Sunday, September 4, 2011



I figured it was about time I put another pic of theRAV on here! LOL This is how I appear most of the time anyway... behind my camera. I laugh when I look at this photo, but I love it. It is an odd shot because it looks like I have one big eye. LOL I am wearing a necklace my DIL Kristina gave me for Christmas this year if you can find it on my blouse. Coincidentally I found a matching headband at the $ store which I am also wearing. The first time I wore the headband, I wore it as bracelet wrapped around my wrist. When I wear it as a headband, I think it makes me look like a German girl. I don't think I look good in headbands, but that one worked that day.
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Lost Another Marble"

I awaken after a much needed night's rest
feeling blest.
I begin my Saturday's ablutions
A word I learned from Mrs. Fritz's freshman English class at CHS
and thought I would never use.
She would be so proud of you!
I wash the sleep crusts from my two too tired eyes
Reminders that it is ragweed season
To everything there is a season...
and a reason.
Pulling a semi a Scarlett O'hara,
I say I'll wash the rest of my face later.
I search for my missing high blood pressure pills
Where oh where did I leave them?
I retrace yesterday's steps
going thru old baggage
I find old stuff
some that needs locking up.
Safe now.
I begin putting new things away
for a rainy day
I start one thing that leads to another
and another
as aging people do as told in an email.
Does this mean I am getting old?
I don't have time to be old!
I have too many people counting on me.
Still not finding what I first began searching for
My much needed life saving medication.
I find some sticky words that say "Old Navy" stuck to the floor
to add to my "Things Found at the Bottom of the Sea" piece of art
I need scissors to cut it
to fit
as well as cut out some fancy numbers
off a new catalog for future art.
In the catch all drawer are my much needed pills
where I least expected them.
Not remembering putting them there.
Feeling as if I lost another marble.
How many do I have left now?
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

"HELP!" Dream

Night before last (I think it was), I had another dream.... I heard someone screaming bloody murder "Help!" I realized the voice sounded familiar. It was my own voice I heard. I immediatley thought of my parents. I listened as waiting for the phone to ring. It did not ring. Later upon awakening and remembering the dream, I wondered if I had screamed out loud in my sleep, but there were no hands patting or restraining me so I guess I did not scream aloud. Haven't done that in awhile anyway. I am sure my subconscious is telling me I need(ed)help or else it was crying out for it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, I got the SUV put in my name on Friday. Everything comes to me at the 9th hour. The payments are a whole lot less thank goodness. So my folks will now have more money.

We let Rhett spend the night with a friend Sat night esp since we did not do anything or go anywhere during the summer. The only problem I have is they have big dogs & their house smells like dogs. No offense to dog owners. I make him change clothes & take a bath immediately when we get home. I have so become my mother! LOL He said he didn't stay up late, but when we picked him up from after church, he didn't eat much and had to lay down in the booth of the Chinese place near the house. He probably didn't sleep well. The kitten may have kept him awake or just being in a strange place. He slept the rest of the afternoon. So he won't be doing that again for awhile! He seemed feverish looking to me, but Don felt his forehead & told me he didn't have a fever. He could have been pacifying me.

Mom needed stuff that couldn't wait til after church Sun nite. I took a 15 min nap which I shouldn't have because it made me ill. I called her back to ask her what she needed from "the store". She couldn't hear. She thought I said I was at the door. LOL So I am yelling in the phone. She still can't hear. She is getting another phone to try to hear better. Surprised I didn't wake Rhett. I get down the block she has left me a message on my cell for bananas. I knew I should have called her before I left the store. When I got there, Aunt P was there again having spent the night. Mom had added things to her list which meant I had to go back to the store! I wasn't a happy camper at this point. She tried to say she'd make do without milk, but there would not been enough. I got a few more things for them just in case. By then I was so hot. The air was turned down once again because of Aunt P. I was getting ice water & told mom to hand me a cube to run down my back! LOL

Aunt P said she didn't sleep good due to her breathing yet she doesn't bring her breathing machine when she comes! I asked her why not. She said she didn't think she would need it. Just hope & pray she doesn't pass away while at mom's! Grandmama died when mom was there alone with her. Mom was with Aunt Voncile when she died of cancer. At least someone was with them. It would just make it harder on mom if that occurred.

I was finally able to cool off in the car on the way to the art center. I was able to get some more art in this weekend. Sharpie art which is now on their website at
I am listed as theRAV. This time I drew triangles. Just had to do it. I guess I was feeling triangular or boxed in. This really did seem to help me. With each triangle I drew then later colored in, I felt the day's tension slipping away. I drew while others chatted. Of course I managed to add my 2 cents worth in now & again. LOL They watched while I drew. I wondered why they were not working and I was the only one doing anything. I wasn't sure if they liked my triangles. At that point I really didn't care. Then Ms. June told me she wanted to climb them! So that made me feel good. Plan to do more. Will add greens so they will look more like a beanstalk. That word has been cropping up a lot lately. Weird. Maybe I just want to live a fairy tale for awhile. I will do some more triangles to match my Jamaican looking knitted cap butterfly at Cindy's suggestion. All I need is a little idea or encouragement.

I was told by my friend Irene that I looked sad in church earlier Sun morn. I didn't think I was. I immediately told her I thought she looked tired. Quick cover-up/recovery. I told her I might have been missing Rhett. What Irene doesn't know is I have the weight of many people's worlds on my shoulders. Or I could have been just lost in thought. I know I'd moved to the end of the pew trying to find some warmth underneath a blanket. I just cannot worry over the fact that I may have looked sad to someone. If I was sad, I am entitled. I guess I forget that my face is an open book.

But I was optimistic on Monday that it would be a good day; that this would be a good week. I can only hope. Here's hoping today is a good day for you too.

Monday was an ok day. I had my maddening moments dealing with someone I could live without. I am usually not like this, but that person just rubs me the wrong way a lot lately. By Tuesday I admit I am a tad bit threadbare. I called the car insurance co yesterday who told me I have to let Ga know the car is not longer going to be in GA. She said if I don't, we will have to pay a penalty & most people in ALA do not know this. Don didn't. I had quickly printed out an invoice for Daddy to sign saying he gave me the car for $1. I had a bill to pay after work. I admit took a few minutes to look at clothes I cannot afford to buy. Most were not to my liking anyway. It felt good walking away from them. But I needed that time for me.

My mom, bless her heart has champagne taste on a hamburger budget. She asked me to get her some hairspray @ Dillard's. She likes Avada witch hazel hairspray for some strange reason. She has always used witch hazel whereas I am a peroxide person. It costs $16 with tax! She said she'd pay me back. TheRAV uses Rave for less than $3 @ Walmart thank you very much.

Aunt P was still at mom's. She had 3 breathing spells yesterday. Mom said Daddy hurt her feelings which caused one. He asked why she wasn't with her daughter-n-law & granddaughter. I guess DIL had taken granddaughter to see her boyfriend who lives elsewhere. I don't know this for sure. Just guessing. Mom overlooks whatever Daddy says in the condition he is in now. Rhett forgot his glasses at mom's again so we had to go back for them after we went to the store for Ensure for Daddy. Of course the $3 coupon at Publix had run out, but I had one for $1 off. Better than none at all. Aunt P was up & going thru her pill container. It seems she had taken too many or the wrong pills yet again. She had been in bed all day.

I came home with an attitude. Things were not working. I hate it when things don't work as they should.

Don didn't like we had Wendy's for supper nor my invoice. I told him he should have printed one! He had a blank bill of sale in the truck. I was able to watch my 2 Mon nite shows "The Closer" for which she should win an emmy for last night's show & "Rizoli & Isles" I have called it "Frizoli". LOL Rhett asked me to watch the last one in his room. Of course I fell asleep on it as I knew I would. Just can't hang late at night anymore.

I woke up at 5:23 am worrying over getting a tag for the SUV. We will receive paperwork in a month that will allow me to get the tag. I am just threadbare today. I am not used to doing all this stuff. Daddy always did it. Then Don, but he is working & can't. Don isn't as helpful as I'd like him to be. So I feel like I need a nerve pill or a nip or two or three! LOL It is hard for me to concentrate at work esp working with figures. Thankfully the office is pretty quiet. So please keep me in your prayers. As I said, I am threadbare with it all. Calgon take me away!

Then you hear of someone you went to high school with that was having routine procedures done that revealed cancer. She had a heart attack or a stroke while being operated on. The chemo treatments will now have to wait. Another classmate said all of his friends are dead. Made me thankful mine are still alive an kicking!

Then you have a husband who shows his butt but I handled it well. Then I have to deal with more crazies & craziness! I fear I am headed for a meltdown.

Today I am thankful for all my friends who are so supportive of me. Don't know what I would do without them. What are you thankful for. Care to share? Then please join us at the following...