Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Fall

On Thanksgiving eve, after a fellowship meal at church I was bit concerned about myself. After having cricks in my neck for weeks, carrying a big heavy bag, I could hardly lift my right arm! Scary! I took a half of a muscle relaxer and did not cook my pies until Thanksgiving morning. Thankfully it got better. I'd also had another weird dream, but haven't gotten with my dream team about it yet.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving as did we. When Rhett was saying the blessing, I whispered for him to remember our health which he did. Just felt that was important this year. We had the best meal we have had in awhile especially my sweet potato casserole for me. I made Daddy a bowl of egg custard. He went back and ate it all which made me feel good. I don't fight shopping crowds in the wee hours of the morning. I like my sleep in my nice, warm bed thank you very much. I did manage some shopping and lucked up on some bargains. I buy things knowing I will alter them now. Does that make me an alterations lady? LOL

Had some funny things to share... like Rhett being in another play. This time it is a cowboy theme. I heard him telling his Daddy from Mom's kitchen that he would be playing the character of what I thought was "Horse Feathers" which I repeated as if he said "NEW YORK CITY"! Then Rhett said his name is "Horace Feathers". LOL

This morning the phone rang and I knew it wasn't good. Long story short, my father got dizzy & fell in the yard. We think he may have hit his head on the curb. Not sure if he blacked out. He crawled back to the house as my mom was still asleep. She was not able to get him inside so she called me. She had gotten him inside by the time we arrived, but we took him to the ER where we spent the ENTIRE day. His blood pressure was high. His ECG was irregular so they are keeping him overnight for observation just in case. Better safe than sorry. We went to eat, came back & he was still not in a room an hour & 30 mins later! But he is in one now. Please keep my Daddy in prayers. We are thankful there was no concussion or broken bones, but he will be sore for sometime.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Accidental Art


I love when this happens. I call it "Accidental Art" by ~theRAV~ I am selling this as a photographic copy. $15.00 for a 5x7, $25 for an 8x10.

Becky aka ~theRAV~
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

On a Creative Bend

What can I say about this week? I could say a lot; I could complain a lot about another Illy episode at work, but I won't. It wouldn't do any good anyway. I have complained by email to my close friends. By Wednesday, this week just felt like a week and a half, but I am in a much better mood today. There were the usual ups and downs, but mainly ups. The only real downer was my Uncle R. F. passed away. I am just thankful it wasn't on Thanksgiving because that would have made the holiday hard and really sad. But he is better off now. He is no longer suffering. My mom has taken it well in my presence.

Since Sunday when I took some of my abstract doodles in to the PC arts, Cindy's words have echoed in my head. I worked one all week nights until Tuesday night when I felt it was complete. I am pretty happy with it. Even thought about taking a piece of plywood, stapling black material to the plywood and placing pins to hold the abstract on the board to take pics of it. Then I thought a memory board would work. Just wonder which one would be cheaper? Never thought I'd want a solid black memory board, but it would certainly service a purpose here. I have always wanted a pink gingham one or a cream colored one with matching ribbons that reminded me of the sleeves on my wedding dress. It is a lattice work design or a repeating x design. It is on Don's stereo speakers and on our china cabinet.

I even got an idea that Don and I could make photo holders. I would love it if he would help me make stuff.... if I just could get him to do it. When I told this to my BFF Genie in an email, she said I was really "On a Creative Bend". I liked that. Even thought of using that as a suggestion for our abstract/non-realist group. Can't wait to suggest it to them. If they like it, if we use it, I am sure Genie will be thrilled!

I am being nominated as vice-president of the Phenix City Artist Guild! Of course I will have to be voted in, but just to be nominated is really awesome. I feel so comfortable; so at home with this group of artists like I belong. That is a wonderful feeling. I am thankful for all this.

Rhett went to his new pediatrician today and I fell in love with her. She was so sweet. She kept calling him "dear". The only problem I had was he had to fill out a question-aire which asked if he liked boys or girls; if he'd had sex; if there were guns in our home, etc. I almost started to x thru it, but I didn't want to cause waves on our 1st visit. He asked me if I read them. Even he couldn't believe the questions. He is in good health and I am so thankful. Maybe a little shorter than he should be even though I thought he was getting taller. I know he has grown because I had to buy him new pants. LOL He is almost as tall as me now. Just can't imagine him being taller than me and I will have to look up to him.

I have gotten good feedback from other PC artists who were so glad we painted the window; who are especially glad Rhett helped. They think it is wonderful as do I.

I had another weird dream last night. I dreamed Don bought us tickets to Hawaii! I'd forgotten stuff and had to go back. Then I was rushing to get to back to the airport in time and to my waiting guys. I kept going up and down stairs until I was hot and tired and literally hot in my sleep. I was so scared Don was going to be so mad at me if we missed our flight. I know the dream was telling me how unorganized I am.

I have been re-readingOn The Night of The Seventh Moon by Victoria Holt. I'd read this out of high school and was so enamored with it. Rereading it has made me question those feelings now. I am sure I was just a starry-eyed teenager then. I don't think the book had any bearing on my dream.

My friend Lyn's book II of Place of Sage is out in book stores now. She is on a book signing tour in Washington state. Please check it out if you have the time.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"The Ever Changing Chattahoochee Art Show'

After work Friday, I took my newly framed photograph to be hung inside the PC art gallery for "The Ever Changing Chattahoochee Art Show". It was well placed and looked really good hanging where it was hung. Not just because it was mine hanging there. It was just the perfect spot for it. There was some really good stuff. One lady. Dale, who is new to this guild, had a very neat idea. She painted a large canvas of what could be the Chattahoochee River. In small matching black frames she randomly placed some of her photos of the ever changing Chattahoochee. It should have won an award if any were given as well as Mrs. June's 3 dimensional layered painting.

Well, the art show was bit disappointing today. We had very few people show up for it. I am not one to just sit around and do nothing when I could be creating. After all, we were surrounded by all that beautiful art. So I went out to my car to get my purse which had my art journal my BFF Genie gave me. I knew I had all sort of pens, markers and crayons in it also. I began pulling them out, but everyone suggested I help paint one of the windows where Cindy, the other abtract artist had started some stems and leaves. I was scared I would mess up, but it can easily be wiped off. So I started painting flowers. I got so into it at one point, that I was sticking my tongue out unaware until another artist, Phyllis told me not to bite it off! I am used to this comment as this is one of my bad habits.

Painting these flowers sort of reminded me of the red & white verigated tulips I'd been looking for and sent links to via email recently. I started out painting red flowers. Then added orange ones and covered some of my red ones with orange, then purples and lavendars. It got good to me. I had so much fun. I also realized I saw a pattern in them. Cindy has her style and I have mine. Like my trees, I like to think my flowers are feminine. I really can't describe it. I can just see it; see my style in them. The other side of the window did not look as good as the side we painted on. I did snap pics of them as well as some other shots I hope to upload tonight or tomorrow.

There was supposed to be a Veteran's parade downtown around 1 pm. My parents were going to come to the show, but I told them to come around 3. They were bringing Rhett. I told Daddy he HAD TO bring his cane as it is so uneven ground around the art center. When Daddy walked in, the 1st thing he asked was "Where is your art? LOL So I gave them the grand tour.

Then I asked Rhett if he wanted to paint some flowers on the window where I had added more stems and leaves on the right side. He painted three roses and some grass. The grass was done with a weird looking brush. Not sure what it is called. It was sort of like a wide angle brush that fans out even more than a rake. Rhett was using his brush like a pencil. He doesn't know how to hold it like I do, but he still made recognizable roses. This made me realize I am quite comfortable with a brush in my hand. He had to get the hang of the odd brush, but he did well for the 1st time. I'll make an artist out of him yet! LOL We may go back over there tomorrow to paint some more. They want to do an undersea theme on the other window. It is a free day there tomorrow.

One of the officers at work brought his kids just as we should have been closing up. Bernard just loves my "Rainy Day in Ga" one! (Anne!) I told him how I want to duplicate it again so it can also hang in the Phenix City Library. I also told him I have magnets of it for $5 each I am selling. For now he wants two of the magnets; one for each kid. He'd love to have "Rainy" to hang in his dining room. I'd love for him to buy it! So the day was not a total loss for me. I think the others may have heard us talking about it. Since the magnets were not in the building, it is technically not a sale there.

We did wonder where everyone was today. We wondered what we can do to bring more folks in to the arts center. I know I emailed everyone I know. I put it on the bulletin board at work for the entire Gov't center to see. I put it on Facebook. It didn't hit me until later this evening that today was the Ga/Auburn game! I even watched the last part of the game. Shock I know.

My Uncle R. F. in Texas has not spoken since Sunday. There is blood in his urine now. My cousin Gail thought we would have been out there by now. Daddy is just not physically able to make that long trip and mom won't leave him. We are not taking Rhett out of school. Mom really doesn't want to go being the homebody she is.

Today was a good day. Hope your's was as well. Hope you were artistic in some form or fashion. Hope you tried something new artistically like I did.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Had to Take Care of Me

Let's just say our granddaughter Wesley Rose's birthday was different... being in a skating place with inflatables. The birthday room was far too small for the crowd of folks who came to her birthday. We as grandparents couldn't get in the room. I had to take pics from an awkward angle outside the door so needless to say, I didn't take many pictures. I got one good one of Wesley. Rhett got all hot and sweaty jumping. He was a referee in an inflatable ring until some kid grabbed him by the neck & took him down! I was not a happy momma at that point. Rhett did the right thing... he stayed down. Don went over to check on him to make sure he was ok and not dead! LOL Because Rhett got so hot, we had to go home for him to take a shower before going back to church. That turned out to be one of those Mom moments... where he came out of the shower and I could still see dirt on his arms! I am sure mothers everywhere could relate to this happening at least once in their lives. Yet the child says they washed.

It has been a pretty good week despite the fact that I had a terrible crick in my neck from last Wednesday. It was so bad I had to take a half a muscle relaxer at night which lead to having a weird, bad dream about a friend. I didn't go into details with her about the dream only asked her to please be careful and she said she would. One friend said I shouldn't tell her at all, but sometimes we just have to do what we think is right. My dream team has not gotten back to me on the meaning of my dream yet. I stood up to the bad guys in this dream so I was proud of myself. When they told me they would shoot me in my car, I told them, "Go ahead... I need a new car anyway!" LOL My dream would make a great CSI story, but without all the gore. Thankfully the crick in my neck is better now although I think it is still lingering around a bit because it bothers me some in my sleep. Last Sunday night I finally had to just lay down, get comfortable and rest in order for my neck to finally start getting better. I had to take care of me.

I got THE perfect frame on sale at Michael's for my photo in the upcoming art show this Saturday and I am thankful. I got some green music scrapbook paper early in the week. I only got 3 sheets of it. I planned to make a song bird with it. I told my friend Nancy about it. As I was gathering my stuff Wednesday morning, I placed my red cardinal on this paper and realized I want the music page as the background instead. I will still try it both ways.

My friend Iris' mom was in the hospital. I did two good deeds or Random Acts of Kindness on Wednesday. I paid my respects to an employee who passed away. I was able to run in and sign his visitation book before the visitation as I was in a hurry. Glen had been cremated so I didn't feel so bad about my rushing. I was the 1st one to sign it. Then I ran to pick up the pictures I took of the GED graduation at work last week. I came back by the assisted living nursing home where Iris' mom lives. There are actually 3 buildings. I went to the wrong ones at first! Then I went to the right one. Iris was sitting in the doorway when she saw me. I think I really surprised her. Here I was with a bad hair day and no make up on, but that shouldn't matter with friends. Luckily I had the pictures with me that I had taken when we had our girls weekend at her house in Madison last month. Hard to believe it has been over a month now. At least her mom got to see the pics and I saved postage. Her mom looked good. It was a good thing Iris came because she talked to the dr who was over medicating her mom! I was talking away when I realized church started at 7 now instead of 7:30 so Rhett & I were late for church, but I felt like I really needed to do this. I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing at that moment in time. Sort of like in Laurie's post for Thankful Thursday. I was glad I went now and wouldn't trade that moment for all the tea in China. All the crab legs in the sea are reserved for Rhett.

We still had plenty of time to put up the Ten Commandments poster I'd gotten for our class as well as pass out bookmarks on the same subject. We had an interesting discussion too.

Visiting the nursing home made me think our church needs to do something for some of the folks we have had on our prayer list that are in nursing homes. Besides going to see Mrs. Mavis, I'd like for us to go caroling to Iris' mom and my friend Mike E's mom as well. Only I want to do it early in the month not wait until the last minute or right at Christmas when everyone is overwhelmed with the things they have to do at the last minute.

Rhett and I were off on Thursday for Veteran's Day. We slept late. I re-read old words. I like what I write even if I make a lot of typos. I never said I was perfect. I still had to print my 8x10 for the art show which meant going thru 3 memory cards before I found the photo I wanted. We got barbecue sandwiches which upset my tummy later. We got the glass cut for the frame. Then we went to the man who did the backing for my last framing for the art show this summer who did not charge me. I thought this would be interesting for Rhett to watch the man work his magic. I told the man I had to put my faith and trust in him last time. So I was not the least bit ill at ease with him yesterday. The glass I bought was not coming clean so he cut me a piece of window glass and kept my piece of glass he'd clean later which was fine with me. Rhett was amazed at what this man did. The man wasn't going to charge me again, but I couldn't let him do that. I gave him some money anyway. I am highly recommending him to everyone I know. I am so thankful for finding this nice man. He is an angel.

Then we went to turn in the Christmas card order for work. I was also meeting my two new friends who works at this office supply company now. One of them was the one I had the dream about. I took some of my latest artwork with me for them to see including the newly framed photograph for the art show. Jan, my other new friend liked my latest abstract I had with me! Annica gave me the red cap she knitted for me for Christmas all neatly wrapped. She made the tag herself. I had such a fit over the one she knitted for Kristina to take to the little girls in the hospital in Indy with cancer who have no hair, that Annica said she was going to make me one too! It is SO cute. I am so thankful I got it all done within a couple of hours. I am thankful I had yesterday off to do it otherwise it might not have gotten it all done today. Yesterday was a very good day and I am thankful. I am thankful for my new friends.

I am excited about the art show tomorrow & have invited everyone I know. Don wants to take Rhett hunting. Rhett has a cold so I do NOT want him to go. There will be a fuss. I will tell Don if he takes Rhett & he gets worse, then he will have to take off work to take him to the dr and pay the bill. Yea, right. Like that is going to happen. Rhett has a well check up with a new pediatrician next week which may have to be changed to a sick child visit.

I am so tired of dealing with other women's attitudes at work that I don't even have time for my own! LOL. Thankfully I was able to laugh at the absurdity of it all and not let them spoil my day today. Life is too good to led crazy people get to you.

Taking my art this afternoon after work so it can be hung for the show. We plan to watch a movie on Disney tonight called "Avalon High". I love stories and movies about King Arthur. Hope you have a great weekend.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Zebra Flowers


I took these a few weeks ago at a consignment shop. I have since printed the photo at Walmart with a black border around it. It is one of my new favorite pictures. I love it! Hope you like it too.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rest, Change, Hymn Hum & Concern

As I stated in a previous post, our weekend was about REST. I guess I needed it more than I knew. The verse "Come unto me ye who are weary laden" comes to mind. It was also about change. Change as in how we spent Halloween. Change in the fact that our son is growing up on us. But at least the family tradition of taking Halloween pictures at Elisa's has not changed. I realized I get kind of bossy when taking pictures. Funny that we can take charge of the things we really like to do in life. Where photography and art are concerned, I do not stand on the sidelines. I am in the game. I am in my element. I have had two photo ops this week. The 2nd one today made me feel like a professional photographer. Perhaps I have missed another calling.

Life is about change. My father was forced to retire this week due to his age and feebleness at age 85. He was very upset about it. Although I know it is for the best, I know it must be hard on him as a man. I just hope it doesn't put him into a downward spiral.

Then today I thought about the Serenity prayer...

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.
--Reinhold Niebuhr

I had several quotes of the day I sent out yesterday which was my BFF Genie's birthday. Ironically this was one of them...
Be the one who remembers to bring a camera.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(I usually am the one!)

In yesterday's email, I added another lunch experience I am famous for. It is Not a quote but...
I went to a Chinese place for lunch yesterday because I wanted hot tea on that coolish day. The waitresses misunderstood me when I shook my head that it was just me. They thought I was waiting for someone. After waiting what I thought was too long, I finally had to tell them I was ready to place my order. They made a big production about my being alone! I haven't felt that uncomfortable in awhile. The owner is very religious and plays instrumental religious music. One hymn came on and I couldn't recall it. Of course it stuck in my head. I had to look it up on the internet when I got back to work. What would we do without the internet? My 1st search was unfruitful. I finally had to type in some of the words of the hymn. I typed in the most uncommon words in hopes of finding the title. I typed in "...I raise my Ebenezer..." and got the title "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." You are singing this now, aren't you? LOL If not, you are probably going to google it! If I had not found it, I would have emailed you K & Larry

If you do google something like this as I did, you will find several versions of the song and once you click on one, it will play several for awhile. I so enjoyed listening to everyone yesterday especially the ones that had a Irish sound to them.

Later I thought about the fact that I may have already sent an email out about this song because I seem to remember K and I talking about how beautiful it was; how one lady had the voice of an angel and could sing certain notes that K could once sing but cannot anymore. Then she went to a Church of Christ site and found more without instruments. This made me feel like I have Alzheimer's. LOL But perhaps it was another song. Anywhoo it led me to an instrumental of "A Time for Us", the theme song from "Romeo and Juliet" which I had not heard in ages and ages. It was like an old friend. It is wonderful that music can feel this way. Has a hymn touched you today? If so, which one?

Well, I am a little concerned about Daddy. When I picked Rhett up yesterday, Mom told me to go speak to him. I would have anyway, but knew something was up when she said that. Daddy told me about them letting him go at work as a part time bailiff the day before due to his age and feebleness. We knew it was coming and he is 85! He wasn't the only one they let go so it wasn't just him. He knew he'd fallen while at work. He admitted he staggers but refuses to use a cane and thinks someone saw him and told on him. He agrees it may be for the best as he didn't always feel like working somedays. As he was telling me this, I thought his speech was different. I got closer trying to watch his mouth. It seemed like the side the cancer was on wasn't working above his lip. Not where the cancer was. It just wasn't normal to me. He just sounded different. I think I know my Daddy pretty well to know he didn't sound like himself or when something is wrong. One word came out funny. I don't know how to describe it exactly esp in an email. I might could mimic it. It was almost like he was slurred. Of course he is more concerned about the money he will miss.

I asked mom if he'd been talking funny and she said she thought he was. She also said he took a flu shot. He was told he HAD to take one because if he didn't, if he got the flu, he might die. Mom said she would watch him carefully of course and let me know. I thought he might have been so upset about the loss of his job that he may have had a facial stroke. I haven't heard from mom this morning so I am thinking no news is good news. I will call her later. I was hoping they might be sleeping in. I talked to her and they are okay. She thinks he sounds better and he was just upset. I have had some wonderful emails from friends about this so they have been a blessing unto me, especially Annica's, Anne's, Cheryl's and Genie's sweet words. I am so thankful for my many wonderful friends. I am so thankful I still have my loving parents. I am thankful I had a few good hair days this week. LOL Sure I may fuss that a light switch isn't working. I fuss, get it out of my system and go on with life. Some days nothing seems to work right, but today has been a pretty good day thus far despite the light switch.

My mom has a full plate dealing with Daddy and her sister who is driving her crazy! I wish we all could go away to a nice quiet cabin just to get away from everything, but alas it will turn pretty cold this weekend and they would be better off at their nice warm home. But just thinking of it, was a nice release for me muchlike thinking of a walk along the beach. Ah, sigh.

Quote of the Day:
Pick up your brushes and paint today.
-Peter R. Stone-

I have an art meeting tonight. I am going to volunteer my services to create flyers. Granddaughter's birthday coming up this weekend. Art show next weekend. I am thankful for it all. What are you thankful for this week. Please share with us Thankful Thursday at the following... where Laurie has a really good post about gratitude.