Friday, September 17, 2010

So Very Thankful

We had an event last Friday. I was so mad! Husbands handle things differently from moms. I finally calmed down enough to be able to eat supper where I got a baked potatoe with my fish at Capt D's please. Very good. You can sub it for fries for 29 cents.

Saturday Market Days were unsuccessful once again. I was placed near the other PC arts people and could talk to them, but I was underneath where the pigeons roost and poop! Thankfully they didn't poop on my or my art! But I did get to see a lot of old friends. Two old JCP co-workers I had not seen in foever and a day. One hasn't aged since she walked out the door. Makes me sick! LOL

afterwards Rhett & I went to the Jr. League attic sale and timed it just right. My friend Nancy called to say her husband Tom was in the hospital and he almost didn't make it to there in time! Thankfully he is improved now and is back at home. I found a bunch of frames. The later you go to this sale, everything is half off. We were given a sack. If you can fill it up, it is only $5. I had 5 frames, a plastic kitchen fork, a Christmas ornament for Nancy. Mine would have been a little over $5 anyway. Rhett got a Scenic game for 50 cents! He is so lucky.

I'd overheard people talking about the new Fresh Market at Market Days. Rhett & I tried to find it the previous weekend but I was one shopping area away from it. So we rode over there. They have the best roasted chicken salad. I got some fancy yet inexpensive crackers. We went to Target where Rhett got a pretzel while I ate the chicken salad. I love good chicken salad. It was more than I normally pay at Publix but well worth it. There was some left over for Don later in the week.

Monday morning was not a good day dealing still dealing with Friday's event. I was late for work due to this, but I had told my boss I would be late for this reason. I got stuff to make me a sandwich with on the way to work thus saving some money.

Tuesday was my JCP breakfast. As I rounded the corner, I didn't expect as many folks to be there but there was a good crowd. Jimmy and Patsy did well. It was great seeing everyone again. As Jimmy was about to tell everyone to go eat, I reminded him we needed a prayer and I gestured to Mr. Booker, a previous manager after my working days.

The thing I remember most about Mr. Booker was he remembered all the retirees as if they worked for him. Then several died all at once. When Mr. Booker led that prayer at that breakfast, he almost broke down mentioning those that passed on. So I had to tell him about this. I told him who I was, how long worked there, from 1975-1990. I grew up there so these people were and still are my family. I almost made him cry when I told him about that prayer. I felt I was truly meant to be there that day just to tell him what I did.

Jimmy bought my breakfast. The eggs were a bit runny and I worried about them. The eggs and mushrooms where making my tummy roll. I was able to show Jimmy my Springer art since I was taking it to get it measured for a piece of plexiglass since the heat and humidity is started to make some things come unglued.

The previous day I'd received a card from our dear sweet friend Helen. Her daughter Barbara's cancer is still progressing despite chemo and radiation. Hospice has been called in. Barbara has a son that is either a day older than Rhett or a day younger. So please keep them in your prayers during this difficult time in their lives.

Daddy had his appointment to have the rest of cancer removed from his cheek. I drove them. I also signed the forms to get information on them. Daddy's dr is a real hottie! Daddy had basal cell cancer. It it the good kind to have and was in a good location. Once it gets near the eyes, it can spread and go into the brain.

Before the dr got started, he asked if we heard what happened to his nurse. Her parents were out of town so she went to cut their grass. She was on a riding mower. Her parents have lot of cats. She ran over one and cut off it's tail. Being in the medical field, she knew what to do so she put the cat's tail in a chest of ice, grabbed the cat and headed to Walmart. Do you know why she went to Walmart? Because they are the best retailers in the world!

So they removed about two layers out of Daddy's cheek. It is about the size between a dime and a nickel. My cousin Les asked it that would be a dime? LOL It will leave a scar but we don't care. When I heard the good news that it was the good kind of cancer, I could have jumped for joy.

My cell phone went off playing "Mandy" and I apologized to the dr. It was Don. The dr said it was ok and he almost started to sing along so you KNOW I like him!

They got all of the cancer. The stitches were placed inside and will dissolve so he won't have to go back for 4 months. He did well with the surgery except the next day, there was some blood and drainage which the Dr expected. Daddy didn't have to take any pain meds. We are just so very thankful. Thank you for all your prayers.

Wednesday nite we had a good Bible class. Casey finished her Smile box. I took a pic of it. We talked about hymns we liked so we sang some of them. Casey was singing off key on purpose and I'd have to tell her to stop. When the 1st bell rang, we sang until the 2nd rang. We had to hurry so we speeded up the song really fast. I got so tickled I couldn't sing. It was the best laugh I'd had all week and was much needed. I am sure the Lord was laughing with us. So thankful for laughter and my sense of humor.

So life is good. Well, it was until my breaks started making a grinding noise. I called Don who had taken Mom to my obgyn for me. Mom said I may like my dr but he killed her. He was in uncharted territory! She was a bit dizzy afterwards and had to hold onto Don. I was thankful for him. He told me I had to come straight home so he could check my breaks out.

This meant we had to exchange vehicles today which means driving the monster truck which you know I hate to do. Don always pulls in backwards when he parks. It just kills me sometimes. Momma said he must have been born backwards. LOL So he reminded me last night to take the emergency break off before I pulled out of the driveway. It beeped so I stopped in mid drive. I thought I'd released the break but I didn't. I stop in front of the house, blow for him which he cannot hear. I blow 3 more times. He came then. He is yelling at me because I pulled out with the brake on which I couldn't find until he got there! I was so mad I told him he never does anything for me! I know that was way wrong because just took mom to the dr for me. He is taking my car to have the brakes fixed. I meant to say he isn't helpful towards me. I was so mad I took off not worrying if I would get a dent or scrap in his precious truck! It got my mind off driving the dang thing as I stewed on the way to work. Guess he should make me mad about it more often so I can just drive it. NOT!

I was late to work and apologized to my boss who found my morning story funny but I am determined to have a good day today.

Sorry I didn't have time to get on here yesterday for Thankful Thursday. Just had a lot going on this week. But we are so thankful about Daddy.


Paulie said...

I don't get it -- why would you take a cat with a missing tail and the missing part to Walmart? They don't have Vets there. . .

becky aka theRAV said...

They are the largest Re-tailer. retail as in sales. Get it now?

Denise said...

Praising God that your dad is doing well sweetie, will continue to pray for both of you. I love you.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. You are so sweet, Denise. I love you too!!