Friday, July 29, 2011

The Frame and the Hanging

I am thankful for this past last weekend where I got to see my 2 best friends in the world. Things did not always goes according to our plans, but God laughs when we make plans. I didn't take as many pics as I normally do and I regret that now. But I did have a few really good ones that I wouldn't trade for all the crab legs in the sea.

All weekend long I was working on framing my artwork for the upcoming art show. I kept thinking about that one frame at Michael's which came with a matching mat. Because I am doing another rainy day shot for the art show, I kept thinking I could paint the dots made in the mat as well as the frame to match the colors of the dots of light in my photo. I was hoping the frame was still on sale. After work yesterday, I picked up my photo from Wolf camera. I had the frame Rhett picked out at Hobby Lobby in the back of Daddy's SUV. I didn't really try it with that frame. Instead I drove on over to Michael's and tried it in their frame. Because it came with a mat, it was much larger & heavier so I would be going bigger. It would be one of the largest things I have had framed in a long, long time. I bought it anyway. Then I drove back to Wolf camera. I decided to ask those working there their professional opinion. I had to make 2 trips carrying the frames in & out so I was getting a work out. I was so ready for a shower by then.

First of all, the owner who I took a class with at Columbus College back in the day, complimented my photo. He said it looked like a French watercolor impressionist! WOW!!!! The other two ladies loved it & remembered my "Rainy Day in Ga" from last year. We tried it with Rhett's frame 1st & everyone fell in love including me. It was just perfect for it. So the new one set to the side was nayed. When I explained what I wanted to do with the frame, one lady asked me why would I want to do that? LOL So the photo was cut down 4 times to fit the frame. All I have to do now it get the backing put on it.

Unfortunately I couldn't go to the nice little man for the backing on my artwork. I had to pay a higher price elsewhere but I was lucky enough to get it done immediately so I was thankful for that small blessing.

Lesson learned: I should listen to my son Rhett and I will from now on. This is not the 1st time he has given me good advice. I must learn to follow it & trust his judgement on things artistic. I can't wait for the art show now!

Rhett tried the pulled pork sandwich at Subway last night. I took a bite. It was heavenly! Try it. Hopefully they will keep it on the menu forever.

Larry, I know Katherine was up in heaven laughing at me yesterday thinking this was a typical Becky moment.

Art. It must be done.
Art. It must be framed.

The Hanging

Rhett had a honking fever blister yesterday morning. The biggest one he has had of his entire life thus far. His upper lip was so swollen. It looked much like mine did the time I got badly sunburned. I took him to the pharmacist who suggested I take him to the dr which I did. I had no idea the dr would take a 26 gauge needle to pop it! The tiny needle had a knob on the end of it. She showed it to Rhett. You should have seen him looking at the needle... I just knew he was going to pass out! Instead he squeezed my hand so hard I cried out. Later he told me he "didn't cry because he is a man now." We had to get Abrevia which costs $20 for a tiny tube. I later found a $3 off coupon for it after we bought it! The story of my life... hours late and $3 short! LOL

Yesterday was hanging day. It is my 4th Hanging. LOL I turned in my artwork for the art show. I was able to turn it in earlier so I didn't get to see as many of the other artists' works. I felt really good about my art. There were not that many in the photography subject so I thought I had good chance in that area even though there was one pretty spectacular photograph taken from afar. It would be my competition yet I felt confident about mine. So much so that I called my friend Anne to tell her about it. Anne has a good feeling about this art show. From her to God's ear. I thought of going back later just to see what else was to be in the show, but Anne's advice was to just leave it alone and go on. After all I would be seeing it on Sunday. My talk with Anne made me feel so good. She says she can't wait to see what I have come up with next. What has the RAV done now. WHTRDN. LOL

Art. It must be hung.

I read a motivating article in a local small newspaper. To make a long story short, the writer begins each day with WOE (Words of Encouragement). I really liked this idea. Although it is what I do everyday or try to do. Once again I was told how my emails keep others going and how much it encourages them. I love that I can do that for others. May you give or receive WOE that you need.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

"Oh, Happy Is Me"

I had forgotten
how depressing some poets can be
writing their inner most darkest thoughts across the page
now across the computer screen
for the whole wide world to see
and read.
I used to be one of them
oh, woe was me
once upon a time
before love and art was mine.
Today I do not want to hear your negativitity
I refuse to let your dark words bring me down
especially when I am happy
and in a such good mood
because I will soon be seeing
my two best friends in the world.
Oh, happy is me.
~Becky Voyles~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Humbling Experience

Last Friday I mailed off my postcards for the postcard swap & cannot wait to start receiving pieces of art thru the mail! While sorting through my many, many, many photos of my art, I came across a V that was shaped like a music note stamped on a dot design I drew with markers. I immediately thought of Mrs. Velvet H., a new member of our church who struggles with cancer. She is a beautiful lady. Just by looking at her, you wouldn't know she has or had the dreaded disease. I put that photo in plastic see thru fridge magnet frame for her in hopes she would put it on her fridge and it will brighten her days ahead. I also gave her a tiny copy of my best painted V I love. I gave the original on a small canvas to my mom for her birthday. I had an odd sized color copy of my "One day at a Thyme". When she saw the later, she told me that is the way she lives her life - one day at a time. I was really glad I included this one for her. I firmly believe Someone had a hand in my choices. This Random Act of Kindness (RAK) made me feel good.

When Rhett & I left the Pickle Barrel last Friday night, it was raining. I wasn't thinking. I was trucking along in Daddy's SUV talking about some amazing art we had seen by T. E. Breitenbach. Check him out at the following....
I was probably driving faster than I should have been driving in the rain when we hit some standing water. The sound was louder than the water was deep, but it scared me. Naturally I swerved a little too far to the left. Luckily there was no other traffic on that stretch of Veteran's Parkway for miles. Odd to think of that fact now as I can see it in the rearview mirror of my mind. I admit I was afraid and probably went "Oh No!" to Rhett. I swear I felt strong hands on the wheel over mine. Jesus really did take the wheel! So that song will have new meaning for me now.

Yesterday I had a very humbling experience.... I am still reading the book my friend Gil lent me The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan. (Thank you, Gil!) I was at Wendy's when I read these words, "Envision His enveloping presence right now." I thought of Jesus sitting across from me at Wendy's and it brought tears to my eyes. Me. Jesus. Wendy's. It was rather surreal movie like moment as the traffic flowed by at a fast pace outside. I felt Him there with me even though I know He is with me always. I saw him clearly in His robes. I know He was laughing at me when I said I shouldn't have gotten the chives on my potato.

Last night I used these two examples and the short prayer idea (I wrote about last week as my TT post) as my lesson for Rhett's Bible class. I admit it brought tears to my eyes again when I told the later part about Jesus sitting there with me at the table. It also brought tears to another little girl. So I touched someone else. The kids told me I tend to use my hands more when I am near tears. LOL It seems I rub my hands together. I was totally unaware that I do this. So I learned something new about myself. I knew I was meant to be there telling what happened to me. God put me where He meant for me to be and I am thankful.

Mrs. Velvet sent me a sweet thank you note last night thanking me for her abstracts I gave her.

I'd sent this an email to all my friends yesterday including Gil who lent me the book. It seems his church buys this book in bulk to give to others. He told me because it worked for me, I could have it. I so needed that book and didn't even know it. What a blessing. What a gift for which I am ever thankful. Gil in turn had sent my email to his wife Brenda who suggested I email the author to tell him how this book helped me. Great idea! I will. It is not the first time I have written an author. I wrote to Lyn D. Nielsen, author of the Place of Sage books and she actually emailed little ole me! I will never get over that. Gil and his wife have actually met the author, Robert J. Morgan. Cool! I so hope to meet Lyn someday.

I see a theme here... I felt like Jesus was sitting with little ole me. Lyn wrote to little ole me. Jesus is so HUGE that we would indeed feel small in His presence.

Then I thought I do little art as in small. I don't do art on a large scale and I probably should go big. I do what is affordable for me to make. Even when I attempt to sell my art, I don't ask a large amount of money. I do put a higher price on my better pieces of art and still probably sell myself short.

Daddy is doing ok. He has had a lot of visitors lately and we are thankful.

I have included a Youtube link to the hymn "Humble Yourself In the Sight of the Lord" sung by Norfolk Church of Christ. It is one of the new songs we have been practicing and is one of our favorites. Ithought it was perfect for this post. Enjoy...

Quote of the day:
We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
~Mother Teresa~

May He be with you today, tomorrow and always....

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Thursday, July 14, 2011


We got Daddy home from the hospital late Saturday night and we are thanfkful.There is no place like home. We are thankful we have one to come home to both here on earth and in heaven. Each day I am thankful I have my Daddy another day.

One of my friends at work who is also a chaplain leant me one of his books to read for what I am going thru with Daddy right now. It is called The RED SEA RULES by Robert J. Morgan. I just read the chapter about how Satan tries so hard to get to us. Then I just read what my friend Cheryl wrote in a email reply that was almost word for word! WOW! This book reinforces that we are meant to be where God intends for us to be. I have always known that fact. Little things happen that remind me of this all the time and I have written about it when it occurs. You may remember reading some of those times. Just as I was meant to stay home and not go to Gulf Shores last weekend. It is a very good book. I recommend it. I will have to return it to him when I am finished. Otherwise, I'd let all my friends borrow it.

Today I also read from the same book about a new prayer technique from the writings of missionary Amy Carmichael. She in turn learned it from the famous Bible teacher Dr. F. B. Meyer. Dr. Meyer was once upon a time an irritable, hot tempered young man. An older gentleman kindly advised him to look up at that moment of temptation and say simply, "Thy Sweetness, Lord."

Amy Carmichael developed her own variation.... When she met someone she didn't like, (for me that would be Illy! LOL), she would silently pray," Thy love, Lord." In crisis, she would whisper, "Thy help, Lord," or "Thy wisdom, Lord." The writer of the book, Robert J. Morgan, when worried would simply say, "Lord..." followed by the person's name for whom he was concerned. I liked that. Many times I feel that the person you are thinking about may be needing a prayer or two or three. I have a feeling I will be saying, "Thy patience, Lord" A LOT!!! LOL But be careful what you wish for....! I liked this technique. Hope you do too. Maybe it will work for you as well although I am not by any means telling you how to pray! LOL Just passing stuff on which I love to do as you know.

We got a hospital bed for Daddy. Mom rearranged the furniture in the living room to accommodate it. This made me sad. Daddy clapped his hands when he saw it yesterday. The youth group from his church came to see him today so I am hoping that lifted his spirits. It did mine & I wasn't even there.

I am getting stuff ready for another post card swap. With all that has been going on with Daddy, I have waited to almost the 9th hour to it together. I am using stuff I have already done with the exception of a photo of a drawing I did in my journal last year. One friend told me my artwork has really bloomed this year. I said "Just call me 'Blossom'." LOL That word Blossom stuck with me. I knew I wanted to put in a piece of my artwork. Of course I could have simply put it across one of my flower photos & still may do this. Anywhoo I wrote the word Blossom on this photo as well as some other words. I really like it. I scanned it at work & sent it to my friend since she inspired it. I haven't heard back from her yet. I am giving her a copy since she inspired me. I plan to go to Office Max after work & put them on card stock to send to the card swap.
Then I have to start getting ready for the CAG (Columbus) art show.

My friends sent me gifts from Gulf Shores. Iris got all of us brightly colored beach towels with our names sewn on them. Mine is sewn in bright green which isn't my color but I still love it. Rhett said the colors look "beachy". LOL They got me a lovely frame that has sand well glued then two rows of tiny shells then more well glued sand. It is heavy. It was probably expensive too. Because I couldn't go to the beach, they brought the beach to me... They couldn't find any good shells along the seashore so they bought a small bagful. I asked them to write something in the sand and take picture. Instead they sent me a baggie of sand! Iris wrote some thing really neat for all of us.

Had a good Bible class last night. One of Casey's friends who Rhett also knows tried to commit suicide. Just cannot imagine a 12 year old doing this especially because of a boy who caused Rhett problems at school. When Casey told me this we said an immediate prayer for Tristan that brought tears to my mine and Casey's eyes. Rhett's "girlfriend" MacKenzie had on one of those rubbery bracelets that said "LIVE" on it. It came from the dollar store. I suggested Casey buy one for her troubled friend to give to her when she takes her the card she made Sunday when she gets out of the Center.

Thank you for your continued prayers for my Daddy. Speaking of prayers.... I have another request of you... My friend Margo who I worked with at JCP has a daughter named Angie T. who had breast cancer surgery the day Daddy was leaving the hospital. Larry, a member of our church is being deployed to Afghanistan on the 15th. Thank you very much. Be blessed.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our 4th of July Weekend "I've Learned That..."

Sunday was my mom's birthday. I was getting her fave from Red Lobster for lunch. The night before Daddy told me he wanted fried trout. I am thinking this is wonderful. Maybe he would eat. Wrong! He only ate a bite of everything then had to be put back to bed. Shortly after we ate, he wanted me to call the ER dr but I knew I wouldn't be able to get hold of him. He had me call his heart dr who really disappointed me and she is supposed to be the best in town. So we took him back to the ER once again. We were earlier than last Sunday. The poor thing was so uncomfortable in the wheelchair. You would think hospitals would have more compassion for the elderly but it was a holiday weekend and if you were bleeding, you were seen first. We had a 4 hour wait before going back to a room. Mom stayed at home because she was so tired and I am the one who goes back with him as I am the only one who can hear.

This time Daddy's lung had collapsed! They admitted him to a semi-private room after 1 am, but couldn't do anything because he was on Plavix. Don slept in the car because it was so cold inside the hospital. We didn't get home til 2 am. Because he was in a semi-private room, mom couldn't stay with him. She stayed out in the lobby and went in to check on him. I don't think Daddy slept because of this.

That Monday morning of the 4th of July, when I was awaking, I felt a strong hand on my right shoulder. It wasn't my husband. It wasn't my son. I know who it was.

The dr that drained the fluid off of Daddy's lungs said the lung may have collapsed earlier but the fluid had it inflated. Once the fluid was gone, it collapsed. Normally they would wait 10 days before inflating but they couldn't wait so they did a procedure in the room on Monday, July 4th. What a way to spend a holiday! But that was better than the other alternative for which we are thankful.

The next day, the needle came out of his chest and the lung deflated again! The procedure had to be redone. Rhett was calling me to tell me and I could hear Daddy hollering in the background. I had to go up there to check on him. This procedure doesn't take long so it was over with by the time I got up there. He was eating better and we were thankful.

I did a few things for myself on Tuesday.... Did you know they turned the old Chapman's into a thrift mall? As soon as I walked in, I thought I heard a parrot telling me "HELLO!" I looked all around for a parrot, but it was the lady at the counter who sounded like one! LOL Saw some neat stuff. Wanted to take pics, but there are signs everywhere that say you are on camera. There was a good bit of art on canvases. Even the larger ones were priced around $25.00. I saw a lot of stuff like my mom collects. There were some old round frames that had old photos in them that were interesting. The ladies in the sepia photos were pretty & one had on a kooky hat.

I found a book by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. entitled Live and Learn and Pass it On, Volume III. I normally buy his calendars "Life's Little Instruction Calendars", but didn't buy this year's. You have seen his quotes in my emails or on my blog so you probably recognize the name. This book is composed of other people's responses to these words... "I've learned that..." It doesn't reveal names but ages only. "People from ages 7-92 share what they've discovered about life, love and other good stuff."(written on the book cover.) The cover has a bunch of pocket watches & old keys in the background. I am more than halfway thru it. I was reading some of them to Rhett last night that applied to us. Some he found funny like one that said & I am paraphrasing here... "I've learned to laugh at my Daddy's jokes even if they are not funny." This book was only a $1, but well worth every penny to me. I love finding stuff like this. I also got a friend a pot holder for Christmas for 50 cents so I did good. I was thankful for my small inexpensive finds.

This book reminded me of the fact that a writer approached me on my blog wanting to use some of my writing in one of his books a shade similar to this only Brown's books are much better in my opinion. Because I have dreams of being a writer, I thanked him and told him I would write my own book. Because I admire this H. Jackson Brown, Jr. so much, I wouldn't have a problem if he used some of my thoughts for a book like this even if I got no credit for it. If I did this, I wouldn't even lie about my age! LOL

It got me to thinking of my own "I've learned that's". The first one that came to mind was "I've learned that if you have naturally curly hair and you just washed it, it is surely going to rain and mine will frizz or 'frizzle like a chicken' as my Momma would say!"

What are some of your "I've learned that..."?

Some of my friends have replied with their "I've learned that's" and I have so enjoyed reading them.

There has been a hawk outside Daddy's window at the hospital! Not sure if this is a good omen. I got pics! Even got him in flight. It is blurry but I don't care! Took a dozen more yesterday & Rhett was taking some with his camera phone. Mrs. Triplett, Katherine's mom brought in 3 beautiful yellow roses from 1st Baptist Church for Daddy. Took close-up pics of those roses. The card was really neat. It said something like these flowers where in the church. They heard prayers, they were there for the sermon and they hope they will make you feel better. Not only do these things help Daddy, they help us too. Such a neat idea.

Also I bought some of the new crackle nail polish. I bought the Sally Hansen version as it was cheaper. I bought black to put on top of another color. I haven't been as artistic with Daddy in the hospital except for a few doodles here & there, coloring a little in the journal Genie gave me or adding to an existing idea or piece of artwork in that journal. I have discovered I have drawn an image more than once. So last night when I finally sat down, I tried white, an almost buff color and red as the background for my nails. The red did not work. Once the black was brushed on & separated to form the crackle, it looked like a burnt hot dog weenie! I covered it up with white as I was too tired to go get remover. There was still some red around the edges which made it look like my finger was bleeding. LOL Haven't taken a pic yet but I like them. Once again it is the small things that bring me pleasure in my stressful life.

And not only did I get the book by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. yesterday, but at T. J. Maxx in the new mall, I got maybe a 6x6 or larger canvas that you are supposed to paint by following the shading to make a coffee type of art. It came with several tiny tubes of paint & a few other things. It was only $2.99, but I figure I can gesso over it & paint whatever my heart desires esp since I did NOT like the coffee idea! LOL I couldn't beat the price. That size canvas alone would have been more at an art supply store. They had a few more left. Don't all rush over there at once! LOL

I uploaded the hawk pics last night. Don was even impressed with them. One friend is jealous. LOL

I have learned that...
If you make plans, God laughs and says otherwise...
Sadly I am so very, very disappointed that I cannot go on another girl's weekend with my high school friends this weekend. I just do not feel I can leave town especially if Daddy took a turn for the worse; especially since we seem to go to the ER every Sunday. If I went with my Daddy still in the hospital, I would ave a horrible person. My mom wouldn't talk to me. I would never forgive myself if something should happen nor would she. I couldn't live with that or myself. I have always know I am supposed to do the right thing. The right thing is for me to remain home where I belong. Even though my friends say I really need this trip more than anyone except my mom. My friends really want me to still go but I cannot. I will miss my friends, the beach, the sea shells. There will be another time for those things. I will have art this weekend.

Cindy, you have inspired me with the quotes you have been sending lately. Thanks so much! Especially "Happiness is your muse on speed dial." Here are some of mine...

Dreams must be dreamed. It is never too late to live them.
Art. It must be done.
Life. It must be lived.

Your somedays are today and tomorrow.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Good News!

Daddy will get to come home today! YEA