Friday, August 27, 2010


Well, I took a magic carpet ride this morning... I was in the shower when the bath mat slipped and I sled! Now I know what it feels like to surf! LOL

Yesterday I had CAG art meeting which was a bit boring interesting at the same time. It was about the artist Caravaggio. I'd stopped to grab a Pepsi to take because sometimes they only have diet drinks and I cannot drink them. They make me feel really weird. Don was picking Rhett up from a dance at school and dance he did! Takes after his mom. Rhett was going with me to library because he had a poster due today & needed to look stuff up. A lady artist named Wave made the most wonderful desert that I must get the recipe.

It seems I am constantly discovering things about life and myself. Rhett had took make a small poster about organism and amebas. Rhett took in the wrong book inside the library, but didn't come get my keys to exchange it not that I would have let him go back out to the car by himself. So that meant we had to do it at home with our slow dial up computer. I was frustrated because when you try to look up one thing it was directing you to other links which directed you back to where you began! Should have just googled which I did later. I called my friend Jimmy for some help and he was helpful esp since he taught science! I was thankful. Mike, I didn't want to bother you since it was after 9.

As I looked at all these organisms and amebas, I realized they looked a lot like some of my art work esp when using plastic wrap and ink. So we made a background page doing this with mostly blue ink, a little black and a tiny bit of red on an 8x10 piece of paper. We adhered google images of organisms and an ameba randomly. It looked pretty cool I thought. Then we adhered that to a 12x12 white scrapbook page as we had no poster board. Nor was I going back out to get one! I love it when I use what I have in the house.

Afterwards, I liked the ameba so much that I drew my own version of one! Who knew? Life imitating my art and vice versa. I will probably place it on black scrapbook paper and frame it! "Ameba" by the RAV. LOL This opened up a whole new door for me artistically...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aristic Weekend, A Terrific Tuesday and Daddy

Rhett & I went to the Springer Pre show last Friday nite. At 1st I didn't see my piece, but then I found it farther into the room. It was placed on a black pedestool against the wall, not hung up on the wall. There were several ladies from the PC art group there as we entered. None from Columbus although a few had some art hanging in it. This one lady artist named Phyllis had several pieces. One was the cowboy I liked as well as a huge golden beach & sky with a light sage green water. The details of the waves was awesome! I told her she was very good;she was very talented. So I met new artists. We were able to take photos so I have pics of some of the work I really liked. A french man did an out of this world abstract of Dracula which of course I loved! I was able to compliment him on it the next day. Cindy, the PC artist I really like had a neat vampiric one where she actually had the perhaps original medicine cabinet from the Springer! The lighting in the room was just perfect for this. It was as if the moon was actually reflected in her painting. I guess you will just have to be in suspense until I upload pics! LOL

We stayed about an hr. We were both tired of standing, but were unsure what was supposed to take place. Then we met Don at La Cantina, but I doubt we will be eating there again. Rhett wouldn't eat his enchilada. It tasted like it had nasty barbecue sauce on it!

Illy had told me the Soul Propriertors would be playing for free on Broadway. She went to school with most of them including Sam, my old boss' son, a guy from the IT at work who has sent me some of his amazing photos, and another high school alumni. When we finished eating, we stood listening for a moment. They were playing something Don nor I had ever heard. A nice lady told us we could sit down w/ her in some black iron chairs provided for eating outside eateries. They started playing Chicago then Don decided we'd sit & listen. I was singing along when Rhett said, "You know this song?" I told him I had the album! They took a break & Don was ready to go. You know I could have stayed til the party ended! LOL I went over to speak to Sam & Donny who were sweating up a storm! Sam kissed me on the cheek. Donny & I talked for a few minutes. It was kind of neat to do something different for a change of pace. It had rained so it wasn't too hot.

Saturday Market days was another bust, but I still enjoyed it despite sweating between breezes! LOL. I had 2 new pieces. My newest "Be Happy" and a replica of the one I made for Jena. I gave Ira, the organic farmer the photo I took of him with his sunflowers. I showed him "Be Happy" with one of his sunflowers. He told me it would sell but alas it didn't. He was out of sunflowers this time, but he would show everyone the photo I took. That was kind of neat. Then he'd tell everyone I took it! He thought my photo made them look even better than reality!

The lady who bakes that is set up across from me looked at my photo books. She likes several but especially Don's baby birds, but not enough to buy it. Don thinks my price was too high. She wants to know if I can make postcards of my pics which I have checked into. It shouldn't be that hard. Now I just have to see which photos she wants made into postcards. A new art project.

We took everything home & unloaded. Rhett & I went back to the Springer because I could pick up my art if it had not sold instead of someone having to pick it up for me on Monday. I hate to ask Daddy to drive anymore than he has to drive. Don does get off earlier so he would have had to pick it up. The Springer had a block party going on. There were mist sprayers in 2 places which felt really good that hot Saturday. We got sandwiches from Country's and split a tea. I'd have to keep getting up to get "mistified" as Rhett called it since we were under a big tent which held the heat. Believe it or not I bought small one birthday gift while there really cheap for Steph's birthday next month. It was almost time for it to be over so we went to where the art was located. None had been sold. A lady did buy an awesome photo taken of inside the Springer. It was of the carpet on the stairs. There were 2 much better than that one, but to each his or as in this case, her own. There was one of inside the theatre part as well as a mirror in the Springer that were so excellent. This photographer even took the same photo I did but her's is much better. A totally different color which makes me think she photoshopped it.

I could have donated my piece to the Springer, but I brought it home. Not that I was overly attached to it. Donations are a tax write-off, but Don doesn't know how to do that when doing our taxes. Maybe they would have displayed it somewhere eventually. I am thinking of putting plexiglass over it to preserve it. I will put in Market Days for awhile. Or take it to the PC gallery. I only upped my price on it rather high because they got a 40% if it had sold. I can sell it for much less now.

I will have magnetS of "Rainy Day in Georgia" for sale at the next Market Days. My friend Bob bought one this week. So far we have had a pretty artistic weekend. Hope you have had a good one.

Tuesday I woke up too early with a hymn humming in my head. A great way to start my day. I cannot remember the hymn now and it is driving me crazy. Rhett and I enjoyed a few good laughs on the way to school.

I had to take Rhett to the eye doctor since he'd been complaining about not being able to see the board. I had no problems checking him out of class for his appointment. Once they were testing his eyes, I was really concerned that he was not able to see some of the letters. I was thinking I was a terrible mother waiting too long to take him to the doctor. We also learned he is a tad bit color blind. He gets this from Daddy. I actually carried the gene that gave it to him. If Rhett should have a daughter, then her son will likely be color blind.

We knew he needed glasses, but he was right at the cusp for wearing them. He is nearsighted like me. Just another thing I passed on to him. As we were about to check out, the nurse said, "We'll look at frames..." I had planned on going to JCPenney's since I had a coupon or LensCrafters. I figured it wouldn't hurt to look at these frames anyway. She told Rhett to pick out a pair, asking him what color he liked. Then she said it would be $10 for his exam & $10 for the frames unless they were a pair about $130.00. This didn't register with me. Rhett tried on a blue pair. I am not used to him wearing glasses yet. Then she handed him another pair of blue frames that were in our price range. These looked better on him. Again she told me it would be $10 for his exam and $10 for the frames. I couldn't believe it! I even had to ask, "I will not have to pay anymore?" Nope. I could have danced a jig and hugged her! This was such a blessing. I am so thankful I have this vision insurance now. His glasses should be ready by Friday. This was turning out to be our lucky day

When we left, we headed to my friend Bob's house to drop off my "Rainy Day In Georgia" magnet he wanted. Bob wasn't home when we arrived. He had a dr's appointment also so I got Rhett a drink. Then we went to pay my Dillard's bill. Rhett wanted to check out a sequel game at Game Stop which was on sale for less than $5! I told him he is one lucky little boy.

We so enjoyed our visit with Bob! It was great to see him again, to talk and to laugh for laugh we did. We'd just talked about my cell phone playing "Mandy" when my cell phone rang. It was kind of weird. I didn't recognize the number. It was a 919 area code. The older sounding lady asked, "Is this Momma?" I told her she had the wrong number. She called back my number without the area code. She said she was trying to reach her mother. I told her "I'm not yo mamma!" LOL

Just when things are going great, when you least expect it, life throws you another curve ball. One you didn't see coming. Yesterday the dr called Daddy about the biopsy on his face. It came back cancer. I don't what kind. He has an appointment on the 14th for the dr to go back in and get all of removed. I will go with them, fill out the forms to get more info and find out what type of cancer. Please keep my dear sweet Daddy in your prayers. Thank you.

Quotes I needed today:
Speak with a future in your voice.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Remember, there's never been a day when a million miracles didn't happen.
So why not one today just for you?
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.
-Al Hirshfeld-

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Napkin Art


I did this on a napkin. It is just a bunch of markers making marks. Just wanted to see if it would work. It did. Nothing fancy. Nothing to jump up and down about. Still it is art. Colorful. I like it.
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Got Crayons?


I saw these at my mom's and had to take a pic of them. Of course they are my son's crayons. I immediately thought of this title. Or a Cup o Crayons. Being an artist, I thik about colors constantly. I love colors. Don't know what I would do without them sometimes.

Recently I came across THE perfect quote for me...

"Artists are children whou refuse to put down their crayons."
-Al Hirschfeld-

When I sent this out as being the perfect quote for me, I received several replies back from friens saying it was "so you, Becky". LOL

And FINALLY a photo, Paulie! LOL
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Friday, August 20, 2010

I Spy

I spy
Lately it has been dragonflies galore
Seeing them twice a day or more
Two at one time in one day!
Lucky me.

Overly observant me
Idling over the interstate,
I see a different view
(my 2nd this week)
underneath hazy skies
from higher up.
Sitting on top of my world
Running ahead of time
for a change.
I spy...
THE greenest field
The grass is greener here.
two peacocks strutting on green grass.
What are the odds?
My blessing of the morning.

What did you spy today?
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Most Excellent

Market Days was a bust again, but it was overcast with a breeze so it wasn't the usual scorcher. My "Rainy Day in Ga" was proudly hanging. I arranged my photo books up front on the 1st table with them open to certain shots like "Esme" and "Millie" then some of my abstracts. I had more people stop and look at them and the rest of my art. "My Feet in the Water" is still the one everyone likes best. Still I enjoy watching all the people and talking to them.
One photographer stopped and talked for awhile. He'd been to the Ga aquarium. I'd probably wear out my camera if we went there! LOL

Once we packed up everything and came home, having a hard time deciding what to eat, we finally went to try a new place that was supposed to open up this week. It is called Past Times and is located in the side of a gas station in front of Home Depot in Phenix City on 280. Rhett and I got cheeseburgers and Don got a steak sandwich. I tasted of Don's. His was really good. I'll get that next time. The fries were most excellent. When I went to pay for it, it was free!!!! A small blessing for me. It was like a trial run or something. The owner seemed a bit overwhelmed. I don't think he expected so many people. I took a few pics while there.

Last weekend, I'd taken pics of a 3 year old who's family attends our church. Emma went to the statue near where I am set up for Market Days. I took about 4-5 shots of her including her feet. We stopped at Walmart to look for a double frame. Don found a really neat one instead. It looked like it was made of old wood and had 4 places for 4x6's + one tiny pic. It was a little more than I wanted to pay for a gift, but I am so glad he saw it and I bought it now. I printed more pictures while there.

While I was printing pics at Walmart, the HP man was working on one of the new machines I hated at first. They were very frustrating to me especially when trying to crop. The arrows would all jam up together. I'd usually just quit and walk away in frustration. I am getting a bit better at it, but I decided to tell him what happened with me. I thought maybe he knew a trick to crop them better; the way I wanted them cropped, but it still doesn't crop to my satisfaction. I will have to go to Wolf camera to crop a pic I took of Rhett.

We went to the Springer so I could turn in my art work due Saturday. Don had put the wire on the back for me while I was at Market Days. We parked by the Gov't Center, but we needed to enter at Foley Hall, where we never ventured the day Rhett and I scoped out the place a few Saturdays ago. The lady who took my art, seemed to like it. I hope she wasn't just saying that. After I filled out the forms, I asked if I could look at the art that had been brought in thus far. There were some art from artists from the Columbus Art Guild (CAG). Some was just art... landscapes, etc while others did use the Springer as their theme. Some were really, really good, but I didn't feel inadequate about mine this time! The president of the CAG, had 2 pieces entered. One she had displayed in her home. The other I liked much better as it was a watercolor collage/abstract. Some of the Phenix City artists had entries as well. Cindy entered her Edgar Alan Poe one I love so much as well as a few others. Miss June, the older lady who teaches painting of the same group had several of her landscapes including the waterfall she entered in the CAG show. Rhett was really impressed with someone's painting of the chapel at Callaway Gardens. While there, we got to see different antique architecture as we were leaving. Rhett was really impressed by this also.

As we were walking back to Don waiting in the monster truck with the windows down, a lady had approached him begging for money. I scared her to death walking up slowly behind her. She claimed she only gets $150 social security a month. Later Don said he guessed if you never put any in, you don't get much out of it. So sad if this is true and some have to resort to begging. Makes you thankful you earn a living and can provide for yourself and your family.

We came home and I fixed the photos in Emma's frame. Because I couldn't crop them, nor could I turn them to fit vertically. I had no choice but to put 2 pics sideways yet it worked. I'd taken a pic of the word "Broadway" in the sidewalk. I used that as well as Emma's feet. There was one tiny place in the center of a pic. I had to cut the photo to fit. Luckily I'd made an extra one because I cut it wrong, but I fixed it! I am thankful I am always able to fix my art mistakes.

At Emma's party, I couldn't wait to show her mom the frame. She loved it & told me to show it to Matt, her hubby who really liked it also. Then I showed it to Carol, Emma's maw-maw. Carol told me to place it on the table where the food was and underneath a birthday sign. That way it wouldn't get broken. Great idea. I was so pleased with this gift.

Rhett and I stopped by Big Lots on the way home. I got some pretty ribbons for Kristina, my daughter in law to make hairbows for little girls with cancer in Salem, Indiana! This was our granddaughter Shelby's idea. One of her friends at school has cancer and has no hair but loves Shelby's bows her mom makes her. They were going to take this little girl a basket of bows. Then Kristina got the idea to take bows for girls and scarves for boys to a hospital.

Saturday was a very good day. I hope your's was too!

Last week Daddy had an acorn wart removed from his foot. Mom said he'd had them before. Monday he had a place removed from his face. It was sent off to be biopsied but the dermatologist didn't think it was anything. Certainly hope and pray not. He has a fairly large size gauze on it which had to remain on for 24 hrs. when Mom changed the dressing, she said it looked really good. He only had 3 stitches and it didn't bleed.

Then Mom told me Aunt Margreet had a skin cancer on her nose removed. It has moved to the other side of her nose. She had it removed and plastic surgery was done on it. She probably would not have had it done, but the urging of a church member led her to do it. The thing that bothers me is Uncle Frank had the same thing done and then it seemed like his cancer just spread like wildfire.

Remember the boy who told Rhett they couldn't be friends because Rhett was not cool enough? He is in a lot of Rhett's classes this year. Sunday, Rhett got a really good pamphlet in Sunday school and he wrote he was having a problem with Tyler. He is pretty good about writing or telling what problems he is having. It seems Tyler is picking on Rhett. Some of it is dumb stuff which Don told him to let it go in one ear and out the other. Rhett is sensitive and I know this bothers him. He wants to be friends with everyone. He likes making new and having friends. Tyler says stuff like Rhett is lame because he doesn't have an X box! Tyler's friend Ethan said I was old! Of course that got my dander up. I wasn't feeling old at the time! LOL This is all petty stuff & I know I can't do anything about that. But Rhett's shoes came untied yesterday so Tyler decided to step on his shoe strings trying to trip him up. Rhett sat down to tie them and Ethan kicked him! I know I can't do anything about the petty stuff, but such as this I can! I am waiting to see what happens next. I know I sound like my momma, but I will NOT tolerate another child being mean to my son! Yes, I have become my momma!

To think this boy was so cute and seemed so nice. So much for appearances. It wouldn't do for me to be the teacher!

I have been wrestling with something... Three of my friends tell me I should get over myself and my feelings of inadequacy and just go!

My church friend Nancy remembered about the Hummingbird Festival in Hogansville, Ga in October. So now I am looking forward to going there with her and her daughter Tiffany. We all need something to look forward to. We all need to just get away if only for a day.

Since trying to find the perfect frame for Jena's picture she wanted and her mom was buying for her, I had to paint it myself. One color didn't work so I had to by another which did work. I bought some inexpensive wooden frames at Walmart and have been painting them to match my photos. I painted one last night and found that different kinds of wood turn the paint different colors. Who knew? The 1st color I used on Jena's which was a Cape Cod blue and looked too gray on her frame, was just right on this one last night! Go figure. Now I need a grayer color! Otherwise I will only have two new pieces to display at Market Days this Saturday. Still I love my artful life.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Good Week I am Thankful For

Friday evening I was getting Rhett's school supplies at Walmart in Alabama because they had the tax free weekend whereas Georgia did not this year. Walmart was a mess. They didn't have some things we needed which meant I'd have to go to Columbus after Market Days the next day to get the rest. I was really tired.

Saturday was Market Days. The vendors near me are so nice and giving. I am thankful I am where I am located even though I'd love to be near my art friends. Some church friends came and I took pics of their beautiful daughter Emma who is very photogenic. Her birthday party is this Saturday. My pictures will be her gift which is awesome to me. I was thankful for this small blessing.

After lunch after Market Days, I went school supply shopping as well as frame shopping for the picture Jena wanted of one of my rose photographs. Of course Michael's sale was off. I was lucky it was going on when I was framing my "Rainy Day In Georgia" for the art show. I went from Michael's to Target to Staples and still didn't have all of Rhett's school supplies. I ended up getting the last two at the grocery store! So much for saving sales tax! I spent far more in gas! Then I went to Jo-ann's to look at their frames. I ended up buying a wooden one I could paint. I was trying to save Genie some money. Later when I was painting it, I realized it has not glass! Don says I can borrow from Peter to pay Paul by taking glass out of another frame! LOL

Sunday after lunch, I picked up my "Rainy Day in Georgia" masterpiece from the art show. I was wearing a new top I got on sale at Khol's for $4 with an old country western skirt I used to wear country line dancing when Don and I were dating! Rhett went with me inside the Corn Center. As we were almost inside, an artist was carrying his neat artwork out. I really liked his piece. It was of differing materials such as raised burlap and mesh all painted over in bright primary colors. I told him how much I liked it. He volunteered the media he used. Everyone was friendly. I asked who won the Member's Choice knowing I did not win. My art had been placed on the floor along with the other small piece that was near it. I thought it odd that mine was on the floor while others were still hanging.

Then Rebecca, a portrait artist told me how much she loved my piece of art! That made my afternoon especially coming from her! She will have the photos of all the art up on the website soon. When she does, I will post the link.

I had to deal with someone this week who said I talked to them like a child. I don't even talk to my son as if he is a child!

My friend Anne sent me the sweetest email this week. I was hurt and was upset about several things this week. She said I am a sensitive person and actually think about other people's feelings which is rare these days. She told me one of my most endearing qualities was that I manage to pick myself up and keep on going. When I get down... even when life thows me a curve, I always try to find a way to deal with it and move on. That I love and spread love. I wasn't aware of this. She said I give more than I get. All of this brought tears to my eyes. I printed her email out so my mom could read it. My fortune cookie this week said "You will soon be receiving some good written news." It was Anne's kind words I received that made my entire week. I also like to think that I am there for my friends especially in their times of need.

Well, I amazed myself once again.... I just happened to stop in a Salvation Army near work yesterday. I found a small cream colored cabinet door with a rose and leaf design at the top of it for $5. It looks very antique yet new. I walked away from it, but knew I had to have it. I am sure you are wondering why? I'd been collecting things for a piece of art for the Spring Opera House which is due on the 14th. Previously I took pics of the Springer, an old hat box from the 1960's which was backstage. I could have taken old framed art and painted over them.

Once again I was waiting til almost the last minute to start on an art project, but this time it was well worth the wait. I had been praying the Lord would guide me ont this one. Now I feel like it was meant to be. After I got home, I decided to use some of my scrapbook papers. Not sure if I am really supposed to do this as they have copyrights on them, but they worked really well. I have cut-outs of some of my photos on it also. I used some stickers, but tried not to use ones that were so obvious and would be recognizable. I think I only used some spotlight stickers at the top. It looks almost like a stage scene. I had a stamped image of a couch a lady gave me for free in the background, a really fancy chair I cut out of a catalog was in the foreground. Before I adhered everything, I had Rhett look at it. He went "WOW!" So I know I did good! I placed it on the couch then walked back in the room & it really looked good from a side view to me. I stayed up til midnight adhering everything. I took pics of it from 2 different angles, but will upload those this weekend. You will just have to remain in suspense. LOL

Rhett thought I was going to put it up in the house! I told him it was for the Springer. I asked him what I should call it. I didn't like his idea. Because it reminds me of a door, I thought of "Open Door to the Springer". I added a keyhole sticker then traced a skeleton key below that. Probably should have hung a key with a fringed thingie. Oh well. I also traced part of the key on the opposite side of the door. Not sure if I will go back and paint these keys as I used a magic marker. Haven't decided if I will do a third key yet. I always like to do things in threes. I know you are supposed to repeat some things. If I do add a 3rd key, I could call it "The Key to the Springer". I think it will fit in well at the Springer. I can see it there...

Anyway, I like it a lot and that is the main thing. Still can't believe I did it all in a matter of hours. But that is the way my art usually works for me. Man was I tired when I cleaned up & went to bed!

I have to up my price on this because the Springer gets 40% if it sells. I'll let you know when the auction will be. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Today I got yet another compliment on "Rainy Day". My friend Sheree told me she just kept going back to it to look at it again and again! I told her she made my day.

Please keep my friend Genie in your thoughts and prayers as she is having a difficult time dealing with her mom's death. Thanks.

Then my daugther in law Kristina in Indiana who makes hairbows for little girls sent me this...

"So apparently there is a little girl at Shelby’s school with cancer and has lost all of her hair. She told Shelby yesterday how much she loves all of her hairbows. Shelby told me about it this morning and asked if I could make this little girl a pretty hairbow and put it on a headband for her so she could wear hairbows too. I almost cried! So of course I am going to make this girl a little basket of hairbows and give her a few headbands and I told Shelby we would make it a surprise for her. Shelby then asked if we could do this for all the little girls that did not have hair because of cancer. So now, we are on a mission! We are going to see if we can get some donations from Hobby Lobby/various craft stores and are going to make up tons of bows on bands, custom hankies (For the boys and girls, and make some cute toboggans/hats and are going to take them to Kosair’s Childrens Hospital around Christmas! If any of you bow making ladies would like to join us, let me know!" -K-

Life is so good. And I am truly thankful. Laurie and am ever hopefully an optomistic person who always sees the glass FULL. If you have thankfulnesses you would like to share with us at Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Penny & Tom's Love Story

Like me, my best friend Penny met her husband Tom later in life. Although Tom was younger than her, he bore striking a resemblance to Tom Cruise in the movie "Top Gun" especially in photos of him in his flight suit. After they married, they moved to Washington state to the small town of Ephratta. We visited them once, but I was so sick with a terrible cold and felt the worst I had in my life so the trip is still a blur. They have been married over 20 years now, have three daughters, Shealyn, a high school graduate, Grace and Sarah. Rhett has a crush on Sarah the youngest, 4 years his junior. He has a crush on Grace also, but she is the older woman by one year and he thinks she is too old for him.

Penny and Tom's anniversary was this past Tuesday. When Penny was here visiting prior to the funeral, she had said Tom told her they would never be separated for 8 weeks again! Tom stayed home to paint their house, house & cat sit for relatives that went to Ireland. Just the scrapping of their house was taking far longer than anticipated as there were many layers upon a previously not very well done paint job. One layer was even gray with hot pink trim! LOL So Tom would not be finished scraping or even started painting when Penny and the girls came home.

Yesterday my phone beeped at work. I went outside to check messages. I thought maybe Penny called me so I called her number. A man answered. I said, "This is Becky" as is my usual greeting. He goes "Becky who?" I told him my last name. Then he asked "Who is that?" At 1st I thought it was Penny's brother Rob. Surely he knew who I was! Then I asked if this was any of the B's or Jones'? He said yes to the B. I went "Is this Tom?" I knew Penny had not gone home yet. I KNEW I was not going crazy. Then Penny got on the phone. Tom had arranged a flight 2 weeks after they left even though he wanted to come that first week. He arrived to wake Penny up with a kiss on the morning of their anniversary. Awe. She said she was sound asleep, snoring with her mouth open with what she referred to as "the worst buzzard breath", but he still kissed her anyway! She woke up to her husband standing over her on their anniversary. Penny told Tom she would never be able to top this.

Isn't this the sweetest love story you ever heard? I told her he is a keeper. So I am glad I called her now even though she did not call me just so I could hear this their love story. When I told it to mom yesterday evening, she got all teared up.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Prayer List

Dear Lord,

This week I will pray for:
Genie’s family,
Brandon for lung transplant,
Aunt Pearl,
Helen, her daughter Barbara & Eric,
and my family.
Thank you for our many blessings.

I love you always....

P. S. Please read my previous Thankful Thursday post below....


So much occurred last week that it is a bit of a blur now. The end of last week was all about Genie, her mom dying, the visitation and this week was about her mom's funeral on Monday. It also meant I got to see by other best friend Penny and her family again, but I regretted the circumstances.

Saturday Market Days was a bust again. I know Lynn, I need to pray over this more! LOL One of the organic farmers had the most beautiful sunflowers. I was unsure if he'd let me take a photo of them since he was selling them so I asked him if I could take a picture of him behind the sunflowers. I told him I'd bring him the photos this Saturday and I shall. He seemed pleased that I would do this. I did snap one of a lemon sunflower. He also had some orange sunflowers. I'd never heard of either. I thought of writing encouraging words on the center of the lemon sunflower and putting them in my shows. Should I give the organic farmer a commission? LOL

I did see Gail, a girl I went to elementary school through high school with and we talked for a long time. I gave her one of my business cards. She is on Facebook too. It was good catching up with her. I realized I needed to watch what I am saying when I am talking. Not that I said anything bad or untrue. On Facebook she said she liked my art.

Saturday nite, I uploaded some photos but didn't have time to send out all of them to friends and family as is my Sunday nite ritual. I knew I'd be at Genie's mom's visitation instead. While on the computer, I wondered if Penny would be arriving and trying to call me while my cell phone was charging. I had not heard from her or Genie. So by Sunday after church, we were headed to Cici's which is on the way to Genie's. Penny was headed down Genie's street. So I called Penny on her cell. She told me they were eating lunch with Genie. The old green jealousy monster came out. I feel like family yet I wasn't invited to lunch. I reared in the green monster and we went on to Cici's which was good then to Fred's. We went on to my folks' house because we were driving them to the funeral home for the visitation.

Genie was doing fine at the visitation until I arrived. She just held onto me longer than she has ever done before. I held her back. It made me cry. I think that is the way it always is for us... when we see someone who means a lot to us when someone in the family dies, we sort of lose it with them. It can be someone we are not really close to also as was the case with my Aunt Bea at my cousin Ken's funeral when I was pregnant with Rhett. I lost it with her and I am not very close to her. I tried to break the sadness by telling them about Rhett having a hissy fit because there was a moth in the truck earlier. Don stopped to get it out. The moth was on the back of Don's seat. When he tried to make it fly out of the truck, it lighted on a cup holder. Don couldn't see it on the cup holder. Don took the cup holder out which was holding a feather and flag. This just struck me so funny I couldn't stop laughing. By then I was crying and complaining about ruining my make-up. It was one of those moments you had to be there.

I swear Genie's mom had one eye almost open so it looked like she was seeing who came to peer at her! She had on a lovely pink suit she had picked out and was hanging out for her funeral. I also noticed you could barely see some of her fingernails almost as if she were missing them! Upon a closer look, they were there, but they blended in with the color of her skin. Later it thundered during the visitation. I whispered to my BFF Penny, "You reckon that's Alma?" We all laughed, but agreed it probably was her! Then Penny retold this later as we were about to leave the funeral home.

I had forgotten to order flowers so I had to go do that at almost the 11th hour from the funeral home's office. The florist was across the street from the funeral home. They wanted me to come over to there to pick them out! I explained this was my best friend and I was not leaving her. I requested something pink. Then they wanted to send sunflowers but I said no way! They told me they had something with lavender, white and pink. They arrived and they were just perfect. The pinks were roses! All in a white basket. I took pics of them. Jena loved the roses. I need to call the florist to tell them how lovely they were.

I noticed there were not as many folks for Genie's mom's visitation as there were for her Daddy. It was mostly church folks. Some I had not seen in years. It had been so long, some did not know me. Our two friends Elise and Ginger were there. I thanked them for being with Genie the day her mom died. There were Johnstons there that Penny wanted pictures of so we went down the hall to take photos on a lovely golden couch with beautiful artwork over it. I got one of Penny's family in a golden glow. I told her she didn't need to go to a professional photographer now! LOL Then they went to get Don for family pics of us. I guess we were gone quite awhile. By the time we went back into the visitation room, two of our high school classmates were there. It was good to see Mary and Kim again. It is my time to go through a phase of seeing folks all at once.

I knew Penny and family were invited to eat afterwards. Penny's girls kept asking if we were going and I'd say I wasn't invited. But then we were invited. We all went to Cheddar's. We had to wait almost 2 hours for a table. My mom almost waited too long to eat. We were not really hungry after eating at Cici's. Genie ordered onion rings for everyone. I got potato skins. We took lots of pics here too. It was hard visiting when you are at a long table. Then I treated everyone to a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for the next morning. Krispy Kreme was located across the street. There we all clowned around with the paper hats and took pics there. Still can believe my elegant friend Genie had one on! But we have pics to prove it. We got home in time to see the end of "The Gates".

Monday was the funeral. Rhett and I picked up my folks to drive them to it. Before the service, I met Genie and Penny's cousin Billy who I went to high school with. I thanked him and Dick for taking her Daddy places and almost broke down. I had to got out to get tissues. One of Daddy's old friends who he went to church and school with was one of the preachers. Genie's gran had encouraged him to become a preacher. He told funny stories of Alma when she was younger. They were hard to believe.

The funeral was to be private. Once again, Penny's girls were asking if we were going and I'd say we were not invited. Jena said we could come to Grace and Rhett, but then I felt like I was dismissed by Genie. There was no way I was crashing a funeral! She told me she'd see back at the house after the funeral. I over looked it because her mom was dead. At mom's, I tried to occupy myself by clipping out coupons. I changed into slacks and shirt. I took my time. I did not head on over in an hour. I did not pass go nor did I collect $200. As we were about to leave, Grace, Penny's middle daughter was calling to see if she and Sarah could stay with Rhett & I while Penny, her mom and Rob went down to Hatchachubee. That made me feel so good they wanted to stay with us! Later they called to say they were fixing us a plate. That bewildered me. Were we to be handed a plate upon arrival then take the girls back to my mom's?

Someone had made the best squash casserole. Some said church food is always the best food. While eating, I chatted with Billy again. The family albums had been gone through. There were even a few of me holding Jena as a baby. It was a good hair day that day. Looking at them, I saw how much Tony looks like Genie's Dad. I learned her grandma was in love with someone else but her parents wouldn't let her marry him so she married Genie's grandfather instead. There was a wedding picture of them as well as Genie's parents. Genie wore her mom's wedding dress but Jena doesn't want to wear it.

We took more photos. Rhett and I both had on matching orange shirts. He would be on one side of the photo and I would be on the other. It was sort of neat. Like matching bookends. LOL Later I realized I should have kept my dress on because Genie and Penny still had theirs on. Jena began showing pics from her camera of the bridal gowns she had tried on. We didn't think anything about this. I took pics of the many dolls. One was a Scarlett O'Hara doll. When I told Genie I did this, I knew she sounded funny. I thought I'd done something wrong. I asked what was the matter. Jena picked that day of all days to discuss her wedding in two years with her Daddy! Genie and Tony agreed this was not the time nor place for it. Genie said she may have to leave later. I was about to take the girls to my mom's so I told her she could come over there.

Grace just loves my mom's house. I asked her what she loved about it, she said it was so comfortable. So much so that she fell asleep on the couch! She said Sarah kept kicking her and kept her awake most of the night. It just make me feel good that she said this and she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep there. While the kids played their Nintendo games and Grace slept, I doodled. I had no idea Grace was watching me do this. She liked one I was not particularly fond of so I gave it to her. When they were about to leave, I noticed she did not have it in her hand. She had put it back in my art journal. I am thinking of mailing it to her.

A storm was coming as Penny and family were headed back to Savannah. I prayed for their safe journey.

Life has been rather uneventful since then. I had a mammogram yesterday which really hurt! It almost depressed me but I wouldn't let it. Later I listened to Michael Bolton thru ear phones to drown out Illy listening to Rush Limbaugh at work. I think "Soul Provider" is my fave song by him. It was Eden and Cruise's theme song on the soap opera "Santa Barbara".

I'd read in a magazine about making "Smile" boxes where you put things that make you smile on a piece of paper and put inside a box decorated to your liking. I bought several boxes for $1 each at Jo-Ann's for Rhett's Wednesday nite Bible class. Jo-Ann's had a really good sale. I got so many things for 50 cents each! I did not have the illustration with me. I realized these were the kid's boxes to do with as they will yet I wanted them to look like mine. We had no paintbrushes so I improvised. I traced a white chipboard piece that looked almost like the cloud in the illustration on top of a box for our room. I used my finger to fill in the white could. It gave it a neat effect. It may be hard to write the word "SMILES" evenly on it now though. We'll see....

I realized a lot of things this week. It was not about me. It was about others. It was about being there for your friends. I realized that old green monster can rear it's head anytime. It is up to us to keep it at bay. Art is not to be done just my way. No one can see inside my head to see what I am seeing or thinking. People are not mind readers. That may be a good thing sometimes! LOL Still I was thankful I could be there for both my BFF's. I am thankful for the time we got to spend together again despite the circumstances. I am thankful for all the many photos we took which will have to last us until next year's visit. I pray that will happen.

What are you thankful for? If you would like to share please joing us at laurie's at the following...

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