Friday, November 12, 2010

I Had to Take Care of Me

Let's just say our granddaughter Wesley Rose's birthday was different... being in a skating place with inflatables. The birthday room was far too small for the crowd of folks who came to her birthday. We as grandparents couldn't get in the room. I had to take pics from an awkward angle outside the door so needless to say, I didn't take many pictures. I got one good one of Wesley. Rhett got all hot and sweaty jumping. He was a referee in an inflatable ring until some kid grabbed him by the neck & took him down! I was not a happy momma at that point. Rhett did the right thing... he stayed down. Don went over to check on him to make sure he was ok and not dead! LOL Because Rhett got so hot, we had to go home for him to take a shower before going back to church. That turned out to be one of those Mom moments... where he came out of the shower and I could still see dirt on his arms! I am sure mothers everywhere could relate to this happening at least once in their lives. Yet the child says they washed.

It has been a pretty good week despite the fact that I had a terrible crick in my neck from last Wednesday. It was so bad I had to take a half a muscle relaxer at night which lead to having a weird, bad dream about a friend. I didn't go into details with her about the dream only asked her to please be careful and she said she would. One friend said I shouldn't tell her at all, but sometimes we just have to do what we think is right. My dream team has not gotten back to me on the meaning of my dream yet. I stood up to the bad guys in this dream so I was proud of myself. When they told me they would shoot me in my car, I told them, "Go ahead... I need a new car anyway!" LOL My dream would make a great CSI story, but without all the gore. Thankfully the crick in my neck is better now although I think it is still lingering around a bit because it bothers me some in my sleep. Last Sunday night I finally had to just lay down, get comfortable and rest in order for my neck to finally start getting better. I had to take care of me.

I got THE perfect frame on sale at Michael's for my photo in the upcoming art show this Saturday and I am thankful. I got some green music scrapbook paper early in the week. I only got 3 sheets of it. I planned to make a song bird with it. I told my friend Nancy about it. As I was gathering my stuff Wednesday morning, I placed my red cardinal on this paper and realized I want the music page as the background instead. I will still try it both ways.

My friend Iris' mom was in the hospital. I did two good deeds or Random Acts of Kindness on Wednesday. I paid my respects to an employee who passed away. I was able to run in and sign his visitation book before the visitation as I was in a hurry. Glen had been cremated so I didn't feel so bad about my rushing. I was the 1st one to sign it. Then I ran to pick up the pictures I took of the GED graduation at work last week. I came back by the assisted living nursing home where Iris' mom lives. There are actually 3 buildings. I went to the wrong ones at first! Then I went to the right one. Iris was sitting in the doorway when she saw me. I think I really surprised her. Here I was with a bad hair day and no make up on, but that shouldn't matter with friends. Luckily I had the pictures with me that I had taken when we had our girls weekend at her house in Madison last month. Hard to believe it has been over a month now. At least her mom got to see the pics and I saved postage. Her mom looked good. It was a good thing Iris came because she talked to the dr who was over medicating her mom! I was talking away when I realized church started at 7 now instead of 7:30 so Rhett & I were late for church, but I felt like I really needed to do this. I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing at that moment in time. Sort of like in Laurie's post for Thankful Thursday. I was glad I went now and wouldn't trade that moment for all the tea in China. All the crab legs in the sea are reserved for Rhett.

We still had plenty of time to put up the Ten Commandments poster I'd gotten for our class as well as pass out bookmarks on the same subject. We had an interesting discussion too.

Visiting the nursing home made me think our church needs to do something for some of the folks we have had on our prayer list that are in nursing homes. Besides going to see Mrs. Mavis, I'd like for us to go caroling to Iris' mom and my friend Mike E's mom as well. Only I want to do it early in the month not wait until the last minute or right at Christmas when everyone is overwhelmed with the things they have to do at the last minute.

Rhett and I were off on Thursday for Veteran's Day. We slept late. I re-read old words. I like what I write even if I make a lot of typos. I never said I was perfect. I still had to print my 8x10 for the art show which meant going thru 3 memory cards before I found the photo I wanted. We got barbecue sandwiches which upset my tummy later. We got the glass cut for the frame. Then we went to the man who did the backing for my last framing for the art show this summer who did not charge me. I thought this would be interesting for Rhett to watch the man work his magic. I told the man I had to put my faith and trust in him last time. So I was not the least bit ill at ease with him yesterday. The glass I bought was not coming clean so he cut me a piece of window glass and kept my piece of glass he'd clean later which was fine with me. Rhett was amazed at what this man did. The man wasn't going to charge me again, but I couldn't let him do that. I gave him some money anyway. I am highly recommending him to everyone I know. I am so thankful for finding this nice man. He is an angel.

Then we went to turn in the Christmas card order for work. I was also meeting my two new friends who works at this office supply company now. One of them was the one I had the dream about. I took some of my latest artwork with me for them to see including the newly framed photograph for the art show. Jan, my other new friend liked my latest abstract I had with me! Annica gave me the red cap she knitted for me for Christmas all neatly wrapped. She made the tag herself. I had such a fit over the one she knitted for Kristina to take to the little girls in the hospital in Indy with cancer who have no hair, that Annica said she was going to make me one too! It is SO cute. I am so thankful I got it all done within a couple of hours. I am thankful I had yesterday off to do it otherwise it might not have gotten it all done today. Yesterday was a very good day and I am thankful. I am thankful for my new friends.

I am excited about the art show tomorrow & have invited everyone I know. Don wants to take Rhett hunting. Rhett has a cold so I do NOT want him to go. There will be a fuss. I will tell Don if he takes Rhett & he gets worse, then he will have to take off work to take him to the dr and pay the bill. Yea, right. Like that is going to happen. Rhett has a well check up with a new pediatrician next week which may have to be changed to a sick child visit.

I am so tired of dealing with other women's attitudes at work that I don't even have time for my own! LOL. Thankfully I was able to laugh at the absurdity of it all and not let them spoil my day today. Life is too good to led crazy people get to you.

Taking my art this afternoon after work so it can be hung for the show. We plan to watch a movie on Disney tonight called "Avalon High". I love stories and movies about King Arthur. Hope you have a great weekend.

What were you thankful for this week? Care to share with us at Thankful Thursday even though I am posting late? Then please go to the following...

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That was a very long post. I felt like I was rreading a book. It would have made a good post for every day this week!