew he did not work there. I didn't feel as if he were hitting on me so I told him. He gave me the strangest reply I have ever heard, "Maybe the cards don't want you to find them." When I looked around again, he was gone! It was one of The weirdest experiences in my life. "Twillight Zone" theme playing then and now.

I just pray I find the missing pieces soon. Maybe the good purple fairy will place them back in my magic box. I will beg and plead with Don to have a look tonight. If he'd fix my side of the couch, I could look under it. Hint. Hint. It is at times like this, I wish I had the strength of Superwoman so I could lift the heavy thing myself, but alas I am not Superwoman.

Collage Given, Too much Blogging

Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007, I made a bananna pudding with the banannas given to me from work on Friday for dinner at church. First one I've made in a long, long time. Don made a comment that I should have made something else and left that at home!

We brought in the collage for the family that will be leaving soon. I laid it upon the same table it was conceived; one of the tables in the kitchen area, left a pen for signatures, but I should have been standing over it supervising it like a mother hen. I say this because some of the teenagers signed it in the margin area rather than inside the collage itself as I had intended to fill the empty spaces. The visiting gospel preacher had just had a class on how sometimes you just have to shake off whatever life throws at you and go on. Never had to apply words so fast in my life. Then the collage was moved to one of the classrooms so we could have our fellowship meal. I presented it to the families. The presentation was not how I envisioned it... but then few things in life turn out the way we picture an ending. But it is done. Its time to move on... onto my postcard swap! I am very excited.

After we got home from I'd received another email from Susannah of inkonmyfingers with the list of whom I am to send postcards. I spent the next five hours reading blogs to get a feel for the person, took notes and formed new ideas. I read til my eyeballs were ready to fall out!

My parents had rode with my Aunt P and Uncle B to see my mom's sister in Montgomery, Alabama. It was also supposed to be a family reunion on my Daddy's side of the family. Don & I had discussed it last night. I hate we missed it. Now I think mom wishes she'd gone to it instead of her sister's. She has said "Never again!", but she's said that before.

We went back to church. Came home & I read more blogs until I read the last one. Missed the "Dead Zone". My eyes were really bothering me before I went to bed, but it was worth the discomfort.

I do everything in excess and do not know when to stop.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mystic Tan

I'd been wanting to try Mystic Tan for over a year now. I finally got up my nerve on Friday, Aug. 10th to try it. As most of those close to me know, I am very pale due to my Irish ancestory on my mother's side. I am not exactly death rewarmed nor am I invisible like Casper. I have been sunburned too many times to count since childhood. Once really, really bad which resulted in the worst case of fever blisters on my upper lip I have ever had. So now I do not lie in the sun to bake myself as I did in my youth. If I am in the sun, I wear the highest sunscreen I have which is 50 and only get sunburned if I miss a spot. I know they have come out with an even higher number sunscreen this year.

I know Don would love it if were tan, but I am not. I am just not into the sun anymore. Besides I seem to be at the stage of my life where the sun is beginning to take it's toll. I've recently had several places frozen off at the dermatologist. Skin cancer runs in my family so I am trying to be very, very careful these days.

Before I could go to Mystic Tan, I had to buy a spare pair of undies to wear during the process because I DID want tan lines! When they asked me if I'd purchased the pre-kit, which cost more, I told them no and the girl had a sour look. I'd bathed well earlier in the morning. She said she was going to use the lightest on me so it wouldn't look unnatural. Then they took me to the room, explained the whole process to me as to where to stand, place my feet, how to hold my hands, to apply their lotion to my feet especially the toe area and my fingernails because the cuticles are so dry. Luckily the lotion didn't smell hideous to my sensitive bloodhound nose.

What they did not prepare me for was when the machine starting spraying the tanning stuff, it would scare the pee out of me - literally! My eyes were closed tightly, but it was hard to breath because the mist felt like it was going up my nose and it was. It was like riding on a roller coaster, eyes closed tight and over in a matter of minutes. This is it? I asked myself as I stood there with the brown mist still falling around me. Should I stand there until there was no longer a brown haze fallout?

Then you are supposed to rub off with a towel. Rub off what I just paid to have put on? The hair net they gave me had flopped forward so my forehead did not get evenly tanned which may have been a good thing since I had a place frozen off of it this week. I wasn't happy with my face due to the uneven color. It looked fake as if it all settled on my nose. It was white around my eyes. I was told I couldn't shower for 4 - 6 hours. I did not have a problem with that as some would.

Next I went to get my bangs trimmed, but had her take off more which was too much. Now I am tanned with bad bangs! I fear I may have made my hairdresser mad because she usualy massages my neck when she shampoos it, but I did not want her to do it today because of the Mystic tan. I explained what I'd just had done but it seemed go over her head. I wondered did she think I didn't want her black hands on me which wasn't the case. Normally I welcome the massge especially on stressful day, but this day was not one of those. I felt too good for a massage.

Don called while I was just sitting down in the chair for my trim. He was calling about a bill I'd paid. I'd taken my own bottle of Vavoom with me to spray on my hair when she finished blow drying my now too short bangs since this establishment no longer sells the type I use. She couldn't believe I found some. It was an extra bottle I had at my mom's if I should need to do my hair at her house or one I left from my last surgery.

Then I went to my car to argue with the credit card company. When I talk on my cell phone I tend to talk loud thinking others cannot hear me. The woman said I was being rude, but I didn't think I was and I didn't explain my loudness. I did apologize. So I had to go pay more on the bill. Not a happy camper like I was beforehand. So much for my good mood.

I got boiled shrimp from Capt. D's for me for dinner. Fish for the guys . I say "boiled". They think I say "broiled". So I have to correct it to say what they advertise as "peel & eat shrimp". It was good. We watched the rest of "Ella Enchanted" which was good. Athough they had all sorts fo things that had not been invented in that era. I kept saying, "I don't think so."

Don did finally ask me what did I do to myself. My mom thought I got a make-over then worried that I would "blister" as if I were sunburned instead of suntanned. This may sound bad but I didn't shower. I wanted to remain dark for once in my life.

When I woke up, I did think I looked darker. The downside was the fact that the backs of my hands were obviously stained. I guess I did not hold them properly, but that thought went out of my head as soon as the spray started! I washed my hands several times, but it wouldn't wash off even days later. I washed my face and it toned down somewhat. Either I had squeezed my eyes too tight to tan or my moisturizer wouldn't allow it to tan. I knew it was a really good moisturizer because made my feet slip and slide in my flip flops ALL Day long until I washed my feet prior to Mystic Tan. I attempted to wash some of the extreme darkness off my toes as well. They were the teltale sign.

With this Mystic Tan, I was able to wear brown cropped pants and a matching t-shirt and felt really good about myself. That's what it's all about. I matched up my face with a darker base make-up by Clinique.

The next morning Rhett & I went to Hardee's to get blueberry biscuits but, they were not what I envisioned nor were they worth the trip, the gas, etc. Having sausage added to two of them was like going through an act of Congress. We got one of them for Don for later which was a good thing because his boss let him off early due to the extreme heat. So he had brunch.

I worked on some of my loose scrap pieces of paper, placing some colors in baggies til time for us to go eat and to see Oceans 13 at the cheap movies. The air was not really cool inside the theatre so I was glad I'd worn the cropped pants. My foot that I broke my little toe swelled up while we were there. I blamed it on the heat.

Will I do Mystic Tan again? Doubtful. I can do just as well with the cream self tanners on the market which are alot cheaper. I know I will never be tan. That is just one of the things I wish I could wave a magic wand and change about myself, but I am no fairy godmother. I still believe in happily ever afterings.

What would you change about yourself?

I'd look like I did in a picture at age 21 with my blonde highlights. I'd have perfect white, white teeth. No lines around my neck. No scars on my body. A year round tan. Contacts. And I'd be rich, of course. Then I'd be content. Or would I?

Friday, August 10, 2007

I went to California today....

Rhett started the 4th grade yesterday which is hard to believe. There was a long line to get into the school which always seems as if it is halfway to the highway on the first day of school. I told him, he might be late as we were waiting to pull up to the stop sign. He told me I could just drop him off. When he said that, I knew he was growing up on me. Once we were able to get in the drop off lane, it was a breeze shooting in since the other cars were parking on the grass to take in school supplies and meet teachers. Did they not do so beforehand as we did? So glad we were not one of them. When he got out of the car, he didn't even say goodbye, or want a kiss, blow me one or do our air hug ritual. My baby is growing up on me.

Genie remembered it was his first day. I sent him an email about his first day of the 4th grade. He had 2 replys from 2 of his former teachers he doesn't know about yet. It will be a nice surprise for him when he opens his mail this weekend.

He said he got very hot yesterday at school. My mom suggested I volunteer to donate a fan to his class. He made a new friend named Jesus and they have a lot in common. They both like "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" as well as other things. He did not go to lunch until 1 & was starving. His PE is in the afternoon which he doesn't like at all. I wouldn't either.

Well, I can no longer eat Chick-Fil-A sandwiches! Last night was the final straw. I'd gotten nuggets this time, but still started feeling yucky and had to go to bed early which was probably a good thing since Rhett doesn't want to go to bed now. So NO more Chick-Fil-A's for me!

Before going to bed, I refound what may be the perfect cover for my 1st postcard swap with Susannah of Ink on my Fingers. It was something I did back in 2004. I can make color copies of it and also make a page to sell on etsy. I may add a few touches to it. Of course I will still make new ones. I plan to do this over the weekend.

Today I went to California... Gil, a co-worker and friend had recently taken a motorcycle trip to the coast and he had a cd full of pictures. He had some of Santa Monica pier which brought back memories. The road he took near Trinidad and it's view reminded me of China Man's Hat in Hawaii. Seeing them made me want to go somewhere beautiful and picture worthy of my new digital camera. I shared this with Genie today since most of my travels to places such as these have included her.

Also I told her I am thankful for all the memories we have of the places we have been to together. Ah, memories... may we always have them and never forget them.

Got lots of running around to do after work. Pay Don's truck payment, drug store, pay a bill, etc and make a bannana pudding when I get home all before "Ella Enchanted" comes on tonight. Don will think he is in the wrong house when he sees the pudding! I have already broken into the vanilla wafer box. Haven't had any of those in awhile so I am justifying it.

It was a pissing contest at work over blaring black gospel & Michael Buble. I think Michael won in my book.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Highlight of My Day

Monday, there has been something weighing on my mind... it sort of bothered me, but then I let too much stuff get to me. I tend to take everything at face value. I tried to talk to Don about it. While he listened, I didn't get the same reaction that I get from my best friend Genie who understands me better than anyone except for Penny. So today I finally emailed Genie about what was weighing on my my mind in one of my typically long emails. I await her reply where she will answer in her typical fashion giving good, sound advice and possibly answers to solutions that always makes me feel better. She is my chicken soup for my soul.

I finally removed Tatum's nail polish. I bought two new tops @ Kohl's yesterday when I paid my bill. One is a red flowers, black background, leaves of green and pale yellow flowered Hawaiian shirt that immediately brought Tom Selleck in "Magnum, PI" to mind as I am sure it would Genie. It was a small, but I tried it on & it fit because it must run big. It was on sale for $5.60. I got another top that I plan to wear as a jacket with a black tank underneath. I could only find a medium in it but sine I am wearing it open, it won't matter. I took a picture of the jacket type one in the dressing room because I liked the black flower outline. It was $6 something. Because I knew I'd wear the Hawaiian shirt today, I tried to do may nails black & red like I did the white and purple but it didn't work. So I have on "Frankly Scarlett" red polish by Revlon on toes as well. I am normal again. Wearing new clothes and having freshly polished nails makes you feel better.

I'd read Susannah's blog & saw where she said she'd emailed those wanting to participate in her postcard swap. I immediately checked my AOl but saw nothing. I checked it again a bit later. Then some voice told me to check spam and there she was.... I felt like an excited child on Christmas morning. I gave her my address. I will begin on the cards this weekend. Once I hear from her again, I'll know where and to whom I will be sending them. I am so excited. As I said it doesn't take much for me. This is the highlight of my day.

I am getting off at 4 today to go to a tea to meet Rhett's new teacher and leave his school supplies. His first day back at school is tomorrow. He is not going to want to go to bed early tonight.

Yucky Feeling on Sunday

Sunday, I was feeling yucky from getting too hot yesterday, a fever blister and taking an old oral medication for it. Almost went back to bed as I was about to get into the shower. Still wearing pants to church because of my broken toe. We went to the Cracker Barrell after church because Don wanted to go to Lowe's. I had to get a coke to help settle my tummy which I knew I'd pay for later... The food was good. Not like yesterday. I took a really good picture of Rhett while we were there. He is very photogenic.

I don't like going to Lowe's. I stood there & looked a magazines of dream houses while Don bought something for the roof of his shed where two limbs fell on it last week. Don had already gone to bed when they fell. Rhett & I were walking in the kitchen when we heard the big bang. It really scared the child because he came running to me to get behind me as if the big bad wolf was about to come in the back door. We woke Don up, but couldn't see anything without going outside and no one wanted to do that. He saw it the next morning. I thought it was our roof it hit. When I found out it wasn't, I was like "p-shaw" on his shed. I was just thankful it was not our roof it struck.

Once home, Rhett & I played my "Scene It" game Kristina gave me for Christmas on his bed so I could lie down. There was a question about the last scene in "Gone With the Wind" on it. I was clapping like an excited child. Of course I got the answer correct. It was "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Then Rhett realized it was Rhett Butler and he got excited for his namesake although he looks nothing like Clark Gable. I won yet again and he seemed mad. I asked him about it and he says it makes him feel dumb because he doesn't know the answers. Neither do I! Some of these movies are before my time. My Daddy would probably be very good at it, but doesn't seem interested in it.

Once at church, I started burping and felt much better.

We decided we are going to give the collage to the part of the family that is leaving because it will be their last weekend here before school begins in South Carolina.

I cut out some scraps of paper. Some to go on the collage but just didn't feel like adding them to it so you know I didn't feel like myself.

Another Bad Restaurant Experience

On Saturday, Aug. 4th, I loaded the pictures from the new digital camera onto the computer. They are in the computer but our computer doesn't work properly so they are hanging in cyberspace. They only thing I know to do it put them on a disk and maybe send them from work since I can't send them as an email. I was disappointed but had expected this. Since this was a tax free weekend, I'd hoped we'd buy a laptop. To have our's cleaned up would probably cost as much as a new one.

I should be a food critic for the newspaper and get paid for it. At the last minute Rhett & I went to the newly opened Char-Broil. When I walked in to the heat, I should have known it was not going to be good. I know we arrived before 2:30 pm. When I asked for ice water, I had maybe 6 or 7 cubes in my glass that I knew wouldn't last in the heat. It took FOREVER for us to get our food & we were starving. If we had not been playing video games on his game boy, the bad side of me may have surfaced. One of the managerial woman, wearing a long sleeved shirt with their logo and the sleeves rolled up, came to say they were waiting on the fries. I thought they were waiting for the cows to come in. My friend Mike said they were coming from Bejing since that is where Char-Broil relocated. Of course when he wrote it, it was funnier. My burger had not condiments except for the ketchup on the table. So I had to wait for more ice and mayo. Anyone who really knows me knows I will not eat until I have everything I need before me. Well, it wasn't that great or maybe I am spoiled by Applebee's steaks. Rhett didn't eat all of his steak. When the bill arrived, it said it was put in their system at 2:31. Rhett said we got their at 2:37. I've learned he is usually right so I don't argue with him on these things or question him. It was 3:30 so we'd been there over an hour, most of that waiting. We would not be able to make the "Spiderman3" movie at 4. I am no Indy driver. We took his leftovers home for his Daddy who was working again on Saturday. Rhett was disappointed, but I let him buy a cheap game for his game boy after I paid a bill so he seemed content until he played it.

I emailed all of my local email buddies about our eating experience. One friend said I should send it to the local paper. Might be a foot in the door...

Chair Quotes, Discoveries

On Friday, Aug. 3rd, 2007, my friend Anne sent me a picture of her new chair. When I saw it, I could understand why she fell asleep in it! So I came up with a quote about it...

You know you have purchased THE perfect chair when you fall asleep in it upon the first setting.

Or something like that. I told her she could quote me on it. She sent me a chair quote equally as befitting. I left the printed copies at home beside the bed. I will post her quote later...

I remembered getting angry at the other lady at work on several times Friday. Once again she jumped up to go to lunch when I usually go. I did stand up somewhat & asked her is she was going to be gone for more than an hour because I was really hungry. Later in the afternoon, while I was working on work, she was not answering the phone.

Today I discovered a blog. She has some awesome colors in her photographs especially the reds and blues. She did a postcard swap on her blog and now Susannah of ink on my fingers is thinking of doing one. I put my name in the hat.

I also discovered a woman who sells collages on I forgot her name but I printed it out at home so I can go back to it. I immediately forwarded it to all my friends because it looked like something I could do only better. I got all excited. Maybe I could get paid for doing that! It was a very good day.