Wednesday, October 29, 2008

O is for... Pumpkin orange


Oh, I love this time of year. The cooler tempertures instead of the intense summer heat of Georgia and Alabama. Oh, and the fall colors. Oh, the changing leaves on the trees as well as the ones I found on the ground. Especially those leaves with faces or shapes. Oh, I like wearing fall colors too and try to wear them as much as I have on hand in my closet; as much as possible during this short season. Oh, yes, I have really been enjoying this time of year trying to capture it in my photography. So I thought it was only befitting that I picked as my O is for... post to be O is for... pumpkin orange which is my favorite orange color.

Oh, now I was going to use a painted pumpkin face I snapped at Publix last week because it was orange, but it was not the right shade of pumpkin for pickie me. I could have used last year's pumpkins which I used in my second postcard swap. That one is one of my alltime favorite photos. Or I could have used a new grouping of pumpkins I shot recently that is very photoworthy. One I can see matted and framed....

When I got inside work, I saw one of my resin pumpkins sitting on my desk. Whenever I see them, I am reminded that when it is not the Halloween season, someone would turn them backwards. The culprit told on himself one day because he told me I was supposed to turn them around after Halloween. Never heard of such rubbish. I am not superstitious about pumpkins. Of course I posed this one to take this shot and was well pleased with my choice as well as the results. Hope you are as pleased as I am.

I had to cancel Rhett's orthodontist appointment today so it wouldn't interfere with his drama class we pay for him to attend.

On my ride home last night, I thought of when we celebrate Thanksgiving at our oldest daughter's house, how we all form a circle before we eat and pray to say one thing that we are thankful for that year. I thought of what I want to say this year. I want to tell them all that I am thankful they are my family. Just the thought of it brought tears to my eyes then and even now.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Terrific Tuesday


A sunflower bench for just for Paulie

Today has turned out to be a Terrific Tuesday for me. The first really good one in awhile. There were clear blue skies this morning. Not a cloud in the sky. My day almost got off on the wrong note though. I'd left an empty Pepsi can on my desk. Ants were discovered on the can by a big loud-mouthed man who let the entire office know as he showed me ant filled can. It temporarily put me in a bad mood because I feared I'd be told I could no longer collect my empty cans I rinse out; that I couldn't do my part for the enviroment. But soon after things improved as did my mood and attitude. I got good emails as I do every day and I am thankful for all of them and the friends that sent them. I also got an invitation.

I'd brought a turkey sandwich but needed some provalone cheese and chips. Yes, I am pickie. I had no change. Once outside again, there were clouds in the sky which amazed me there are none one moment then a sky full the next. On the way to Publix, I took a picture of a cloud. Once taken, in the camera's view, it looked more like a strapless bra which will be my Sky Watch shot this Friday. Inside Publix, I took pictures of winter flowers. I am taking photos for a fall folliage contest with a local tv station. Then I spied a pretty sunflower bench for my blogger friend Paulie or Perbs for her benches blog.
I couldn't wait to share it with her. For my next excitment of the day, I found the book I'd been wanting to read entitled Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It was cheaper that what I saw at Walmart yesterday. It will soon be released at the movies. Yes, it is about vampires!

I did a few RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) which made me feel good.

I realize I am a bit "touchy" because the copier ran out of toner and won't work. It has never done this before. Today I have had everybody and their brother telling me what I already know. I have ordered more toner which is something I have done for years now. Then I am questioned by someone as if I don't order enough or I should order more when I can only order two at a time. I probably sounded snippy about it, but I don't care and I am not letting it or them get me down.

Speaking of down, my blood pressure was thankfully down compared to yesterday. I called my new hormone doctor who's her nurse told me to increase my dosage to twice a day. I don't seem to tolerate generic high blood pressure pills well. I prefer my old pills that worked. It wasn't broke so why fix it? They worked well. With Prinivil, my b. p. was low like when I was small. Now I am regretting they were changed. It is good to save money, but not at a cost to my body.

I have to pay a bill and will probably do a bit of shopping after work. Hope you have as a terrific Tuesday as I have had. I hope I make Paulie's day with the bench.
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Monday Morning Thoughts


Monday Morning thoughts posted on a Tuesday
If you see a sunrise, but can't take a picture of it,
does it still count?
Of course! You were blessed just by seeing a sunrise.
An accumulation of cloud coverings found
You take an inspirational one instead
with puffy coulds in the background
and overhead.
Then an odd shot with yourself in the frame
on purpose
Not so odd perhaps.
How many pictures a day can you shoot?
Car and bumper stickers sought on the morning commute
My all time fave is still "Wick-ed".
Then that long walk into work with dread
But the BTW called in sick instead
Its a good quiet Monday
So good so far
A big burst of laughter first thing lifted my spirits,
set my mood
but didn't bring my blood pressure down.
Then clear azure blue skies above
A caring email from true blue friends whom I love
reminding me that she and God love me
Thankful to the good Lord above.
Craving to be creative
A million six ideas churning in my mind
So many ideas so little time
So many words yet to be written;
yet to be rhymed.
Pictures to draw and take before I die.
I found good, but inexpensive Christmas presents at Walmart
2 down, more to go...
Love it when that happens.
~copyright by theRAV~
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brick Face


For lack of a better Odd Shot, I picked this photo I took months ago back during the summer. This brick was among some of the ones Don had been using on the addition to our house. I spied it, posed it, thinking it looked like some of my abstract artworks I have done in the past, particularly my first abstract I did for my first postcard swap. Back then, I did not feel so confident about my abstracts as I do now. I was afraid to send my abstract out into the world for fear of people thinking me weird. Now I don't really care if people think I am weird. I am not weird - just a bit eccentric. Because of Odd Shot Monday, I now know Odd is a great thing. I like being an odd ball.

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Full Circle


I guess because I am an artist now, I notice patterns A LOT. In my life time, my history has often repeated itself over and over again and again. Although it doesn't feel as if I am constantly having a "Ground Hog Day" - yet. Last year, I participated in my very first postcard swap with woman from around the world. One of them was Toni in Tasmania, Australia. Toni was on the list again for this year's second go-round. On Saturday, I received her lovely and inspiring handmade postcard from down under about dreams which was the theme.

Today I had to go through some of my old papers I collected in a year's time looking for something for my hubby while watching weird movies such as "Vendetta" and "Hell Boy". 'Tis the season... I rediscovered I had written about receiving my first postcard from Toni and it has been almost year exactly since then. I found it weird in a coincidental way. It just reminded me of the repeating patterns in my life and made me feel as if I have came a full circle once again. Thanks Toni for the postcard, for helping repeat my history because this allowed me to re-read old words I had written.

I couldn't find the photo I really wanted to use here, but knew I wanted circles so this one will have to do.

Do you ever notice repeating patterns in your life? Do you feel like you are going in circles? Have you met yourself yet? The next time you see a car exactly like your's, be sure to have a look inside to see if you are there. Have you come full circle? I think blogging makes it easier to go back and see these repeating patterns we keep making or the patterns that form our lives like a gigantic patchwork tapestry. Our friends and family are a pieces of the puzzle that make us up into who we really are. They make it all fit together. They complete us. Thanks for being apart of mine.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Fog




Living in Georgia, fog is indeed a rarity around here, but it did occur this earlier week. So this could have been an Odd Shot , but I decided to use it as my Sky Watch instead. As I was nearing one of the older bridges crossing the Chattahoochee River, the fog was so dense I could barely see in front of me. I felt like I was in England. I, of course grabbed my faithful camera I now keep beside me in the car on my commute to work. I quickly snapped these these ole foggies. In the second shot is an old, old building older than me that now sticks out like an eye sore in comparison to the newer structure behind it. It has been many things in it's life time and mine. In one of it's many reincarations, it was a bank, pet store and a game room. It once had beautiful architecture, but some of that has fallen away. Yet it stands like a empty vessel or sentinal and may remain so beyond my lifetime at this rate. I have heard the stubborn owner refuses to sell it which is his right. I liked the goldenness of the fog in the last photo.

Hope you have a great Sky Watch weekend. It poured here last night and this morning so it is still gloomy outside unlike me on the inside. If you would like to participate in Sky Watch, please go to the following...
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Thankful Thursday 10/23/08

Okay I had a very busy day and could not post yesterday but here goes...

Saturday I was thankful I got to sleep until noon! I had taken some OTC sinus medication, but my mom says I must have needed the rest. Mothers are right, yeah, they are.

I think had forgotten to blog about my new excitement.... Sunday I was very thankful in church when I saw a photo I had taken of some roses with a soft focus view from Picasa up on the screens. Instantly I knew they were mine. I asked Rhett if he recognized them and he did. Later I nudged Don to tell him they were mine. This was during the announcements. During the sermon, one of my many sunsets was displayed. But the candles on my cake was the fact that Darren gave me credit for them. I turned around to thank him with near tears in my eyes because I wasn't expecting recognition. I told him that he made my day. It is nice to know my photos are being used for the Lord.

I am thankful we finished Rhett's poster for a yearly school project. I am so impressed with his ideas and visions. His draft was awesome. At nearly the 9th hour, we couldn't find my favorite paint brushes I have had since my art classes in college. Rhett remembered seeing some "brushes" in the bathroom. I made him show me what he was referring to and I thought thoses were the ones he meant. When I participated in a secret pal thing when I worked downtown, I received a ceramic baby blue elephant holding matching make-up brushes. We had to improvise and used them to paint the sky blue on his poster. I love improvising. I love the fact I can use something that is meant for one thing as something else. I am thankful I am able to do this. These brushes actually worked quite well so I may use them again in the near future. At least we will know exactly where they are. LOL So I was thankful for these brushes we re-found. Otherwise there was no telling how bad the poster might have looked.

I was thankful for the blackberry cobbler I cooked on Tuesday. I am sure my guys were equally thankful too. They probably thought they were in the wrong house. We all had seconds. They had milk with their's while I had good ole Cool Whip. Nothing lifts your spirits like a spoonful of Cool Whip. Or two. Or three!

Thursday I was so very thankful my Uncle Frank went through his second brain surgery this year okay. They implanted the chemo directly to the cancer site. Hopefully he will be able to tolerate this better than he could orally.

I am thankful for my busy life. I had an Artists' Guild meeting on the bad side of town last night. My Daddy went with Rhett and I to it. I am thankful we found a parking place and did not have to park across a four-lane street in the rain. Hope Daddy doesn't catch a cold from being out in a cold library and the cool night's rain. I am thankful he can still be our protector.

I am thankful for the photos I was given by a fellow memember who took pictures at the art show. He took one after I won the People's Choice award and I was standing there with my friend David, who I had not seen in years. I was kicking myself the next day because I did not have Jimmy take a pic of me with David. Now I have one and I am so thankful. I am going to make copies and send him one in his Halloween card.

Today I am thankful I got an personal email from Lyn Neilson who wrote the book "Place of Sage." I actually got an email from a published, successful writer. Little ole me. It made my day today. I shared it with my best friend Penny who knows Lyn and gave me Lyn's book. Lyn gave me tips to try to put her book on my blog which I will try to do this weekend.

I thought I almost lost this post so I am very thankful I did not!

What were you thankful for today? If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...

What color should you be?

You Need Some Orange in Your Life

Orange will make you feel open, lively, and artistic.

And with a little orange, you will project an aura of friendliness.

If you want bolder experiences, you've got to get a little orange in your life!

For extra punch: Combine orange with red or yellow

The downside of orange: It's too powerful and unusual for some people to deal with

The consequences of more orange in your life:

You will become more creative in almost every aspect of your life

You will find humor in the most serious and dismal situations

You will feel like life is exciting, even when you're doing ordinary things

I am sorry orange is NOT one of my colors but I have been wanting to buy some pumpkin colored tops lately. So I will try to do something artistic with this color this weekend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

N is for... Nailtique

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I could not for the life of me think of a single N word for ABC Wednesday. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. So I almost started not to participate, but felt like that was not nice form. On the drive to work Tuesday morning, thinking these negative thoughts, I asked myself, "Why am I so negative lately?"

Last go round I used Nathan's hot dogs as my post. I could have used a photo of our son-in-law Nate, especially his mohawk picture from Father's Day last June when he cut his hair short to match his friend Ron. Ron was going through chemo at the time, but is thankfully cancer-free now.

Then it hit me.... I thought of Nailtique. I remembered I needed to buy a bottle for my mother-in-law in Indiana. I have used this nail product for years and it really works! I discovered it when I was a receptionist at Gayfer's Hair Salon, now Dillard's. Dillard's no longer carries it nowdays. I went on line and found out I could purchase it at Ulta in the new shopping mall. Then the other week I came across it inside Publix so now I don't have to make a special trip across town to Ulta to buy it.

When you have weak nails, you can use Nailtique once a day adding a clear coat for 5 days, remove it and start the routine all over again until you see an improvement in your nails which you will. You can also wear colored nail polish over it. I normally use Nailtique II. I need to use some myself now since my nails are too short even for me. They don't even look like my nails at all.

This served as a reminder to me to buy Nailtique for my MIL as well as use my own for my own nails. So I am thankful for thinking of Nailtique. And because it was something unique. Bet no one else had it!

So I bought it and quickly took this photo last night. I apologize because it is not one of better shots. I should have used a flash or lightened it up.

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The Inking

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It had been several weeks since she participated in the art show. Since then she had not really drawn, colored or created anything artistic fearing her muse had deserted her like a vagabond lover once again. Trying to not let such intimidating thoughts consume her, she told herself she'd cut out ideas and poured all her love into photography by taking at least a photo a day. Some days more than others. Other days nothing. She knew she would always have a shot for a future rainy day when her well of inspiration had run completely dry or she lost her "eye". Sure she'd done a simple doodle here and there, but nothing noteworthy. Nothing to write home about. Maybe adding an additional line here then nothing for days on end.

Recalling her depression when the words went away the day love departed over twenty years ago, she did not want to return to those dark days to that black depth into the deep endless void. Not back to those potholes of her life. She would not sink like the Titanic again. She did not put any pressure on herself. Although she'd been asked a number of times if she'd drawn or painted lately. It reminded her of when folks would ask when she was going to get married or when she was going to have a baby. It wasn't as sore a spot yet, but could certainly fester into one. It pained her to say she had not done neither any painting or drawing. Yet when she said she'd taken photographs, one older woman looked disappointed like she was a one hit wonder. Although she felt good about being a photographer, sharing her photos with friends and family and no one could take that feeling away from her.

She'd cleaned out her purse because she hurt her back. Searching through her bag for a peppermint to soothe her sore throat, she found of all things a small crumpled piece of tin foil. Now who carries tin foil around with them? She hat to laugh at herself. She'd kept it because she was going to see how well it would stamp with a micropore black ink pad. She tried it and it did not work very well or at least not to her perfectionist's liking. Thinking it a waste of time and ink, she noticed the tell-tale ink on her fingers. Ah, the evidence left behind. She went to the sink to wash it away with blue Dawn, but no matter how much she washed, there was always still some ink left on her digits. She blamed it on the fact that she had too much acid in her body. Anytime her hand had been stamped for craft fairs, not nightclubs, it took days for the ink to wear off.

Although she would never be the type of woman to have an affair or go to a nightclub without her husband, she knew she could not because she would surely get caught. The ink would tell the tale for her.

"Oh, No! Out damn spot!" She thought inside her head. Not that such thoughts served any purpose or comfort for her.

She could hear her CSI husband now questioning her, "You've been inking again, haven't you?"

There was no denying it. "Yes," she admitted guiltily and weakly to herself like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She was a stampaholic. She was addicted to it and could now admit it aloud. Yet she could not afford to attend another stamping class because she was already in debt up to her neck in rubber stamps. Even when she had no stamps handy, she resorted to any form of stamping she could find such as rubber eraser heads at work. But you could only stamp so many dots in red, black, blue and green. You couldn't possible justify a hot pink ink on an office supply order. Yes, she needed help. Yet she knew of no known organization called "Stampahoics Anon."

She couldn't possibly sell any of her stamps at a yard sale cheaply as her mom once threatened to do. They were like her babies and she couldn't part with them. So what was she to do?

Just keep on being creative no matter what anyone says. She reminded herself that she is trully an artist now and no one can take that away from her.
~copyright theRAV~

Monday, October 20, 2008

Odd Shot Face on the Fence

Knotty Pine
Just in time
for Halloween...

It paid to go to the ob/gyn today.... I parked in a shadey spot and spied faces in the naughty knotty pine fencing. The first photo I took I am saving for Halloween, since I seem to have a running series of shots for this special holiday. This is the verse I came up with when I saw it so I decided to go ahead and use it lest I forget it. I thought it was rather odd I would see such a face as I did here today, but I am indeed thankful I did. Sorry I couldn't get the photo to turn. Hope you don't get your neck stuck trying to view it.

Had a good hair day and a good check up today too. No more worries.

What did you find odd today? If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to the following...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Time in the Clouds


Last Monday when I went to visit my Uncle Frank before he went to Birmingham for more tests, I stopped at a new shopping area I had never been to before and drove around. Some shops I never heard of and probably couldn't afford to walk into. It was like being in a new town. There was a family owned jewelry store named Schombergs that used to be downtown. Even back in the late 50's, 60's and 70's, they had an old clock outside the store with beautiful chandeliers inside of it. When downtown business waned, they relocated to Main Street Village, another little shopping center and took their clock with them. I rarely went there. I remembered being treated like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" so I never went there again. I gave my business to a lady who designed jewelry instead. Barbara closed her business and moved away. Schomberg's has now moved into this new shopping mall and once again brought time with them.

I parked and got out of the car to snap this photo even though it was over cast and gray that day. I thought about how Sky Watch has changed my life and the way I view everything now. I also thought about how I am driving and taking photos of the clouds. Sort of having my head in the clouds most of the time now. LOL

I printed pics at Walmart yesterday and this was one of those I printed. I played around with it on their machine. I made the sky bluer and printed it that way, but it was way too blue on Picasa this morning and I did NOT like that one bit. I also did it in sepia at Walmart making it look antique. I seem to have a thing about time, sepia and antiques. So I cropped it in Picasa, turned it to sepiam used soft focus and fell in love with it. As I was uploading my pics into Picasa, the title came to me... "Time in the Clouds." It sort of make me think you could go back in time with this clock.

Now I printed it out like this at home and was not real happy with the color because it looked more purplish being the perfectionist that I am so I will probably play around with it some more.

May you find time in the clouds today.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday 10/16/08

This week I am thankful for my smart ten year old son because another one of my bracelets broke or so I thought. It wouldn't remain fastened. He kept asking me to let him see it but I was thinking a ten year old couldn't possibly know anything about a braclet. Wrong because he fixed it for me! I will never doubt him again. I thanked him and he said I owed him a dollar.

I am thankful for all my clothes. I mixed up old ones to make new outfits and a new fall one. I am proud I haven't bought anything new for myself lately except for a raven t-shirt I got at Walmart for $3.00 which I couldn't beat with a stick.

I am so thankful my best friend Penny got back good news from her recent MRI. No more cancer! Thank the good Lord. The first lump she found shrank after prayers. Such a God thing. The second one she found later was nothing at all.

I am thankful for my parents and the fact that they are still in good health whereas some of my friend's parents are having or have had health problems lately. Specifically my other best friend Genie's mom. Polly's daddy Buddy.

I am thankful for the good visit I had with my Uncle Frank on Monday, Columbus Day when I was off. He seemed really good except for repeating himself one time and wanting to go get the mail on the holiday. Even I forget the mail doesn't run on a holiday. He had an appointment in Birmingham where he had more x-rays and other run of the mill tests that totally exhausted him. Next Thursday they will perform another brain surgery. Our worst fear was that his aggressive form of cancer had spread again. They will implant the chemo directly where the cancer is located hoping this will be more helpful to him since he wasn't tolerating taking it orally. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.

Thank you Lord for letting me be the person that I am... the kind of person who doesn't take my uncle's illness out on others especially my co-workers.

I am thankful I found a new female hormone doctor this week, hoping what she prescribed will work and the fact that I only paid $16 at Walmart for 3 meds whereas I used to pay a small fortune. We are going to stop using the local neighborhood family pharmacy we have been using which has been charging us exhorbant fees.

I am thankful my word muse visited me today even if my art muse has disappeared to parts unknown. I have written some prose to be posted later...

I am thankful my son talks to me about his problems and hope that he always will...

I am thankful for this day and what it will always mean to me personally.

What do you have to be thankful for today? If you would like to partipate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

M is for Manikin

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My first thought for an M is for... was my mom. But I think I have used her photo before. She went to the dr yesterday and she said they drained her of all her blood! LOL Then she had to eat something. She did not look well when I picked Rhett up yesterday after work. I kept watching her mouth to make sure she had not had a stroke. It was the way she was lying on her bed as we talked.

Today I almost did not feel like participating in ABC Wednesday. I had a sore throat. I let Illy Nilly spoil my mood which I know I should not let happen. She has threatened to file unfair treament now. Later she was blasting out some poor operator at a company she ordered something from, but sent back. She is never happy or satisfied. She was so loud this time I turned up Michael Bubble LOUD to drown her out. I felt like my face was breaking out in a rash and itching. Funny it ceased once she left.

Today I recalled another good memory... I had a friend named Irene who lived in Tallahassee, Florida. We met through "Tiger Beat" magazine where I asked for Osmond pen pals and boy did I get pen pals! Be careful what you ask for.... Our poor postman did not know what to think of all the mail I received daily. Irene's grandmother lived near me. So when Irene came to visit her, we would get together dreaming of the day we would marry an Osmond. It was Jay of her & Donny for me.

Every Saturday that Irene was in town, I was invited for the most delicious trully southern lunches of fried chicken, salads with homemade thousand island dressing and other mouth-watering veggies. Our rolls and corn bread were placed on their own saucer or silver plate. Her grandmother was Momma King who could never get my name right. She always called me "Betty Sue" to Irene's irritation. Irene would get so mad at her and yell at her which I did not like one bit. I would say it was alright and answer to it because she was an elderly lady. I was raised to be respectful of my elders. When I would call and Momma King would answer the phone, I would say, "This is Betty Sue..." so she would know who I was. I can still taste that good food today...

Irene became a Mormon, married a Libertarian and had lots of really heafty sized kids. All look like her except for one son. I get a yearly Christmas letter from them telling what all they did during the year which usually makes me exhausted when I finish it!

Then later I got back in the mood to do this post probaby because of that good memory. I quickly went into Picasa and said I would pick the first photo I had that began with an M and this is it... a manikin I saw at Dilliard's not long ago. There was just something about her... I liked her face, thinking I might could draw/paint her. She reminds me a bit of Grace Kelly only Grace had better hair.

From mommas to manikins. Not sure what it means - if anything. What was you M today? If you would like to participate in ABC Wednesday, please go to the following...

Monday, October 13, 2008

"The Leaves Have Eyes!"


Well, this turned out to be a total leaf weekend for me. After finding that special leaf, capturing it, posting about it on Friday, (see previous post)and getting good feedback from my friends, I felt rather good about it.

On Saturday, we had a good breakfast at church where I was asked if I had been drawing and/or painting lately. I admitted I had not, but I had been taking pictures galore. I now have taken over 3,000 photos in a little over a year's time. The rest fo the day was non-descript cleaning, loading the dishwasher, washing and conditioning my hair, returning library books, cooking, but not being very artistic. All my artistic endeavors have been taking place within my camera. My cooking doesn't turn out exactly right, but it is still edible and good even if my homemade macaroni and cheese was too watery.

At our church, we have our Bible verses showing upon a screen via a computer. I have always noticed the beautiful backgrounds being used at each service. Yesterday, there was a rust colored leaf showing its dark veins against a black background which I thought was neat. It would inspire me later....

We had dinner at church Sunday were I took a new desert my friend Deb's daughter Amanda told me about Friday at Walmart as we were discussing the crazy people in our lives and workplace. So I took "cookies on a cloud". Rhett said they were not actually cookies on a a cloud because I did not put Cool Whip on the bottom; To him they were cookies with clouds. The food was delicious as always and I met a new lady from Germany who I hope returns again.

I asked one of the young men who works the computer at church about the photos they use. He told me I could email him some of mine and he'd see if they could work with the white fonts used on the screens. It will be so neat to see my photos on the big screens and know that they are working for the Lord.

Once we got home, as I stepped down from the monster truck, I noticed the leaves on the driveway. I came in, changed into pants and asked Rhett if he wanted to pick up leaves with me. He misunderstood my meaning of picking up leaves. He thought I meant rake leaves to which he replied, "No, because there are bugs, hornets and doggie doo." I quickly told him I was not raking, but picking up leaves to photograph. That changed everything. We discoved all sorts of leaves. Yellows with rust colored polka dots. One red one. But the best one of all was this one with a face! First I arranged some on bricks hoping the cool wind would not blow them off. I held this one up to the sky and snapped a quick pic. I realized it could have been a Sky Watch rather than an Odd Shot, but it could only be an odd shot. I did another neat thing with it but I am saving that for later...

I took a long nap after I looked through my old vinyl albums for Rhett thinking I had the song "Slow Ride" by Fog Hat but I did not.

Rhett and I played on Picasa a lot this weekend. It was so neat to see my photos in a slideshow which helped me determine the ones I don't need to keep on the mememory card and have more room. It got good to Rhett. He liked playing with the colors. He made one shot especially rich. He thinks all my photos should have captions now. Together we came up with the title to this post. I thought of the movie "The Hills Have Eyes" and we decided on this one. He says it is his caption.

If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please got to the following...

Happy Columbus Day! Please keep my office in your prayers tomorrow. Thanks.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

3 Faces of Leave




Today I found this leaf upon the sidewalk as I was walking back inside work with my lunch in hand. At first glance, it was sort of odd which is probably why it caught my eye. I carefully carried it inside, showed it to one of my co-workers who knew I was going to take a picture of it. Now why would she know that? I told her it was imperfect much like we are, but there is beauty in it's imperfection. First, I placed it on orange card stock paper since this is fall after all. The second photo was on my mouse pad which is maroon and matches the decor of the office. After I shot the two, I left it alone on my desk while I did some work. Hours later, I noticed it had changed by curling up so it did not sit as well as it did in the first two photos. It made me realize how much things can change in a matter of moments. Because it was curled differently and wouldn't sit as well, I taped it to my black printer and snapped it hanging there. I know I should have used invisibile tape, but I did not have any on hand. After having uploaded the three photos, I probably should have cropped the last one more to rid it of the tape and may still do it. It looks more haggish or witchy which is perfect for this time of the year. It would have made a great Odd Shot also. The whole time I kept thinking of the caption "3 Faces of Leave" and it kept repeating in my head so strongly I knew it had to be it's own post. The title reminded me of David McMahon of Authorblog at:
David, hope you don't mind I borrowed your sense of humor with the title here. I promise to return it you.

Happy Fall ya'll!

copyright ~theRAV~

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Highway to Heaven


I took this shot a few weeks ago now. It wasn't until this week when I was going through my photos on Picasa, I came up with the caption for it... "Highway to Heaven" and I knew it would be my Sky Watch Friday submission for today. A goal we can all aspire. Keeping things positive.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Crosses We Bear


I had a purse and the braiding on the strap was coming undone. I thought I might could find a cheap used purse at the Goodwill that would just hook on to the existing rings to save some money. Because we went to our friend's wedding Saturday, I didn't go to Goodwill, but enjoyed their wedding. I was especially glad we went because none of her co-workers showed up. I just do not understand it. I took some good pictures of Deb and Bob. Rhett got bored so he asked if he could take pictures. He had some interesting captions to go with them. For instance, he took a photo of one of their tea light candles burning and called it "Let your light shine unto Christ." I was so very thankful for this little blessing. What he came up with and for him. Two blessings in one child.

Monday, I went to a Goodwill near where I work. As I parked in not my usual parking place, I saw this cross in the window made out of broken cd's and thought what a neat idea. I also thought of our brokeness being put on the literal cross and God making us whole again. I almost used this for an Odd Shot on Monday, but decided I would use it for Thankful Thursday instead. I had no luck with the purse strap. Most of them were too small, making me feel like Goldilocks. LOL But now I know I was meant to go there and take this photo so I could use it here.

Yesterday and today were difficult days at work. Today it paid to come in later to work. My "supervisor" aka the Black Widow Spider aka Illy Nilly caused another big blow out before I arrived over an umbrella! She pushed the other lady who is a preacher to the point of shouting, "I rebuke you, Satan!" So a meeting was called, but because I was not there when it transpired, I remained at my desk answering the phone which was a blessing in disguise and I was thankful I was excluded although it hurt my feelings at first. The warden was yelling and I was so thankful I was on the outside of the door. Then I was called into the meeting. I really did not want to go and felt like I was going to the gallows or walking into the lion's den. Both Illy and the preacher were calling each other liars. I am not used to such things. I got cold and was shaking on the inside. Then I was asked if I had anything to add. I knew I could not not say anything after all she has done to me in the past. The other two ladies were depending on me. All this mess had gone on for far too long. I honestly said, "I have never had a supervisor talk to me the way that she has." She will probably have it out for me now, but I had to tell the truth. This woman is not one to let your past mistakes go by because she brought up something I did not do over two years ago; something that was rectified and should have been the end of the story but no, not with her.

The meeting did not really resolve anything. I fear it only made things worse. She saw she wasn't getting anywhere tattle-telling on each of us so she started crying using her dying 92 year old grandmother as an excuse. Now I am not unsympathetic here, but just yesterday she told us her grandmother was better and returning to the nursing home. Did she forget she told us that? So she get to go home. She tried to call me after she left, but I refused to take her call. I did not want to talk to her. She wanted me to call her, but I did not and do not feel bad about it. Even my husband said he would not have called her either.

So I am asking for your prayers on behalf of my office tomorrow. The preacher lady is praying for Illy; for God to reveal to her how she really is whereas I cannot bring myself to pray for her. I am sorry. I just can't. I know I need to pray about the fact that I can't pray for her. I realize she is the cross that I must bear but how long must I bear her?

I had a free lunch today so I was thankful for the delicious pieces of pizza. The mushrooms were so good. I was told I was only the 2nd person who thanked the officer who had the pizzas delivered.

I am thankful for all my friends. I am thankful Don will not have to have gall bladder surgery any time soon.

I wrote this last night as a means of catharsis for mself. This morning we all had emails that we are to address Illy Nilly as "Mrs...." and she will address us by our surnames. I am not to send her any more personal emails although I had not in ages which should have told her something years ago. She doesn't have to worry about that. I will most likely block her from my home email also. The other ladies discovered salt was put in their creamer which is scarey. So please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

Update: Illy was called into the office for the email. She was suspended for one day tomorrow. As always I was left alone with her during lunchtime! All of a sudden she busted out crying. She closed her door when a Sgt. came up. I thought for a moment that maybe the Lord had shown her herself, but I wouldn't go in her office. Instead I put on the 1st cd I had in my drawer, Michael Bolton' Soul Provider cd. This may sound cold-hearted, but I couldn't risk playing her games. She cried for almost a half an hour getting louder each time she heard someone talking in the office. When she finally came out she threatened that we would be happy when she commits suicide this weekend. She pretended to call her sister to tell her she was going to kill herself. I am sorry, but if you called your sister and said such a statement, your sister would be calling you back immediately or coming to check on you!

After she left for the day, we were told she was blaming it all on us that we were so terrible to her. Once again we had to write up statements about what transpired today. I was appointed the lucky one to take all of our statements into the office.

I guess the problem finally escaladed to the point where something will be done. Our statements were faxed to affirmative action and then to HR. So we will see... Sorry to burden you with all this. I felt your prayers working for us today. I was thankful for my friends who emailed me, told me to keep my chin up, to smile and not let it get to me. Don't know what I would do without you.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Look of Love...

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I knew I wanted to use the word "Love" as my L is for... post for ABC Wednesday because love is THE most important thing of all things in our lives. It is what gets us through life itself.

I'd bought a new thin wooden heart at the newly opened Joann's which I was going to use as a template on dark red scrapbook paper and stamp the word "Love" in a fancy font on it and will still probably do this.

As I was going through photos last night, I remembered our friends Deb & Bob got married last Saturday and they certainly had the look of love for each other on their special day. So what better way to express love than with this their look of love as the danced on their wedding day? They arrived in the reception room wearing their Mickey top hat and Minnie sequinned ears. I was going to use a close up of that for my Odd Shot, but I will probably use something even odder knowing me. The reason why I kept the people in the background of this shot besides the sun's reflection causing the hazy effect, was because her granddaughter was the flower girl and she is sitting on one of the chairs. I was not lucky enough to capture a pic of Deb having a quiet grandma to granddaughter/flower girl moment which would have been another look of love.

May you receive a look of love from your love today.

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Health Care Sucks!

Normally I think I am a pretty positive person. I always see the glass half full. I have had several comments about my blog being positive. Well, today I am going to vent and get negative....

Since Don was laid off, in order to get him back on my insurance, we had to have a termination letter and a certificate of coverage before he could be added back onto mine. I faxed the certificate today with a note on my cover sheet asking the lady in HR to either call me or email to let me know she received it.

This lady was not helpful when one of my old jobs was being phased out years ago and because I was the last one hired, I would be the first one to go. She didn't seem to be working on my case. As soon as she saw me in person, I could tell she did not like me upon sight and I knew she was not going to help me. I had never had that happen to me before. I had to go over her to the department head who go the ball rolling which led to me getting my current job. So I am very careful when I deal with her because of all this. Crossing all my t's and dotting every i.

Don's dr's office called me about his appointment tomorrow to review his recent tests and to tell him he needed to stop by the hospital to pick his records as well as a cd of the test. I'd never heard of such! I told the lady on the phone he was not going to like that and she laughed. I think that is ridiculous especially with gas prices what they are now. Why can't they just access his records?

I couldn't order a small file cabinet for myself at work which I need badly yet we just ordered two for another part of the prison I work in. I got the usual ridiculous b.s. except I was told I need to clean out old files to be sent to the landfill then I should have plenty of room in my plastic file holders. That wasn't the point. The point was to have better access to my important files in a filing cabinet rather than stuffed in plasic containeres where files can get confused. These plastic containers I now have thanks to my boss and Illy Nilly conspiring against me. It makes me mad every time I open them which is several times daily. Yet he did not want me hurting my legs by bumping the plastic containers. Go figure. Then the boss had this "brilliant" idea of opening a shelf so everyone could see what it contains so other can take whatever they want. This coming from a man who worries more about how dumb little stuff in an office looks than any man I know.

I even told him I found a light baby blue file cabinet at the Goodwill for $15.00, but it may not have keys to lock it. Our key guard could easily have keys made for it, I was sure. I told him I knew he would not like the color because it did not match the decor of the office, but for once I did not use sarcasm. Of course it might be hard to justify to auditors that you purchased something from Goodwill, but it would have been saving them money. The filing cabinet probably would have fit under my desk where no one would see it unless they walked into may large open cubby area.

They repeatedly and annoyingly kid me at work about him being "my daddy", but they are so wrong. My real Daddy would buy me a filing cabinet! So I wasn't a happy co-worker today and it wasn't just because I wasn't getting my way on the filing cabinet. It was the way he said it.

Don was not answering his cell. I had no idea what his new work number is now. All I know is he works for a friend. I had to call our preacher to try to get their home number as it was not listed in the phone book and I didn't know the name of the company he works for now. The preacher didn't have their number, but he had the man's wife's grandmother's number. Got that? So I had to call her to get the number. We all go to the same church so it wasn't as ackward as it sounds. She gave me his cell phone number. I got his voice mail and left a message as my frustrations and headache increased.

I called to leave a voice mail message for the lady in HR to call me because I needed to know something. Finally she emails me back after 3 pm. She did receive my fax from this morning. In her email, she stated I am to return some forms which she put in inter-office mail today and his appointment is tomorrow although she said he is "covered"! She used the words "spousal surcharge attestation". I don't like the term "surcharge".

Man, I remember the good ole days... when you simply went to the doc, they filed your claims, it was usually all paid by the insurance company and life was good.

I FINALLY got Don and explained everything that transpired today. He didn't seem upset about having to go to the hospital to pick up his records as I was. Maybe it's my hormones or lack of there of that caused my angry feelings. He was going to call the HR lady first. I did not tell him to be nice. Maybe because he is a man with that deep, authoritative voice, he will get something done correctly. Or maybe not with the way our luck has been going.Sorry to vent. I will be more positive tomorrow....

Monday, October 6, 2008

In a Pickle with a Face Odd Shot

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I had several odd shots to pick from this week, but I decided on this one....

Over a week ago now, I went to have routine bloodwork done at the doctors office on the opposite end of town which took awhile. Afterwards, I decided to get a world famous scrambled dog from Dinglewood pharmacy for lunch. In case you don't know what a scrambled dog is, I will tell you... It is an open faced bun with a hot dog weinie, chili, pickles, oyster crackers, mustard & ketchup. They will add cheese or slaw if you so desire, but I get onions on mine instead of those last two items. So I brought it back to work along with one for my co-worker. When I opened the container, I noticed one of my pickles had a face! And of course I had to take a picture of it. This is not the first time I have had a face on my pickle or on my cucumbers especially in the last month or so. It made it feel like a happy meal. And the meal made me very happy. Even when I tasted it later in the afternoon. LOL. When Don saw this photo yesterday he cracked up which cinched it with me.

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Happy Monday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Last Friday's Sky Watch Photos



These were the photos I took last Friday evening as Rhett & I were waiting for Don to meet us for supper at Country's on Broad, our favorite barbecue place. I knew I wanted to get the water flowing from the fountain and I took it at an odd angle as you can see for yourself.... I guess I am just odd which is why I love Odd Shot Monday so much now. You can sort of see the setting sun behind the water's flow which I thought added a nice effect.

Then I focused on the sunset itself. The sky was all baby blue hues and pretty pink cotton candy colors yet once I snapped the shutter, it was all golden much like my last week's Sky Watch photos.

I seem to be on a golden roll. LOL I had another golden one I was going to use, but decided to save it for next week since these two were in sequence.

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Hope you have another golden weekend.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday 10/2/08

Last Friday I had my days confused. I thought my friend Debra's wedding was last weekend instead of this weekend so I was rushing to find her the perfect gift, but I didn't want to drive across town to Target to buy a photo album like got Shawn & Danielle for their wedding. Instead I found a cream colord fabric memory board with pearls on the lattice work ribbons. It is similar to the design on the photo album which I would have been so happy to receive as a wedding gift. Or even an anniversary present. I am partial to it because it is the design on the sleeves of my wedding gown. It is also the design on Don's stereo speakers. It was why I chose our china cabinet. Ok so I have a thing for lattice work designs.

Then I realized the wedding was next weekend and Sunday was Stephanie's birthday. I already have a few little things for Steph but one major thing I knew she'd like. My latest idea is letting friends and family go through my photos and pick out ones they really like (within limits, of course.) and I give them a 5x7. I was thankful I found the perfect gift for Debra as well as the things I had for Steph.

I was thankful I checked my camera for my memory card in the parking lot before leaving Walmart because I had left it in the machine! Luckily some kind, honest person turned it in to the clerk. Thank You, Lord! I told another lady "My life is on that disk." She knew exactly what I meant. I'd been having problems with watery eyes due to make up all afternoon so it probably appreared as if I was crying. I would have been if the disk had not been there.

Rhett had free tickets to the drag races. Usually he just has one for Don and he gets in free. They make it a guy's nite out while I stay home, do whatever I want to do be it a chick flick, be creative, read or get on the computer. Although I enjouy this alone time, the house is too quiet and I miss my guys. It really makes me appreciate having them in my life. So I am thankful for them.

We had to go home, change, get a ton of stuff to take with us so the races started without us. I could have gone to sleep in my chair once we got settled due to a hay fever pill I took. All the dust, the loudness of the cars, the dirt that flew in my eyes was just not my thing, but we were together as a family and that is what matters most. While there I noticed a couple that let their daughers sleep on the hard, cold cement steps that formed the seats, but they were covered in blankets. The parents even left them to get something to eat! I almost started to take a photo of the sleeping girls lying there, but I didn't pull my camera out once.

I was thankful for the pink checkered blouse I found on sale for $7.00. It should be perfect for the cooler days ahead.

I was thankful for the photos I took at Country's on Broad earlier Friday nite (before we went to the drag races) of the fountain and the sun filtering thru the flowing water and another awesome sunset I captured. It was all pale pinks and baby blues yet when I snapped it, it was more golden tones. More golden sunsets much like my previous Sky Watch photos. Speaking of golden sunsets from my last Sky Watch... I printed some out at Walmart as well as the ones of the art show. On the last one, I couldn't tell which end was up. I figured it out yet turned it around. I realized the clouds looked like waves washing upon the shore. It looked like a painting so I have another idea to paint... At the most I would be using only three colors. It is funny I am seeing everything as a painting now. Or I am saying "I am going to paint that..."

Back at home, I'd received a card from our friend Helen who came to the art show. The cover said, "Reach... Dream... Believe". Such true words. She told me how proud she was of me; that my artwork was delightful. She was drawn to the sun in my piece which is a first I have heard. She and a friend were at the library doing research a few days after the show. She was showing her friend my art. Helen was even more proud of me when she saw I'd won a ribbon. She was told this was a prestigious award and honor. She took 3 photos of it and included them in my card. The eye in my art really pops in her pictures. Helen added this caption to the photo: "Columbus Artists' Guild 2008 Members' Exhibition People's Choice Award to..." and she put my name. This was so sweet of her. I am so lucky to have friends like Helen and I am so thankful for her.

In my excitement, I forgot to call Helen to tell her about the award. Instead I called her to thank her for the card and the pictures. She also sent a note card with the same photo to my parents.

Sat. we had to return the movie "A.I" by Steven Speilburg which I don't recommend. It had Rhett & I both crying at the end. At night Rhett always tells me "Please don't die" to which I reply "I will try not to any time soon." The robot character asks his mommy in the movie "Are you going to die?" Talk about art mirroring my life yet again!

I stopped by where the art show was held. They had a poetry writers meeting this past weekend. In my writer's past, I would have loved to attend such a meeting. There was a lady manning the table for the art guild. She was one of the artists in the show and had a paper collage I really liked because it reminded me of what I normally create. I talked with her for quite awhile. It was like sitting opposite the actress Kathy Bates. She could have been her sister. Cindy suffers from arthritis, but she is normally a pottery artist. So we shouldn't judge artists' work because we don't know what they are going through in their lives at the time of their creations. She said she felt bad about the framing since you could see light between the artwork and the frame at the top of it. She couldn't work with clay, but she could cut with scissors.

Cindy had some work with her she was working on at the table. It was pencil drawings of woman from magazines. She is very talented. She does mostly fantasy art. She also teaches art classes in the town where I live.

Then we got to talking about artist trading cards. I believe they are called ATCEO's. I have seen them on the internet and on some blogs like my friend Janet of The Lavendar Loft. They are the size of playing cards. They are not to be sold, but traded among artists. She gave me one she had done on a watercolor paper. I haven't had a chance to take a photo of it yet. It is rather plain looking at the moment, but the colors are cool and I plan to add something to it. She gave me the one I would have picked out.

Well, actually it has a story behind it... There used to be a Thomas Kincaide shop here. Did you know his stuff is odd shaped and you could only find the perfect fitting frames at this shop otherwise you would have to special order a frame for his work? Lithokrome, the compmany that prints a lot of Hallmark cards, which is located here, printed his work. There was a lot of left-over watercolor paper which she uses for her art classes. Cindy says you can wash them and she has so my card was clean. LOL

Cindy is like me in the sense that she can't just paint flowers and landscapes. We discussed suggesting having an abstract art show or one with the trading cards. I hope she will be the brave one to bring that up at the next artist guild meeting as I don't feel I should since I am a new member. Nor do I feel like sticking my neck out only to have it cut off the proverbial chopping block. There may be resentment since I waltzed in and won an award after only two meetings. I always have beginner's luck

Cindy has had a rather hard life. Her mother does not recognize her as an artist in the family newsletter. This made me thankful for my always supportive mom. Well, my mom hasn't called me an artist either, but I know she is very proud of me and that means the world to me. Cindy says she needs people to talk to for feedback on her artwork. I told her I'd be glad to be her sounding board. I know I have all of you as mine. I know my friends give me their honest opinions. I named names in an email, but I learned my lesson from it. I won't do that again. One friend got her feelings hurt because I did not name her. While another friend was not offfended by my lack of naming her name and was content just to be my friend.

Talking to the artist Cindy made me thankful for the use of my hands. Then I was thankful for my eyesight as well.

Good news! Don is working again and we are indeed thankful.

At church last night, our preacher used a neat concept... If you looked into the rearview mirror of your life and your life was mirrored there, what would you see?

Yesterday morning, as I put something in the fridge, one of those little Domino's buttermilk ranch dressing containers fell on the floor. I had my purse and my BIG bag on my left shoulder so I asked Rhett to pick it up for me. Then I realized it had busted and the dressing was on the floor so I got a paper towel to wipe it up with the bags still on my shoulder. I pulled something in my ride side which was bothersome most of the day. I didn't tell anyone at work or complain. I was being stoic again. I took two Alleves, but it didn't touch it. As the day worn on, the pain shifted to my lower back. So I went to bed early, but I woke up before 6 am in worse pain. I got up and took a hot shower. I was miserable so when I got to work I called my general practioner. They couldn't call me in a muscle relaxer as they did in the past because I had not been there since 2006. I was lucky enough to get in to see his PA who I really liked. She was friendly and in-your-face kind of person. She said she was going to call me in two scripts at the Walmart near where I work. One was a muscle relaxer

On the way back to work, I got a really, really good lunch. One I had not had in a long time. The whole time I was eating, I was thankful for every bite. So that was worth it.

I had one co-worker asking me if I wanted her to pray for me and I told her that would be great and to pray they called in the muscle relaxer in too! I know I must have sighed a lot with my pain throughout the day. It got so bad I took 3 Alleve with my lunch. The pain didn't ease off til late after noon with throbbing pain shooting down to my knee and stopping there.

I go to Walmart after work, the script wasn't ready and my last name was misspelled. I had some photos I needed copies of while they were filling it. I found a raven t-shirt on sale for $3.00. I was so happy thinking I would wear it for Halloween. I knew when they rang everything up, it was awfully cheap. Only one prescription was called in. Naproxen. No muscle relaxer. I was so mad. By then there was no one in the dr's office. Lesson learned: always ask for the prescription in hand before leaving the doctor.

I am thankful the pain has subsided.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

K is for... The Key to Happiness

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I sort of had an inkling what I wanted my K is for... post to be today so I did not look for K words to photograph. Then life got busy as seems to be the norm lately. I have not even had time to do any updates on my relatives' health issues. I came to the realization that this "sitting" with the artwork at the library as I volunteered to do was interferring with my life and my son's school work so that ends as of today. Not many people were showing up to view it when I was there. Although I did meet another fellow artist, but that is a whole blog post unto itself. I first sent it out as an email to my friends and our preacher's wife really enjoyed it.

With all the things I had going on over the past week, I almost didn't post this K is for... post today, but I knew I had a positive one that might be what someone needed to read. I awoke before the alarm went off this morning with the above photo in my head...

I am a collector and keeper of keys, both old and new like this shiney one that may eventually tarnish, but it can always be polished. I must have been a chatelaine in another life. LOL Recently I discovered this key at Belle's Place the other weekend. I had it hanging from a hook on the shelf in our living room. We bought that shelf months after we were married. There is a story behind it... We took the motorcyle to Seale, Alabama to Labor Day celebration. It was a country fair type thing. I found a shelf with hooks to hang things and it would fit on back of the motorcyle. The cyle quit on us on the way home. We had to call our oldest daughter to come in her husband's truck to put the Honda in the back of his truck and take us home. I don't think I have been back on that cycle since then. Maybe because Don never repaired it?

As I uploaded the photo of the key, I saw it was really, really dark, but I kept brightening it. I love Picasa! The sheer ribbon is actually lavendar, but it looks pink here which is fine with me. It is funny that the black scrapbook paper looks almost yellowish.

I thought about the keys to happiness... and wanted to wish that you find your's if you have not already done so. Then I thought about the keys to love... and my wish is still the same - that you find it and keep it.

Today was such a beautifully perfect day here. I had the windows down in the car, the wind blowing my curls in my face and it felt wonderul. It is the simple things in life such as this that are the keys to my happiness. What are your's?

Sometimes as we turn that key of life, we stand on a threshold of wonderful blessings before us. We just simply step into them. Then on other days, we turn the key and the door won't open. We feel stuck; often trapped with no way in or out, waiting for someone with another key to unlock the door and set us free. Although I know I shouldn't depend on others to make me happy. Really only I can make me happy and I have to first be happy with myself. Thank goodness I am. It is still very rewarding when others make us even happier.

What brought on these profound key thoughts is the fact that I have been having difficulty with a certain lock. Some days it will lock properly and other days the key won't turn no matter how much I try and it remains unlockable; vulnerable, but not completely wide open. It is like that saying - some days you are the bug and other days you are the windshield.

Today all the locks and keys worked properly. Today I am the carefree bug flying along and I haven't gotten splattered on the windshield of life yet. Thank goodness. I have had things that brought me down a little, but I did not let them keep me down. I made excutive decisions that I may later regret, but what the heck? I am a mother after all.

Today I was told that I surround myself with good, positive, supportive people in my life such as yourself. Also I was told everything happens for a reason. Karma. Kismet. Whatever you want to call it. It lead to this quote crossing my path...

Do what you love and the money will follow.
~Marsha Sinetar~

May you find all your keys today. May all your keys work properly and unlock many new doors... Keep the faith.
~copyright by theRAV~