Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rough Patches


I felt better today. I stopped to get canned Pepsi's and a BIG bag of pretzelson the way to work. All the salt seemed to be knocked off of them and went to the bottom of the bag. Just my luck. The story of my life.

The potholes of life that I wrote about a few weeks ago have been patched. There are still some rough patches that I have to avoid on my way to work each day, but that's life.

The detective in me discovered a cheerio lying on the rug in front of where I sit at my desk, just below where I keep my time book. Only one person here in this prison eats and keeps boxes of Cheerio's in our break room. Either she was eating her breakfast at my desk or going through my time book again. So I caught her in the book again! Sure enough there was a note inside it telling me to take time away from one of the other ladies. She is going to keep on until they start charging us time to go see our doctors.

I let my guard down yesterday. I guess I thought with one good day, things might revert back to the good ole days but I should have known better. The book is now locked back up today because of this.

Rhett has a poster due tomorrow on Earth Day Every Day. I did not feel like helping him with it over the weekend. He finally got through a little after 9 pm. It turned out ok. Not sure if he will win a prize over it. It looks like he put Australia first on his rendering of the earth instead of the USA and Don got on to him for that. The whole thing was improvisations. I bought the wrong size stencils. They were too big for his poster. I had to go thru my scrapbook stash to find letters we could trace. The earth was traced with a bowl from the kitchen cupboard. Does this make me Old Mother Hubbard now? Well, its done and that's all that matters. We can go on to the next day. The next chore. Tomorrow it's picking up Don's boots for him and dropping off a pair to be stretched. Such excitement!

Broken Fever


My fever broke this morning. I was all sweaty but felt much better. When the alarm went off, I was disoriented. I didn't know what day, what time it was. Took a shower and felt much better. Got Rhett ready for school. Only had to rest once. Must have looked sick when I came into work. At lunch, I felt like I could eat breakfast from the Waffle House. No incident there today - thank goodness!

"Supervisor" did get on my nerves really bad while on the phone with someone at; so bad that I had to go out to the lobby to sit which is something I RARELY do. The warden was out front smoking. When he entered, he asked me if I was okay. I told him "I just needed to step out for a moment." He was probably wondering what SHE had done now? LOL

It turned out to be a good day except for my 1st feeling like death warmed over but I felt better each hour. Thank goodness and I am grateful.

I rest some at mom's. Got cubed steak & potatoes to bake for supper. We watched "Drive" and the end of "Dancing with the Stars". Then to bed.

Quote of the Day:

A broken fever is better than a broken heart. ~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Conversations from the Bed


I didn't feel like going to church this morning due to this stomach bug. After Don & Rhett got home from church, we all went to Bonanza. I just got a baked potato that had too much butter on it. Couldn't eat it all. Don drove me to JCPenney's to get my hair done & pay the bill. Found out Mrs. Kindon, who managed the credit/catalog dept when I worked there, had either a heart attack or a stroke. Its all fuzzy now from my fever. Came home, rolled my hair in hot rollers then had to lay on my stomach because I couldn't lay on them! We went back to evening services even though I didn't really feel up to it. Then back to mom's. I took a can of potato soup but couldn't eat it all. Uncle Butch & Aunt Nell were there. I listened to their conversations while lying on my mom's bed. They talked loud enough that volume was just right! Butch said something about pictures of great grandparents, but he meant their gravestones not real pictures of their faces! So maybe the volume wasn't so great after all.

Uncle R. F. was recalling things as we were about to leave... He may be the last great source of information we have on our ancestors and here I was sick! The timing was terrible.

We came home, watched "Desperate Housewives". The smell of the popcorn Don popped almost made me sick in the bedroom. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was pregnant!

I am reading a new good book Wicked Pleasures by Nina Bangs.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Family Gathering

I was able to fix myself a bowl of chicken noodle soup but only ate the broth part and crackers.

We did go to Ezell's with the entire family nearby. Even my cousin Ben and his famil was there except for Zach. Mom's disposeable camera wouldn't flash. Uncle Bert new digital had a low battery. Just not meant for pictures. Aunt Betty showed her butt because we were 2o mins late. Don was cutting the grass & I did not feel like going outside to holler at him so I said nothing. She said I didn't have him trained right. Now I know where Mike gets it from... A lady came in next to me that had a whole bottle of perfume so I had to get up to sit across the room. Aunt Betty probably thought I got up because of her but it wasn't. Then we had to wait on Ben. No biggie to me. The important thing was that we were all together - not what time we ate!

Aunt Betty was the only one who ordered a mixed drink. Had two of them. I should have just gotten a baked potato. After we all enjoyed our meal together, most of us went back to mom's. Karen, Ben's wife took Rhett & Kirby to see "Meet the Robinsons". I got a comfy pillow and laid in Don's lap on the couch until the subject of politics came up. Pro Clinton. Against George W. I voiced my opinion, saying, "Don't vote for Hillary!" More Bush blasting. Don started to say something but I hit his leg and told him not to say anything. Just couldn't take it. When Rhett got there, we went home.

Caught up with Myself, Conversation with Myself

4/20/07 I started getting sick around 3 am. I was up & down most of the remainder of the night/early morning, however you view it. I was freezing one minute, burning hot the next. At first I thought I had food poisoning from Chick-Fil-A, but I was the only one who got sick from it. I called in sick. Could just hear the repercussions from the "supervisor" about that...; her telling others "there's nothting wrong with her", but she was late and thankfully I did not have to talk to her.

Out of my sickness I wrote something really good....

I finally caught up with myself. Gaining ground every second, every word I was behind. I can almost reach out and touch my left should.... when I turn around to face myself, what do I see? I still see the 21 year girl with long, blonde highlighted hair staring back at me in disbelief. She sees the grayer version of herself which is me. "What happened to you?" She asks me. "Will this happen to me?" Life. "Why don't you wear make-up anymore?" I like my sleep much more. I don't have time for that anymore. Besides I work in a prison. Who will see me? "That doesn't mean you are in prison. Even prisoners are entitled to the use of cosmetics." I am not out to impress anyone. If they can't accept me as I am, that's their problem not mine. I have finally become comfortable with myself. I can live with my gray. In fact, I plan to be the older lady with long white hair. It will not be that big of a stretch from yesterday; from you - except for the wrinkles. LOL

I don't want to be vanilla. ~Miranda Lambert~

The rest of the day, days, the weekend is a blur of headaches, chills, fevers, nausea, etc.. Daddy brought me jello and crackers. It was the 1st thing I ate all day. About 2 spoonfulls and 1 cracker. He took Rhett over to mom's to see Uncle R. F. When Don came in, I asked him to find me a bottle of Tylenol. I still think the bladder doc irritated my bladder. I could actually feel the sling hurting, the mess digging into my bladder! Thankfully the Tylenol stopped it. And I thought Alleve was a miracle drug...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quotes of the Days Past

Mom found a picture I drew and painted I'd been asking her about for one of Rhett's projects. It was NOT how I remembered it in my mind.... I forgot about a lot of the ones I created back then after 1987. Seems like almost a lifetime ago now.

When I got to work, "supervisor" was in one of the lady's office. Later voices were raised. I asked the other lady, "What brought this on?" They talked, but not sure if it did any good because just after that "supervisor" snottily asked me a question about something I did not know the answer. Then it was like WHY DON"T YOU KNOW? It was something the Deputy Warden was handling. I told her she would have to ask him about it. She best not start with me!

When I'm talking to friends from my desk, she just butts or joins in the conversation from inside her office. It has become rather annoying not just to me but others as well. I look forward to 2:30 when she goes home each day. She was a few minutes late today. LOL

Quotes of the Days Past:

Once in your life own a convertible. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(Does having a t-top count?)

Life was meant to be lived and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never for whatever reason, turn his back on life.
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

In the end you will be judge not by what you believed, planned, or dreamed - but by what you did.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

You lose a lot of time hating people. ~Marian Anderson~

Ask people what books they are reading.

See the beauty, not the blemish. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. -David L. Viscott, MD-

When the music begins, be the 1st one on the dance floor. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

When you can't be kind, BE QUIET! -H. Jackson....

It only takes one person to change your life - you. ~Ruth Casey~

Develop a friendship with someone who has a truck, a chain saw, and a 24 foot extension ladder.
-H. Jackson...
(Good thing I have a relationship with my husband who has all 3!)

Take time for me
Go to lunch with a friend
Spend a day with a relative

Bladder Doc

4/18/07 This morning Rhett made yesterday worthwhile by thanking me for taking him to Ben & Jerry's for the free ice cream cone. I told him I really enjoyed the good food we had last night too. I shared that with the ladies at work as well as my singing a Carpenter's song rather loudly as were were leaving. The Landings has piped in music outside. Rhett complained as he always does about my singing now. "Momma!" I told him I was NOT going to stop singing one of my favorite songs especially one I had not heard in a long time!

Mom fixed me another breakfast plate again for the 3rd day in a row. I stopped to get tomatoes again on the way to work. I realize I had one really good meal so I shouldn't have expected another one today. I think it was the company in the office. I drank water all morning since I was going to the bladder doc.

I was helping do inmate wages so I would have something to do so "supervisor" wouldn't say anything to me. Yesterday I got a stuffed "Charlotte" spider from "Charlotte's Web" at Wendy's. I likedit so much, I kept it here from my desk at work instead of taking it home to Rhett. I had her ontop of my time book. When I went to get my time book down, I noticed Charlotte was not in the middle of the book where I left her yesterday. She was more towards the spine which let me know the book had been opened and gone through. I mentioned this to one of the ladies who told me the "supervisor" admitted she had been in the time book because the Dep. Warden told her she was responsible for everything that went on in the office. GREAT! Now she will be on us about EVERYTHING!

When I got to one of the lady's time sheet, the "supervisor" had place a sticky note about a certain date and that I needed to charge her a half a day because she was at the dr's. The lady had already discussed this incident with the warden who did not have a problem with it or wasn't going to charge her for it. Just the "supervisor" has a problem with it. The lady took the sticky note into the warden's office. He said he'd handle it. Now I lock my time book up in one of the lady's office.

I kept catching the "supervisor" with her head on her desk. I'd hear her stirring around in her office. Then when I would look in again, her head would be on a different part of her desk. It was time for me to go to my appointment. I didn't have time for this. No time for pictures. So I woke her up and told her I was leaving. One minute she is saying she can't take the medicine the dr prescribed because it makes her too sleepy. Then went straight into one of the ladies not being her because she took her mother to the dr because she was too sick to drive herself. She'd already given her a hard time on the phone earlier about it by asking what time her mother's appointment was when she didn't have one. It would be a work in type of deal. She wanted to know when she would be in. She had no way of knowing an exact time. It was ridiculous. So why is she now stuck and being a stickler about the city allowing you 2 hours for a dr's appointment?

I didn't even go to the bathroom before I left so I really had to go by the time I got to the dr's office! I could have filled up 4 dixie cups! The bladder doc said my sling is in place and everything looks as it should look. He thinks it may be an infection,but will have to test my urine sample(s). He emptied my bladder with a cath while I was there. I hate that because it hurts! It took a few hours for it to stop hurting. He thinks I just need to go back on the Vesicare. He gave me samples, but I still have some left over from a year ago. It had been a year since I saw him. It seemed longer. I asked him if stress at work could be a factor and he told me an emphatic yes with the nod of his head. I told him I work with a one hormonal woman who picks on everybody! He said that could do it. We talked a bit about her going to different drs and using different pharmacies. Even he thought she sounded like she had addiction problems!

My gynocologist had moved to the same office complex so I walked over and made an appointment to see him in May, the week after my follow-up with the bladder doc. Paid a bill. Put film in to be devolped. Got Pepsi. Almost caught up with myself on my blog.

Yesterday's quotes:

The world is round and the place which may seem like an end may also be only the beginning.
~Ivy Baker Priest~

Sow good services; sweet rememberances will grow them. ~Madame de Stoel~

Maybe it's what's inside that counts, but being told you look good feels good!
-Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka, & Toshihiro Kawabata

I love quotations because it is a joy to find thougts one might have, beautifully expressed with much more authority by someone recognized wiser than onself.
~Marlene Dietrich~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Arisotcratic Title

4/17/07 Ben & Jerry's is giving away a free ice cream cone today. Told everybody at work about it. I am taking Rhett when I get off this evening.

"Supervisor" was very talkative today and much more alert. Almost like her old self. Guess she didn't take her medication. The lady who goes to the same dentist tried to bring up the dentist twice, but it didn't work right. "Supervisor" is not getting the fact that they go to the same one. Later I even had T call the dentist just to be sure even though she got the answering service yesterday. The dentist had call return so they called us back. Luckily the "super" was outside so we didn't get caught. I answered the phone. I told her we were just trying to verify if someone had an appointment yesterday. The receptionist just said, "Oh..." in a I know that somebody will be in trouble now tone. This further proves you shouldn't play phone games.

I found a cute site today. Its Your Aristocratic Title at the following:

Mine was:
"Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Rebecca, the Sanguine of Leighton in the Bucket"

Rhett's was:
"His Grace Lord Rhett, the Vehement of New Portion Wells"

Don's was:
"Count-Palatine Donovan, the Woebegone of Fritterton on the Marshes"

My friend Sabrina's was:
"Lady Madame Sabrina, the Imaginary of Divine Intervention"

My friend Bob's was:
Sir Robert the Random of Lower Slaughter

Quote of the Day:
"Cats don't change without their consent." -Roger A. Caras-
(And neither do I! ~me~)

An officer came up with several men's tied ties on a hanger. I asked him if he was all tied up?

Rhett got some bubbles at the Dollar General Store. I told him he'd have to blow them outside because his Grandma wouldn't let him blow them inside her house. So we went outside. These bubbles stick to the grass and made it look like bubble flowers. When you tried to lift them off with your finger from the sprig of grass, the deflated like a tiny balloon. They stuck to the fence. I looked at mom and said, "You are going to hose the fence down when we leave, aren't you?" She nodded her head yes. I know her pretty well by now. I took pictures of him blowing the bubbles and the bubbles themself. There was something so carefree about watching them float upward into the branches of the trees. Some went way down the street.

Then we went to Ben & Jerry's for free our free ice cream cone. First, we stopped at the Country Road Buffett. It looked good, especially the fried squash and fried green tomatoes. That's what cinched it with me.

We had to stand in line at Ben & Jerry's for our ice cream. Rhett got to draw on the sidewalk with chalk. He drew a hotel then wrote his name really big in balloon shaped letters. Maybe he'll grow up to design hotels... and make us rich! We both got strawberry ice cream because it had big hunks of strawberries in it. After we finished eating our cones, he wanted to stay and draw more, but I told him we needed to go back the Buffett to get our supper.

The food was SO good. I had fried chicken livers, macaroni and cheese, cabbage, and a corn muffin but the best parts were the fried squash and friend green tomatoes. I ate the remainder of Rhett's corn which was delicious too. Couldn't eat it all. Don will have leftovers which is a good thing.

4 Buzzards in the Road, The Best Part of My Day

4/16/07 When I came into work, the "Supervisor" was in the Dep. Warden's office. She had started in on one of the ladies yet again. She got mad because the lady didn't tell her exactly why she was late. Just that she was late. Then said, "See what I have to put up with..." to the Dep. Warden. She was reminded that she is late too. Has been several times lately since coming back to work whereas I would make sure I was on time everyday. So they took it into his office. I missed the loudest part by the time I got there. I came camera prepared and ready.

We had a staff meeting which she did not attend. At the 11th hour, "supervisor" suddenly tells Dep. Warden her dentist called and they could work her in for a cleaning today. Funny we didn't put any calls thru to her for that or I am sure we would have heard her talking to them about it. Does she think we are that dumb? Later one of the ladies called the dentist office and they were closed on Monday! She is going to keep on until we all have to start bringing in signed notes from our dr's saying we have indeed been in their office on that day. All because of her. Not fair.

On my way back from lunch I saw 4 buzzards in the road over road kill. One was not giving up his noonday meal! He finally flew away before I hit him. Mom had me a breakfast plate when I dropped a very alert Rhett off this morning. I stopped and got a tomato to go with it. It was so good. It was one of The BEST PARTS ofMY DAY besides being caught up, the peace and quiet of the office after the "supervisor" left, etc.

Caught up on my blog some more. Attempted to get sandwiches from the Fire House. I had my mouth all set for one, but they were out of white bread. Who runs out of white bread in a restaurant? Almost said, "Cancel my order!" like I once told Domino's. Instead I said, "Forget about it. I don't eat wheat bread." and walked out. So I got camel riders from the Speakeasy instead. Not quite the same but close enough.

I told Don about the dentist thing. He laughed harder than I heard him laugh in a long time. Probably harder than I laughed at "Brother's & Sisters" last night.

A Cold Sunday in April, My Sunday nite ritual

4/15/07 It turned really cold here again. After church and lunch, I had to put on a wool sweater and thicker socks. Don had to go to Sears. I stayed inside the truck while he and Rhett paid the bill. He dropped me off at T. J. Maxx while they went to Dick's Sports which recently opened in the new mall. I let them do the male bonding thing. I got one of Rhett's birthday presents at a reasonable price. We went back to church from there.

My Sunday night ritual has become this... when we get home from church, I load the diswasher, get on the computer and check emails until time for "Desperate Housewives" to come on tv. While on the computer, I heard some really good music coming from the living room. It was making me dance in the back room. So I went to investigate. A new show called "Drive" was on. I would watch it until a commercial came on then go back to the computer. We need a laptop! Tonight I discovered a new scrapbook site "The Daily Scrap". It is a wonderful source of inspiration. I could have spent the rest of the night going through it. Rhett is out on spring break.

We also watched "Brothers and Sisters". I can't remember when I laughed so hard over a tv show. It is always good to laugh like that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A New Theory


Don helped mom with some stuff around her house. We cooked hamburgers and fries which were good but I got indigestion later. I caught up with emails. My new friend Anne, pointed out a new interesting theory I'd never thought of before.... trips to the car for a nip! She also told me to bring a camera to work and take a picture of her the next time I find her face down on her desk.

Friday the 13th, 2007

From my cell phone I called in to check to see if it was ok to enter the building. She answered the phone so I hung up. I should know better by now not to play phone games. They ALWAYS backfire on me!

I sneezed really hard enough to hurt my nose and say, "OW!" but go no "God Bless You" or even a "Bless You" from her. Like I really cared. I thought it was funny. So did the others.

There were threats to go before the council about the rumors. She did turn in a piece of paper to the warden with 2 names on it. Mine is probably one of them. Then she turned on the tears. When she left his office, she went out to her car & stayed 30 minutes! So basically she has not done anything since I arrived except call one of her many drs., go out to her car for the 2nd or 3rd time, go down the hall, etc. Its now lunch time. She is butting into my conversations with others. Now I know how my friend Patti feels...

I ate my lunch. She is eating her's. I am on the phone. I realized yet AGAIN that she is not answering the other line. I am mad again. Dumb me actually thought she was eating. I filed something & there she was... face down on her desk yet again! This is the 4th time now I have found her like this! I am tired of it; tired of me being the one. This time I called the Sgt. I told him he needed to come up here. He asked why & I told him she was doing it again! He came up & observed her because he teaches CPR classes. He said her name really loud like he was trying to scare her. When she raised her head, he said it looked like when a drunk comes to from passing out. Later he apologized for saying that. He called the nurse which was a different one for the 1st one. She did pass out in her food this time! He had to tell her she had rice in her hair. She asked him to please not say anything because the warden would make her go back to the dr to get another dr's excuse which would cost her another $25 co-pay when he hasn't gotten the test results back yet. You would think he'd have some back since 2/6!

This Sgt is not dumb. He knew he would be libel. He called both the warden & dep wardens. This time I wrote a memo about it to turn in to them. This may sound awful and mean of me, but I am tired of being the one who finds her like this each time! I told the other ladies "I'm changing my lunch hour!" They just laughed at me. I gave my memo to the dep warden who gave a copy to the warden. She thinks the Sgt found her and she is safe as a contestant on "American Idol". She has no idea. My memo will go in the file they are compiling for or against her. But when is that going to do any good?

It all gave me a headache. If I am wrong about this, then I am very sorry but I am just tired of it all.

Don took me shopping for a belated anniversary gift of lacey underwear. I must have tried on 13 bras at JCPenney's on this Friday the 13th! Finally found a winner. It's turquoise with a tiny clear bauble hanging down from a heart shape in the center of it. It reminded me of "I Dream of Jeanie's" bra. Now I just need the matching harem bottoms to go with it! We went to Logan's to eat dinner. I had THE best meal I have had in awhile. I got the 3 thing meal of hot wings, loaded potato skins and friend mushrooms with horseradish.

LIVE, Another Wild Hair & Quotes

4/12/07 Found out more... "supervisor" was pulling out of the parking lot as warden was coming in yesterday. She proceeded to cuss him out which should be grounds for dismissal. I would think that would be THE FINAL STRAW but who am I? A little later she called back to apologize. Didn't think she had time to get home yet. It sounded like she was on her cell phone. I heard the warden raise his voice thru a closed door as he told her, "I understand that you are not well..." Later I learned that she couldn't come back to work without a dr's excuse.

I went to put up my "Received" stamp in my desk. As I was putting the plastic cover on it, I stamped "L" on my index finger and "ive" on the finger next to it. I realized it said "Live". Thought that was a good message for today and always... Others thought it was neat also.

Pulled another wild hair out today.

Quotes of the Day:

Never tell a man you can read him through and through; most people prefer to be though enigmas. -Marchioness Townsend-

Go through the phone book, call people to take you to the airport. The ones who will drive you are true friends. The rest aren't bad people; They're just acquaintances. -Jay Leno-

Be life long or short, its completeness depends on what it is lived for.
-David Starr Jordan (1851-1931)

Variety is the soul of pleasure. -unknown-

If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Monday, April 16, 2007

An 650, a Buzzard on a bridge, 3 free pens & a highlighter

4/11/07 On the way to work this morning, I saw an F650 truck! Then I saw a buzzard on the bridge! I guess it was an omen...

When I got to work, a local office supply company had delivered something along with their catlogs and a bag of goodies for me. They sent two pens, a bright yellow florescent highlighter. Of course I called them and thanked them for my goody bag. One of the judges sent a sentence sheet through inter-office mail. It also had a pen in the envelope with his name on it. So I got 3 free pens today. My lucky day.

"Supervisor" was eating her sandwich. I was on the phone giving out our address which takes a few minutes especially if they don't have a pen handy, can't spell the name of the inmate correctly, can't spell the name of the prison, etc. The other line rang about 5 times. She wasn't picking up to help me which made me angry. I had to put that person on hold to answer the other line. At first I thought she wasn't answering because she was still eating. Then I reallize once again that it was too quiet. I walked past her office and saw her head down on her desk again. I wasn't sure if her face was in her food this time. I silently tiptoed across a carpeted floor, carefully opened a closed office door, trying not to make a sound, went into that office to call medical. I asked the lady officer if a certain nurse was working, but he wasn't. This would have been the same nurse that came during her first "episode". Another nurse who isn't very helpful was working. Then she told me the dr was back there. This is the same dr that told me I may have bursitus in my right shoulder. I told her he needed to come check on the "supervisor". They came immediately. The Lt on duty also came up, had me call the warden on his pager & the dep warden on his cell which I did. I let the Lt talk to both of them so I wouldn't have to do it. The Lt gave me a thumbs up for reacting and responding so fast. He told the warden I found her face down on her desk and the dr was with her. The other two ladies came back from lunch, but neither was aware what transpired. They just knew from the look on my face, something was wrong and I wasn't a happy camper.

After talking to her awhile & checking her blood pressure, the dr walked with her out to I thought her car so she could use her cell phone to call her husband even though she had been told she could make the long distance call in the office, but she refused to call there. She was acting like she was dependent on the dr to walk, but she could come back into the office walking normal without any assistance later. The lady officer that I called, who came up with the dr., went into her office and closed the door. She was in there for awhile. When the "supervisor" came out, she started ranting about "When I had my seizures here at work on Feb 6th, someone at this prison said I came to work drunk and passed out. I am going to find out who it was and they are going down!" Passed out one minute, making threats the next. Unbelievable. I can't do anything but shake my head. I should have whiplash from it by now! LOL

This same lady officer that was behind closed doors with her sent me an email. I couldn't believe I actually had an email from her at that point in time. When I saw it, it made me think the "supervisor" may have been down in medical as she typed it. In the email, the lady officer called the other ladies in the office "heffiers"! I suppose because they didn't show any concern when they didn't have an inkling what happened. I did not respond or tell the ladies about the email. There are enough problems as it is. So I am almost positive this officer is the one who told her about the rumors which got her started again. J started this. How do you prove a rumor?

She was in her office cussing while talking to Dep w and he told her to calm down. She had him close the door because "ears were listening." No, she was talking so loud we couldn't help but hear what she said. So she FINALLY leaves a few minutes past 2:30. Thought it would never get here. Her sister and nephew were supposed to pick her up. The transfer list she printed but did not save was incorrect. She said she couldn't find an inmate's file. That's because he was coming to the prison not leaving so we would not have a file on him. T was mad about this & refused to re-do the list since she didn't save it. She is tired of going behind her, doing her work or cleaning up her many mistakes.

Then we heard she was driving off in her car, but met the warden out at the flag pole. What happened to her sister picking her up? After the warden came in, he & the dep warden were behind closed doors. She called him back. She could not have gotten home to Buena Vista yet. I heard him raise his voice to say he "understands that she is not well..." (Understatment.) Now she can't come back without a dr's excuse.

That night I asked Don what he thought about it all. He said he thought that the warden screwed up by not doing something about it in the beginning.

Our 13th Anniversary

4/9/07 Today I wore my new sweater I'd previously described. I'd thought about calling Don's cell phone or the home phone number and singing, "Happy Anniversary" to the tune of "Happy Birthday", but he beat me too it. Great minds thinking alike. I was the only one in the office when he called. I told him thought about doing that to him.

I also told him I had this feeling... because the "supervisor" had been gone a really long time just to get a cup of ice from Sonic. I thought maybe she'd had a wreck. It seems she is cussing a lot more now. I'm the one who is always stuck here when she is in one of her talkative moods. Lucky me!

After work, I got Don what I thought was a neat anniversary card. It was shaped like a pair of boxer shorts. Later I plan to use it as a template for the scrapbook. He got a pair of black velvet boxers sort of like a tuxedo. I meant to give them to him as a New Year's gift but forgot about them.

We went to Red Lobster for dinner. I got a pound and a half of crab legs because it was crab crackin' Monday. It was too much for me. I couldn't eat them all so I took the rest of them to mom. We forgot to get the waitress to take our picture.

This anniversary is supposed to be lace. He said he'd take me to JCPenney's to get mine later!He also told me he'd keep me for another 13 years. Awe.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter, 2007

4/8/07 Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny sure was good to Rhett. He got a light blue suit that almost looked like seersucker material. If he'd worn white loafers with no socks, he would have had that Don Johnson "Miami Vice" look going on.

The other week he said he wanted a camaro. I said, "Been there. Done that." Then he said, "Had fries with it." I cracked up. I told Genie & she cracked up too. So the Easter Bunny also brought him a Hot Wheels camaro, a new game for his game boy and candy.

After dinner at church, we went to mom's. She was finishing with the dishes as we walked inside. She put on a new outfit. A black sort of sweat suit without all the fleece. It made her look thinner sort of like I remembered she looked when she was younger and I was in elementary school. Rhett had more stuff from the Easter bunny at her house. He got a Sponge Bob plug-n-play which he had to hook up into grandma's new tc. He played it until time to go home before evening service. Then later he asked me why we didn't hunt eggs at grandma's so I told him. He just said, "Oh."

After church we went to Lisa's for supper. She'd gotten a new digital camera and can print her own pictures. Their church did an Easter production. She had pictures of one of the men portraying Jesus on the cross with fake blood on him. It was a rather sobering sight.

Then the kids had an egg hunt. We forgot Rhett's Easter basket so he had to use a paper bag. He found the camophlage egg which had a $1 in it. After that we ate taco meat on Dorrito chips. It seems we no longer eat traditional holiday meals anymore.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Good Friday

4/6/07 Good Friday. Got off early for good behavior. LOL (prison humor) Got my hair cut. Had her cut more because the side was not doing right. She said it was a lot thicker. Must be the propecia. Had bills to pay as always. Got a neat new black cowl neck sweater with a piece of brown sweater material sewn in the bodice to cover the cleavage, otherwise it would have been obscene. It made me feel like Dolly Parton! Made me feel good about myself. It had turned colder so I put it on at Mom's house. Rhett & I met Don at Country's barbecue for dinner. I remember telling down about something the "supervisor"said, but can't remember what it was now. She's done and said so many things that it all runs together now. All I am doing is talking about it and nothing gets done concerning the matter.

At Country's I forgot to order the small glass of tea. They brought the BIG "bellywasher " mason glass jar size as my momma would call them. I used my left arm to pick it up with which caused my left shoulder to hurt like my right one does.

Just another boring day


Genie is supposed to be in town as of today.

Can't recall anthing eventful now. Sorry I am so boring as of late.

Been working on catching up on my blog so I failed to write about current happenings in my Gratitude journal. I guess nothing really exciting happened or I would have remembered. That doesn't mean I am any less thankful or grateful for all that I have in my life.

Just remembered the "supervisor" sounded off about something or someone but what else is new? There was work she had not done that affected the entire prison not be able to get new inmates because there were no beds for them. Sort of like no room at the inn even though we are always open like Motel 6 or whichever motel has that slogan.

Another Exciting Sunday in our Lives


After church and eating @ CiCi's pizza, going to Fred's for groceries, I let Rhett pick out his own Easter basket. We went home to change clothes. Then we went to a guy's house Don works with so he could buy another damn gun! The man's wife was a talker, smoked like a chimney so I stunk when we left! I told him next time he could first ask them if they smoked and had dogs before we went to someone else's house! At least they had a pit bull that was very friendly. I'd have to push him away from Rhett who was scared of him.

We went back to church. We didn't go to McDonalds's with our church friends because we had ice cream at home. We still forgot to eat the ice cream! I had a graham cracker with cinnamon for supper.

The Graddy Book

3/31/07 We took Rhett fishing late in the afternoon at Elisa's. This was another one of those times I acted like the spoiled child by asking, "Do I have to go too?" Don said it would be nice. I thought it was going to be a male bonding type of thing, but instead it was a family affair. Only caught one fish which we threw back. This time I found it frustrating instead of calming like before. Maybe if I'd caught a fish, I might have gotten excited about it. The fishing pole just wouldn't cooperate and work right to catch a fish. Maybe it was the fisherwoman. LOL When the skeeters started biting instead of the fish, I knew it was time to go so I started packing up, carrying lawn chairs back to the truck. I jokingly asked Don if this meant we were going to Capt. D's for fish for supper. He just laughed as always.

Don & Rhett took showers. We were planning on going to El Vaquero to eat. Mom had left a message on the answering machine and a more explicit one on my cell phone. She wasn't home so I called my aunts to see if they knew where she was or if she was per chance with them. Aunt Betty said my folks were probably on their way over to my house with the Graddy book.

I saw their headlights and met them at the door. I looked through the book which is more like a bound booklet similar to ones I made for my book of quotations. I didn't consider it a real book because it was not leather bound. Does that mean my books were not real either? I realized I was judging a book by it's cover again. It was interesting and exciting because there was a picture of my grandfather in it. I recognized names of relatives I heard mention of as a child. Some I'd even met. All dead now. So sad.

I was hurriedly copying down facts because my folks had to take the book back home so Uncle Frank could return it to Uncle Butch in Georgetown tomorrow. So we didn't leave the house until after 9 pm to go eat.

4 Simple little Happinesses Today

3/30/07 I guess I forgot and thought everything was back to normal at work. I called out to the "supervisor", realized she sounded funny. I got up to go into her office and discovered her asleep on her computer monitor! She couldn't even recall a piece of paper I handed her yesterday. I was embarrassed for her although I shouldn't be. We should not have to babysit her to check on her every 15 mins to see if she is sleeping or "passed out"! I realized I could entitle this chapter of my life as "While my supervisor was Sleeping."

D. W. talked to her. Later she went into his office, closed the door and was in there for awhile. Later she talked to a lady officer and they closed the door. All this door closing. I joked that I have no doors to close. Guess that means I am always open.

Asked my friend Anne What are 3 of your simple little happinesses today? She gave me 4 which led me to my own quote of the day:

When we are asked to list a certain amount of happinesses in our lives, we can always add one more to our list. You are one of them, my friend.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

My 4 simple little happinesses today:
1. It's Friday!
2. I ate some of the best green beans in my life today.
3. The sound of my son's laughter.
4. Did I mention it's Friday? LOL

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. -Robert Tripp-

An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth. ~Bonnie Friedman~

No one has ever had an idea in a dress suit.
-Sir Douglas G. Banting (1891-1941)

Sabrina's Quote


Ok I am going backwards in order to catch up... I was able to catch up some on my blog. Sent Mark an Easter card. Got an email from him thanking everyone for his birthday cards. He said he'll celebrate his birthday when he gets back home from Iraq. I passed that info on to all my JCP email buds. Paid a bill.

My friend Sabrina sent me her own quote as my quote to the day. Thanks, Sabrina.

"Keep your chin up. Don't let anyone steal your joy." ~Sabrina Griffin~

Got Italian sandwiches from Firehouse again. Thought by the time I got home with them they would taste like that first one I had. The 2nd half of mine sort of did. Rhett even liked it. Mason said I am like a junkie looking for that first high with these sandwiches.

"CSI" was good & so was "October Road".

Friday, April 6, 2007

"Avoiding the Pot Holes in Life"

"Avoiding the Pot Holes in Life"

Riding to work day after day after day
Avoiding the pot holes in life
Nearly running off the road
in fear of falling in again
and drowning in a deep pit of depression
that once consumed my past.
Swallowed me whole
and spit me back out
on my feet
in one piece.
Drenched in debris and the mud of yesterday
Caked and completely covered.
A downpour from Heaven came
washing me clean again.
Leaving me with a whole new outlook on life
and a deathly fear of pot holes.
Cannot take that route again
and get stuck in those ruts
I'll never get out of this time.
Avoiding the pot holes in life
Clinging to love.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~
April 6, 2007 12:45 pm.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Shock, the Bombardment

3/28/07 I was never more shocked in all my life as when I walked into work and saw "the supervisor" there. Was my shock as evident in my voice as I am sure it was on my face when I greeted her? T & I were really mad. T. Showed me her dr's excuses. One was not on letterhead; just merely typed on a typewriter. Later T told me to go check the bulletin board where the "supervisor had put a whole page thanking everyone for prayers, gifts, visits, their time donations so she could be out, etc. She began with "Although my Dr has not released me..." In my opinion she I felt like she was saying we didn't care for her because we haven't shown her any concern.

After she left, the 3 of us bombarded the warden without asking for a meeting. Just went into his office. T got emotional and I knew she was going to start crying at any moment so I spoke up. I voiced my opinions and concerns. Of course he was going back on what he said. He sounded as if he was taking her side. I didn't feel like we got anywhere near a resolution with this situation. He didn't feel it fair her not being there. Like he wanted to have a meeting with all of us present including her. He didn't want to talk about her behind her back yet she does it to others all the time.

I let him know how she did me when I was out for my surgery which he seemed to know nothing about or he is a good actor. I told him it wasn't fair she pressured me to a fax in from my dr @ a certain time frame, the same should be applied to her. He just shook his head.

I'd emailed all of my friends yesterday to pray for me and the office. Got back lots of good responses. My friend Sabrina wrote:

"I asked that He step in and remind you that you are blessed of the Lord and called according to His purpose, no weapon formed against you shall prosper." I printed it out and taped it to my computer so I'll read it over and over again. Other friends were praying also. Some were even praying for her. I thank all my friends for their prayers and support.

The "supervisor" made a few snide remarks while on the phone with who I thought was her sister. She told her, "No, they all act like they could care less about me. No, she hasn't said anything." I took the she to mean me. Oh well...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thanked for my time, Voiced my opinions


Got one really funny email and a nice one from my new friend Anne today. I realized we do write alike especially when we email using lots of details about what we think is important in our lives. It really made me feel good. She thanked me for my time. Not sure if anyone has ever said that to me before. We even came up with a new thing... BOL Bursting out laughing.

Genie will be here on 4/2/07. She said she probably won't have time to visit.

The "supervisor" called. She is supposed to come to work tomorrow. T & I were very upset about this because the Warden had told us she "couldn't come back unless she had a clean bill of health." We were taking him at his word. Dep. Warden said he didn't think she would be back. A fax from her dr was supposed to be in by 5 pm. It was not there.

When Rhett got home yesterday, he lifted up the collar of his new jacket and did an Elvis imitation which just cracked me up so I made him do it again for Don. He laughed too.

I voiced my opinions to Dep. Warden. Been very verbal lately.

Quotes of the day:

"You know, sometimes it is the artist's task to find out how much music you can still make with what you have left.
-Itzhak Perlman-

Prayer is the bridge between panic and peace. -church sign-

Kids are amazing extensions of our selves. They are who we couldn't be.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Monday, April 2, 2007

A typical Sunday afternoon


After church we went to eat at the Chinese restaurant near the house. It is starting to not agree with me. I felt yucky so I laid down, played Book Worm until I fell asleep while my guys cut grass. That may not have been such a good thing since Rhett already has a runney nose. I'm sure it's all the pollen. We paid bills after church. Got money & groceries. I marinated pork chops in Italian dressing for Monday nite so I am ahead of my game. YEAH! Am I seeing a theme here with the Italian food?

I feel bad for not putting more quotes in here. I am so far behind I'll never catch up with myself. But at least I haven't used all my sick time and don't have to call in dead! I have been catching up slowly but surely on my blog but not my quotes.

If someone read this, they would thing what a boring life I have.

Don's good deed


Late Saturday afternoon we were taking the rail Don made for my Uncle Bert. I flashed Don so we could eat at Fire House Subs. It wasn't as good as yesterday's sandwich was so I was disappointed. I left off the oil and vinegar. I really like having it wrapped in foil for awhile because it must seal in all the flavor and juices. We ate so late in the afternoon, I didn't have to cook supper. Yeah Me!

It is sad being around Aunt Pearl and Uncle Bert now days. All they talk about is when they die. I was glad I was there today to help my 2nd cousin Zach with his tie for a prom he was getting ready to attend. He had the tie around his neck instead of his shirt! I thought he'd been to a prom before.

Back at home I caught up on emails. I have an Easter card to send Mark Frick in Iraq...

The Best Sandwich EVER!

3/23/07 Don & Rhett were off today. I should have been smart enough to ask off, but I wasn't. Had to drive the monster truck so Don could get my tire fixed. It had 2 nails in it! He warmed it up for me which was nice. I realized he was walking out to the truck from the corner of my eye as I opened the door. I thought maybe he wanted another kiss. As I got inside, I heard Barry Manilow playing! Aw. It was a Christmas cd but wht the heck. Let it be Christmas in March. It felt like it for me. So I know he still loves me, not that I really thought he stopped. It made my morning. As I have said before its the little things that mean the most to me. This was definetely one of them.

We got our tax $ back. Yeah!Life is good. Nothing can spoil my day. Can you feel me smiling? I shared this with some of my closest friends via email. They all thought it was wonderful & said they could feel me smiling.

Got THE BEST Sandwich I have ever had in awhile. It came from Fire House Subs. I got the Italian one. Mmm good. It was so good it was almost sinful.

Today I am " a good woman" according to a lady officer at work. Later D & R came by work with my car. Rhett had on his new jacket so I let him show it off to the office. He talked Caroline's leg off this time.

Got off early. Paid bills. Got the 13" color tv for mom for her kitchen from Sears. Had to wait so long, they gave me $5.35 back which I gave to mom so she got the tv even cheaper which is always a good thing. I should have gotten me one for the kitchen too.