Wednesday, October 1, 2008

K is for... The Key to Happiness

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I sort of had an inkling what I wanted my K is for... post to be today so I did not look for K words to photograph. Then life got busy as seems to be the norm lately. I have not even had time to do any updates on my relatives' health issues. I came to the realization that this "sitting" with the artwork at the library as I volunteered to do was interferring with my life and my son's school work so that ends as of today. Not many people were showing up to view it when I was there. Although I did meet another fellow artist, but that is a whole blog post unto itself. I first sent it out as an email to my friends and our preacher's wife really enjoyed it.

With all the things I had going on over the past week, I almost didn't post this K is for... post today, but I knew I had a positive one that might be what someone needed to read. I awoke before the alarm went off this morning with the above photo in my head...

I am a collector and keeper of keys, both old and new like this shiney one that may eventually tarnish, but it can always be polished. I must have been a chatelaine in another life. LOL Recently I discovered this key at Belle's Place the other weekend. I had it hanging from a hook on the shelf in our living room. We bought that shelf months after we were married. There is a story behind it... We took the motorcyle to Seale, Alabama to Labor Day celebration. It was a country fair type thing. I found a shelf with hooks to hang things and it would fit on back of the motorcyle. The cyle quit on us on the way home. We had to call our oldest daughter to come in her husband's truck to put the Honda in the back of his truck and take us home. I don't think I have been back on that cycle since then. Maybe because Don never repaired it?

As I uploaded the photo of the key, I saw it was really, really dark, but I kept brightening it. I love Picasa! The sheer ribbon is actually lavendar, but it looks pink here which is fine with me. It is funny that the black scrapbook paper looks almost yellowish.

I thought about the keys to happiness... and wanted to wish that you find your's if you have not already done so. Then I thought about the keys to love... and my wish is still the same - that you find it and keep it.

Today was such a beautifully perfect day here. I had the windows down in the car, the wind blowing my curls in my face and it felt wonderul. It is the simple things in life such as this that are the keys to my happiness. What are your's?

Sometimes as we turn that key of life, we stand on a threshold of wonderful blessings before us. We just simply step into them. Then on other days, we turn the key and the door won't open. We feel stuck; often trapped with no way in or out, waiting for someone with another key to unlock the door and set us free. Although I know I shouldn't depend on others to make me happy. Really only I can make me happy and I have to first be happy with myself. Thank goodness I am. It is still very rewarding when others make us even happier.

What brought on these profound key thoughts is the fact that I have been having difficulty with a certain lock. Some days it will lock properly and other days the key won't turn no matter how much I try and it remains unlockable; vulnerable, but not completely wide open. It is like that saying - some days you are the bug and other days you are the windshield.

Today all the locks and keys worked properly. Today I am the carefree bug flying along and I haven't gotten splattered on the windshield of life yet. Thank goodness. I have had things that brought me down a little, but I did not let them keep me down. I made excutive decisions that I may later regret, but what the heck? I am a mother after all.

Today I was told that I surround myself with good, positive, supportive people in my life such as yourself. Also I was told everything happens for a reason. Karma. Kismet. Whatever you want to call it. It lead to this quote crossing my path...

Do what you love and the money will follow.
~Marsha Sinetar~

May you find all your keys today. May all your keys work properly and unlock many new doors... Keep the faith.
~copyright by theRAV~


david mcmahon said...

Thank you, Becky for the visit and the comment. What a great concept for a K post.

Bear Naked said...

What a beautiful post here today on ABC Wednesday.
I can tell you have found the KEY to happiness in your post.

Bear((( )))

Rinkly Rimes said...

An unusual approach! From the physical key to the key to happiness.

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks so much Becky, what a lovely caring post.

Love to you

PERBS said...

The money that's following me must be way back on my life's trail. Wish it could start jogging!

I started collecting keys when I was teaching -- thought we would spray them gold and make cards for parents but never did. Somewhere I have a bunch of old keys but not as nice as the one in yoru photo!

becky voyles said...

Thank YOU, David. What an honor coming from you as a writer to say this about my post. I was so hoping you would read it. You have made my day. Thanks Bear Naked for the compliment. Yes, I like to think I have found the key to happiness. Hi Rinky rimes! Welcome. Thanks for your comments. Thank you also, Mrs. Nesbitt. Love back to you. Paulie, you are too funny. You sound like your ship is waiting for you at the air port. LOL That was a neat idea. I'd seen a card made similar to that. I found scrapbooking keys are made flat and easy to trace. I did this on a card and filled inside the lines with a gold pen. It turned out really well. Thanks for stopping by.

Dragonstar said...

What a lovely K post. You always have such positive things to say.

becky voyles said...

Why thank you so much, Dragonstar!

earthlingorgeous said...

That is a great K concept. Key and key to happiness. We all have that key we hold the key.

Please do visit my K is for Karma here.

Happy weekend!

becky voyles said...

Hi Earth! Thanks for stopping by & commenting. It is always nice to have new visitors. I liked your karma post very much.