Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Downloading Dream

I woke up around 3:30 am. this morning with visions of downloading digital pictures of my postcards onto the computer. I was working so diligently in my dream that I woke myself up feeling as if I was still working. Then I couldn't find my way back to deep, oblivious sleep. Was it because I was making my postcards prior to going to bed with only two more to make? Or is this just pre-traveling jitters about our upcoming Labor Day trip to Indy? It should be less stressful since we are riding with Elisa and the girls and fun for Rhett. I plan to sleep most of the way if possible.

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed that a lady was lying and taking advantage of a situation while I was the only one stuck at work when I need to get off a bit early because there was open house at Rhett's school. So I did not take the deposit to the bank and didn't feel bad about it either. Rhett & I arrived at the school early. I did not bother with make up. We sat in the car playing Bookworm while the rains came down until a bright bolt of lightning had me say, "LET'S GO!" We went inside early. His principal hugged me which made me feel good even though she was hugging everyone else as well. We were the 1st to arrive in his class. She told me he is doing wonderful. He made all A's on his progress report except for one B in math. Also she said she thought he was coming out of his shell by looking around more, making friends and talking. Most of his work is hanging outside his classroom. It may not be the neatest one hanging there but who cares? Then Rhett pointed out the troublemaker had entered with her mother. The girl is much taller than Rhett stands. Then it was over in a few minutes. That would have been a waste of my new make up. We sloshed our way to the car through the downpour only to find a car had squeezed in right in front of me when I'd left plenty of room between the other car. Had a hard time getting out and when I was pulling out of the parking place, here comes a car flying at me! We went home where we were dry and safe.

I called my friend Jimmy about a job opening and read him the job description. He was surprised because he'd sent me an email about working at JCP again after all these years. He had an interview today at 2 pm. Hope it goes well for him but I am sure it will. Then I cooked Hamburger Helper for supper while talking to Don about the days events, the open house, what his teacher said, etc. He'd been to Walmart to get Shelby's & Austin's birthday gifts. The jacket he got Austin fit Rhett so he will buy Austin another one. Now I don't have to buy Rhett a coat for the winter. He bought Shelby a dress which I didn't like and told him so when he asked.

I'd received my 2nd postcard in my swap from Star. It was a vintage collage photograph. Very pretty; very different. I loved it! It inspired me to work more on my own postcards after supper. I only have two more to make. 4 to address and off they go.... Because Star is into textures, I sent her the brown collage. Hope she likes it. I read on her blog today that she was unsure about her postcards. I am sure we all felt the same especially as we are about to put them in the mailbox. I sent her a reply post telling her she should not be insecure about her work. Hope that helps her.

Today Rhett wore his new shirt and looked so handsome. Yesterday I took pictures at the open house at his school. There was a paper tree in the hallway. All the leaves had words on the such as:

"vison, LOVE, enjoyment, meditation, dignity, inspiration, honesty, Bravo!, determination, soaring, passion, honor, faith, kindness, consideration, progress, respect, positivity, insightfulness, thankfulness, desire, sentivity, peace, freedom, excellence, gentleness, humble, optomistic, fortitude, friendliness, WOW!, uniqueness, knowledge, abilities, inventive, etc.

It was neat. I had to go back to the picture today, zoom in on it to get all these words which is kinda awesome when you think about we are capbable of doing that now with our digi cameras. Technology is a wonderful thing. Especially if you know something about it. I am just a fledgling floundering.

Today others have seen patience in me through my artwork such as The BIG collage. I nearly choked when I read the word "Patience" because I do NOT see myself as a patient person. I am the least patient person I know. Most of the time I loose my patience way too easily.

I did two good deeds for the day (My RAKs) by mailing a sympathy card and a job description to my friend Jimmy. I guess it is my day for postal duty. I will pick up my postcard stamps before I go to the funeral home. I have so much rushing around to do.

Must do's:

Must finish postcards and mail them
Must pack
Must no go crazy rushing around at the last minute

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