Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Good Week

Well, Monday was a good day for me. My work bought us all three new shirts. I have a beautiful, oh so soft, sage green polo shirt, a regular PINK polo (of course!) and long sleeve striped maroon shirt. All with the work logo on them. I wore the green one Tuesday and the pink one on Wednesday. It was cool enough to wear the long sleeve shirt in the mornings but NOT the still hot afternoons.

I went to the hormone dr on Monday. My blood pressure bottom # was 70! My cholesterol was really good; down from March. She said she doesn't know what I have been doing, but it has been working. I had weaned myself off some of the meds as they tore my stomach up and I was tired of going to the bathroom sometimes 3-4 times a day! So she cut back my high blood pressure pills to one a day as well as my cholesterol to every other day. Because I am doing so good, I do not have to go back there unless needed! She told me I could save on the co-pays. Yeah! I am SO thankful. I can just go to my regular dr now. This works out perfectly. I went to him last March when my allergies & asthma kicked in. That should be when these new scripts expire. I had not lost any weight, but I had not gained any either. Maintaining.

Rhett's disk from school worked on our home computer last night - thank goodness! So it was a good day. Too bad everyday cannot be like this one. Hope your week has been as good as mine thus far.

I find it a bit ironic that my 1st doodle on clean my doodle pad is of an abstract black car on a black road done with THE largest Marks a Lot marker on the market complete with red tail lights. Who knew I could draw something that even resembles a car? Rhett will be so proud of me! LOL. I esp find it ironic since I am about to embark on a new traveling journey. Not taking it as a bad sign here due to the blackness. I know it is my intuitiveness or subconscious coming out in my art. And Don drives a black truck but I am still not taking that as a bad omen. I used one of those white-out correction tape "thingies" (as Rhett would say) to make one long window, but it started coming off so I had to paint over it with white-out. LOL . It is hard to tell if this is car or truck. Not that it matters. There is even a tiny white line on the road drawn beneath the vehicle that represents the white line in a real road. It just blows me away! I just realized this is not my 1st road I have drawn. Roads seem to be an occurring theme with me as well as time. Found a neat scrapbook paper set at Michael's yesterday as well and idea for Christmas card for this year.

Tuesday was a good Tuesday for me. My friend Mike sent me another one of his school newsletter he sends out. He uses the Ralph Marston motivationals I forwarded to him via email. He now has the link so I no longer need to forward them to him. Mike told me his newsletter reaches 1600 families! WOW!!! It gave me chills. So I sent this along to the guy who puts them on our bulletin board at work so he would know who far his good deed goes. Then it hit me, how our emails and our blogs reach out to SO many people. Possibly more than 1600. And if the things we write about have to do with the Lord and we are reaching other souls.... Some who may never have known Jesus ... priceless. So never think what you do is worthless. Never think you are not touching someone's life.

I found a shady parking spot at lunch for which I was thankful. I am sure my care thankful too! LOL I had a good lunch. I was able to color with two new markers. A bit of pine green here, filled in a scumbled Christmas tree from last year, added some metallic silvery navy there and there. Coloring one small spot at a time. That would make a great title for an art blog. LOL

Speaking of coloring, I let someone's attitude color my afternoon as I let someone's rude email color my life last week. Really need to stop doing this. People need to get over themselves and stop pretending like you don't go to the bathroom!

I got the pics of Tiffany's birthday printed for Nancy. Printed them at Wolf camera for 7 cents a piece!!!! Yeah me! I will be printing all of mine there from now on! Got her a piece of 12x12 maroon scrapbook paper at the neighboring scrapbook store to use as one of the backgrounds for the photo frame for her mother-n-law's Christmas present. She really liked it. Also got a pretty scrapbook butterfly for Tiffany since she loves butterflies. I let Nancy borrow the chipboard bird I bought so she can make birds with her pretty cardstock. I'd previously advised Nancy to take a pic of Tiffany in the dressing room with her cell phone when getting her senior pics taken. I am such a good friend. I love it when I help folks save money. If I were a photographer, I wouldn't charge an arm and a leg for copyrights especially to my friends and family.

It has been a hectic week, but then when is my life not hectic? LOL Just seemed more so this week. So many things to do, so little time. And of course I procratinate as always waiting until the last minute.

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Please keep me in your prayers for traveling mercies. Thank you! Happy TT and have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am Praying

Well, I am hoping and praying that I will not have any more bad Fridays from here on out! I am praying for my family that we all remain safe, healthy and happy. I am praying that Don will find a job soon since he cannot get unemployment this time around. I am praying that I will sell some of my art at Market Days this Saturday as we need the money. I am praying for all my friends esp my BFF Genie still dealing with her mom's death; for our friend Tom who nearly left us a few weeks ago. I am praying Nancy will get some much needed rest after Tom's recent health scare. I am praying Daddy's face will heal well and neither he nor my mom will fall hurting themselves. I am praying my car will last a little while longer as we cannot afford another one now. I am praying for Helen, her daughter Barbara and her son during their difficult time. I am praying for my dear friend Cheryl who has an infection in her leg.

I am thankful my weekend improved from Friday. I am thankful last week is over and done with. I am thankful Don and I are ok. I am thankful Rhett & I got to watch "Wall.e" Saturday. I am thankful I cooked and we ate hamburgers at my parents house Saturday night. I am thankful for the green frog I saw on the window pane at church Sunday and took a picture of with the clouds in the background so it looks like he was in the sky. Surreal. I am thankful for the new tv shows that are coming on like "Chuck" ,"Castle" and all the others. I am thankful for my cousin Lance who came through for us and his help even if he wanted no thanks. I was raised you thank people when they do something for you. I am constantly surprised by people's actions as you will see below...

Tuesday was Tiffany's 18th birthday and we celebrated with her family along with other members of our church family including our preacher and his wife. I was the official photographer as always. I didn't take as many pics as I did last year, but I got some really good ones. In one, Tiffany reminds me of someone I have seen on tv, but I cannot think of who the actress is and it is killing me. It will hit me eventually. I did something different this birthday celebration... I took pics of Tiff outside where there was a table set up. There was a floral arrangement as a backdrop in one. When I parked, I noticed several benches (Paulie!) and knew I wanted to take a family portrait there which I did.

We have a fairly new member Katelen who is Tiffany's friend whom I think Rhett is a bit jealous of. Katelen is so animated and funny. So expressive. I think I saw a little bit of myself in her. I took a pic of Tiff and Katelen then added Rhett in the middle. After all the group shots, Katelen wanted some funny pics on her cell phone. I think I fell in love with her cell phone! Made me want one, but I don't have one like it because I have my trusty camera. Then they had to do a "gangsta" pic. I think Katelen's pic was better than the one I took on my camera. She will put them on Facebook so we will have access to it. SO cool. I had SO much fun taking pictures. Don told Rhett, he should tell everyone, "Look at my two girlfriends." Rhett liked that idea. Cannot wait to upload these pics and print them for my friends Nancy and Tiffany.

Yesterday at lunch, I didn't have anything to read so I got a "Paper Craft" magazine. I think that was the name of it. I loaned it to my friend Nancy last night. It is about card making and was filled with some neat ideas I will attempt. I was thankful for this magazine. Did you know there is a National Card Making Day Oct. 2nd? Inside this magazine, there was a page of paper flowers where they used what I call "rick-rack" which is wavy hemming tape was used as the stem. I thought this was a neat idea and could envision flowers on cards stock like visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. There was a small article about spray ink on watercolor paper which got my interest.

I had to pay my Sears bill. I saw Aunt Betty there. It was good to see her. She looked good and was getting about well esp with her walker. Of course I just had to quickly run into Jo-Ann's while there where I bought some of that "rick-rack for $1 to try. I got a few other things. More of those boxes so I can make more Smile boxes as gifts. In my rush, I looked for spray inks while there but didn't see any.

Since Don hasn't been working, his attitude is different. He is far more opinionated now and voices his opinions. Rhett had mentioned to me one of his teachers said something about all the talking that was going on in her class. This teacher called the house yesterday. Rhett is not in trouble. She was just calling all parents to talk to them about this problem hoping this would help resolve it. Then he told me what he said and I went ,"God Bless America! Why didn't you just tell her to call me?" I am thinking of calling the school to tell them to call me only now! He told her she must not have been teaching long and could not get control of the class! Great! She has only been teaching 2 years. Now she may take it out on Rhett. He also asked if parents could still come in and observe. Since he doesn't have a job, he could do this. Shaking my head here. He needs to find a job!

Instead of having our preacher paint our scarred wall in the classroom, last night my class and I put up some peach colored paper across the center of the wall covering most of the ugly spots. We are going to put some of the vines I made for VBS on the sides as a border. I want to do something about the "Ten Commandments" as well as put up some of the artwork we do.

I was very tired last night, but ate a good ole baloney sandwich with Fritos! But I am refreshed this morning. Rhett has his 1st pep band performance at his school's football game this evening. I will be the proud mom in the stands taking pics and not going to my art meeting.

Then I got really miffed, steaming and shaking my head as well as shaking from anger and nerves! I asked an "acquaintance" certainly NOT a friend about the spray ink and about something I ordered from her in the past only to be told this:

About the sticky tape. “IF” I offer it again in the future, it will be only to my current customers, that frequently come to events and/or place Stampin’ Up! orders. Since you don’t fit either category, I thought I’d let you know where you can order it yourself. You can find it here:

Although I appreciate the links, I am still shaking my head in disbelief that she would say this to me! I have been nothing but nice to her. I held classes which increased her income. I just did not do it on a regular basis. I even had folks praying for her when she had breast cancer. I will not purchase anything else from her again! I know she stopped sending me stuff which I used to pass on to my friends. If she was still doing that, I would no longer pass them on to try to help her business. I guess she doesn't need my business anymore! Well, I can make my own cards and art just fine without her! I will no longer send her any quotations that might help her either.

This person had said something snotty in an email in the past. My friend Cheryl wanted her # s or email so she could call her and tell her off then, but I didn't not give it to her. I let it go. I cannot let this one go. I do not care if you know her or tell her this either.

I am not replying back to her email at all although apart of me wants to state what I have stated here and then some but I am not that kind of person. I am done with her. I normally give people 3 chances, but not this time. I have already sent my emails out to my friends. Some know her and some have replied that know her that they will not be buying anything else from her again!

Another friend said this...
"I don't know this person, but she is one of those kinds of people that it is best to just let drift out of your life. Life is just too short to waste time trying to figure out why someone you thought of as a friend would treat you this way. I have had to do this in the past a few times. It is a hurtful process, but I have learned one thing from it: true friends are precious and a true friend would not treat you this way. Consider it a lesson learned and get on with your life. You will be much happier without her unhappiness clogging your road to success." And she is so right. What she said reminded about my "friend" Bonnie who I had to let drift out of my life.

This really makes me thankful for my true friends in my life.

Then I found a copy of a note Rhett had written me that simply said"

"Dear Mom,
I love you.

Earlier this morning, I sent out this Quote of the Day...
What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?
-Robert Schuller-

I think our answers to this question depends on what is going on in our lives at the time when we read that quote. When were younger we probably would have answered differently. Back then, the world was our's to conquer and it is still is! I would have answered differently say at age 30 than now. I would have taken a bigger risk with my life which would have hurt my parents. But I am meant to be where I am not. Today all my hopes and dreams are centered around my art and my family. I would like to hear what you would attempt to do if you would not fail.

Only one friend has replied back about this quote. This friend said this...
"I think I would know my scriptures more thoroughly and try to convert the world. I know....sounds kind of lame, huh? Most of my aspirations are small, but I would love to be able to communicate better with people. I think if I were more articulate and better able to remember where just the right scripture is located WHEN I need it, I would be able to bring others to Christ. My sisters, in particular, are not very religious. They used to be, but life has taken its toll on both of them and they lost their hold on faith. They give him lip service, but never attend church and don't even want to talk about religious matters. So, that's what I would do, if I knew I would not fail." Awesome thought.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Link to "Rainy Day in Georgia"

Tonight I realized how remiss I have been in not posting at least the link to the Columbus Artist Guild's art show held in July. I'd sent it out as an email to all my friends, but neglected to post it here. I apologize for this error. So here is the link to my "Rainy Day In Georgia"....

Please tell what you think of it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

So Very Thankful

We had an event last Friday. I was so mad! Husbands handle things differently from moms. I finally calmed down enough to be able to eat supper where I got a baked potatoe with my fish at Capt D's please. Very good. You can sub it for fries for 29 cents.

Saturday Market Days were unsuccessful once again. I was placed near the other PC arts people and could talk to them, but I was underneath where the pigeons roost and poop! Thankfully they didn't poop on my or my art! But I did get to see a lot of old friends. Two old JCP co-workers I had not seen in foever and a day. One hasn't aged since she walked out the door. Makes me sick! LOL

afterwards Rhett & I went to the Jr. League attic sale and timed it just right. My friend Nancy called to say her husband Tom was in the hospital and he almost didn't make it to there in time! Thankfully he is improved now and is back at home. I found a bunch of frames. The later you go to this sale, everything is half off. We were given a sack. If you can fill it up, it is only $5. I had 5 frames, a plastic kitchen fork, a Christmas ornament for Nancy. Mine would have been a little over $5 anyway. Rhett got a Scenic game for 50 cents! He is so lucky.

I'd overheard people talking about the new Fresh Market at Market Days. Rhett & I tried to find it the previous weekend but I was one shopping area away from it. So we rode over there. They have the best roasted chicken salad. I got some fancy yet inexpensive crackers. We went to Target where Rhett got a pretzel while I ate the chicken salad. I love good chicken salad. It was more than I normally pay at Publix but well worth it. There was some left over for Don later in the week.

Monday morning was not a good day dealing still dealing with Friday's event. I was late for work due to this, but I had told my boss I would be late for this reason. I got stuff to make me a sandwich with on the way to work thus saving some money.

Tuesday was my JCP breakfast. As I rounded the corner, I didn't expect as many folks to be there but there was a good crowd. Jimmy and Patsy did well. It was great seeing everyone again. As Jimmy was about to tell everyone to go eat, I reminded him we needed a prayer and I gestured to Mr. Booker, a previous manager after my working days.

The thing I remember most about Mr. Booker was he remembered all the retirees as if they worked for him. Then several died all at once. When Mr. Booker led that prayer at that breakfast, he almost broke down mentioning those that passed on. So I had to tell him about this. I told him who I was, how long worked there, from 1975-1990. I grew up there so these people were and still are my family. I almost made him cry when I told him about that prayer. I felt I was truly meant to be there that day just to tell him what I did.

Jimmy bought my breakfast. The eggs were a bit runny and I worried about them. The eggs and mushrooms where making my tummy roll. I was able to show Jimmy my Springer art since I was taking it to get it measured for a piece of plexiglass since the heat and humidity is started to make some things come unglued.

The previous day I'd received a card from our dear sweet friend Helen. Her daughter Barbara's cancer is still progressing despite chemo and radiation. Hospice has been called in. Barbara has a son that is either a day older than Rhett or a day younger. So please keep them in your prayers during this difficult time in their lives.

Daddy had his appointment to have the rest of cancer removed from his cheek. I drove them. I also signed the forms to get information on them. Daddy's dr is a real hottie! Daddy had basal cell cancer. It it the good kind to have and was in a good location. Once it gets near the eyes, it can spread and go into the brain.

Before the dr got started, he asked if we heard what happened to his nurse. Her parents were out of town so she went to cut their grass. She was on a riding mower. Her parents have lot of cats. She ran over one and cut off it's tail. Being in the medical field, she knew what to do so she put the cat's tail in a chest of ice, grabbed the cat and headed to Walmart. Do you know why she went to Walmart? Because they are the best retailers in the world!

So they removed about two layers out of Daddy's cheek. It is about the size between a dime and a nickel. My cousin Les asked it that would be a dime? LOL It will leave a scar but we don't care. When I heard the good news that it was the good kind of cancer, I could have jumped for joy.

My cell phone went off playing "Mandy" and I apologized to the dr. It was Don. The dr said it was ok and he almost started to sing along so you KNOW I like him!

They got all of the cancer. The stitches were placed inside and will dissolve so he won't have to go back for 4 months. He did well with the surgery except the next day, there was some blood and drainage which the Dr expected. Daddy didn't have to take any pain meds. We are just so very thankful. Thank you for all your prayers.

Wednesday nite we had a good Bible class. Casey finished her Smile box. I took a pic of it. We talked about hymns we liked so we sang some of them. Casey was singing off key on purpose and I'd have to tell her to stop. When the 1st bell rang, we sang until the 2nd rang. We had to hurry so we speeded up the song really fast. I got so tickled I couldn't sing. It was the best laugh I'd had all week and was much needed. I am sure the Lord was laughing with us. So thankful for laughter and my sense of humor.

So life is good. Well, it was until my breaks started making a grinding noise. I called Don who had taken Mom to my obgyn for me. Mom said I may like my dr but he killed her. He was in uncharted territory! She was a bit dizzy afterwards and had to hold onto Don. I was thankful for him. He told me I had to come straight home so he could check my breaks out.

This meant we had to exchange vehicles today which means driving the monster truck which you know I hate to do. Don always pulls in backwards when he parks. It just kills me sometimes. Momma said he must have been born backwards. LOL So he reminded me last night to take the emergency break off before I pulled out of the driveway. It beeped so I stopped in mid drive. I thought I'd released the break but I didn't. I stop in front of the house, blow for him which he cannot hear. I blow 3 more times. He came then. He is yelling at me because I pulled out with the brake on which I couldn't find until he got there! I was so mad I told him he never does anything for me! I know that was way wrong because just took mom to the dr for me. He is taking my car to have the brakes fixed. I meant to say he isn't helpful towards me. I was so mad I took off not worrying if I would get a dent or scrap in his precious truck! It got my mind off driving the dang thing as I stewed on the way to work. Guess he should make me mad about it more often so I can just drive it. NOT!

I was late to work and apologized to my boss who found my morning story funny but I am determined to have a good day today.

Sorry I didn't have time to get on here yesterday for Thankful Thursday. Just had a lot going on this week. But we are so thankful about Daddy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Praying Mantis Photo


Well, here it is folks... the long awaited photo of the praying mantis that was on my car. There are more where it looks like he is walking on the traffic light but I am saving that for the next art show I enter. I am doing it this way for fear of someone stealing the pic, using it, etc. I may post them later.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Praying Mantis

Lately I haven't been taking a lot of pictures. At least not as much as I normally do. Nor have I been really artistic. Just a few lines of color added here and there to something I am currently working on. But when I was uploading pictures Tuesday nite, I realized I now have a pattern to my art. I have 18 pieces I did this year that are similar yet differing themes.

You are not going to believe this.... First it was dozens of dragonflies I saw for weeks and weeks on end. Then yesterday as I was leaving Peachtree mall, a praying mantis was on my windshield! Was that a sign I needed to pray more? Immediately I started reaching in my purse for my camera. At the traffic light near the Krystal, I snapped the 1st photo where I'd left an open space and a car pulled in front of me. I drove slow like an old, old lady. The mantis was staying on for dear life. His wings spread when got over 35 mph. I didn't know they had wings! At the light near Logan's, I got a pic where it looks like the mantis is walking on the traffic lights! Everytime I'd try to take the shot where he was looking at me, he'd turn his head. I'd tap on the windshield to no avail. I'd look at other cars to see if they saw him or this crazy lady knocking on her windshield. No one saw it be me. He stayed on until I turned on 17th Street them flew away.

When I showed the photos to Don last evening, he said I need to put this one in a show. Can't wait to upload these pics, send and post!

This morning there was a big fire ant on the roof of my car! What next? Not sure I want to know! My camera wouldn't focus on it so I let that one go. It wasn't as exciting as the mantis anyway.

Please remember to keep Daddy in your prayers next Tuesday, the 14th as he goes back to have the rest of the cancer removed from his face. Thank you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day and the Rest of the Week

Don was in Indy for Austin & Shelby's birthday parties so Rhett & I had the whole long Labor Day weekend ahead of us.... I'd said we were not taking Rhett out of school for birthdays this year as kids are only allotted 10 excused sick days nowadays. He was out 6 days last year and we got a notice that if he was out anymore, we would have to appear before a board! I did not like this one iota.

Friday night we watched "Camp Rock - the Final Jam" on Disney. I knew we were going to see "Eclipse" at the cheap movie on Saturday. When we woke up Saturday morning, I said, "Ferb, I know what we are going to do today..." That tickled Rhett. We went to lunch then to the movie. It had been awhile since I read the book so I didn't pick up on everything. I had forgotten some things which again bothered me that I may have Alzheimer's. LOL This movie was a little bit different; a little bit surprising for me, but still I enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one!

Then we went to pay bills afterwards. One the way to the new mall, we witnessed a wreck. A car came flying, turned too late and plowed into the side of another car! It looked like an older person driving. All I could see was white hair. The people inside the car that got hit looked at the driver like they were crazy and they couldn't believe the person hit them. Rhett had never seen anything like it before. He was literally shaking after he saw it happen. I reached and took his hand.

I had to pay my Kohl's bill. This is the only store Rhett wants to go inside to look at clothes. So I took advantage of his willingness. I got him several things on sale. Some t-shirts for $2.00!! Love it!! I found some leaf picture holders. They are more like metal leafs with clips behind them to hold a photo for $1.39 each. I all the had - four; two different kinds of leaves. I let mom pick one she wanted. I will give her a pic of Rhett for it later. I want to go on-line to see if I can get more of these. They would make great gifts. I have since went on-line but couldn't find them. I emailed Kohl's hoping they can find me some more. So keep your finger crossed for me. Just one now. LOL

We got home around 9 pm. The door wouldn't unlock. I tried. Rhett tried. I called Don up in Indy & told him to come home to unlock the door for us. LOL Yeah, right. So we had to go to mom's to spend the night. I was so thankful I still have another place I can call home and still go to if need be as in a case like this. I was good to sleep in my old bed again. I slept well til the early morning when I heard cars cranking up and the morning paper hitting the porch. Mom fixed breakfast before Rhett and I went to church. A luxury we don't normally have on Sundays as we are always in a rush out the door to church. I had to wear the same jeans & pink tennis shoes I had on from the night before to church. But I know God doesn't care what I wear just as long as we are there.

After church, we got gas. I took mom's spare key with me to try it which got stuck in the door! I had to go pee really bad so I had to go behind the house. I was well hidden. Just as I was pulling my jeans up, I heard a car. Lo and behold it was a police car! At least we know they are driving by the house after two robberies. As the car was passing slowly, we were walking up the embankment. I knew the cop was going around the circle. I tried the key again. When he reached the stop sign, I waved at him. I explained what happened and asked if he could help me get the stuck key out of the door. I told him we lived there. I guess we looked honest enough that he believed me and didn't ask for id. He tried. It wasn't working. His cell phone rang. His ring tone was a turkey call! I asked if he was a hunter & he said he was. I told Rhett not to tell Don because he'd want that ring tone! LOL Luckily he was able to get the key out. So we headed back over to mom's.

Don called me & told him what happened. He was sort of mad that I didn't have the policeman try to open the door! DUH! Our preacher had recommended a man who had visited our church a few times who used to be a locksmith. Don asked me to call another member who has helped us with fixing stuff in the past. I called him an hour before church asking if he'd help me after church and he said he would.

Some folks wanted to go out to eat after church since there was no school on Monday. Last year we all watched a movie. Then one person didn't want to go to Country's til tomorrow. Because of this, all were just going to go home til it was decided by another we were indeed going to Country's. I gave Rhett money & let him go with Nancy & Tiffany since I was going to meet Garry back at the house. It is nice to have close church friends you trust your child with.

Rhett asked me if Nancy was my best friend. I told him she is my best church friend because Genie and Penny still hold that honor. No one can replace them. They are all like the sisters I never had. I probably don't call Genie as much as I used to whenever I had a problem. She is still my go person. Now I ask her advise via email. Nancy is my closest friend as far as distance is concerned besides my mom.

I tried the lock again and still no luck. I saw a truck pulling up thinking it was Garry's brother-in-law's truck. I heard a voice ask me, "How are you doing?" I had no idea who it was and the tree was in the way. It was Garry's youngest son and his wife who were home visiting. Daniel was able to get the lock open about the time his dad arrived. Afterwards they sprayed the lock with WD40. I was able to get inside the house to take my hbp medicine. I had missed two doses. I was so thankful for these church friends coming to my rescue. Church friends are the best. Then I was able to go join everyone at Country's later a bit harried, but present and accounted for.

Later that nite I told Don he couldn't go out of town without us again! Every time he does, something always goes wrong. We didn't do much Labor Day except sleep late. Got ice cream. Took mom to the store which was an experience as is everything in my life these days.

Tuesday I was late to work because of Rhett's extreme s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s which made me yell at him. After I dropped him off at school, I saw he left his English book in the car. So I had to turn around & go back to drop it off. I left him a note inside his book apologized for yelling at him. I told him I go out of my way for him because I love him. I knew this would probably make him cry. I also sent him an apology email. That afternoon when I picked him up at mom's, he hugged me, told me he loved me and he got my note which did make him cry at school. Then he told me that was his stay-at-home book! I really didn't need to take it back to school! So I was late for nothing. Well, except to apologize to my son for yelling at him.

We are thankful for the safe return of our family especially Don! We sat, talked, caught up as he told us about his weekend up in Indy. Rhett was wired for sound literally. He kept making comments, sounds and gestures to everything that was said. Some was funny while he sometimes got on my last nerve. I'd snap my finger at him for him to stop. He just thought that was funny and would snap his finger back at me. I realized he reminded me of the black guy in the "Police Academy" movies that did all the sound effects. When I told Don this, he busted out laughing because Rhett did almost sound like that guy! Rhett had eaten a banana sandwich at Mom's. I told him he could NOT have one ever again!

Don wanted me to upload the pictures he took so we could see them better. He had a really good close up of Shelby at her birthday party. I sent that one out to family as well as some others. While looking at my pics in Picasa, I realized my art now has a pattern to it. The doodles I have done over the past year are all similar. I have about 18 of them!

I couldn't get out of the door yesterday morning so Don had to open it for me. I got almost to the bridge to Columbus when Don called me. I had Rhett's bookbag & trombone! So I had to go back home. Another day I was late for work.

Then today on Wednesday, my friend Anne said my art is spiritual. No one has ever said that before. That made my day. My fortune cookie for Wednesday said this: "An unexpected visitor will bring you good blessings." We'll see.... I need all the blessings I can get!

I got really depressed yesterday concerning a matter about my Daddy. Don could tell something was wrong. I didn't eat supper. I wasn't hungry to begin with then was too tied up in knots plus I need to shed some weight. I just enjoyed being with my family and calming down. Art always makes me feel better; takes my blues away.

Wednesday night we worked on our Smile boxes again in Bible class. The pretty colored stones ontop of Casey's fell off due to the hot glue sliding off. I can take one row of them and possibly put on a barrette. We will see... Savannah decided to repaint her's because she didn't like it. Mine is coming along just wonderfully. It is looking more like a seasonal box. I have 3 pine trees against a baby blue sky on one side with grass beneath it. A yellow sun with pink clouds streaking to represent a sunset on another side. I put a face inside the sun. It is not quite finished yet. I used my fave blue acrylic paint called Manganese Blue on another side. I will add stars and a half moon next week. Then I painted a maroon heart on the last side. I will add highlights to the heart next. The inside is painted strawberry ice cream colored pink. I have a big white cloud on the top of the box. I will add the word "SMILE" across it as my last step. I showed the kids the original idea from a magazine which was done with crayons. I admit mine looks a whole lot better. I could make these as Christmas gifts this year! Better get started now!

On a church sign this morning....
Jesus is our BFF. Who is your's?

I have to tell you my son is such a good child. Not only did he make all A's & B's, with one A being in pre-Algebra, he sent a special email out from God to the boy he has been having problems with at school! I know he was thinking this might help. I just hope and pray it doesn't cause more problems. But I am so proud of him!

Please keep my family in your prayers on the 14th. That is when we go back for the rest of the cancer to be removed from Daddy's face. Also please me in your prayers that I will have a successful Market Days on Saturday and sell some art! We really need the money now that Don has been laid off yet again. Thank you so much.

What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday? Please share with us at the following...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Angels in the Clouds


This was something I did awhile back. It had just been lying about so I snapped a picture of it a week or so ago. I figured I would just use it as a background piece in some other art. I wasn't thrilled with it until today. This was done with plastic wrap dipped in micropore ink pads. These ink pads only come in limited colors. I have black, blue and red. It wasn't until I was playing with this in Picasa just a few minutes ago, turning it about that I noticed the images of the black robed woman near the top center. The thought that first came to mind was "Angels in the Clouds" thus the title. Now I sort of fancy it. Hope you do too. Hope you can see her and other angels I saw in it. I like to think of it as the angels that watching over us. I do not see it as foreboding or a bad omen. Just more art by the RAV which hasn't been on here in far too long. I am sure Paulie will agree!

Hope you have had a great Labor Day weekend.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Jury Duty

Sorry I haven't been back on here sooner. Thankfully I did sell something at Market days Saturday even if it was something small and inexpensive. It is still a sale. I had some stress factors last week. Later on Saturday afternoon I started feeling a bladder infection coming on so I took it easy the remainder of last weekend. I rested, napped, drank plenty of water and crangrape juice. Just didn't feel like being on the computer nor uploading photos as is my Sunday nite ritual.

I had jury duty this week. Thankfully my bladder infection was better. Imagine my surprise Monday morning when I saw my sweet friend Patti crossing the street to go to jury duty! I thought I was seeing a vision of an angel. I did! She did have the sunlight behind her golden curls. So we sat together, talked, caught up and addressed cards to a mutual friend and her son who's birthday is coming up this week.

Yesterday morning I arrived early after dropping Rhett off at school. It was rather coolish, but I stood outside my car parked in the shade, listened to traffic crossing the Chattahoochee, and saw several dragonflies. I have been seeing an abundance of them lately. Sometimes 4 at different times of the day. Sometimes 3 at one time. One even lit on my antenna, but flew away before I could reach back for my camera. I was thankful I got to take pictures of different scenery that I would not have seen if I didn't have jury duty. I watched a bunch of birds on a wire. I had to laugh at them. They will flap their wings and determinedly squeeze in between other birds. From where I stood, it didn't look like there was room for them to fit but they did. Some flew away instead when they didn't fit. If I had been one of the birds already on the wire, I probably would have been knocked off! LOL It is amazing they are not knocked off. Then there were the lone birds way on the end by themselves. I tend to like my space so I probably would have been one of those loners. I so enjoyed watching them. It also reminded me of a funny cartoon Rhett and I love to watch about birds. I think it is called "The Birds". We showed it to my cousin Lance when he was here this time last year. Lance is a birder and a bird himself!

Jury duty was an experience I will never forget. I was thankful I wasn't called to be an actual juror as I don't like judging folks. I have to admit all the men did look guilty to me. I realize that is a judgement in itself. If that is wrong then I am sorry. I know you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. It was a learning experience I'd rather not experience again. One man hit another man in the head with a metal baseball bat twice! The freakiest part was that bat was brought in as evidence. I felt like I was in the middle of a CSI episode or on a lawyer show. I learned they actually did have a jail cell in the back during a recess while waiting outside the very ancient ladies rest-room. I watched them put a young woman in that cell. This made me so thankful I am a good person and glad I have never experienced anything like that even though I work in a prison. There is a difference. I am not in a cell just an open cubby I wish had doors. I can leave everyday. It made me thankful for my freedom.

All the cases were "disposed" of so we were only there three days. I will not be called as a juror for two years. Wouldn't it be unreal if Patti and I were called back at the same time again? During this time, I got have lunch with my mom at Red Lobster. Then I had a scrambled dog from Dinglewood.

This week I painted my nails zebra stripes myself and did an ok job. I saved myself $13 by doing this myself. Some of my friends said they liked mine better than when I paid to have them done. I used some old Revlon French white polish which is already starting to chip. At Rite Aid I'd bought a bottle of black polish that has a really long haired brush for $3.99. I am sure it is for Halloween. I probably should buy another bottle just in case.

Last night in the Bible class I teach, we worked some more on our "Smile" boxes. Once again, I learned something from Casey. I wasn't going to paint the inside of my box which is turning out really well if I says so myself. I have baby blue skies, 3 pine trees, grass, a sun with pink cotton candy clouds streaking as if it is a sunset. I plan to paint a smiling face on the sun if possible. I borrowed Casey's idea and painted the inside a strawberry ice cream colored pink. My biggest brush was really retarded. I may just toss it out it is so bad. It is a # 9 Crayola. I think I got it in a pack of them perhaps from Jo-Ann's.

Now I had this all typed up ready to send yesterday. but got busy as I have been trying to catch up after having jury duty. Sorry. Yesterday we learned the bad news that my husband has been laid off work yet again. Please pray he can get unemployment again until he finds something or gets recalled back to work. Thank you! It is not like we haven't been down this road before. It seems we keep going down this same road.

I am also thankful for the wonderful art meeting we had last night. A precious 81 year old male artist spoke to us. He is a Godly man and his words brought tears to my eyes as well as others. It was like hearing a sermon only better because he talked about his conversations with God. I haven't tried to look him up on the internet but his name is Milton Lenoir. I am not sure if I spelled his last name correctly but he does beautiful work. I call them masterpieces yet he does not. Look his work up if you get a chance.

Milton asked to see our work which was hanging in the gallery. He liked my "I Love Ewe" abstract. He told us we have to please ourselves first. Prayer doesn't hurt either. He says to do and paint what you love.

I was so thankful for my friend Patti being there this week. I was so thankful to hear Milton talk last night. I think I could listen to him talk forever. What were you thankful for? Would you like to share with us as Thankful Thursday? Then please join us at Iris' at the following...