Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Waiting Rooms of Life

I was upset by an email I received about the changes I was trying to impliment as far as my aunt's money was concerned. I felt like there were too many chiefs and not enough braves. I felt like I hit a brick wall just stepping outside the gate. It wasn't that I wanted to have my way. My husband and I could just see a better, more logical way of doing things. I also wanted to send my cuz in Idaho an email to come home to handle all this knowing it wouldn't do any good. He won't come until she dies if then. I wanted to give it up, but I am not one to give up on anything. Don even said we are spending way too much of our time without getting compensated for it. Yet others have said I am earning my angel wings in Heaven.

Well, I have decided that I will have to start going with my mom to her dr's appointments since she has started to become almost as deaf as Daddy. Her dr's visit was a comedy unto itself where we played musical waiting rooms. In the first waiting room of life, she aired our family dirty laundry about my cuz Zee's most recent baby's momma drama. This Fatal Attraction girl actually called the police on my 2nd cousin Zee for holding his own child! The police came to my 1st cousin's house. They had never been called to his house before so he told baby's momma she would have to leave after the police told her Zee had just as much right to hold the baby as she did. My mom used a few choice words for her and I had to tell her she can't talk like that!

At the 2nd small waiting room of life, I spent standing because mom had to go to the bathroom. Then we were sent to the 3rd waiting room of life. I didn't bring a book to read or my Book worm game so I watched HGTV because I couldn't hear it. An inappropriately dressed young lady was watching her sister's young son who was about 3-4, strapped in an umbrella stroller. He had never been away from his mom so he was "sending 'em up" as my BFF Genie would say. She thought pushing him back and forth in stroller would help, but it didn't. Any one with an ounce of motherly instinct would know to take the child out and hold him to try to calm him down. So my mom offered her opinion on this too" that some people shouldn't have children". I just knew we'd get our butts beat but thankfully we didn't! My mom reminded me, "Aren't you glad you had a grandma to help you with your's?" I am So glad and thankful!

Mom's appointment was the last one before lunch. Lesson learned: Never make a Monday appointment at 11:15! They took her back and I would be sent for later. I moved underneath the tv so I could hear it. I was the only one in the room then. It seemed like I was there forever as it often does in the waiting rooms of life. All the nursing staff starting coming into this large waiting room where I was to sit. Some had their lunches with them. I figured they were about to have a meeting. A lady in normal clothes, not the colorful nurses's attire, asked me if I could move into yet another waiting room of life. The exam rooms were located back here. By now I am a bit concerned that I haven't been called back. I heard the dr talking to my mom down another hall to my right & he'd just entered her exam room. The nurse was talking with another lady so I moved to the chair where they took your blood pressure so I could hear the dr better through a closed door. I pretended to be observing a painting which I really was. I could tell how hard of hearing my mom is now. The nurse was having to repeat what the dr said to her.

He came out and I did get to talk with him briefly. He explained she has a hernia between her rectum and vagina. He prescribed a hormonal cream for her to use each night for 6 weeks. I don't see how a hormonal cream will fix a hernia, but I am no dr nor do I play one on tv. LOL If not, she will need surgery to place a bridge in which will require an over night hospital stay. I pray this cream works. Her dr did not shake my hand. When I told him she thought she had a tumor he got mad and walked off into his beautifully decorated office. I told my mom I would not go to that gynocological office! I like mine much betterI! He only has one waiting room. I had to explain what her dr said to her. She did tell me he told her when she went in for the bladder infection that her next trip would be to the hospital! No one wants to hear that. He shouldn't have said it like that. He needs more patience with his elderly hard of hearing patients.

Since I had taken the day off because there might have been bad news, we went on to lunch and had a nice one and I was thankful for it. Afterwards I went home to go with Don to pick up Rhett from school since I did not know the system of picking him up as to which line I was supposed to get in. Now I do. We went to the dollar store to get baggies and other items. I treated them to an early supper as I was not hungry. I got myself a b-cue sandwich for later which I was going to eat while watching tv. I ate it while watching the CMA special. I had my lamp on over me afterwards cutting out a baggie full of scraps from catalogs and magazines. Either I had Rhett's fever or one powerful hot flash that lasted from 8 pm - ? !!! I had to cut the air down so I could try to cool off to go to sleep. I was NOT thankful for this power surge in my "internal oven" as Genie calls it.

Tuesday, thankfully Aunt Va's checks came in. I felt better after talking with Janet. I had decided to let the chips fall where they may. I realized I couldn't change anything. It wasn't worth arguing and worrying over. I had a new print out so some of the bills were paid that I had been worrying about being paid on time. Rob had told Janet that Aunt Va's blood sugar was 40! She was really concerned and gave me specific things to ask Rob. I was worried I'd walk in to find her in coma, so I took Daddy with me. I won't listen to what others say anymore. I will just handle everthing on my own to the best of my abilities. I won't drag Daddy out like that again. Not that I dragged him.

When we arrived, Rob was getting Aunt Va up out of bed into the wheel chair which relieved me. She was not very coherent so the will could not have been done anyway. Rob had put it off til Thurs which is today. Almost another week. She kept calling for my Daddy & he was right there! She calls Rob my daddy's name. I am proud of Robbie for the way he deals with this. I am not sure I could handle it all the time. Her blood sugar was up. 123. She ate some. I asked him about the bed sore on her foot which he said was better. I could see it thru the wheel chair. It was scabbed over, not open or oozing. I did have to keep shushing him when I thought he talked too loud to her because it bothered me. I finally told him she wa not going to eat any more, to let her spit it out which he did. She went back to bed and to sleep.

I paid some bills. One of which Rob was going to shred, but I told him NO! That is not the way we handle our bills and we would doing these a differnent way from now onward. He probably didn't like that but oh, well. Rob wasn't helpful with some of my bill paying questions. He tells me one thing, Janet tells me another. I guess I will just have to sort it all out on my own.

Yesterday Aunt Va had to go back to the hospital again. Rob told me her blood sugar was 46. He told Janet it was 40. Everytime you talk to him, it is something different. Another ambulance was called whereas I would try my best to get someone to the hospital without one. She was also congested. At least the bed sore on her foot can be addressed now. We still haven't heard anything. I have tried to call the nurse but am waiting to call her back.

My artist muse had been on a sabbatical until last night. Since I left my teaching book in my car as Don was rushing me, I let the kids make get well cards for the preacher's wife, our dear friend K. She had a virus and just can't seem to get her strength back. I had my drawing bags with me so I made her one with a rubber stamp, colored pencil and a marker on brown construction paper. I think it is weird that my brown art works. So K has an original piece of my artwork which she says she will cherish. I was thankful my muse returned.

Rhett told me he had detention for the 1st time in his life just before he went to sleep last night. Trying to find out what he did wrong was like pulling teeth. It seems he didn't put something in his planner. Don was really mad about this this morning. He said the teacher is supposed to send home a note prior to it, not just tell him. So we had loud words while Rhett sat quietly still on the couch. He thinks we fuss all the time now. I was afraid Don would go into the teacher's room with an attitude that would make the teacher not like Rhett or make it hard on him. Don pulled out the handbook stating the teacher should send written notification first. He was telling Rhett to tell his teacher that and I told him Rhett can't talk to his teacher like that! We both left the house mad with each other. He had to call me later and sounded ok.

I emailed his teacher, but have not heard back from her so we don't really know what time to pick him up now. Don seems to have calmed down from this morning. Like a lot of things, I have just decide to let it go and let God.

It seems Rhett has not been doing his homework. I thought it odd he didn't have any. I guess all the events going on in our life are effecting him.

I hope you have had a more thankful week. If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following... It is right on time; just what the dr ordered for me. Maybe it will help you too.


Denise said...

I love you, and you are in my prayers.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, Denise. I love you too!

LAURIE said...

Sounds like you have a plateful going on, but am so grateful that God is always on time EVERYTIME! Breathe in His peace and comfort. Thanks for sharing you heart with us over at TT this week!

More Than Conquerors said...

It's been a very eventful time for you, Becky! Thank God for giving you much grace and strength to handle the various challenges, and blessing you with a thankful heart. May God bless and guide you always. Take care and have a blessed weekend!

becky aka theRAV said...

I have heard my cup is full; my plate is full and now a plateful. LOL Thank you for your post and these words, Laurie. Hi Nancie! So good to hear from you again! I guess I never thought of myself as having grace so that is a new one on me. I guess when you are doing things for others, you don't always think of yourself. Thanks for the blessings. Grealy appreciated & much needed. Back at ya!

PERBS said...

I don't like waiting rooms but n the other hand, I would rather be thee than where the person is that one is waiting on. . .

Rita T. said...

Wow, what a list! Hope you're having a great weekend.

becky aka theRAV said...

I agree Paulie. I'd rather be the waiter than the waitee! LOL Our weekend is as usual for us, Rita... never a dull moment and a comedy of errors I will blog about later! LOL