Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday's Drama/Comedy

Well, you know it is never a dull moment with us. There is always a story to tell & laugh about later (maybe). There is always drama in our lives.

Don didn't go with me when we inventoried Aunt Va's safety dep. box a few weeks ago and he should have! After a discussion we had Frid nite over dinner about if something happened to my cuz, Robbie which made my stomach start hurting because I figured I would be the one left holding the bag so to speak. On Sat morn, Don decided he needed to see the insurance policies in the safety dep. box BEFORE we went to my friend Jimmy's house to see if Don could weld a swing. This would mean some same change; gas money for Don.

Change of plans. So off we go to the deposit box. I had not taken any paperwork with me. This being my 2nd time going into the box, I didn't know I needed the account # since I had a key. J, the head of the credit union had a flag on the account that she was to be notified if anyone tried to go into the box. So I still do not feel like I am in charge; that I am being monitored due to Robbie's friends'actions in the past. The guy at the desk remembered me. I told him we only wanted to look at one insur. policy. So we were led into the vault. All 3 of us plus the guy at the front desk went into the vault to open it. This was after they couldn't find a card I was to sign once it had been validated with a time clock punch. They finally found it.

As Don was going thru ALL the insur. policies because he used to sell insurance and is knowledgeable, this one other guy who was like a gun-ho Barney Fife came in, told Don not too nicely that he couldn't be in there & had to leave the vault NOW! Like he was some sort of crimminal. This didn't go over well with Don. Well, the guy could have been nicer and said, "Excuse me, Sir, but you will have to leave the vault since you are not on the account." So I am putting all the policies back into the box not in the order they were in because I was upset too. A few mins later Barney then tells me I can take the contents to an empty desk. I hand all the policies back to Don. I closed the door to go to Don. I realized the door locked behind me. The key to it is in the safety dep box! Barney here starts having a cow saying they will have to send someone to the 13th St branch to get another key since that was the ONLY key they had to the vault! The guy we first talked to is so calm, cool and collect as a cucumber. He told Barney to chill. They tried several things trying to get the door open because there are air hole slots in the door. The door had a handle that went out sort of like an outward L shape. We had to wait for one girl that worked there to get her umbrella with a handle on it. This opened it thank goodness. So maybe it is wise to have an umbrellas with a u shaped handle.

I remained with the open box just staring at the contents because I didn't have anything else to do until someone needed to get into their box. Don got some info that might be helpful. Really I think I need a power of attorney to find out about her other accounts. We still don't know where her soc. sec. goes.

I was never so happy to leave a place in all my life. Now I know how to break into their safety dep. vault! LOL Not that I would.

I figured J would be calling me and she did. I told her exactly what happened. I even told her about the Barney Fife episode and how angry Don was about it. She apologized for that. Not sure if we got anywhere. She says she trusts me. The lawyer was supposed to go to the hospital to try to do the will that day. I found out more from her than I did from Robbie about Aunt Va's condition.

Aunt Va was congested when they admitted her to the hospital. Now they think because her kidneys are not functioning, they caused the fluid to build up in her lungs as well as that around her heart! Each time Daddy went to see her she was sleeping so he didn't know anything except she didn't look good to him.

We went to Aunt Va's house. I called Robbie 1st because I don't want to use the key to let myself in, but the door is always unlocked when he is there & he hollers to come on in when I knock. The guy that is staying there has a broken rib from an accident at work, but he will continue working. There were bills waiting for me on the table. One that really bothered me was from Publisher's Clearing House for over $192! It seems items were sent to the house since Jan - April. One was a flannel gown which I could understand although mom says Auntie doesn't wear flannel. Then there was a 7 pc. thermometer set, a pedomenter (for a woman in a wheelchair?!?). It said if this isn't paid, it will be turned over to a collection agency. I asked Robbie about it & he said he didn't know anything about it. Don wanted me to look thru the house for the items, but I can't do that! Don told me it would be better to pay it because a collection agency would charge fees and it would be more $. I did let J know about this bill. I am going to call the 800 # on Wed as the recording said it was a better day since their highest volumes were Mon & Tues. But what if everyone waits til Wed? LOL

Don thinks more expenses could be eliminated, but I can't ask Robbie to cut off the cable as that is one of his only outlets while there even if he is getting 2 pay movie channels on it. I wouldn't want someone coming in & telling me I cannot have these things I have been accustomed to all my life. Of course it is bad that a mother is paying for stuff for a 39 year old boy/man. He can't work because he has to take care of her.

Don talked with Donnie, his friend who is helping out & staying there rent free. They went outside & discussed the leaking roof which Donnie is going to fix for nothing. I suggesed we wait til the weather cools off more and his rib heals.

I realized something... the Lord let Robbie live when Aunt Va took all those sleeping pills when she was pregnant with him and unmarried because HE knew Robbie would be the one to take care of her.

It was so good to see my friends Jimmy & Bob yesterday. I realized later that I took pics of Jimmy's trees and flowers rather than he & Bob. We hope to get together with them on Labor Day evening.

Framing my artwork for the upcoming art show had to be put off until another day. So I pulled another Scarlett O'Hara. I'll think of it tomorrow for tomorrow is another day. Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend. We have already had our barbecue.

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