Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aristic Weekend, A Terrific Tuesday and Daddy

Rhett & I went to the Springer Pre show last Friday nite. At 1st I didn't see my piece, but then I found it farther into the room. It was placed on a black pedestool against the wall, not hung up on the wall. There were several ladies from the PC art group there as we entered. None from Columbus although a few had some art hanging in it. This one lady artist named Phyllis had several pieces. One was the cowboy I liked as well as a huge golden beach & sky with a light sage green water. The details of the waves was awesome! I told her she was very good;she was very talented. So I met new artists. We were able to take photos so I have pics of some of the work I really liked. A french man did an out of this world abstract of Dracula which of course I loved! I was able to compliment him on it the next day. Cindy, the PC artist I really like had a neat vampiric one where she actually had the perhaps original medicine cabinet from the Springer! The lighting in the room was just perfect for this. It was as if the moon was actually reflected in her painting. I guess you will just have to be in suspense until I upload pics! LOL

We stayed about an hr. We were both tired of standing, but were unsure what was supposed to take place. Then we met Don at La Cantina, but I doubt we will be eating there again. Rhett wouldn't eat his enchilada. It tasted like it had nasty barbecue sauce on it!

Illy had told me the Soul Propriertors would be playing for free on Broadway. She went to school with most of them including Sam, my old boss' son, a guy from the IT at work who has sent me some of his amazing photos, and another high school alumni. When we finished eating, we stood listening for a moment. They were playing something Don nor I had ever heard. A nice lady told us we could sit down w/ her in some black iron chairs provided for eating outside eateries. They started playing Chicago then Don decided we'd sit & listen. I was singing along when Rhett said, "You know this song?" I told him I had the album! They took a break & Don was ready to go. You know I could have stayed til the party ended! LOL I went over to speak to Sam & Donny who were sweating up a storm! Sam kissed me on the cheek. Donny & I talked for a few minutes. It was kind of neat to do something different for a change of pace. It had rained so it wasn't too hot.

Saturday Market days was another bust, but I still enjoyed it despite sweating between breezes! LOL. I had 2 new pieces. My newest "Be Happy" and a replica of the one I made for Jena. I gave Ira, the organic farmer the photo I took of him with his sunflowers. I showed him "Be Happy" with one of his sunflowers. He told me it would sell but alas it didn't. He was out of sunflowers this time, but he would show everyone the photo I took. That was kind of neat. Then he'd tell everyone I took it! He thought my photo made them look even better than reality!

The lady who bakes that is set up across from me looked at my photo books. She likes several but especially Don's baby birds, but not enough to buy it. Don thinks my price was too high. She wants to know if I can make postcards of my pics which I have checked into. It shouldn't be that hard. Now I just have to see which photos she wants made into postcards. A new art project.

We took everything home & unloaded. Rhett & I went back to the Springer because I could pick up my art if it had not sold instead of someone having to pick it up for me on Monday. I hate to ask Daddy to drive anymore than he has to drive. Don does get off earlier so he would have had to pick it up. The Springer had a block party going on. There were mist sprayers in 2 places which felt really good that hot Saturday. We got sandwiches from Country's and split a tea. I'd have to keep getting up to get "mistified" as Rhett called it since we were under a big tent which held the heat. Believe it or not I bought small one birthday gift while there really cheap for Steph's birthday next month. It was almost time for it to be over so we went to where the art was located. None had been sold. A lady did buy an awesome photo taken of inside the Springer. It was of the carpet on the stairs. There were 2 much better than that one, but to each his or as in this case, her own. There was one of inside the theatre part as well as a mirror in the Springer that were so excellent. This photographer even took the same photo I did but her's is much better. A totally different color which makes me think she photoshopped it.

I could have donated my piece to the Springer, but I brought it home. Not that I was overly attached to it. Donations are a tax write-off, but Don doesn't know how to do that when doing our taxes. Maybe they would have displayed it somewhere eventually. I am thinking of putting plexiglass over it to preserve it. I will put in Market Days for awhile. Or take it to the PC gallery. I only upped my price on it rather high because they got a 40% if it had sold. I can sell it for much less now.

I will have magnetS of "Rainy Day in Georgia" for sale at the next Market Days. My friend Bob bought one this week. So far we have had a pretty artistic weekend. Hope you have had a good one.

Tuesday I woke up too early with a hymn humming in my head. A great way to start my day. I cannot remember the hymn now and it is driving me crazy. Rhett and I enjoyed a few good laughs on the way to school.

I had to take Rhett to the eye doctor since he'd been complaining about not being able to see the board. I had no problems checking him out of class for his appointment. Once they were testing his eyes, I was really concerned that he was not able to see some of the letters. I was thinking I was a terrible mother waiting too long to take him to the doctor. We also learned he is a tad bit color blind. He gets this from Daddy. I actually carried the gene that gave it to him. If Rhett should have a daughter, then her son will likely be color blind.

We knew he needed glasses, but he was right at the cusp for wearing them. He is nearsighted like me. Just another thing I passed on to him. As we were about to check out, the nurse said, "We'll look at frames..." I had planned on going to JCPenney's since I had a coupon or LensCrafters. I figured it wouldn't hurt to look at these frames anyway. She told Rhett to pick out a pair, asking him what color he liked. Then she said it would be $10 for his exam & $10 for the frames unless they were a pair about $130.00. This didn't register with me. Rhett tried on a blue pair. I am not used to him wearing glasses yet. Then she handed him another pair of blue frames that were in our price range. These looked better on him. Again she told me it would be $10 for his exam and $10 for the frames. I couldn't believe it! I even had to ask, "I will not have to pay anymore?" Nope. I could have danced a jig and hugged her! This was such a blessing. I am so thankful I have this vision insurance now. His glasses should be ready by Friday. This was turning out to be our lucky day

When we left, we headed to my friend Bob's house to drop off my "Rainy Day In Georgia" magnet he wanted. Bob wasn't home when we arrived. He had a dr's appointment also so I got Rhett a drink. Then we went to pay my Dillard's bill. Rhett wanted to check out a sequel game at Game Stop which was on sale for less than $5! I told him he is one lucky little boy.

We so enjoyed our visit with Bob! It was great to see him again, to talk and to laugh for laugh we did. We'd just talked about my cell phone playing "Mandy" when my cell phone rang. It was kind of weird. I didn't recognize the number. It was a 919 area code. The older sounding lady asked, "Is this Momma?" I told her she had the wrong number. She called back my number without the area code. She said she was trying to reach her mother. I told her "I'm not yo mamma!" LOL

Just when things are going great, when you least expect it, life throws you another curve ball. One you didn't see coming. Yesterday the dr called Daddy about the biopsy on his face. It came back cancer. I don't what kind. He has an appointment on the 14th for the dr to go back in and get all of removed. I will go with them, fill out the forms to get more info and find out what type of cancer. Please keep my dear sweet Daddy in your prayers. Thank you.

Quotes I needed today:
Speak with a future in your voice.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Remember, there's never been a day when a million miracles didn't happen.
So why not one today just for you?
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.
-Al Hirshfeld-

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Paulie said...

Don't worry too much about the face cancer -- a friend here had hers all removed and is doing great.

I miss no photos with your words.

Denise said...

Praying very much for your dear dad, and for you sweetie.

Toyin O. said...

Will keep you in prayer. We serne the great healer!

becky aka theRAV said...

I am trying not to worry too much Paulie, thinking postive thoughts only hoping for the best. I'll try to be better about photos but I can't promise. LOL

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, sweet Denise.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, Toyin O.

LAURIE said...

So glad to see you over at Thankful Thursday this week and sharing with passion from your heart! -Blessings.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, Laurie. I liked what you said,"sharing with passion from your heart." I suppose that is what I do. Just never thought of it that way. Thanks for the new terminology about myself. LOL