Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Pinch

Before going to work, Don, Rhett and I were disagreeing about Rhett's camo pants being green enough for St. Patrick's Day so he wouldn't get pinched at school. They thought they were not and I said they were. I guess they wanted Kelly green instead of tan and sage. Rhett is ill because he's been congested. Luckily he had yesterday off from school. Not that it seem to help much this morning.

Well, I WAS having a good morning. I took pictures on the way to work. I rode the white line to avoid the potholes of life on the way to work like I do everyday. I sent out St. Paddy's day quotes in an email to my dear friends wishing everyone was wearing green so they wouldn't get pinched. I thought I was doing good.

I have been at my present job nine years today. My 1st day here, I chipped my tooth on a pork chop! Maybe it was an omen.... I have been fifteen with the entire center which occured on Feb 21st. Almost as long as I worked at JCPenney's.

When I arrived before 9, Illy was out in her car. I am not sure what exactly what time she came back inside. I peeked around my cubby wall to see if she had green on when she came around my corner. She did not so I told her she did not have any green on like a school kid in a joking way. She told me she had green eyes. I was NOT going to pinch her. I don't do that. In her slurred speech, she told me I had on a sage colored blouse and reached to touch the bottom of it as if feeling the apparent cotton material. Then she reached to the left side of me and pinched my stomach HARD! I told her, "That hurt!" rather loudly and removed her hand quickly. It is a wonder I didn't slap her! I was SO mad. I felt like my St. Pat's day had been ruined because of her! Why is there always someone to spoil everything?

Once she was in her office she said she didn't mean to pinch me that hard, but that wasn't an apology to me and I was still too steaming to speak.

One friend said I handled it better than she would have so I guess I did good.

Then I berated myself because I should have known better than to say anything to her in the first place. Now I KNOW she is crazy! She knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. There should be no touching or pinching at the workplace!

Later Illy tried to ask if we had seen anything like her tv dinner she brought in for lunch. I had seen it in the mini-fridge earlier. I did not even turn to look at it. Just shook my head no. She went "Okay" like I was the one who had the problem. I wonder if she finally got the message this time? The other girl tried to smooth it over saying I had alread seen it in fridge. She didn't need to do that. I am capable of fighting my own battles.

Of course I have probably shown her that I let her get to once again. As my friend Jimmy says, "I have no further use for her." Then he dismisses them from his life. If only... I have no respect whatsoever for her.

Hope you have had a better St. Patrick's Day than me. I do have an idea for an art project.... Ironically it is about trash! More Trash art LOL Really it is about wastes. Like I wasted my time and negative energy on her. Thankfully she left early to go to yet another doctor's appointment.

Happy St. Patrick's Day anyway! I celebrated it once upon a time in Savannah, Ga.

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