Monday, March 30, 2009

What Made Your Day?

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"Take Stock" postcard copyright ~theRAV~

It was kind of a boring weekend for us with the heavy rains we received. Don has been cleaning out the back room so there is no telling what he has thrown away! Saturday we did a little lite spring cleaning. I went thru a bunch of stuff. I found old pictures from my JCPenney's days back in 1987 where I was a skinny young thing. Don said I looked anerexic in one photo where my hair was dark. There were two pics from my friend Elise's wedding, some Easter die cuts which was timely, and a Mickey Mouse ear stamp, etc. Don liked the way my hair looked when I kept Elise's book for her wedding. It was frosted white much like it is naturally now. It had rained that day and I was on the porch of the CFA so my hair fell, but it fell just right according to Don. Then I had some where I was taking pictures of myself with my old Minolta camera, mainly the top of my head showing that hairstyle. Don asked why I don't wear my hair like that? I told him I'd had it done at the beauty shop. He told me to go have it done like that again! MEN! Gotta live with 'em, gotta love 'em.

He moved my drawing table into the living room in front of the big bay window which will get plenty of light. Was this a hint for me to create more art? He turned it the wrong way, but I can pull it out and have my back to the window. The overhead lighting is good for the nighttime. I will use a bar stool to sit on rather than drag the chair that came with the table from the computer into the living room because I can't afford to buy a new one! The drawing table is next to his safes so I think he will be using it too! LOL I was smart enough to buy the biggest piece of illustration board I could find to cover the majority of the drawing table when I'm working messily so it doesn't mar the table itself.

We do not need to buy any more Christmas gift tags for the next 20 years! We have whole lot of left over Christmas cards also. I have a Jason's Deli big brown bag full of stuff like this. At least I know where it all is located now. It has some Christmas ribbons in it as well. I am a ribbon poor person.

I went thru some old Christmas ornaments and have half a sack full of them for a future yard sale we hope to have soon... and hopefully make lots of much needed money which may just be wishful thinking on my part!

I asked Don to go to the Eufaula Pilgrimage tour where there will be an art show. I couldn't afford the entry $75 fee so sadly I am not entered in it. I thought it would be neat to get away for a day and just do something different. He wanted to check out the pawn shops over there for his stolen hunting stuff so he may drop Rhett & I off at the art show while he does his thing. So much for togetherness. LOL If Don wasn't going with me, I was going to ask a friend to go with us.

Then they announced a work day at church prior to a wedding shower this Saturday. Of course Don made me mad and re-nigged on going, but then said he could work at the church earlier in this week instead. Gotta love the man. It is one of those times I wish I could be two people and do both the art show and the shower at the same time, but I really, really, really want to go to this art show. Did I mention I want to go to the art show? Our anniversary is this month and I thought this would be a small inexpensive way of celebrating it except for the gas part. My friend Cheryl suggested a place to eat in Georgetown. I am hoping I won't run into relatives I don't claim. Unless my crazy cuz wants me to take their cd's from Uncle Frank's funeral to them. I will do that just for him. But if it rains, I will know which one the Lord really wants me to do.... If it rains, we stay home. He works at the church. I go to the shower and enjoy that fellowhip. Of course I could have taken Friday off so we could go to the art show, but Rhett has school and that would require Daddy picking him up. I try not to ask that of Daddy lately.

Due to the downpour of rain, I did not take many pictures this weekend except for 3; one silly one of Rhett. Shocking for me I know!

We went to Elisa & Nate's for the 1st time since Christmas on Sunday afternoon. They have a pool installed now. It was really windy making my left eye pour water then the other one started a downpouring of tears. You would have thought I was crying as I was telling Elisa what we were going to do for our 15th annivesary. Rhett got cold also and asked if we could go inside. Rhett and our granddaughters played on their Wii. So Rhett wants that for his birthday AGAIN! Tatum made a profile for me for their Wii. I was dictating how I wanted my image to look. I asked what something was down at the bottom of the screen. It was wrinkles! Tatum put them on my supposed image on their big tv screen. I was telling her to take them off right now! Everyone was laughing so hard, Tatum was literally falling on the floor laughing. I told her if she didn't take them off, I'd spank her. I was glad everyone had a good laugh on me.

Later I added a free cleaner to the computer Sunday night. Uploaded Pop-It so Rhett and I played that far longer than we should have played last night. All my electronic gadgets needed charging last night before bed. I was running on empty.

My folks got another call from Aunt Va's security alarm. My cuz Robbie has stayed with her since her pace maker implantation. He went to his friend's house for a little awhile. Everytime he leaves her, she makes the alarm go off on purpose so it will call Daddy, call us, so we'll call Robbie and she thinks he will come home to stay with her. He told me this today on the phone. So we have to deal with this situation now.

I haven't created much art except for this one piece; a postcard where I went outside my comfort zone where the colors where concerned which is probably a good thing. I have never been a fan of pea green but this one worked. I have taken some really good pictures over the last two weeks if I say so myself. I should be content, should I? I have a new idea about shadowing in photos that was brought to my attention yesterday, but haven't found anything worth taking a photo with shadows yet. Ironically I'd taken a shadow shot last week. So I guess I will get into the shadows now. LOL

I just realized this piece of art was a pre-cognitive piece of what was to come during the weekend. How cool was that? My art sort of predicted what I would do!

I'd inquired about a photography class at the Britt David studio via email on Friday. They called me today to set me up for the 2 hour class. It costs $20, but it sound SO cool. I can bring in objects that have holes in them such as jewelry, trinkets, etc. I already have a few thngs in mind... and will be gathering more items this week. These will be placed on photographic paper and exposed making a negative image. I forgot what the term is called. I am so excited about it and cannot wait til Thursday evening for this class! It doesn't take much for me. It made my day. What made your day today?

Ice Cream Cone?


I had to go back in search of an odd shot. I could have used one from our snow day where the children's outside "play pen" at church was sitting in the snow. The only color that was visible was the green on a door. That color in itself would have been the oddity. Instead I picked this one. I'd passed the construction long before the snow came. It is part of a church building. It was hard taking this photo on a very busy road. I pulled in the back parking lot of a tanning place I no longer frequent because they gave me the wrong accelerator to use that had me feeling like my skin was on fire and burning. I had to go to my mom's to take a quick bath. This was not a good thing when you have literally been burned over 20 percent of your face and front torso by your overheated raditor! Anyway, the coloring of the plywood used here reminds me of an ice cream cone. Don't you agree?

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Perfectly Framed Sky


It poured rain here early yesterday morning. After work, I went to Walmart because gas was cheaper there than anywhere else in town. Some of their trees are starting to bloom so I drove down the parking lot, parked with these trees in front of me to get the clouds building in the lower background. At first the dark clouds reminded me of mountains. Then I saw this view in my camera and knew I had a perfectly framed sky. I know they are a bit on the dark side, but I like them that way. I did not lighten them up. I also stopped to take pictures of flowering wisteria which makes the area look like it should be named Wisteria Lane. Now those shots I did lighten up, but it made them look washed out. They had a bit of sky in them, but I felt this was one of my best shots this week.

Once I loaded the picture, the clouds remind me of waves on the beach.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Realization


On this past Sunday I came to a great realization. We went to the hunting land to retrieve the camper. We'd taken Rhett's bike along so he could ride it there on the dirt roads. He had been telling me about riding his bike after school with his Daddy but I guess I had not been listening.

Don let Rhett out to get his bike so he could ride it back to the campsite ahead of us. Rhett did NOT want to ride in front of us for fear of being run over by the monster truck. Don assured him he would not run over him. We rode at a snail's pace behind a surprisingly skilled bike rider.

My baby can ride his bike! He rides like he has been doing it for years. Where have I been? While he was learning how to ride on the weekends, I have been inside on the computer. While he's been practicing with his Daddy after school, I have been at work. I am ashamed that I have missed this until Sunday.

I was so very proud of him. This photo I took of him was worth more than a million six dollars; more than all the crab legs in the sea. I printed the photo this week at Walmart. I had copies made for my mom and his other grandmother, Helen. It may be Helen's Mother's Day gift or her birthday gift in May. It may be Rhett's spring photo this year since I refuse to buy school pictures sight unseen when I can take much better one of him such as this one which means far more to me.

I took mom's photo to her. I told her, "My baby can ride his bike." She told me he was growing up on me. As I was leaving, she handed it to Daddy and asked him, "Do you want to see our baby."

So I am thankful we went to the woods to get the camper on Sunday afternoon now or else I would not have come to this realization that my baby is growing up on me.

I am thankful Don's test results came out clear. No operation at this time.

Last night Rhett did an imitation of Arnold, "The Terminator" that cracked us up. He was trying to open the bag inside the box of Cheez-it's, but could not. I said. "So you aren't Arnold." Then in Arnold's voice, he said, "No, but I am the Govenor of California." I made him do it for our friend Nancy who sits behind us at church last night. He didn't want to do it, but wasn't red or embarrassed. He finally did it for her and she cracked up too.

Later at home Don said it felt like Sunday night to him so he popped some popcorn as is his Sunday night ritual. As he was trying to open the popped bag in the kitchen, he pretended he couldn't and hollered for Arnold. Rhett was in the bathroom and didn't hear so I hollered, "Hey, Arnold!" Rhett hollered back "NO!" Then added and "The Hulk isn't here either!"

I am so thankful for my realization. I am so thankful for these precious moments that occur in our lives that make it complete.

Watching your son ride his bike for the 1st time: priceless.

I don't know what the theme for Thankful Thursday was this week, but I prefer doing my own anyway. This is what I wanted to write about since Sunday. This is what is in my journal. This is what my life is all about.

Now when I look at this picture, I will think "Where did my baby go?" He's still there. He still has to touch my hand before he leaves for school every morning as a reasurrance that I am still there.

Today I made another art discovery... for which I am thankful and shared in an email with my friends. It was more tape art. Take a piece of scotch tape (I used the old fashioned kind not the newer transparent kind.), attach it together so that the ends fold over each other to fit loosely around your finger, but leave the sticky side on the outside. This way you don't get any ink on your fingers when you touch it to your ink pad then your medium. It won't totally stick if you are using plain paper. You can carefully pull it off without any ink on your fingers. Of course you may not get a variety of shapes, but if you keep trying it occassionally, you might come up with a really different image on a different day. The image I created today was the shape of a point pointing in a direction or causing movement.

Now all of you are going to get your scotch tape out and try this, right? LOL Let me know what you come up with; let me see your masterpiece tape art. I'll make artists out of you yet! Move over Martha Stewart! This would be fun for the kids too. Have fun.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

J is for... I dream of Jenie's


This week as I was pondering what to do for my J is for... post for ABC Wednesday, I passed by this place called Jenie's. When I saw it, I immediately turned into it on my way to work so I could snap this photo. This a local bridal and formal evening gown shop that has been in existance many, many years. It just happens to be where I bought my wedding gown 15 years ago. My gown was the first one I touched that day my mom & I went wedding shopping. Later I discovered I could have gotten the exact same gown cheaper through the JCPenney bridal catalog, but I felt better and safer about buying it here. It was altered to fit my height and it would have been hard to have altered through a catalog purchase. The day I picked it up, Jenie, the owner gave me a penny for good luck to wear in my slipper on my wedding day. What she said to me made me cry. Something about always being lucky and happy. Later my best friend Genie would give me a six pence to wear in my other slipper as she had done on her wedding day.

There was only bridal gown in the windows when I snapped this and it wasn't to my liking. It is prom season around her so these took up most of the window dressing. These dresses reminds me of a long blue sequinned dress Whoopi Goldberg wore in a movie. I think it was "Jumping Jack Flash". Her dress gets caught in a shredder and is shortened into a mini cocktail dress!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing Eye tree face


I haven't done an odd tree shot in awhile so I guess I was overdue. We went to the hunting land Sunday to get the camper. We didn't have a lot of time as we had to hurry back for church. Rhett took his bike and I got a really good picture of him riding it. I didn't know he could ride so well. I am so proud of him. It was worth it to get that photo.

As I was following Rhett on his bike, I was snapped pictures right and left while walking. I came across this tree with a missing eye on it's face. LOL

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Office Supply Are You?

What Office Supply Are You?

You Are a Red Pen

You have an eagle eye for detail, and this often means you end up finding mistakes in people's work. You may seem quick to criticize or correct, but you think accuracy and truth is important.

You like to be involved in every project. You feel like you put the polishing touch on things. You would make a good editor, detective, or accountant. When facts matter, you're the person to call on.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sky Watch Friday 3/21/09

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I have taken SO many sky pictures this entire week. I took several sequences of sunsets so I have more golden ones, but not as good as my last Sky Watch photo of the ochre sunset. Sometimes it is just hard to top yourself. This one was taken on my way to work not far from our house. I love the tree on the right this time of year when it looks like sticks sticking out before it begins to bloom. It is beginning to bloom right now which is a beautiful sight to behold. There is usually a good bit of traffic so it is hard to photograph without getting honked at and the street is too busy to pull up beside it. I could park in the church parking lot across the street and take it from there. Maybe I will try that this weekend... I was just lucky that morning I snapped it. I liked what the clouds were doing in the sky. You probably thought it was a sunset instead of a sunrise, didn't you? I could have lightened it up more, but I prefer it this way. I think I prefer my photos darker for some reason. Just as I like dark toast, dark hashbrowns, dark pie crusts, etc. To me it is not done until it is dark. LOL

All of Don's tests came out clear. He won't be having gall bladder surgery unless he starts having more frequent episodes. The doc said he will live to be 100 if he starts walking two miles a day and I cook good for him. I think Don added the later. LOL My Aunt Va went through her pace maker insertion surgery fine.

Hope you have a great Sky Watch weekend as well as a Sky Watch week as I did. If you would like to participate in Sky Watch Friday, please go to the following...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Thankful Thursday List

On last Friday, I had some of the best soup I have had in awhile... crab bisque soup so I am extremely thankful for that.

I am thankful for our friend Helen who gave us free tickets to the play which I wrote about in a previous post. Bless you Helen especially since Don still has not found a job.

I am NOT thankful for what occured on St. Patrick's Day! It was just not a good day or night for me. I know they all can't be perfect nor can people be either. But I am thankful for all the wonderful support I received from my friends about this. I am thankful for the people that are on my side.

I am thankful for my best friend Genie who reminded me that Don loves me.

I am thankful I saw another old JCP co-worker yesterday who has gone through a long divorce. I knew from the breakfast before last but she shared with me when talked. Everyone has a burden to bear. We just may not always know what someone's burden is they are dealing with.

I am thankful for the good meal I had today from the food Nazi at the Royal Cafe. One of the ladies that picked up our dinners had a run in with a server there today over pepper sauce!

I am thankful I got my 3rd new my car phone charger to work!

I am thankful for my new raven stamp that I used a lot the end of last week, this week and especially today.

I am thankful for the photographs I have taken this week including two unexpected ones of my cousin Robbie. I also am thankful for Rhett's idea he came up with on his Nintendo DS last night which he had me take a picture of. I loved his artwork. It even had a heart in it. I am so proud of him and the fact that he is following in my footsteps in regard to art. So cool. I need to tell him this since he thought I did not want to get up and get my camera while Lost was on tv. But I will upload the photos and send them out to family and friends this weekend.

Okay Paulie... Since you can't wait, I will tell you what my Odd Shot Monday photo was.... it was a glass vase snapped at Hobby Lobby. I zoomed in on it without a flash. Happy now? Didn't want you to stop visting my blogs since some days you are my only commentor. Thanks for your curiosity and interest, Paulie.

If you are thankful and would like to participate in Thankful Thursday now hosted by Lynn at the following...

I don't think I quite followed her guidelines today of how Jesus has set me free, but then I always dance to a different beat; I don't always follow the rules. I tend to make up my own as I go. I almost started not to post today because I didn't think I was worthy again or thankful enough. So I began counting my blessings of the week and found I had even more than knew. Then I decided I really did need to do this to show my blessings far out weigh the negative things that occurred in my life this week. So I am thankful for that small blessing.

My Aunt Va will have a pace maker put in tomorrow so please keep her in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I is for... I SPY


I guess my mind was elsewhere. I totally forgot what today was... ABC Wednesday I is for... I had not clue for I at that moment. I looked around my desk searching for a I idea and then I spied it...

I went to Wendy's for lunch today where I saw they had I SPY toys in their kid's meals. I decided to get one so I could give the prize to Rhett since he had a bad coughing spell last night. Really it was for him! I swear.

As I was looking across my desk, when I saw my I word, I saw where I saved the sack the kid's meal came in because it had three I SPY photos on it. I found almost all of them while I ate my meal. There was an I SPY cd disk game inside the meal as the toy. I took two photos of it, but this one is the best of the two. I just added the raven stamped pad just because I am the RAV and for effect.I impressed myself with my I word. I hope impressed you too. What did you spy today?

When I first got my digital camera, Rhett and I made up our own I SPY set-up which was a lot of fun. Not as detailed as these shown here in the photo. Our's were of his favorite objects placed randomly on a black towel which really means more to us. I guess I could have used that, but this one was right there beside me.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Pinch

Before going to work, Don, Rhett and I were disagreeing about Rhett's camo pants being green enough for St. Patrick's Day so he wouldn't get pinched at school. They thought they were not and I said they were. I guess they wanted Kelly green instead of tan and sage. Rhett is ill because he's been congested. Luckily he had yesterday off from school. Not that it seem to help much this morning.

Well, I WAS having a good morning. I took pictures on the way to work. I rode the white line to avoid the potholes of life on the way to work like I do everyday. I sent out St. Paddy's day quotes in an email to my dear friends wishing everyone was wearing green so they wouldn't get pinched. I thought I was doing good.

I have been at my present job nine years today. My 1st day here, I chipped my tooth on a pork chop! Maybe it was an omen.... I have been fifteen with the entire center which occured on Feb 21st. Almost as long as I worked at JCPenney's.

When I arrived before 9, Illy was out in her car. I am not sure what exactly what time she came back inside. I peeked around my cubby wall to see if she had green on when she came around my corner. She did not so I told her she did not have any green on like a school kid in a joking way. She told me she had green eyes. I was NOT going to pinch her. I don't do that. In her slurred speech, she told me I had on a sage colored blouse and reached to touch the bottom of it as if feeling the apparent cotton material. Then she reached to the left side of me and pinched my stomach HARD! I told her, "That hurt!" rather loudly and removed her hand quickly. It is a wonder I didn't slap her! I was SO mad. I felt like my St. Pat's day had been ruined because of her! Why is there always someone to spoil everything?

Once she was in her office she said she didn't mean to pinch me that hard, but that wasn't an apology to me and I was still too steaming to speak.

One friend said I handled it better than she would have so I guess I did good.

Then I berated myself because I should have known better than to say anything to her in the first place. Now I KNOW she is crazy! She knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. There should be no touching or pinching at the workplace!

Later Illy tried to ask if we had seen anything like her tv dinner she brought in for lunch. I had seen it in the mini-fridge earlier. I did not even turn to look at it. Just shook my head no. She went "Okay" like I was the one who had the problem. I wonder if she finally got the message this time? The other girl tried to smooth it over saying I had alread seen it in fridge. She didn't need to do that. I am capable of fighting my own battles.

Of course I have probably shown her that I let her get to once again. As my friend Jimmy says, "I have no further use for her." Then he dismisses them from his life. If only... I have no respect whatsoever for her.

Hope you have had a better St. Patrick's Day than me. I do have an idea for an art project.... Ironically it is about trash! More Trash art LOL Really it is about wastes. Like I wasted my time and negative energy on her. Thankfully she left early to go to yet another doctor's appointment.

Happy St. Patrick's Day anyway! I celebrated it once upon a time in Savannah, Ga.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Odd Shot Monday 3/16/09



I didn't think I had any really outstanding Odd Shots so I had to go back through Picassa searching for one with a little help from Rhett. He picked this one. Even he didn't know what it really was until I told him. He suggested that I hold a contest and I let you guess and you answer in the comment section. If you get it right say by Friday, I will send you a free photo of your choice from any on my blog.

I took this one a few weeks back, but I am not giving you any clues as to where I took it.

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Photos of Huck Finn & Helen



Trying this again...
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The Adventures Of Huck Finn

Our dear friend Helen kindly sent us three free tickets to see a play at the Springer Opera House of Mark Twain's Big River, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the musical. We had been looking forward to seeing it since receiving the tickets a couple of weeks ago. This was the first time Rhett had been to the Springer. Upon walking in the doors, I was asking other usherettes where might Helen be located. We found her and she pointed out where our seats where and they were good ones. Rhett wanted to sit in seat #13, but later I traded seats with him so he could see the play better.

While waiting for the play to begin, I reminded Rhett that the Springer is supposed to be haunted. He said he wasn't afraid because he is a man. So remember this statement.

The play was very, very good. It was funny too. We have some extremely talented actors and singers in Columbus. One of my high school choral directors was in the play. Don even wore his game ear so he could hear! I was glad I dressed warmly because it was chilly inside. I wondered if it was the Springer ghost! LOL

There was an intermission so Rhett and I talked to Helen almost the intire intermission instead of me going to the restrooms. The men's had a sign that said, "Gentlemen" which Rhett and I saw earlier because he had to go before it began. I told Don about the sign. He said, "I can't go now." I asked "Why? Because you aren't a gentleman?" LOL No, he stayed with our umbrellas and seats.

We missed church and felt bad, but it's not everyday you get free tickets to a an excellent play which had a lesson in it.

When the main characters of Jim and Huck came out and the end of the play, they received a standing ovation. After it was over I asked one of the usherettes if I might speak to one of the actors since I knew him, but was told they didn't allow anyone backstage. Years ago, I had been back there to see my friend Mike was in a production "A Christmas Carol". I was on a date at the time with a guy I didn't really care for, knowing we wouldn't work, but my date had suggested we go backstage.

My guys and I looked at the pictures in the hallway while waiting for the actors to come out, but I guess my groupie days are over now. Don was ready to leave. Rhett wanted to go upstairs where the balcony seats were located as well as the opera seats. I loved the decor. From the balcony seats you could see that the orchestra pit is underneath the stage. I wondered where the music came from. Rhett has a fear of heights so he wouldn't leave the doorway to come have a look. Remember he said he was a man earlier. LOL

It was hot outside due to the ending rain and I came out of my jacket. We got milkshakes afterwards. So it was another good Sunday for us.

I took a few photos. One of the banner of the play before it began but it was blurry. I also snapped a shot of Helen standing against a door but she was too far away even with zoom and turned out grainy. They didn't upload right either so I deleted them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tatum's Twin



Yesterday I had to pick up prescription for my mom and get my parent's some groceries. I went to the nearest store close to their house. When I entered the store, something smelled amazing. I went back to the deli section to see what smelled so tempting. They had crab bisque soup. I asked if I might try a sample of it. The lady behind the counter all dressed in a white uniform handed me a small plastic container about the size of a serving of sour cream to go as it is sometimes served in nowdays. It was SO good that I had to buy some of it. It cost over $5 with taxes which is a lot for soup, but it was well worth every penny and every slurp! I could use some more if it today since it is dreary and turned off cooler again. I took it home to mom's. She didn't like the smell of it and only tasted one spoonful. I ate the whole thing it was so good!

We went to Applebee's to eat last night. When they butchered our last name when they called us for our table, I noticed this young girl behind me (the one in the 2nd photo) and thought it was our granddaughter Tatum (seen in the 1st picture). I started to put my arm around her when I saw her move away from me. I noticed her eyes were puffy, knowing something was a bit off. I asked, "Tatum?" She shook her head that she wasn't her. I told her she looked just like my granddaughter. Even Don thought so too. Rhett said she was too short. The girl was even with a girl that looked like one of Tatum's friends.

I couldn't get over the resemblance as we sat down at our table. I tried to call Elisa to tell her about Tatum's twin, but she wasn't home.

We did knock-knock jokes. Rhett did one where he went:
"Knock. Knock."
"Who's there?"
"I'm bored"
I said, "So am I!"
We did this several times where I repeated the same line and I competely forgot the rules of a knock-knock joke. It was funny and I was crying laughing. Best laugh I have had in awhile.

I still couldn't stop thinking about Tatum's twin so I asked Don if he thought her mother would mind if I took her picture. I began looking through an older memory card and found the pics from Halloween so I could show the lady how much our granddaughter looked like her daughter. I went over to their table which was near our's, but the girl had her back to us. Probably a good thing because I would have been staring at her. I am not sure if she was even the girl's mother because her hair color was different. She saw the resemblance in them. I showed my photo to the girl. I asked her mother's permission if I could take her picture to show my granddaugter and she said I could. She was dialing a number on her cell phone. I was hoping she wasn't calling the police on me! LOL The girl smiled for me and I told her she had a twin! I thanked her and sat back down with my guys.

Back at our table, I saw Stephanie coming towards us, but she was meeting friends that were in the booth behind us. She sat down with us for a few minutes and I told her about Tatum's twin then showed her the picture. She laughed.

I missed "Ghost Whisperer". As we were about to leave, we were telling Steph and her friends bye so we forgot the remainder of Don & Rhett's riblets. Once at the truck we discovered them missing. I jumped out and ran back inside to see if they were still on our table. It was being wiped as I walked up to it. The waiter came back over and said he'd just thrown them away. Don was madder than me. It was like throwing money away in these hard times.

Once at home, I talked to Lisa about what happened. She said there was another girl on another softball team at Tatum's kick-off last night that looked a lot like her. Lisa asked if this girl had a uniform which she did not unless she changed before going to Applebee's.

I drew a heart on my handbag last night. Didn't feel like uploading pictures.

I had a dream last night.... I dreamed I was throwing a party in a small room in a hotel. It had turquoise walls, straight black painted chairs and white table cloths. It felt modern to me whereas my dream interpreter, my friend Anne thought it was retro, meaning the past. I was late to my own party. Most everyone had eaten. I was wondering if there was any food left. I saw my friend David playing charades which was surprising to me. David is not one to draw attention to himself in a large gathering. Unless he was me in the dream! LOL I went into the huge industrial sized kitchen with it's gleaming metal appliances. Luckily there was a piece of chicken and one small ear of corn. I took my plate back into the room where the party was going on to eat at David's table and watch him play charades.

I know I had this dream because of what transpired the night before.

Anne, thought there was "more" in the past. That I was concerned with what was left. A concern that there is not as much as in the past perhaps? The kitchen was impersonal and represented the future; more stark than in the past. I was still able to obtain things, just not as much as in the past. She thought David was there to cheer me up. She said, "Maybe you are surprised that the past may appear better than the future does right now." She was surprised half of American had not had this dream in some way.Maybe my friend David is going to surprise me!
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Triple Sky View


Last Monday evening I was racing against time to try to capture a sunset while driving. The trees were blocking my view on the passenger side of the car so I made a turn where I thought I could capture it in my outside mirror. There was no oncoming traffic so I stopped in the middle of the road. The light turned green and Rhett said too loudly, "GO!" which he got in trouble for doing. Luckily I was still able to get my shot at the next red light. This was a better view anyway. I think it is neat and hope you do too.

Happy Friday the 13th! So far so good. Don came and had lunch with me which was a real treat.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rav is Thankful

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Today I am thankful my husband is okay. He called me yesterday from his dr's office. I asked him what was he doing there. He'd had chest pains earlier. The doc thought it was due to the cup of coffee with cream he drank which he had not drank in awhile triggered his gall bladder again. It has been six months since his last episode. His EKG or EEG was clear. The next day he had to undgo a stress test beginning at 5 am! Just getting up that early would be stressful enough for me! His bp was slightly elevated after the tread mill but I did not think it was bad compared to how high mine was many years ago when I was first diagnosed with it. They gave him a free breakfast which I am sure he liked. Afterwards they did more x-rays to see what his gall bladder was or was not doing. Today he had to have blood tests. New Year. New Deductible.

In a way it has been a blessing in disguise that my husband still hasn't found a job because he has been able to take my Daddy to his dr's appointments. I am thankful for this small blessing. I am thankful that my Daddy is looking much better; more like his old self and not a bruised, beaten up person from his recent fall.

I am thankful for the five old friends I have talked and seen lately. John C, one of my old mangers at JCP, Helen who sent us free tickets to a play at the Springer Opera House on this Sunday, my friend Pat H. also from JCP, Lefty and Deborah, another old JCP co-worker I saw today. I am thankful for all the good deeds I have done lately.

Today I was thankful for my art muse once again. I was sending a note to another co-worker through inter-office mail using an orange 4x6 sticky note. It looked entirely too plain to me so I had to do something about it. I just happened to have a raven stamp with me along with ~theRAV~ stamp. I put a piece of tape over the copyright symbol before stamping the top of the page to form a header. I took this picture of it. I liked it so much a made a few more to send to my other friends in differing departments to brighten their day. Recently I read on someone else's blog who also loves ravens too that they are not omens of bad luck, but are bringers of light. So I hope I brightened their today which will be tomorrow.

I am wearing all black today except for black socks with hot pink polka dots and have been called, "Mrs. Johnny Cash" as well as "Johnny Cash. I guess with the orange paper and my all black clothes, and the raven stamp, it has felt sort of Halloweenish.

Today I thankful I discovered two neat sites. One shows you the front page headlines of newspapers around the world. I sent this to all of Rhett's teachers. His 1st grade teacher, who has moved to another school replied back her thanks for it and to give Rhett a big hug and kiss for her. I printed out her email for him to make him feel good. Then I went to
where I made my own snowflake which I thought was cool until I saw some other Beckys had made. I knew I should have went by theRAV. LOL I will try to make better ones. Please try these sites out if you have kids or would like to make your own snowflakes.

I am thankful to Thankful Thursday because it has taught me to once a week be thankfl for all my blessings that happen each week although I am indeed thankful EVERYDAY.

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursdays, please go to Lynn's place who has taken over Thankful Thursdays at the following...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Havana, My Handbag and the Hulk




I began thinking of what to use for my H word on Tuesday morning on my way to work. It was foggy, but I took pictures in spite of the fog. I noticed how some vehicles were in such a hurry, almost hitting me. How could I photograph hurrying cars? Unless I had a special camera at the Indy 500, I knew I could not capture it. The rushing cars would be at a standsill due to the shutter speed.

Husband? I had no new pictures of him. He gave me a scare yesterday because he called me from his dr's office. He had had chest pains earlier so tests were run. They concluded it was the cup of coffee with cream he drank and no food. He had not had coffee in a while. The cream triggered his gall bladder. He was to have a stress test this morning and survived it. His blood pressure was slightly elevated afterwards. He was given a free breakfast then more xrays were taken to see what his gall bladder was doing. A new year. A new deductible.

While worrying about him, I thought again of my foggy photos I took earlier and came up with the title "How Foggy Was It?" but hexed the idea because it wasn't that great. These H's were not personalized enough for me.

I wasn't very hungry at lunch hour. I was tired of Mickey D's grilled chicken wraps. I wanted something different. Be careful what you wish for... I guess I had a wild hair because I went to a small Cuban place near work to try a real cuban sandwich. I'd never had one before yesterday and won't be having one again! The inside of La Cocina was very colorful as the Cuban music played reminding me of Ricky Ricardo's band. As you entered, it had one of those huge chef statues I love to photograph so naturally I did. Just his face because he stood sideways in the small doorway making it ackward. I had to wait until some departing patrons left first before I could get his close-up. Today I named him Chef Hugo from Havana. He will appear on the blog later...

I sat back down to wait for my cuban which seemed to take too long in my book. Then I noticed the many colorful paintings. One of them had the word "Havana" on it for Cuban cigars so I knew I had my very original H shot. I know I must have looked like a crazy tourista to the two guys eating there.

I left happy but the cuban wasn't to my picky liking. I ate half of it and all my chips knowing I'd proabably take the rest of it home to Don. Luckily I'd bought Rhett a York peppermint patty the day before, but put it in my purse so it wouldn't melt since it has become warmer than springtime here. I almost took a pic of the half eaten patty, but I refrained. I'll have to buy Rhett another one now.

Currently I am working on drawings on my beige canvas handbag I bought for $2.00! I had noticed it had some smudges, but because it is trimmed in brown leather with leather straps, it cannot be tossed into the washer. Earlier in the week I had asked Rhett if he wanted to draw his graffiti on it and he said he would like to do that. Another mother/son art project. I got a head start on him yesterday because I ordered some paint markers for an officer at work. Of course I just had to test them out so I made a few designs on my handbag. It now has some uncolored eyes on the back so far. I thought it would appear to the person behind me that they are being watched, but the eyes are turned toward me. I thought it might deter a handbag thief. Rhett says they look like Dr. Seus eyes which I agreed. Paris Hilton, move over! LOL

Then I remembered I had some new Hulk photos I took on Monday, but this one is from back in January when I first discovered him at a new game store. I have a photo of me standing next to the Hulk, but it is not that great. My friend Abby says I need to take a photo with my hand on his chest. I wasn't having a good hair day so I have not taken that shot yet. When I do have a good hair day, I won't be near the place or him!

If you would like to participate in H is for... or ABC Wednesday, please go to Mrs. Nesbitt's place...
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Scare

Don called me from his dr's office. I asked him what was he doing there. He'd had chest pains earlier but they are gone now. They were going to do an EEG on him. I called him back and he said the EEG looked clear. I asked him what he ate for lunch. He'd had ceral this morning then coffee which he has not drank in awhile. I told him it was the coffee. He thanked me for my medical opinion as a doctor. LOL I am just thankful he is ok.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Odd But Cute Display

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I had to take Aunt Pearl to Winn Dixie after work last week to get a few groceries. When I saw this display, told her to hang on a minute while I took the photo. It is an early Easter reminder. Odd but cute. Then Rhett and I were in Piggly Wiggly getting momma some corn meal for corn bread when he saw an exact replica of it. He couldn't believe I'd already seen it. I wondered if someone saw it at Winn Dixie and copied it at Piggly Wiggly or vice versa?

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Glasses Being Cleaned...


...These are my new lenses being cleaned for the 1st time with blue Dawn dishwashing liquid. LOL Sorry I just couldn't resist. Bet you thought this was one of my Odd Shots, didn't you?
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New Glasses

Yesterday I took Daddy to either get his glasses which were badly scratched during his recent fall, repaired or replaced. We went to LensCrafters because I had a new insurance card and I needed to get new lenses as well. I saved over $100 with it just for lense replacements. I now wear bifocals, but you can't tell so I don't feel quite so old now. Just a bit disappointed that no one can noticed, but may be that is a good thing. LOL I faired pretty well with them the rest of the evening. So far so good.

I saw one of my old JCP managers I had not seen in years because he moved to Little Rock to close a store and open a new one. There was a legal battle about the land and the new one could not be opened. When it came time for him to go to the new store, he wanted to take an early retirement. They would not let him retire! He knew other managers had done this so he had to get a lawyer. He is now retired and doing volunteer work but with the economy the way it is, he will have to get another job soon. He has been helping out at this church about four days a week. At first he and his family did not like Little Rock but now they like it and seem to be greatly involved in their church. I told him maybe that is where the Lord wants him to be.

He told us a touching story about how every Christmas he would call his first boss that hired him in the auto center. His boss is dead now, but he still calls his boss' wife every Christmas. I thought that was so neat. Rhett corrected me this morning when I was telling Don on the way to church that it as "touching not neat." Excuse me for using the wrong word!

Yesterday my car charger would not work for my cell phone. By the time we got through with getting our glasses, the library had closed so we couldn't return books. Alltel had closed so I couldn't pay the bill or check on my charger so we went on home where I cooked smoked sausage, "doctored up" sweet baked beans, sauerkraut and I even made a dessert. Shock. Don asked me what was wrong with me. I said I guess I was hungry.

It was a cheap dessert I get at Fred's Discount store. It's a sweet peach cobbler mix only I use the cheap can of strawberries they also stock. If I hit it on sale, it costs me $1.50 to buy and make it using my milk. Not bad. It didn't look pretty, but it was good. Don had two helpings of it so I guess it was good or else he figured he'd make the most of it since I rarely make desserts.

Our library books were over due. When I attempted to renew mine on line earlier, it didn't work. Yesterday I renewed Rhett's subscription to a game magazine so I guess this was a renewal weekend for us. LOL

We had a beautiful weekend. Got a really cool sunset shot yesterday on the the way home. Believe it or not, I almost started NOT to take it, but now I am so glad I did. It was jus your average everyday sunset, but once the shutter clicked, it became an ochre color! When I showed it to Rhett in the view, he went "WOW!" Magic. Love it when that happens. Hope you had a good weekend.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sky Watch Friday Beach in the Sky Photo


I saw this one after work on my way home this week. I pulled into a subdivision to take the shot hoping the neighbors wouldn't call the cops on me, but luckily they did not. I had another better shot, but I accidentally deleted it so I had to go with this one. It looks like a beach to me. I believe Carver has mentioned the name of phenomenon of the reflection in the cloud before on his blog.

Happy Sky Watch Weekend. If you would like to participate in Sky Watch Friday , please go to the following...

My morning find for today was once again on my commute to work. It was the top portion of white and rusting ironwork yard set. Not sure if it was the sofa, love seat or small chair. LOL It looked like an errant tiara in the green grass. If it is still there tomorrow, I will take a photo for Odd Shot Monday.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday 3/5/09

Today I am so very thankful my Daddy did not break any bones when he took a bad fall last Saturday. Please see my previous post entitled "The Fall". He still looks bad because his face looks so pitiful as if he has been in a fight or a wreck. Thankfully he is better. My mom and I have been taking really good care of him. My husband has been helping out also so I am thankful for his help.

We are thankful to Betty who rode with Daddy in the ambulance so he wouldn't be alone. We are thankful to my new friend in my artist guild, Margareet who called me to let me know Daddy had fallen and let me talk to him on her cell phone. Thank goodness for cell phones too. These two ladies are angels.

We are also so very thankful I could get some medical supplies at my work such as gauze, tape, bandages, tylenol, peroxide, etc. That saved my parents money which is a good thing when you get elderly. As we were changing Daddy's arm on Monday evening, I realized my mom and I could have been nurses. Of course my mom is far better at it than I am. I told the lady who gave the supplies that she was a godsend.

I know this is a small thing, but it is always the little things that mean a lot to me... I am thankful for the good day I had yesterday. I am thankful for the inspiration from my poetry muse who visited me once again. Its nice to know I stil have a muse and I still "have it".

I am thankful my hair behaved a little bit better this week after using a different shampoo. I forgot the name of it, but I will mention it again later on my blog. I think it is one of those fruitrese things in the green bottle only this was a sample size that wasn't too expensive so I tried it. It is a de-frizzer. I think all women appreciate it when we have a good hair day. LOL I was beginning to think I need to go on HRT!

I am thankful for all our snow pictures I have taken. I am thankful for my friend Cheryl's ideas of photographing the final stages of our snow family's life much like any life even if Rhett rolled his eyes when I told him about it yesterday evening. He checked again from his bedroom window this morning to see if their white blobs were still there and they were. I snapped two shots before going to work. It should prove interesting in the scrapbook.

I am thankful for our dear friend Helen who unexpectedly sent us free tickets to a local play. She will be ushering at the Springer Opera House the day of show so we will be lucky enough to get to see her. Must remember to call her and thank her. Never forget to say thank you.

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Today I discovered a new quote site...
It is by subject. I went into the one about dreams.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Golden Sunset

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Today I have had a great day. So far so good. This morning, I saw neat finds on the way to work. I even wrote a poem about it. Please see my previous post to read my poem. I sent my poem out as an emil to all my friends and email buddies. I got good feedback. Then I remembered it was ABC Wednesday after I read Dragonstar's post. I'd completely forgotten about it in my excitement over my morning finds and my poem. Then I had to think of what I should do for my G word.... Of course my best friend Genie first came to mind, but I have no recent photos of her. I did not want to repeat an old one even if it was a good photo of her. I did some spring cleaning on Picasa at work so the above photo was the only G picture I could find today... a golden sunset that I took the first winter of my digital camera. But it's still good no matter what year. Thank goodness photos are timeless. Some never age unlike us.

I had another good lunch today... a scrambled dog from Dinglewood. YUM!

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Morning Finds

"Morning Finds"

Joe in the road
a cup a
in the middle of Sanford Rd.
A BIG white bulldog on a swing
just a swingin'
A "twilight" sticker on a back windshield
makes me smile
makes my day.
I roll my passenger window down
in 34 degree weather
I pull up beside the car
to ask the driver
where they got the sticker.
The driver is an old bald man
He couldn't possibly be a fan.
Want one of those stickers!
Thought of Stephanie
Must email her
to tell her.
Crazy drivers
But thankfully I arrive safely
to begin my day...
What else will I find today
along life's way?
What did you find today?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainy Odd Shot


I took this one last week while it was raining on my way home. As I went around the downtown area, I liked how the streetlight was reflecting on the leaves in the rain. I even went around this one block twice to get this picture. LOL I thought it was odd and you know know much I like oddness. I also thought about using one of our snow photos because it is so rare and odd for us to have snow in the south. Rhett's snow family is still standing in our front yard on the green grass. Even our neighbor came over to take a picture of them yesterday. I told Don to take one with his camera after I left for work.

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PS. I forgot to upload this yesterday! Sorry!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009





Yesterday we had tornado threats. Today we had snow! Then there was thunder during the snow. I was beginning to wonder if the world was coming to an end.

This was perhaps one of THE best days of my son's young life. He had his first snowball fight at church. There were two young brothers who came to church wearing short sleeved shirts who got out in the snow! One built a snowman, but had to come get a pair of gloves to wear in order to finish it.

The first photo is now one of my all time favorites. I took this from the windowed door of the church and I love it. I cropped it, straightened it and auto contrasted it in Picasa. At a quick glance of the prominent tree on the right, sort of reminds me of a cross with Christ's body hanging there.

We came home from church. Rhett had to make his first snowman. I have photos of that, but these are the best of the best of today. We got the stuff to take to my parent's house so I could cook lunch consisting of sloppy joes which I make with McCormick mix and Heinz ketchup only, corn, chips and pickles. My Daddy's eye was purple near the inside part of his nose which was expected. He seems to be doing okay considering his fall.

After lunch, Rhett rolled out another snowman at his grandparent's house. He pointed out to me that there was a heart shape formed on the grass which I thought was really neat. So his snowman was made with love. Awe. I gave him buttons to make his face then I took a photo of it.

Then the snow stopped falling. What stuck was now melting. Some of the Rhett's snowman's face fell off.

Two younger girls who live in the apartments across from my folks built one after Rhett erected his snowman. As we were going home, the girls were out there jumping up and down on the bottom part of their snowman. Rhett said he'd rather his melt than be hurt or destroyed like they were doing.

Once back home, Rhett's first snowman had fallen over so he had to rebuild it. He built a snow family while I took photos from our picture window where I was inside all nice and warm.
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