Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Art is Ready

Well, I survived Thursday evening's episode leaving mad and with another headache. I have had more headaches lately dealing with my aunt's affairs. My cuz couldn't wait for me til Wednesday so he bought $156 worth of groceries. Two packs of tilapia at $7.99 each! I am going to have to put him on a strict budget. He said he got money off of one of his credit cards which I thought was really dumb. He wasn't completely out of things. Now he will have to pay that money back at a higher interest rate if he doesn't pay it right away. I have never gotten money off my credit cards. Then there was an unexpected bill. He said he and his mom decided they needed a Kirby vaccuum cleaner to get up all the cat hair! Even I know Kirby is the most expensive one on the market. There was notice from a financial place stating payments had not been made. The amount was over $200! He acted like this was ok and an every day occurance. All I can do is shake my head. This is why he cannot be left in charge of finances.

I tried to call several of her creditors on Friday. The one for the Kirby will not give me any info unless I have a Power of Attorney (POA). I told them this would not be paid on time until I find out more about it. I even asked if we could send it back to them and they said no.

On, a much happier note, my artwork has been framed much cheaper than last year and ready for this year's show. Once again, I got it only days before the "hanging day". The show is this Thursday so wish me luck. If all my friends show up as they said they would, I just may win the People's Choice award again this year! Fingers crossed. I sure need the money.

Tonight we rented the new "Hannah Montannah" movie which was just what the doctor ordered for me. I think I enjoyed it more than anyone. I guess I needed the outlet. It had some really funny parts. I haven't laughed that hard since earlier today when Rhett and I were playing Christmas hangman on the computer. We missed the word "myrrh" and got hung. I kept saying the word "MYRRH! MYRHH! MYRRH!" over and over, loud and in a funny voice. "What kind of word is myrrh?" I asked. We laughed so hard until we were almost crying.

Then I took Rhett to get his hair cut since he will be taking school pics on Tuesday. I hit my shin really hard on a wooden protruding corner of a seat at Burger King. It broke the skin, but it didn't bleed. It left a contusion so I will probably wear pants to churh tomorrow. Not that I mind. We all get bumps and bruises, but we put antibiotic cream on it and go on until the next bump or bruise occurs. Life goes on.

Today as the 1st day I left my camera and my cell phone at home. I worried my parents might call about something serious or wondered if something happened with my aunt. It is funny how we come to rely on things. What did we ever do without them?

My art is all ready. I have my updated art bio sheet and a photo of myself along with it. I am all set. Miley's song "The Climb" is still playing in my head.


PERBS said...

t sounds like your plate is full. Why didn't they take back the vacuum? Was it bought more than 30 days ago? No receipt?

becky aka theRAV said...

I am not sure when it was bought. That was what I was trying to find out!