Friday, July 29, 2011

The Frame and the Hanging

I am thankful for this past last weekend where I got to see my 2 best friends in the world. Things did not always goes according to our plans, but God laughs when we make plans. I didn't take as many pics as I normally do and I regret that now. But I did have a few really good ones that I wouldn't trade for all the crab legs in the sea.

All weekend long I was working on framing my artwork for the upcoming art show. I kept thinking about that one frame at Michael's which came with a matching mat. Because I am doing another rainy day shot for the art show, I kept thinking I could paint the dots made in the mat as well as the frame to match the colors of the dots of light in my photo. I was hoping the frame was still on sale. After work yesterday, I picked up my photo from Wolf camera. I had the frame Rhett picked out at Hobby Lobby in the back of Daddy's SUV. I didn't really try it with that frame. Instead I drove on over to Michael's and tried it in their frame. Because it came with a mat, it was much larger & heavier so I would be going bigger. It would be one of the largest things I have had framed in a long, long time. I bought it anyway. Then I drove back to Wolf camera. I decided to ask those working there their professional opinion. I had to make 2 trips carrying the frames in & out so I was getting a work out. I was so ready for a shower by then.

First of all, the owner who I took a class with at Columbus College back in the day, complimented my photo. He said it looked like a French watercolor impressionist! WOW!!!! The other two ladies loved it & remembered my "Rainy Day in Ga" from last year. We tried it with Rhett's frame 1st & everyone fell in love including me. It was just perfect for it. So the new one set to the side was nayed. When I explained what I wanted to do with the frame, one lady asked me why would I want to do that? LOL So the photo was cut down 4 times to fit the frame. All I have to do now it get the backing put on it.

Unfortunately I couldn't go to the nice little man for the backing on my artwork. I had to pay a higher price elsewhere but I was lucky enough to get it done immediately so I was thankful for that small blessing.

Lesson learned: I should listen to my son Rhett and I will from now on. This is not the 1st time he has given me good advice. I must learn to follow it & trust his judgement on things artistic. I can't wait for the art show now!

Rhett tried the pulled pork sandwich at Subway last night. I took a bite. It was heavenly! Try it. Hopefully they will keep it on the menu forever.

Larry, I know Katherine was up in heaven laughing at me yesterday thinking this was a typical Becky moment.

Art. It must be done.
Art. It must be framed.

The Hanging

Rhett had a honking fever blister yesterday morning. The biggest one he has had of his entire life thus far. His upper lip was so swollen. It looked much like mine did the time I got badly sunburned. I took him to the pharmacist who suggested I take him to the dr which I did. I had no idea the dr would take a 26 gauge needle to pop it! The tiny needle had a knob on the end of it. She showed it to Rhett. You should have seen him looking at the needle... I just knew he was going to pass out! Instead he squeezed my hand so hard I cried out. Later he told me he "didn't cry because he is a man now." We had to get Abrevia which costs $20 for a tiny tube. I later found a $3 off coupon for it after we bought it! The story of my life... hours late and $3 short! LOL

Yesterday was hanging day. It is my 4th Hanging. LOL I turned in my artwork for the art show. I was able to turn it in earlier so I didn't get to see as many of the other artists' works. I felt really good about my art. There were not that many in the photography subject so I thought I had good chance in that area even though there was one pretty spectacular photograph taken from afar. It would be my competition yet I felt confident about mine. So much so that I called my friend Anne to tell her about it. Anne has a good feeling about this art show. From her to God's ear. I thought of going back later just to see what else was to be in the show, but Anne's advice was to just leave it alone and go on. After all I would be seeing it on Sunday. My talk with Anne made me feel so good. She says she can't wait to see what I have come up with next. What has the RAV done now. WHTRDN. LOL

Art. It must be hung.

I read a motivating article in a local small newspaper. To make a long story short, the writer begins each day with WOE (Words of Encouragement). I really liked this idea. Although it is what I do everyday or try to do. Once again I was told how my emails keep others going and how much it encourages them. I love that I can do that for others. May you give or receive WOE that you need.

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Jen said...

Kat Sloma's 'Liberate your Art' project

Hi Becky! I received your card in the mail yesterday. I was thrilled because it was my first one. :)

You have a wonderful blog and good luck with your next project!!

You can find me at flickr as
{the gloaming}

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for your compliment on my blog. It is probably pretty boring without pics. Thanks also for the good luck wishes as well as the link to your flickr. You have some amazing photos! It was such a gift to look at them. I have a friend that lives in Ephrata. Also Lyn Nielsen, the author of the Place of Sage books is from near Ephrata.