Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Raven by theRAV


In my eternal search for the perfect raven to put on my blog, I finally found one I liked. This one was found at a Halloween store I recently visited and blogged about in a previous post. I liked the wings spread out on it as if it is about to take flight. I'll save the spookier photos for Halloween.

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Happy Fall, Ya'll!


I have been taking pictures of squash, pumpkins and turban squash. These were taken at Walmart. So very colorful. Ah, the colors of fall. Enjoy.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!
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Art Sitter

This afternoon was my day to sit with the art. Well, sit outside with it since they had a meetings going on inside both rooms. They split the one big room the art show was held inside. A writer's conference was being held. I remembered it from last year and was kicking myself because I would have loved to have gone to it. They even had a poetry section. But I can't do everything.

I saw Nancy L. S. who I went to high school with. She is my hygentist now. She is a friend of one of the 3 lady artists that was sitting with the art before I arrived. They knew me, but I did not know two of them.

I knew I would be reading the guild's notebook with the artist's bios in it. Many of them have their own websites so I wrote their addresses down to view them later.
I saw a lady who was in a writer's club I used to be in back in the 80's. Rosa is also a member of the Church of Christ. We were in the Columbus Writer's Roundtable which later was called the Chatahoochee Valley Writers Round Table. I had not seen her in over 15 years. She was attending the conference & said she missed our old writers group. Me too.

I talked to one writer who had on a pink cap. She asked which artwork was mine & wanted to hear the story behind it. I told her what I used... makers and painter markers and other mixed media. I did it at the Phenix City Art Center in a little over an hour. I did it around the time that Genie's father was dying. I knew it looked like an intersection to me. I'd like to think that maybe Mr. Johnston saw these colors and floated above an intersection on his way to heaven. Rhett wanted me to change it to "Highway to Heaven", but it just didn't feel right to me.

When I was in elementary school I went to the library a lot. If you read so many books during the summer, you got a certificate which I did. There was a young girl working there who always remembered my name, but I can't remember her's now. She was older than me. I'd seen her many years ago after she just had gall bladder surgery and she did not look well then. She writes poetry and wants to find a market for writing medical journals.

Prof. J. was there! He remembered me. Dick McM. was also there with a hat on and a camera around his neck.

I felt like I had been there a year in just an hour. I'd watch the clock waiting for Melissa to come pick up my art donations for the auction. There was a nice older man in the writers group who told me we had such beautiful art that I could be his guest in their hospitality room to get myself a drink. I took him up on his kindness.

Then I was bored so I pulled out all the markers & crayons I had in the bottom of my purse. I borrowed a black magic marker from the nice lady in the bookstore. I figured I'd try another type of "intersection" in my art journal Genie gave me. Gotta thank her yet again for that! It is amazing what you can do when your colors are limited. I had a turquoise marker, a red one, a navy blue pen, a yellow crayon and a blue crayon. Once again I realized I draw feminine lines. My blacktop road is curved like a woman in one section. It reminded me of a tree I drew entitled "Stryker" complete with words. I thought it would look more like stained glass, but then I got really creative with it. Because there are lines in the book, I started playing off the lines. Because I like the turqoise & the red markers best, I used them the most. Then varied them to make stripes. I drew the black keys of the piano on them. This got good to me so I repeated the pattern as I know I am supposed to do. I left one area uncolored so it does actually look like part of piano. Didn't take me long at all. I haven't taken a photo of it yet.

Melissa came with her mom & daugher. She was very friendly. I had 3 pieces to donate. The blue collage which was the 3rd piece of art I did back 3 summers ago when I first began this journey as an artist. It is the one I gave Penny for her birthday this year. I had my pumpkins in the orange frame complete with a ribbon to hang it. I had an unframed, but matted photo of
a pink Necco sweethearts candy heart that said "love" on it in the palm of my hand. The photo is entitled "Love in the Palm of My Hand". Melissa said this was fine unmatted. I'd looked for a small version of "I Love Ewe" from last year's art show, but all I had was a magnet. I hated to part with it & couldn't bare to let it go. I need to get copies made of the photo. I did show it to Melissa. She and her mom really loved the blue collage the best. I told her I have more if she wants to buy one! Of course she may bid on that one herself. She gave me the 3 free tickets to the auction. She prints them up so it wasn't a problem. Now her mom was asking me how to do something artistic!

Prof. J came out, saw I had all these markers on the table and was amazed that I could do art from just those fewthings. When the lady in the book store came out, I showed her what I created today & she loved it.

I am FINALLY about to upload pics so prepare to be bombarded! Today was a good day for me. Hope your's was good.

Becky, artist

Friday, September 25, 2009

Let Each Day Be Your Masterpiece

I have had a quote pinned on my mauve cubby wall at work for nine years now. It says, "Let Each Day Be Your Masterpiece." The quoter or quotee is unknown to me.

I do try my best to let each day be my masterpiece. I start out with good intentions. It may just be to have a good day; to remain in a good mood and not let anyone spoil my mood. I stopped letting a certain person have that power over me after many years of prayers by me and my friends to whom I am thankful. My work time is so much better now. Breathable. Less stressful.

I try to let each day be my masterpiece. Each day I hope to create a new piece of artwork whether it is just a doodle on my doodlepad at work that will eventually be added to daily or used later in another piece of art. Lately I have not been so creative due to new family responsiblities of taking care of my aunt's finances. Sometimes I am too tired when I get home. Still I have ideas clamoring for my attention. I have scraps of paper calling my name from home. I can hear them now... They call my name like a whisper from a lover at this very moment as I wrote these words in my journal then transcribed them to my blog.

I try to let each day be my masterpiece. Some days I fall short for I am certainly not perfect. There is only one who is and I am not Him. I am always leaving something undone. One day I may be borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. I may not always be able to pay Paul back, but somehow we manage and I am thankful.

I know even Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo had bad days too. Not every day can be a Mona Lisa kind of day. I wish!

I try to let each day be my masterpiece. It may not be in the form of pretty pastels which I cannot do well anyway; it may not be amazing oils or the perfect watery watercolors. It mostly likely is in the form of an odd shot photograph I just have happened to see. Another moment of my life captured forever. It may be the maturity of my son or his reversal back to his earlier childhood days by creating another amazingly awesome Leggo truck such as the one he made last night and I photographed.

Then I turn in my journal only to find tiny treasures; pieces of art I did awhile back and I smile with pride at the many, many things I have done thus far in my life. My son being my greatest unfinished masterpiece to date.

Quote of the day:

Today I saw these words:
"empty wishes"
and immediately thought...
I do not have empty wishes!
I have BIG dreams
and some have become reality.
(Who would have thougtht I would be so inspired by words early in the morning today?)

a bit of good news...

Well, I have a bit of exciting news to share with you... This is a 1st for me. I am going to participate in an art auction on Oct. 1st at Trinity Episcopal Church on Hilton Ave from 6-9. It is called "Art with a Heart". I will be donating some art work for a good cause. (I am hoping it is tax deductable.) I will be provided with 2 free tickets (although I have asked for a 3rd one so the 3 of us could attend - if not, I will take Rhett.) The admission for this event is $20 in advance & $25 at the door so I won't ask you to come to this as I know this is rather steep in our economy, although food and drink will be provided as well as a chance to bid on the artwork of other local artists. I am excited about this opportunity as it is a means of getting my artwork out there, seen and hopefully purchased. Plus it is a good cause. I am going to use 3-4 small framed photographs. Things I had in my art show. Fall pumpkins, a mermaid doll crying mermaid tears since this theme has to do with kids, a blue collage with a mother & child in the center, and if I can find a photo copy of "I Love Ewe" because of the heart in it, I will include it. If not, I am NOT giving away my original! Still I am giving from my heart and soul.

Even better news... I am going to get the 3rd ticket for free! So now we all can go. Yeah!

I had a good free lunch of pizza with the best mushrooms on it. Today is my lucky day and I am so thankful for everything! What are you thankful for? I am also thankful for my friends who pray for me. Thank you.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Art Show

Well, I was really disappointed in the art show 3 ways.... The food was not as good as last time. There were no chairs and there was a lot of elderly people there, but not where for them to sit. My mom had to go outside the room to sit on a bench. I know this was supposed to be like an upscale art show where you just walk around looking at the art, but I am sure even art galleries have benches for those who want to sit and ponder a piece of artwork. The voting was different. I was given a piece of paper inside my name tag. I was to vote for the member of my choice which was myself of course. Needless to say I did not win.

My friend Cheryl & her husband Randy were there. Cindy M., Ruth R. & Ruth F. from the old JCPenney's days were there. When I told Ruth F, she couldn't vote for me, she said, "P*** on them!" Gotta love her! They had never been to an art show before. Jimmy came later and took pictures. I did not take so many this time. My friend Darryl also came a long way. It was so good to see everyone and I am thankful for all you came to the show.

I kept thinking I need to volunteer to chair the next show so I could get the caterers we had last time. I would re-instate the People's Choice award again, but both these ideas might get nixed. I don't think I really want the responsiblity.

I need to do a larger piece so mine will not be placed on bottom again. I wrestled with my choice. I took Don & Rhett's advice. Next time I will go with my 1st choice. I went in knowing this was not one of my best pieces. I actually did it at the Phenix City studio. This was around the time Genie's father died. I called it "The Intersection". I would like to think this is what her Daddy saw on his way to heaven so it has a sentimental meaning to me as I am sure most people's artwork does. Mine was placed beneath a dark rendition of Christ. There was another really good mixed media of Christ that I liked. If you viewed it upclose, you couldn't see it but when you stood off from it, you could see Him. Awesome!

The art will remain in the library thru Oct 4th. I will be sitting with the art on Sept 26th from 2-6 if you want to stop by that day. No one commented about picture taking. I gave my friend Darryl permission to photograph mine. I will try to take some later...

I always have beginner's luck.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pity Party for One

I think Monday I was pretty overwhelmed with this burden that has been placed upon my shoulders. I prayed really hard on the way to work taht my burdens would be lifted. I felt like I was battling with depression wondering if I was headed for a meltdown. I guess I was having a pity party. I have only told my best friend Genie all of the problems I am going through. Because she is a teacher, I discuss with her the problems we are having with Rhett. Each day is a new challenge. Genie told me the sweetest thing that brought tears to my eyes. She says I am always asking everyone to pray for other people, but everyone should be praying for me. Genie said I was entitled to a pity party. She also told me I need to do things for me; to take vitamins and calcium so this won't take a toll on my health.

Then my cousin came. I was thankful for that. It didn't make these feelings I have go away or make me feel as if my burdens have been lifted. I was more caught in the middle of things. I guess I have always tried to please everyone. To be the perfect daughter, wife, mom, friend, etc and I fall short of perfection. That gets really hard sometimes. I found it hard to find things to be thankful for this week. I hate it when I have these pity parties for myself and no comes! LOL I feel old and tired and alone, but I know I am not alone. I have been so tired at night.

Our preacher has asked something of me... a bulletin board, but I just can't seem to get into it. My friend Nancy is supposed to help. I had to hand it over to her last night. She even told Larry I have enough on my plate right now. If it were fish, I could draw them. If it were fish, Nancy would color them. I know I can say no and not feel bad.

My art has suffered also as I have created very little. The one photo I tried to take this week did not turn out. I know my aura must be off kilter.

When I was getting Rhett's school supplies during the tax free weekend back in August, I found some paint markers by Crayola in primary colors of red, green, purple, yellow & another color. I don't really like the yellow one. Monday I found a small art journal at T. J. Maxx for $1.99! (which I could afford!) It is similar to the journal my best friend Genie got me for my birthday a few years ago. The best thing about this one is the pages are all a water color type texture. Of course I had to try it out. I used the purple & green paint markers in it. I only have one flower painted on so far with a bird of a darker shade of purple flying over the flower. I drew the same type flower on an inter-office envelope today as a gift to a friend and co-worker to brighten her day. I realized I now have a style because my leaves flow and look feminine to me so I am proud of myself today. I hope to fill this journal up with more of my artwork. Right now it is just small doodles as that is all I have time for, but still it is art which makes me happy and I need all I can get right now since handling my aunt's finances as well as my life.

If you are feeling artistic, but scared to trying painting, you might want to try your hand at these markers.

Tonight is the art show. I have taken the afternoon off to get beautified. I have a new evening blouse I got at JCPenney's last Christmas which has shorter sleeves I will be wearing. I am going to give myself a french manicure. I hope the weather clears up so my hair won't frizz. I hope I get in a better mood.

I will have new friends voting for me to win the People's Choice award. Don won't be late due to work this year. My cuz will be here as will several other friends. Some from out of town! I am so lucky and so blessed with friends that will vote for me. I have a husband, son and family that love me no matter what.

At Last year's art show I felt like Ms. Congeniality in a pagent. I wish I could muster up those feelings again. Perhaps I will later this evening... Tomorrow I hope to report another win and not a fight between my cousins. Wish me luck!

If you are thankful and would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....
where ironically the post is about masterpieces which ties in with my art show. Maybe it is a good omen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He's here!

Ya know it is really weird... I kept thinking I heard a storm coming yesterday at work. I'd keep going to the window. It did not hit until later.

Well, lo & behold my cousin is FINALLY here! He's here! He's finally here! He arrived yesterday around 5 and so did a storm which was really weird after the tornado dream I had that night he told me he was coming. He is staying with my folks. He brought enough stuff with him! I started to ask him if he's moved in! You wouldn't believe all the stuff! Tripods, 2 big storage bins, etc. LOL

Just talking to Lance last night about everything gave me one of my really bad headaches. He also brought some freshly cut sage brush which was in bloom when he left Idaho. I smelled it. Not sure if it did it; if it was a sinus headache or just a migraine from all the tension this whole situation causes me. It was one of the ones headaches where I feel as if I have a clamp on the back of my head. I used to get them before I had my hysterectomy. I had to take something & go to bed when we got home.

But today is a new day; a new beginning. We'll just have to see what happens...

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Wish...

On 9/9/09, Susannah of Ink on My Fingers at had a wonderful wish list for that magical day that has now come and gone. Please stop by and read her wish list. Today I don't recall anything magical happening in my life that special day, but my days tend to run together now. It is hard to keep up with what happened each day although I think I have kept an pretty accurate account here on my blog, but I am sure I missed some things; left a few things out. Some on purpose. I keep coming to roadblocks in my daily affairs, particularly since handling my aunt's financial matters. Life has just been one thing after another on this train ride I find myself on now. I feel it is all rushing past me. Susannah's post was like a breath of fresh air. A small detour off the train. Although I replied to her post personally, I re-read it again today.

I thought to myself we don't really need a magical day just to make a wish list. We could make one daily. At the end of each day, we could check our list to see if any wishes came true that day. We could see what we did or did not do in order to ensure our wishes came true so we might be able to repeat the process the next day. Maybe wish harder. Pray more. Pick more dandelions to make more wishes on them, etc.

It seems I am always late and a dollar short. A Capricorn late bloomer if there ever was one. So I will do my wish list today... Today I wish for... my cousin to arrive soon so I can take a breather even though I just started out the gate. I know I have been wishey-washey about his coming so I wish I was not so wishey-washey. I wish... there won't be a storm once he arrives.

I wish... I would win an award at the art show on Thursday evening which would mean a monetary award as well. I wish... all my friends would turn up to vote for me so I could win. Although I felt somewhat depressed when I turned in my framed artwork yesterday. So many really great pieces of art compared to my small one; some much better than mine. I wish... I didn't feel so small. I wish... to be rid of my self-doubts, faithlessness in myself, my abilites and my art as well as my feelings of inadequacies. I wish... to be more self-confident. Perhaps I need another pep talk from my friend Cheryl. I wish... to stop 2nd guessing myself that I picked the wrong piece of art for the show just because I was far more sure of my choice last year. I KNEW then. I wish... I don't have beginner's luck.

I wish... for Don's father to be alright; that his dizziness is not anything major as Don fears. That maybe it is something as simple as inner ear. I wish... Don doesn't have to go to Indy if it is bad news and he will miss my art show, but I will understand and go on.

I wish... my mom to find the right dr. I hope we are on the right road. I wish she doesn't have to have surgery.

I wish... handling my aunt's affairs were easier for me; a smooth ride with no more roadblocks ahead. I wish... it would not take a toll on my immediate family. I wish... it won't affect my son. I wish Don could find the right job for him and soon! I wish... our lives could go back to being normal again. I wish... we were well off without any worries. I wish... I could make money selling my art. I wish... we didn't have to pay bills. I wish... it was a perfect world with a happily-ever aftering. I wish... all our dreams could come true.

What do you wish for? I hope all your wishes come true.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday's Message

When we got back from church, there was a message on our machine. I could tell it was Don's baby brother. Don thought he sounded funny. He called him back. No answer. Alan called. Don's daddy is in the hospital! He had been having dizzy spells for 4 days. It was worse this morning so Alan took him to the ER and they kept him to run tests. He is in a room now. All the test taken thus far have come back negative. They will do an MRI tomorrow. Don's daddy is rarely sick. This really upset Don. Please keep them in your prayers that it is nothing major. Thank you.

My mom is going to see a 2nd and 3rd opinion on her problem and hopefully find a new oby/gyn.

I took my artwork to the "hanging". I needed it's exact measurements, but did not ask when it was being framed. Luckily they had a tape measure. A nice lady said, she would take my baby as I was filling out the paperwork, the title and the price. I was concentrating on that so I didn't notice where she placed it. She put it next to one of the biggest and best pieces lined up along the bottom of the walls; next to a very large photographic sunset that reminded me of a sunset scene in "Gone With the Wind". It made mine appear so small. I know it is not the size that counts. At least my colors complimented it. There are some really good pieces entered. I know it is normal to feel somewhat depressed when I compare which I know I shouldn't do, but I am only human. Still I am hoping my local fan club will vote for me for the People's Choice award.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Art is Ready

Well, I survived Thursday evening's episode leaving mad and with another headache. I have had more headaches lately dealing with my aunt's affairs. My cuz couldn't wait for me til Wednesday so he bought $156 worth of groceries. Two packs of tilapia at $7.99 each! I am going to have to put him on a strict budget. He said he got money off of one of his credit cards which I thought was really dumb. He wasn't completely out of things. Now he will have to pay that money back at a higher interest rate if he doesn't pay it right away. I have never gotten money off my credit cards. Then there was an unexpected bill. He said he and his mom decided they needed a Kirby vaccuum cleaner to get up all the cat hair! Even I know Kirby is the most expensive one on the market. There was notice from a financial place stating payments had not been made. The amount was over $200! He acted like this was ok and an every day occurance. All I can do is shake my head. This is why he cannot be left in charge of finances.

I tried to call several of her creditors on Friday. The one for the Kirby will not give me any info unless I have a Power of Attorney (POA). I told them this would not be paid on time until I find out more about it. I even asked if we could send it back to them and they said no.

On, a much happier note, my artwork has been framed much cheaper than last year and ready for this year's show. Once again, I got it only days before the "hanging day". The show is this Thursday so wish me luck. If all my friends show up as they said they would, I just may win the People's Choice award again this year! Fingers crossed. I sure need the money.

Tonight we rented the new "Hannah Montannah" movie which was just what the doctor ordered for me. I think I enjoyed it more than anyone. I guess I needed the outlet. It had some really funny parts. I haven't laughed that hard since earlier today when Rhett and I were playing Christmas hangman on the computer. We missed the word "myrrh" and got hung. I kept saying the word "MYRRH! MYRHH! MYRRH!" over and over, loud and in a funny voice. "What kind of word is myrrh?" I asked. We laughed so hard until we were almost crying.

Then I took Rhett to get his hair cut since he will be taking school pics on Tuesday. I hit my shin really hard on a wooden protruding corner of a seat at Burger King. It broke the skin, but it didn't bleed. It left a contusion so I will probably wear pants to churh tomorrow. Not that I mind. We all get bumps and bruises, but we put antibiotic cream on it and go on until the next bump or bruise occurs. Life goes on.

Today as the 1st day I left my camera and my cell phone at home. I worried my parents might call about something serious or wondered if something happened with my aunt. It is funny how we come to rely on things. What did we ever do without them?

My art is all ready. I have my updated art bio sheet and a photo of myself along with it. I am all set. Miley's song "The Climb" is still playing in my head.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2nd Tornado Dream

I was thankful I got to see my friends Jimmy and Bob last Saturday. I had breakfast with Jimmy again on Tues at the JCP retiree breakfast. Two of the retirees have me concerned becuase they did not look well. I realize they are getting older and that is saddening. I was able to invite them all to the art show!

Sometime Saturday my Aunt fell out of bed at the hospital! I sent emails to her kids in Idaho because I felt they should know this as it was major.

Well, Sunday evening I got the shock of my life! My cuz called me from Idaho to say he is coming! I couldn't believe it. I was so relieved. He sounded good, in a good mood, upbeat and laughing. I am not sure if the email about his mom's fall was the determining factor. We talked for several hours about a lot of things. So I was feeling good.

That night I had a dream... I was at my Aunt M's in Montgomery (my mom's oldest living sister & I realized the implication of her name after I typed this! LOL) which has nothing to do with my Aunt Va here. We were at Aunt M's old house. Old as in two houses prior, not as in olden or dilapidated. This house was made out of white cinder blocks. I saw my deceased Uncle Eddy who had on dark clothes and had his back to me, but I was comforted that he was there. This house had at least 3 bedrooms in it. In the front corner one, the room was all white white. There were no curtains in the window. I looked out the window into the vast field and saw a tornado forming, growing and heading towards the house. Don was beside me. I was hollering for Rhett who was in the living room to come on because we had to get to the cellar! In reality, there was no cellar at this house. I sat straight up in bed. I know I had this dream as a premonition because there will be a BIG storm when my cuz arrives. I think this is the 2nd tornado dream I have had.

On Monday my other cuz who has been taking care of my aunt called to ask for a check for $200 to buy groceries. I immediately told him even we don't spend that much money. He said it was for the entire month & he was out of everything. He began with cat liter. I am not a cat person so I feel like this expense could be eliminated but I cannot tell them they have to get rid of their beautiful cats. He said they were out of toilet paper. I have changed the roll for the past two weeks and I know he is not completely out of tp! There are only two people, well, three with his friend living there in their household whereas we have three. I know his mom doesn't eat well. I knew it was for something else as he then told me he had an overdraft on each of his checking accounts. He also said he missed a credit card payment. But then I have to look at it from the perspective that he cannot take a job because he has been taking care of his mom. He is needed. Otherwise an expensive nurse would have to stay with her or she'd have to go in a nursing home and the nursing home would eventually get the house.

I don't feel comfortable handing over a $200 check. Everyone I talked to said he is wanting the money for something else not just food. I will go with him to the grocery store. That is the only way I can feel good about this. I know he won't like it. I am going to give him gas money. I will give him the same amount I spend on gas each week.

Be careful what you wish for.... Now I sort of wish my other cuz from Idaho wasn't coming because he will clean house! He is the storm that his coming. It is going to be a mess and I am right in the middle of it. I dread this afternoon going to the grocery store. So please keep me in your prayers as I will probably witness one of this cuz's temper tantrums first hand. I wish my husband would go with me, but I know he doesn't want to go. I have a tiny fear because R has threatened to kill his brother L!

I did have a highlight to my day yesterday.... There is a Halloween shop that has been here for three straight years. I decided to stop in. It was smaller and darker than last year. Also creepier. Even I was a bit scared at times. It wasn't crowded and I was the only one in there at one point. I kept hearing banging on the other side which was a bit unnerving considering where I was. Once I went through the entire store, I asked the male clerk that worked there if I could take pictures and he said since no one was there, it was ok with him. The first thing I did was take a picture of a raven with it's wings spread. Yes, I did my object placement in yet another store! My flash caught the shine on it's wings. I got a really creepy, but cool vamp mask/head. Well, it is a head that won't stand up by itself. I got several shots of witch that turned out well. There was even a Japanese mummy which I had never seen before. It went off once. It's eyes lit up red & it glowed on the inside. I figured it would be a long while before it did this again so I couldn't get a pic of it. I got a big spider in window. I heard thunder and thought, SOMEONE is trying to tell me something... like maybe I shouldn't be here! LOL I had to wait til the storm passed. It was raining like a tornado was coming right there in that one spot. When it slacked, I went to my car. I saw a rainbow so I know God still loves me anyway! As I went up the road, it wasn't even raining. Just a downpour over a Halloween shop!

I was just tickled pink over my pictures. I FINALLY have a perfect raven photo I'd been wanting. I want to add to my blog. I have THE perfect Halloween pic now. It will probably give folks a heart attack when they see it! LOL

My aunt did well with the port that was installed so she can now go on dialysis. She had her first treatment later in the afternoon after the surgery.

All of this had taken a toll on my son's grades.

If you would like to partipate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday's Drama/Comedy

Well, you know it is never a dull moment with us. There is always a story to tell & laugh about later (maybe). There is always drama in our lives.

Don didn't go with me when we inventoried Aunt Va's safety dep. box a few weeks ago and he should have! After a discussion we had Frid nite over dinner about if something happened to my cuz, Robbie which made my stomach start hurting because I figured I would be the one left holding the bag so to speak. On Sat morn, Don decided he needed to see the insurance policies in the safety dep. box BEFORE we went to my friend Jimmy's house to see if Don could weld a swing. This would mean some same change; gas money for Don.

Change of plans. So off we go to the deposit box. I had not taken any paperwork with me. This being my 2nd time going into the box, I didn't know I needed the account # since I had a key. J, the head of the credit union had a flag on the account that she was to be notified if anyone tried to go into the box. So I still do not feel like I am in charge; that I am being monitored due to Robbie's friends'actions in the past. The guy at the desk remembered me. I told him we only wanted to look at one insur. policy. So we were led into the vault. All 3 of us plus the guy at the front desk went into the vault to open it. This was after they couldn't find a card I was to sign once it had been validated with a time clock punch. They finally found it.

As Don was going thru ALL the insur. policies because he used to sell insurance and is knowledgeable, this one other guy who was like a gun-ho Barney Fife came in, told Don not too nicely that he couldn't be in there & had to leave the vault NOW! Like he was some sort of crimminal. This didn't go over well with Don. Well, the guy could have been nicer and said, "Excuse me, Sir, but you will have to leave the vault since you are not on the account." So I am putting all the policies back into the box not in the order they were in because I was upset too. A few mins later Barney then tells me I can take the contents to an empty desk. I hand all the policies back to Don. I closed the door to go to Don. I realized the door locked behind me. The key to it is in the safety dep box! Barney here starts having a cow saying they will have to send someone to the 13th St branch to get another key since that was the ONLY key they had to the vault! The guy we first talked to is so calm, cool and collect as a cucumber. He told Barney to chill. They tried several things trying to get the door open because there are air hole slots in the door. The door had a handle that went out sort of like an outward L shape. We had to wait for one girl that worked there to get her umbrella with a handle on it. This opened it thank goodness. So maybe it is wise to have an umbrellas with a u shaped handle.

I remained with the open box just staring at the contents because I didn't have anything else to do until someone needed to get into their box. Don got some info that might be helpful. Really I think I need a power of attorney to find out about her other accounts. We still don't know where her soc. sec. goes.

I was never so happy to leave a place in all my life. Now I know how to break into their safety dep. vault! LOL Not that I would.

I figured J would be calling me and she did. I told her exactly what happened. I even told her about the Barney Fife episode and how angry Don was about it. She apologized for that. Not sure if we got anywhere. She says she trusts me. The lawyer was supposed to go to the hospital to try to do the will that day. I found out more from her than I did from Robbie about Aunt Va's condition.

Aunt Va was congested when they admitted her to the hospital. Now they think because her kidneys are not functioning, they caused the fluid to build up in her lungs as well as that around her heart! Each time Daddy went to see her she was sleeping so he didn't know anything except she didn't look good to him.

We went to Aunt Va's house. I called Robbie 1st because I don't want to use the key to let myself in, but the door is always unlocked when he is there & he hollers to come on in when I knock. The guy that is staying there has a broken rib from an accident at work, but he will continue working. There were bills waiting for me on the table. One that really bothered me was from Publisher's Clearing House for over $192! It seems items were sent to the house since Jan - April. One was a flannel gown which I could understand although mom says Auntie doesn't wear flannel. Then there was a 7 pc. thermometer set, a pedomenter (for a woman in a wheelchair?!?). It said if this isn't paid, it will be turned over to a collection agency. I asked Robbie about it & he said he didn't know anything about it. Don wanted me to look thru the house for the items, but I can't do that! Don told me it would be better to pay it because a collection agency would charge fees and it would be more $. I did let J know about this bill. I am going to call the 800 # on Wed as the recording said it was a better day since their highest volumes were Mon & Tues. But what if everyone waits til Wed? LOL

Don thinks more expenses could be eliminated, but I can't ask Robbie to cut off the cable as that is one of his only outlets while there even if he is getting 2 pay movie channels on it. I wouldn't want someone coming in & telling me I cannot have these things I have been accustomed to all my life. Of course it is bad that a mother is paying for stuff for a 39 year old boy/man. He can't work because he has to take care of her.

Don talked with Donnie, his friend who is helping out & staying there rent free. They went outside & discussed the leaking roof which Donnie is going to fix for nothing. I suggesed we wait til the weather cools off more and his rib heals.

I realized something... the Lord let Robbie live when Aunt Va took all those sleeping pills when she was pregnant with him and unmarried because HE knew Robbie would be the one to take care of her.

It was so good to see my friends Jimmy & Bob yesterday. I realized later that I took pics of Jimmy's trees and flowers rather than he & Bob. We hope to get together with them on Labor Day evening.

Framing my artwork for the upcoming art show had to be put off until another day. So I pulled another Scarlett O'Hara. I'll think of it tomorrow for tomorrow is another day. Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend. We have already had our barbecue.

Friday, September 4, 2009

An Artful Poem by ~theRAV~

Dancing Mermaid made me want to write poetry again with her challenge. Today I went to my old faithful... e-muse again. I can come up with words on my mind at the time, but they don't always jive. When I start typing the poem as a post, I always change the words as I go; as I did here... I visited a lot of blogs today, catching up. Trying to improve my mood I wore a bright pink salmon colored blouse. I saw a dragonfly on Carletta's blog "Around the Bend" and picked that as my animal for this poem. All these blogs can be found on my side bar. I am just thankful to have written another poem today.

"An Artful Poem"

Amber art flowing like lava
hot, yellow golden and bright orange
hot salmon pink skies over anywhere but here
My muse arrives in the nick of time
(Is his name Nick?)
dreaming about looking wantonly and sexy hue-filled
Not the only heavely part -
Then the art is flowing slowly to a trickle
with near silence so still it makes your ears throb
for wanting to hear
dragonfly wings flapping
where the dragonflies await.

Now the amber arts fade
into hot salmon beginnings
and the dragonfly is no more.
He's off to inspire another artist,
But perhaps he will come this way again...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Waiting Rooms of Life

I was upset by an email I received about the changes I was trying to impliment as far as my aunt's money was concerned. I felt like there were too many chiefs and not enough braves. I felt like I hit a brick wall just stepping outside the gate. It wasn't that I wanted to have my way. My husband and I could just see a better, more logical way of doing things. I also wanted to send my cuz in Idaho an email to come home to handle all this knowing it wouldn't do any good. He won't come until she dies if then. I wanted to give it up, but I am not one to give up on anything. Don even said we are spending way too much of our time without getting compensated for it. Yet others have said I am earning my angel wings in Heaven.

Well, I have decided that I will have to start going with my mom to her dr's appointments since she has started to become almost as deaf as Daddy. Her dr's visit was a comedy unto itself where we played musical waiting rooms. In the first waiting room of life, she aired our family dirty laundry about my cuz Zee's most recent baby's momma drama. This Fatal Attraction girl actually called the police on my 2nd cousin Zee for holding his own child! The police came to my 1st cousin's house. They had never been called to his house before so he told baby's momma she would have to leave after the police told her Zee had just as much right to hold the baby as she did. My mom used a few choice words for her and I had to tell her she can't talk like that!

At the 2nd small waiting room of life, I spent standing because mom had to go to the bathroom. Then we were sent to the 3rd waiting room of life. I didn't bring a book to read or my Book worm game so I watched HGTV because I couldn't hear it. An inappropriately dressed young lady was watching her sister's young son who was about 3-4, strapped in an umbrella stroller. He had never been away from his mom so he was "sending 'em up" as my BFF Genie would say. She thought pushing him back and forth in stroller would help, but it didn't. Any one with an ounce of motherly instinct would know to take the child out and hold him to try to calm him down. So my mom offered her opinion on this too" that some people shouldn't have children". I just knew we'd get our butts beat but thankfully we didn't! My mom reminded me, "Aren't you glad you had a grandma to help you with your's?" I am So glad and thankful!

Mom's appointment was the last one before lunch. Lesson learned: Never make a Monday appointment at 11:15! They took her back and I would be sent for later. I moved underneath the tv so I could hear it. I was the only one in the room then. It seemed like I was there forever as it often does in the waiting rooms of life. All the nursing staff starting coming into this large waiting room where I was to sit. Some had their lunches with them. I figured they were about to have a meeting. A lady in normal clothes, not the colorful nurses's attire, asked me if I could move into yet another waiting room of life. The exam rooms were located back here. By now I am a bit concerned that I haven't been called back. I heard the dr talking to my mom down another hall to my right & he'd just entered her exam room. The nurse was talking with another lady so I moved to the chair where they took your blood pressure so I could hear the dr better through a closed door. I pretended to be observing a painting which I really was. I could tell how hard of hearing my mom is now. The nurse was having to repeat what the dr said to her.

He came out and I did get to talk with him briefly. He explained she has a hernia between her rectum and vagina. He prescribed a hormonal cream for her to use each night for 6 weeks. I don't see how a hormonal cream will fix a hernia, but I am no dr nor do I play one on tv. LOL If not, she will need surgery to place a bridge in which will require an over night hospital stay. I pray this cream works. Her dr did not shake my hand. When I told him she thought she had a tumor he got mad and walked off into his beautifully decorated office. I told my mom I would not go to that gynocological office! I like mine much betterI! He only has one waiting room. I had to explain what her dr said to her. She did tell me he told her when she went in for the bladder infection that her next trip would be to the hospital! No one wants to hear that. He shouldn't have said it like that. He needs more patience with his elderly hard of hearing patients.

Since I had taken the day off because there might have been bad news, we went on to lunch and had a nice one and I was thankful for it. Afterwards I went home to go with Don to pick up Rhett from school since I did not know the system of picking him up as to which line I was supposed to get in. Now I do. We went to the dollar store to get baggies and other items. I treated them to an early supper as I was not hungry. I got myself a b-cue sandwich for later which I was going to eat while watching tv. I ate it while watching the CMA special. I had my lamp on over me afterwards cutting out a baggie full of scraps from catalogs and magazines. Either I had Rhett's fever or one powerful hot flash that lasted from 8 pm - ? !!! I had to cut the air down so I could try to cool off to go to sleep. I was NOT thankful for this power surge in my "internal oven" as Genie calls it.

Tuesday, thankfully Aunt Va's checks came in. I felt better after talking with Janet. I had decided to let the chips fall where they may. I realized I couldn't change anything. It wasn't worth arguing and worrying over. I had a new print out so some of the bills were paid that I had been worrying about being paid on time. Rob had told Janet that Aunt Va's blood sugar was 40! She was really concerned and gave me specific things to ask Rob. I was worried I'd walk in to find her in coma, so I took Daddy with me. I won't listen to what others say anymore. I will just handle everthing on my own to the best of my abilities. I won't drag Daddy out like that again. Not that I dragged him.

When we arrived, Rob was getting Aunt Va up out of bed into the wheel chair which relieved me. She was not very coherent so the will could not have been done anyway. Rob had put it off til Thurs which is today. Almost another week. She kept calling for my Daddy & he was right there! She calls Rob my daddy's name. I am proud of Robbie for the way he deals with this. I am not sure I could handle it all the time. Her blood sugar was up. 123. She ate some. I asked him about the bed sore on her foot which he said was better. I could see it thru the wheel chair. It was scabbed over, not open or oozing. I did have to keep shushing him when I thought he talked too loud to her because it bothered me. I finally told him she wa not going to eat any more, to let her spit it out which he did. She went back to bed and to sleep.

I paid some bills. One of which Rob was going to shred, but I told him NO! That is not the way we handle our bills and we would doing these a differnent way from now onward. He probably didn't like that but oh, well. Rob wasn't helpful with some of my bill paying questions. He tells me one thing, Janet tells me another. I guess I will just have to sort it all out on my own.

Yesterday Aunt Va had to go back to the hospital again. Rob told me her blood sugar was 46. He told Janet it was 40. Everytime you talk to him, it is something different. Another ambulance was called whereas I would try my best to get someone to the hospital without one. She was also congested. At least the bed sore on her foot can be addressed now. We still haven't heard anything. I have tried to call the nurse but am waiting to call her back.

My artist muse had been on a sabbatical until last night. Since I left my teaching book in my car as Don was rushing me, I let the kids make get well cards for the preacher's wife, our dear friend K. She had a virus and just can't seem to get her strength back. I had my drawing bags with me so I made her one with a rubber stamp, colored pencil and a marker on brown construction paper. I think it is weird that my brown art works. So K has an original piece of my artwork which she says she will cherish. I was thankful my muse returned.

Rhett told me he had detention for the 1st time in his life just before he went to sleep last night. Trying to find out what he did wrong was like pulling teeth. It seems he didn't put something in his planner. Don was really mad about this this morning. He said the teacher is supposed to send home a note prior to it, not just tell him. So we had loud words while Rhett sat quietly still on the couch. He thinks we fuss all the time now. I was afraid Don would go into the teacher's room with an attitude that would make the teacher not like Rhett or make it hard on him. Don pulled out the handbook stating the teacher should send written notification first. He was telling Rhett to tell his teacher that and I told him Rhett can't talk to his teacher like that! We both left the house mad with each other. He had to call me later and sounded ok.

I emailed his teacher, but have not heard back from her so we don't really know what time to pick him up now. Don seems to have calmed down from this morning. Like a lot of things, I have just decide to let it go and let God.

It seems Rhett has not been doing his homework. I thought it odd he didn't have any. I guess all the events going on in our life are effecting him.

I hope you have had a more thankful week. If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following... It is right on time; just what the dr ordered for me. Maybe it will help you too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Our Weekend Was Like

Rhett looked sick when I got home Friday nite from going thru my Aunt's safety deposit box. He had circles under his eyes and he looked like he felt bad. He didn't eat well, but he slept well and ate better on Saturday. Don now has to send resumes via emails and the internet. I miss the old days where you went to apply for a job and had human contact. We went to the library. When we came out, we were parked beside a beautiful piece of green carpet like grass. I just had to take my clogs off and place my feet on the grass for a few seconds. I started to take a picture but my toe nails need a pedicure bad. I could have just taken one of my empty clogs and gotten my point across. It was one of the highlights of my day. So take it from me... take your shoes off and walk in the grass if only for a few seconds while you have the chance. It's the little things like that which mean the most.

We went to Barnes & Noble because there was supposed to an art show from the Sarah West Gallery. We drove all the way across town to the new mall only to barely find a tiny art show on a double sided wire wire consisting of children's art. I admit I was disappointed always expecting too much. It was mostly pencil drawings but some of them were very good. Rhett even said so.

I got a book on sale as did Rhett. I also got some some small alphapbet stamps that are shaped like tiny postage stamps. I saw Daddy's old boss's son, Bryan, who used to live in California. I thought it was him but wasn't sure. Almost stopped him to ask about the art show. He remembered me, but not my name. He has been here three years now. He only works at B & N on Saturdays. He lives near my parents. It was good seeing him again.

It was my night to see folks. I saw a guy I used to work with @ JCP and go to college with named Eddie. My mom used to call him George for some reason. I guess he looked like a George to her. She did it so much that I once called him George and he looked at me like I was crazy.

We got supper to go from a new place called the Pickle Barrell. Don didn't like their philly cheese steak sandwiches. Rhett's mild wings were good. Not too hot for him which is always a good thing.

The good news is Don hasn't lost his unemployment! Yeah! Thank you, Lord!

Tomorrow is my mom's dr's appointment so please keep her in your prayers. Thanks.

Update: I will have to start going with mom to the dr. She had a HERNIA not a tumor! Will write more later when I have time.