Saturday, July 31, 2010



This is Brandon, the 12 year old awaiting the lung transplant list only to be told there are none available and was given a year to live. Thought you might like to put a face with the prayers you have been sending up to God's ears. Please continue to pray that Brandon WILL get a lung transplant! Thank you!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankfulness In Spite of Life's Difficulties

A few years ago I'd asked you to pray for a boy named Brandon. Brandon had asthma then lung problems which was what we were praying for and he improved! He is also our daughter-n-law Kristina's nephew. He was with them at the wedding we attended in Indy back in June. He came down with them last week. Kristina told me Brandon is on transplant list for a lung, but there are none available. They have given him a year to live! He is Rhett's age so this really got to me. His mom has let him bleach his hair and do some things she would not ordinarily let him do. Brandon was swimming here and I was holding my breath esp when he was doing a dead man's float! I took pics of him that I will send later to put a face with the name. I can't remember what Brandon's last name is now.

My phone beeped yesterday evening as I was driving down Macon Rd. I stopped at Fred's to get some drinks to take to church last nite as we were having a fellowship meal before our monthly singing night. It beeped again inside Fred's. I saw it was Genie's #. Having just seen her this weekend, I thought it was odd as we had not discussed getting together again anytime soon. I know I sounded funny when I asked if she called me. She did. She told me I wasn't going to believe this, but her mom was fine one minute then started going down hill the next. Her mom felt fine yesterday morning then started feeling bad. The nurse/caregiver called the dr. Genie could tell the caregiver was upset. The dr said to take her to the hospital.

Now Alma, Genie's mom had requested to see my other best friend Penny, Penny's mom & Penny's girls on Monday. We were all shocked that Alma would do this. It was so out of character for her as she never wanted any one to come to the house. Penny's mom is Alma's sister-in-law who looks a lot like Genie's Daddy. Genie's daddy died last July. Alma was lying on the couch, but she called each Penny's two daughter over to talk to them individually. We all felt like she was saying goodbye.

Margie, Penny's mom was a nurse. She noticed Alma's breathing was congested and she was rattling as well as being really weak. Alma passed away yesterday at 2 pm. Genie was still in shock because it was just so unexpected. But then we never really know when it is going to be our time, do we? It was a year & 8 days since Genie's Daddy died. Alma had already given up and was just waiting to die.

Genie and I were just thankful it happened now while she was here instead of when she went back home to Virginia. That would have been harder. At least she was with her mom when she died. Genie said she knows her mom is going to be so mad at her because she can't put her in the ground right away. She is waiting on her husband and son to arrive this weekend plus the preacher was out of town. She says her mom will probably come back to haunt her because of this. One of Genie's burden has now been lifted from her. The funeral will be Monday at 11. I will take off and be taking my parents to the funeral.

When I told my parents and Don, they were equally shocked by their expressions. I feel for Genie. My parents are older so you can imagine how this makes me feel.

My Mom fell last Friday. She was washing off the front porch which she knows she can no longer do that now. She slipped and fell. She very badly skinned the back of her wrist, scrapped an elbow, fell on one knee and hit her head, but it didn't break the skin. When my folks came to the art show Sun., they arrived earlier than we did so they could get a parking place out front. She had her wrist bandaged then. She'd found my picture then had to sit down. The swelling in her knee had moved downward. She did not feel like staying so they went home. We walked them out to show them the elevator so they wouldn't have to attempt stairs. I didn't see her unwrapped wrist until Monday as well as the swelling that had moved down her leg. She had a cut on her palm of her hand that probably needed a stitch, but she didn't want to go to the acute care place. She scared me because I was cooking a pie and set the oven on 400. She was trying to set the microwave on top of the stove for 400! I had to tell her I'd already done it. That is when she told me she'd hit her head.

Yesterday I received a card from our dear friend Helen who we met when we were line dancing 16 years ago. Helen always remembers our anniversary by sending us the most touching cards. I'd invited her to the art show. Inside this most perfect card, she apologized for not being at the show. Her daughter Barbara, age 47 has cancer. Helen has been busy with her 12 year old grandson, Eric who is only days younger than Rhett! Barbara has had 3 surgeries, radiation & her 2nd round of chemo last Tuesday. Helen is the main caregiver and stays at Barbara's. Helen is requesting prayers for Barbara. I don't know what Barbara's last name is but God knows. Please keep Barbara in your prayers.

I am thankful another one of my emails arrived when most needed and helped my friend Bob have a good eveing. That made my day today.

Of course this made me thankful I still have both my parents. I am thankful I slept better last night. I didn't wake up til almost 5 due to a cramp in the calf of my leg. This has been happening frequently. I was blaming it on the flat shoes I have been wearing, but I may need potassium. That is all I need... to take another pill! I thought we'd gotten rid of the critters in the attic, but then I heard another one scratching! But I feel really good today. Hope you do too. What are you thankful for today?

I cannot seem to get the link to Thankful Thursdays for some unknown reason. I posted last week, but received no responses. If you would like to share your thankfulness, please go to the following...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Art Show

It was a very busy weekend which began Thursday when Jason, Kristina and the kids arrived. We went to the pool at Elisa's. Friday I got off early. I stopped at TJ Maxx to see if they had a big zebra bag for one of Kristina's belated birthday presents but they were out of them. I spied a wallet underneath my car as I came out. It looked like it had been tossed underneath my car. The owner did not have a phone. I called his debit card company to let them know I found it & would be mailing it him if I didn't hear from him. My good deed for the day. I know only too well what is like to have your wallet stolen and then have to replace the contents. Some things cannot be replaced.

We went to a barbecue joint. The last time we ate from there, Rhett & I both got sick. I wasn't happy about this so I got a hot dog. You wouldn't think you could have a bad hot dog but I did. I said never again and I mean it! We swam again at Lisa's. Kristina and I discussed Market Days since she could be within my set up for FREE! Lucky her.

I let Kristina use the outside of my frames where I hang my art to display her girlie bows. She has some really neat ones. It was nice having someone to talk to even though I had to look in between her bows to see her! LOL Of course Rhett was there also. The coolest part was the fact that I was standing there when my best friend Genie & her daughter Jena walked up! How cool was that? We visited for a few minutes, saw Jena's engagement ring which I took a pic of, introduced them to Kristina then they went to check out the other stuff. Kristina sold some bows to Jena for her dog Sadie! Jena picked out one of my photos they want framed. It was the same photo I sold. I now have a best seller. I must remember to submit it too!

Talked with some interesting folks. One was a lady artist who is thinking of getting back into art. I told her she should do this!

When Market Days was over, we packed up and went to the Bullard House so Kristina could see the old victorian home. After seeing it, Kristina wants to bring some vintage clothing for Shelby to put on and take pictures inside. I warned the kids not to touch anything before we went inside! I thanked the owner profusely for letting us see the house. I did not take another pic of the outside because K and I decided we like the mood of my overcast shot of it better.

Then we went to Booth's Corner Cafe to get some much better hot dogs. Once home I fell asleep on the couch! We went back to Elisa's pool. I started to stay home because I need to shower and do my hair since we were to meet everyone including my best friends Genie, her daughter Jena and future son-in-law along with my other best friend Penny who is Genie's cousin and Penny's two daughters, Penny's mom and brother Rob plus our kids Jason, Kristina, their kids, Steph and her friend at Al's German restaurant. I was trying to please everyone. Don thought I shouldn't mix my friends with family, but I thought that was the craziest thing I ever heard of!

We turned wrong and got a little lost but I could see it from where we were. It was small and hot inside. The man who owns it was in a wheelchair at the last place trying to serve Pepsi from his chair! He spilled it all over himself. I asked how he was doing. Both legs had been amputated but he had prothesises and was still cooking at age 72! Rhett & I split a schnitzel. It really is the best in town. Then Penny and her family arrived. Don suggested we put the table in an L shape so we could be closer together and not separated. That was a good idea that time.

As always we end up in the parking lot talking. Penny's girls headed for a cactus and sure enought Sarah got some stickers in her finger just as Penny hollered at them to get away from that! Genie had to get home to her ailing mother but we knew we'd still be visiting with Penny and her family. We thought Genie had pulled off but Jena and Colby came up to me. Jena said, "You know your dr you go to once a year for a yearly exam... a pap smear?" I went ok. I am thinking she wants to start going to my obgyn. Then she said, Sandy. Ok. That is not my dr's name but then it hit me it's the name of his nurse that takes my blood. I told them that she always wants to take the blood out of the side of my finger and it hurts more so I tell her to take it out of the center of my finger. It turns out Sandy is Colby's aunt. I saw the resemblance immediately and told him that. Small world. Sandy has seen me as one of Jena's FB friends and told her she knew me! Jena said we were going to find out we are all related eventually!

We went to Penny's hotel showing her the way back there. Sadly for the kiddos the pool closed at nine so we just hung out, talked, caught up, watched the end of "Terminator" movie while the kids played their Nintendos. The next day Penny was going to her old church while Genie went to the one she and I grew up in. Then they were going to Hatchachubee for homecoming. If I didn't have the Art Guild art show, we probably would have went with them.

We went to the art show after lunch. There was a Member's Choice award. I was going to put my name on my slip to start with and vote for myself. The lady there looked at me like I was crazy. She told me I had not seen the art yet. Little did she know I had the seen most of it on Thursday. So I had to wait to vote for myself. There were other pieces I really liked. This turned out to be yet another funny story when I told it later.

Mom & Daddy were already there. Mom had fallen washing off the front porch but did not call me to tell me this! He wrist was bandaged so I couldn't see how bad it was. She looked for my artwork then had to sit down. They could not stay for the whole thing but we walked them back up and showed them the elevator so they wouldn't have to go up steps.

The food was ok. The chicken salad was good but it was on really hard oval shaped bread hard enough to break teeth! I just ate the chicken off the bread. There was not a lot of food and it didn't last long.

My "Rainy Day in Georgia" looks really good. It looks like a piece hanging in an art gallery. I took a pic of it which looks equally good. I WILL upload it later this weekend. I have my friend Anne to thank for this. Our resident photographer took my pic with me pointing at it with my zebra nails! LOL

We stayed until 4 pm. The Member's Choice had not been tallied yet. I probably did not win anyway. We went on to church early. Afterwards the guys were going to the hunting land. I had to drive the monster truck back home to get bathing suits and get my car. The water was so warm. It felt so good. I floated on a float. Heaven.

We have a critter in our attic again so I did not get much sleep. I was lucky enough to spend most of the day with Penny and her family.

Friday, July 23, 2010

One Thing After Another

Well, thankfully I found my the artwork that was misplaced which had my friend Cheryl's inspiration in it! It was in a black bag in Rhett's toy box!

I am in the same location I was last Saturday for Market Days. From now on for the rest of Market Days I will be in this same spot.I took a pic of the word "Broadway" and told Rhett we were "On Broadway" as I sang the title of the song. He didn't get it.

I was next to the organic blueberry folks again and across from a master chef from Cataula who showed up with breads, jams & jellies. He has been all over the world and baking is his passion as art is mine. I have pics of this man's bread to be posted later. He dropped one loaf on the sidewalk, but sold it anyway! He also made change while handling the breads. The breads did not do anything for me at all, but all the women seemed to love it. I thought they looked like big ole odd shaped rocks to me! LOL He did well as did Spencer's berries whereas I sold nothing. It was a bust for me. I always have beginner's luck.

Mom & Daddy came to it before it was over and I got pics of them there so it was a family photo op and I was thankful for this small blessing. There was a lot more people traffic. More stopped, looked and commented. I got lots of good feedback. Of course other can now take my ideas and try to re-create them.

It still amazes me that most of the folks bring their own bags for this. Most of them had Trader Joe bags! LOL If you greet them, they usually say, "I am doing well." It is nice to know there are so many folks out there doing well.

I called my favorite framery which was closing at 2. I asked if I brought something in on Monday, would it be ready before Thursday? As long as it wasn't an odd size & they had it in stock. Then I went to Michael's to frame my art for turn-in on Thursday. I had a 12 by 12 piece which I discovered is not an average size. Luckily the frames were on sale. I saw 3 I really liked.

I took my piece to the counter. There is an older woman working there. I asked if I could get a matt before Thursday. She was very curt. Let me know they sent their matts out to be cut and it would take a week. I told her I needed it before then. She turned and went back in the back totally dismissing me which ticked me off. She'd also made me feel dumb by asking me, "You know what an artist's 3rd is, don't you?" Don't have a clue. Maybe she thinks I am not a real artist.

So I started looking at poster frames because I was going to blow up a fiery sunset I wanted to do last year, but Don & Rhett were against it. A successful Australian photographer told me to do this; to blow it up as large as I could (which I can't afford!). Now I had written down the measurements for an 11x17. I'd do back & forth besides going to the bathroom! LOL I picked up the wrong poster frame. I bought a canvas thinking I could paint what was on my 12x12 before Thursday! I got an elaborate 11x14 gold frame which the canvas fits in perfectly. It as on sale.

I had to go back to the curt lady once I found the gold frame and canvas to see if she could show me how to fix the back of this myself. She was all for me not paying her to do this! LOL This time she was quite helpful.

I went to Kinko's where the young guy was very helpful. I had the sunset blown to a 11x17 on card stock. I realized I should have taken my friend Darryl's advice about talking to another photographer before now. I chose matt not glossy. It was cropped in Adobe photoshop. This cost $23. The guy rolled it up which I didn't like. I went out to the car to get the frame. Someone had placed their stuff ontop my stuff! The clerk apologized for this. The frame was too small so I had to go back to Michael's to exhchange it. The guy at Kinko's had given me a smaller sample of it which I can still frame and hopefully sell.

Then I went to Wolf camera. By now it is almost 7:30 pm. Since none of this was working as I envisioned, I decided to follow my friend Anne's advice. I was having the rainy day shot blown up to an 11x14 to fit the elaborate frame I purchased. As with the firey sunset, the dashboard of my car had to be deleted. Their cropping is different from Picasa much to my frustration. It cut some of the right side out, but it was better than nothing. This would be ready at 1 today. Then I saw it could be mounted on foamboard which I knew I'd need anyway. I paid for that extra because now Don & I were going to learn how to frame art ourselves & save money! With the foamboard, they said it wouldn't be ready til after 3.

I stopped by mom's so I could put the rolled up copy of the fiery sunset in the poster frame. This was a real bugger! I was tired, it wasn't working right. I was almost at the point of tears and cussing. I had to cut the white off the copy in order for it to fit. The pieces of the frame do not exactly match up. When I took it out of the car when I got home, 2 pieces came off so I had to re-do it. Not sure if my guys like it or not. I was too tired to attempt the canvas. Rhett even asked if I could actually paint it since it was originally done with colored pencils. I wasn't sure. He'd given me another idea for it earlier which I may try later. Much, much later.

Instead I went thru my cuttings out of catalogs looking for things for the Springer art project. I know I probably should have went on to bed, but this usually relaxes me. I had a headache, my hip and leg were aching. After I found the pieces I might use, I did take 2 Alleve and went to bed, but I was too tired to drift off when I laid down.

Sunday, the next morning I realized I will need glass for the rainy day photo! So I will have to call an inexpensive glass Monday morning.

So I go back to Wolf to pick up the piece after 3. It was ready. A little voice told me before I left I should have taken the frame. I get back home, it is too big for the frame! Don measured it. It is over 14 inches! I called Wolf before we left for church. They told me I could bring it back and they will re-do it, but to bring the frame. So it has been one set-back after another. If I didn't know better, I would think someone is trying to tell me something. Not funny at all. The good news is I will have more framed art for sale. After all the problems, I think I need to up my price!

I took Thursday afternoon off so I could get the glass cut for my frame, get the backing on & turn it in for the show by 6pm. That morning my key got stuck in the door! I was late to work. I was having a bad awful day as one of the Sesame Street characters had in one of Rhett's kiddie books which was his favorite.

I was able to capture the elusive dragonfly yesterday when I left work! I took my mom to lunch at the food Nazi place where once again I experienced reverse discrimination. And one again, I said never again. I had to go to the bank, pay a bill. Then I got the glass cut which didn't take long at all. The man sort of threw the glass in my frame! Of course if it broke, he would have had to get me another one. A kind older lady helped me put my piece of art in my plastic bag. I knew the glass needed cleaning very badly.

Then I drove to a frame place next to the church my best friend Penny used to attend. The door was locked and there was a sign that said "Please knock". An older man let me inside a home probably as old as my parent's home that had been turned into a framery. I told him I hoped he could help me. I asked him if he could walk me through putting the back of my frame together. When I showed him the fastenings the lady at Michael's told me I needed, he told me they would not work. He said he'd clean my glass for me. Well, he proceeded to clean the glass on top of my photo! I just knew he'd ruin it. He assured me he had been doing this for many years and he was not going to mess it up. So I had to just let go, trust and put my faith in him. He placed it all in the frame without touching the glass again whereas I would have gotten more fingerprints on it. When he mentioned stapling, I thought he meant he'd staple the frame itself which I didn't like. Then he showed me how he stapled it in with his high speed stapler. Next he asked me if I wanted a dust cover. I admitted I didn't know what he meant so he told me to look behind a large frame of an autographed University of Georgia jersey. It was like a brown paper bags glued on to keep dust out of the back. He used industrial strength double stick tape to secure this. I was familiar with this one! LOL If I had put on the wire, I would have put it in the center which would have been wrong. He measured and placed it where it needed to go using his own wire instead of mine. Now I can return the things I didn't use thanks to this nice man. I asked him how much I owed him and the said "$300." Then he told me I owed him nothing. I truly felt like I went to one of the Lord's angels and he blessed me. I told this kind soul I would send all my friends to him and I will go back to him again and again and again. I plan to send him a thank you note also. I can see a lesson in all of this that happened with this kind man.... It is about asking for help, trusting and putting your faith in someone as well as our Lord. Sometimes other people can do things much better than we can. We can take life lessons from others. Some people will willingly and loving share their knowledge with you and bless you with their knowledge. There are still good people out there who will help you without asking anything in return. There are angels among us. I was so thankful for this one.

I got something to drink then took my art to be turned in. I entitled my art "A Rainy Day in Georgia". Then I got to preview some of what other artists submitted. I was wowed by some. Others, I said I could do that or better. New artists inspired me. I recognized some artist's works immediately. There wasn't a lot of photography which was my medium this show so maybe the odds will be in my favor. Mine probably should have been bigger than it is compared to some others in a golden frame. I know I shouldn't compare. I really liked mine leaning there against the floor. My friend Anne was right, it does look like a watercolor. I hung around and got funny looks from other artists not that I really cared. So please a prayer that mine will win something. Thanks.

While there, I saw a high school classmate, Diane. Her mom is an artist. From the back her mom reminded me of my Aunt Pearl. Diane asked to see my artwork. She said she liked it. I told her about my framing experience. She says her mom uses someone who is expensive. I told Diane to use the man I went to.

This weekend will be like Christmas in July for me. Both my best friends will be here as well as my oldest step-son, wife Kristina and their kids. Kristina can set up with me at Market Days and sell her hair bows for free! Lucky her. Afterwards we can go to the artist and owner of the Bulloch house so Kristina can tour her home. Everything is falling into place for Kristina. The rest is sort of up in the air. I realized we live our life sort of playing things by ear. Sunday is the art show. I didn't get pre-made or make invitations of my own. I relied on emails except for a few phone calls I made. I invited our entire church!

My oldest step-daughter has an awesome message on her cell phone. She asks if you have thanked God for your blessings. Then asks what you are thankful for. I told her I am thankful for her!

Then later I had someone calls me who has to have a schedule of events so they will know exactly what they are doing and when. It was then I realized we are not like that. When family and friends come, we just get together and do stuff if possible. Of course I am as always trying to please everyone and being pulled in 4 different directions but I love it. It only happens once a year which makes it feel like Christmas.

Kristina has a nephew named Brandon who has lung problems. He went to the wedding with us in Indy. He came down with them from up there. I was informed last night he is on a transplant list but there are none available for him so they are giving him a year to live. He may only be a year older than Rhett. Please keep Brandon in your prayers for a transplant. This has been weighing heavy on my heart. It made me thankful I have such a healthy son.

On the way to work this morning, I was behind a red Vue but the tags said "BLU". LOL

Today I did a good deed... perhaps one of the best I have ever done, I found someone's wallet underneath my car. It looked like it had been tossed underneath it. I took it inside the store. Two women told I should just mail it to him since he was not listed in the phone book. I called his debit card company so they could call him so he could come pick it up. After having my wallet stolen, I know what it is like to have to replace everything!

And sometimes when you stop looking for something, you find it in the least likely places.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Uncaptured Dragonfly

Today I came upon a black and white dragonfly
I couldn't capture
on film.
I saw black birds on a wire
I got 3 errands done on a lunch hour,
lunch, 5 bags of potato sticks, grape juice
and back to work on time
with minutes to spare
and my day is not over with yet.
I did 2 good deeds
One was questioned
so I said,
"Never again"
but you know I will.
Trying my best to be nicer to folks
especially the working class;
those that help me,
Not everything goes right in my life
or according to my plans,
but today was a good day.
I am not stressed as I was Saturday.
I am just letting things be
I will be seeing both my best friends this weekend
and family.
I will be stressed on Thursday!
But Thursday is another day
and like Scarlett O'Hara,
I will think of that tomorrow.
This weekend will be like Christmas in July for me
One busy moment of a lifetime followed by another
time well spent with friends and family.
I'll catch dragonflies another day.

Becky Voyles

Friday, July 16, 2010

2 Cents Worth

I found 2 cents yesterday and thought about putting my 2 cents in, but had nothing really to say. I'd said it all yesterday about my week's thankfulness. I had nothing really profound to say so I said nothing. I figured I'd just give my 2 cents to Rhett to go in his crayon bank. LOL

A lot of time people put their 2 cents in and no one really cares or they really do not want to hear it. If I put my 2 cents in, who really cares? It is like saying, "If I were Queen...." which I am not. My friends do care of course. Most of my 2 cents are rather funny if I do say so myself. I like my funny 2 cents worth. LOL I hope you do too. If not, oh well...

I have been rather quiet this week as I stated in my previous post. I wondered how that appears to my co-workers - not that I really care. Does it appear as if I am taking sides with Illy? HARDLY! I don't care what others think of me as I discussed with Kristina in an email yesterday. I know who I am. I like myself whether anyone else does or not and that is the main thing. It is what is far more important to me. I am just being myself which is something I strongly reinforce to Rhett. Just be yourself. He is really only his true self around his immediate family.

For my 2 cents worth today, I will say this.... I am so tired of dealing with women' s attitudes at work! I have a hard enough time dealing with my own. Illy is up to her usual tricks of calling out. I had very few comments about her excuse today which is no real surprise. Any excuse will do. In fact, it is so predictable it is no longer funny. I have to deal with far too many women's moods while trying to remain in a good one of my own and I am the one who is supposed to be taking HRT! It is hard sometimes. I try really not to let others spoil my mood. Some days I am successful at this. Other days not so much. Today I was successful at not letting them spoil my mood. I suppose I should be thankful to them because they gave me fodder for my 2 cents worth today.

I just came back from a good lunch. The 1st place I went to was closed. I am thinking, "Oh, no... I am going to have another one of my weird lunches....", but thankfully I did not. At Wendy's, I was able to read my book and get lost in the sea without fear of drowning. I am currently reading Soul Song by Marjoire M. Liu which I purchased at the dollar store! What a find. It is about a merman. I need to send it to McCabe when I am finished reading it. LOL

I returned to work in this really good mood where at least two women are carrying on about the fact that they don't like the way a man placed the copy paper! One just went on and on and on. I bit my tongue, keeping my 2 cents to myself. I wanted to say "Get a life!" or "...if that is all you have to complain about....", but I refrained. I almost pulled out a cd to drown them out much like the character M'cal could do with his voice in this book.

What 2 cents would you like to add today?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Great Way to Start Our Week

Monday was a rather hard day at work so I treated myself to getting my nails done like a zebra again. These may be my signature nails! LOL The girl got a bit more creative with them this time. I told her that, but I wasn't sure she understood me. Still I was thankful to have these pretty nails again. They make me feel good like my photography and art.

Tuesday morning Rhett and I experienced the neatest thing... as we were crossing the 13th Street bridge, in the opposite lane was a group of geese walking down the bridge as if they owned it! Now this is normally a very busy bridge. Oddly, there were no cars coming towards them either. Of course I couldn't get to my camera. I told Rhett that will probably never happen again and I hope he will always remember it. A great way to start our day. I took a half a day off so he could make a goblet at Britt David Studio this afternoon. He did well. I took a pic of him in his little apron. I was so thankful I have the good child that I was bless with. Another little boy seemed to have emotional problems because his goblet was not working and had to be redone so he cried. Then he cried anytime the instructors said anything to him, mumbling to himself.

Then I had to put up with attitudes at work. I guess I sort of let them get to me; depress me. I was unusually quiet for me thinking how I wished I had a more artistic job. Someday.... but I would still have to keep this one for the insurance for my family. Even artists cannot please everyone. I already know this fact well.

This week was about the quotes I send out via email to my friends. I was busy. One friend reminded me he had not gotten his quote of the day and was waiting on it. His day was off kilter without it like not having a cup of coffee. This made me feel good. So I sent them out in the middle of my busy schedule. Then I thanked the guy who got me started doing this which in turn made his day. Random acts of kindness echoing. I reminded me that I am needed; that I am important; that I make folk's morning with these quotes they often need on that day. It reminded me how I helped a friend to live on a day he was giving up. It reminded me of my fave quote by author unknown...

You may be one person but you may be the world to that one person.

A local radio station had been advertising that reps from Disney & Nick would be at a local hotel. Wednesday morning I had to register Rhett for school. We'd received a phone call the week prior reminding us to register. I think I protested more than Rhett did! "Oh, no! School can't be starting again!"

I can remember when you just went in a school told them who you were, maybe filled out ONE form only and you were registered. That was it. You didn't have to fill out a ton of forms. You didn't have to bring a power bill as you do now. Because I took time off in the morning for this, I didn't feel I could ask off early in the afternoon to be at the hotel at 5:30. There was a 7:30 meeting which meant we would miss church.

Rhett got nervous when I dropped him off at Mom's. He asked, "If I get a part, would this mean we move to California?" I laughingly said "yes" but I was joking and he took me seriously. He said we didn't have to go. I chose to take him. I want him to have every opportunity available to him if possible.

When I was picking Rhett up from Mom's, he told me he called his friend Tyler. Tyler is really cute. He looks a lot like Rhett. He has the same color hair and they both style their's in a similar way. They were even told they looked alike. Tyler was in the band with Rhett. He is the one Rhett met at the skating rink. Well, Tyler told Rhett they couldn't be friends any more because Rhett is not cool.

Rhett not cool! He is one of the coolest kids I know. Of course I am prejudice.

Because I actually thought there would be real reps from Disney and Nick at the Doubletree, I told Rhett that when he got a part on tv show and Tyler wanted to be his friend again, to tell him, "Nah, I can't be your friend because you are not cool enough." Rhett asked if he could really do this. I know this was probably not the right Christian thing to do but.... Of course this was a mom talking who's child had been hurt. I was trying to make both of us feel better. I could tell Rhett was trying his best not to let this get to him.

Well, we went to Doubletree and waited in the lobby til 7:30. We'd never been here before. I got a menu for the restaurant but I do not think we will be eating there. Too fru-fru for my tastes as well as wallet. I saw lots of interesting folks there. A girl who reminded us of the stuck-up black girl that played on "Hannah Montana". A guy that could be the Rock's twin! I actually talked to him. He says he gets that all the time.

The man in charge of Pro Scouts was a real hottie and former model himself. It was just him and another guy who was a former unknown actor. We went to the later guy who gave Rhett a call back card. His 1st. Then they tell you there will be a big weekend in Atlanta on the weekend of Sept 18th. All the people from Disney etc will be there. It costs $795 to go to this. If I go which I would have to since he is a minor, that would be another $65 for me! Don would have to find something else to do like go to a Bass Pro shop. LOL It is 2 nites so that would require a hotel. The rooms where this will be run $115. We'd probably have to sleep in the car! LOL

That is an awful lot of money. I know Rhett really wants to do this and I hate to shatter his dream. We probably should not have gone now. As soon as Don heard about the $ part, he said we wasted our time.

These folks will be back again. Maybe we could save up. But there is no guarantee that Rhett would be picked and all that money would be for nothing. I have until the 28th of this month to decide. Our daughter-in-law says not to do this!

Today was about one great godly email received and I sent out. I got 2 good responses to it. One friend said it is the best one I have sent out to date. I am thankful for email. It is a wonderful thing. You can forward a godly email that needs to be passed on; you can help friends. For instance I received an email about scamming at ATM's. This was done at a bank in Alexandria, Va where my best friend Genie lives. It just so happens she uses that same bank! What are the odds? On any given day you could be sending some much needed words to a thirsty soul.

I am thankful that my best friend Genie is in town. She will be coming to see me at Market Days. How cool is that to have your best friend come see you when you are selling your artwork?

What are you thankful for this week? If you would like to share your blessings, please go to the following... at where Lynn has another awesome post where The Lord clearly heard her prayers and talked to her by showing her doves everywhere!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My First Market Day

Well, it is official. I paid the fees to do Market Days thru Nov! Talk about incentive! I went on in my car to find the man in charge and see where to set up. Don was bringing all my stuff in the truck a little bit later.

I was placed at the end of Broadway near the River Center next to a lady sellling blueberries. So everyone saw the blueberries 1st and went "Oh, look... blueberries..." Some marketers were not into art. The PC art people were all down at the other end, but I had Rhett to talk to. Luckily a coffee shop was open across the street so we could take turns going to the restroom. It was overcast so it wasn't unbearably hot and I was thankful for that small blessing while hoping it didn't rain.

Some folks liked my set up which was made by Don. I was underneath an awning so I didn't have to use my canopy. One less thing to take down. I had several people to stop look, ask questions and comment. One took my new art bio sheet. Others took my business cards. One lady could even read the extra fine print with my email addresses on it. She asked me how old I was! I whispered how old I am. LOL She also knows the other Becky Bristow who is married to my cousin Steve, but she hasn't seen them since their kids graduated high school. The world just keeps getting smaller with every encounter.

Most people wanted to look at everything before they bought something. A few said they'd come back, but only one young lady did and she bought something! Yeah! I only had one sale, but still that was a sale and I am thankful for it.

Since the last show, I have misplaced my larger framed pieces. We had it all set up & I realized I didn't have them all. Even Don asked me if I had them all. Then I remembered the piece I did with my friend Cheryl's saying on it. Got to find those pieces before next Saturday! Where oh where could they be? Another one I didn't have was Don's photo of the birds which usually makes folks stop to ask what it is.

I saw about 4 people that are in the snooty art guild. I didn't really know 2 of them but they just barely glanced my way and kept walking. Later I saws the lady who helped Daddy when he fell that Feb 2 years ago. She was riding her bike and she is a lot older than me! I couldn't remember her name and it is similar to one of my aunt's. I hollered, "Youwhoo....!" and waved. She turned her bike around to come talk to us and hug me. She was like a breath of much needed fresh air. I will always be grateful to her for what she did for Daddy and then today.

I let Rhett walk up to see the other displays because he was bored. I prayed the whole time no one would get him. He is 12 after all. I probably was doing something like this at his age especially checking out our hotels when we went to Exchange Club conventions all over GA. I know I have to let him go sometimes. He got me almost everyone's business cards so I could get ideas!

Don took my stuff home after we packed it. Then Rhett & I walked to the Springer Opera House where we could take pics as well as objects to use in a piece of artwork for a sale at the Opera House next month. I took LOTS of pics of course. I'd never been in the saloon before so that was a real treat for me. Rhett knew the place was supposed to be haunted so he was a real chicken! To one side was an entryway or maybe alcove. I am not sure how to describe it exactly. It is one of those things you would have to see to understand. I made the mistake of saying, "Here is a leg." It was a mannequin's leg painted gold. I guess Rhett thought it was a real leg & did not want to go near it. Like I would be so calm if I saw a real human leg propped up against a banister! I wanted him to put his head up on this flat, round elevated like a pedestal piece of wood, but there was no way he'd get near it. I finally had to pick up the leg and show it to him. Then he was ok. It gave a whole new meaning to the term "break a leg"! LOL

I'd go walking off to explore while he was still lagging behind. I'd been backstage before, but it has been many years. We got to see the dressing rooms. I turned on the lights and took his pic there. He turned and almost screamed when he saw himself in a floor length mirror! It was so funny.

I love the fact that I appear so strong and brave for Rhett. I want him to think he has a strong mom just as I thought of my mom. Although I opened one door and it was pitch black inside. Needless to say I would not enter!

I think they almost forgot about us. We came downstairs and the lady who was supposed to take us on a tour was about to leave and didn't know how we got inside! She did take us back behind the stage to where some of the objects we could take home were located. First I saw a small, old gold hat box, but was a bit disappointed when she told me it only dated back to the 1960's. She told me I could take it. I felt funny doing that so I took a pic of it ontop of another hat box instead. When I told her I was thinking about doing a collage, she was going to let me take some donated framed paintings to use to collage on or paint on top of! I can still go back and get these things and I am considering it. I did ask if she had any really old ticket stubs, but she did not. No matter. I can distress some myself to make them look antique.

Once I upload all my pics taken today, I will have a better idea of what I want to do for this project. I still have time. I still have one pic I want to take of the outside of the building, but I can do that on the way home next week. Still it was a pretty exciting day so far. Any time I take pics, is exciting for me. Hopefully you will see the pics by tomorrow if you're lucky.

I am just thankful I sold something on my very first Market Day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Wedding Crashers

I am thankful we had a nice, safe 4th of July trip to Don's home in Salem, IN. Before we left, Don's Dad called to say Don's mom had a nose bleed & he had taken her to the hospital where she would be til Monday. He wanted to know if we wanted to change our plans. I knew Don would be more determined than ever to go especially since his mom had fallen prior to this and hit her head. Later his father called back to say she was able to come back home which made us all feel better.

We arrived in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up late. Imagine my surprise when I saw Don's mom on the couch... She looked so bad; so pale and in so much pain. The only way she could get her back comfortable to was to lean over on several pillows on the couch. It didn't look comfortable at all. She really scared me. I know it did Don as well. She didn't eat much either. I was worried that she sat there all day without going to the bathroom and she usually goes a lot like me! LOL

Late Saturday evening was a 2nd cousin's wedding which we crashed! Our first wedding crash. Not that anyone minded. His mom and other cousins said it was fine including the mother of the groom which is our relative. It was an outdoor wedding and we sat facing the sun! I wore a long dress. During the ceremony, I leaned over to Don and whispered, "I am glistening with sweat." I could have been a Cullen! LOL Even my legs were sweating. I know southern women are not supposed to sweat. They perspire. Well, I sweat!

I loved the bridesmaids attire. They wore deep coral strapless short dresses with a scattering of rhinestones on the bodice and THE cutest silver sandal flip flops with rhinestones across them. I so wanted to take a pic of all their feet, but alas I did not. I guess the heat must have gotten to me.

We were thankful to be inside the in the oh so cool air conditioning while they wedding party took photos outside. Although I was wearing a sleeveless dress, I never complained about being cold for once. Not like I do at our church.

The father of the bride had an announcement. When his daughter Melia told him they were getting married, he told her he wanted to wear a top hat & tails. She told him no. So while she was still outside, he passed out imitation top hats for everyone. I thought they were just for the guys. I am not really a hat person so I did not take one. That way someone else could have mine to wear. However I did take pics of all the men at our table; our family in top hats. Just call us the Lincolns! Another once in a lifetime moment in our lives captured forever on a memory card. Others in turn got Melia's expression and comment when she entered the reception. She said, "They all have on hats!"

Good chicken salad sandwiches were served. I love a good chicken salad sandwich in case you don't know that fact about me. Grandpa didn't stay throughout the entire reception. He went on back home to grandma. We left about 10 and went to Jason's for about an hour. It was amazing riding through fields full of fireflies then seeing some fireworks going off in the distance.

We went to church for some good sermons the next day, came hom and had pizza. I drew a little later in my journal. I was inspired by roses on a box of Klenex and napped. Mostly brown roses. Then back to church for evening services then to another 2nd cousin's for a 4th of July evening picnic and fireworks. I so enjoyed talking to cousin Debbie about various VBS. Then Helen's neighbor was there and sat with us. Enjoyed talking with Rachel. Then Mary Jo showed up. She was the groom's mom. Then it was time for the fireworks. Christopher always does such a great job on them. My pics even turned out. Well, they appear to have turned out on the camera. I haven't had time to upload them yet. That is my Sunday nite ritual.

Jason gave me a gift his wife, my DIL Kristina made for me. It was a simple black framed mirror which has my initials on it. It has "the" in small red letters at the top. Then "RAV" in a fancy red font at the bottom. I think she used a Criket. She placed a red flower on each corner. It is so cool! I told him to tell her she is the best DIL I have ever had!

I didn't take as many pics. Only 66 which is sort of unusual for me. I took mostly family this time although I do have some nature shots taken at Alan's house on the 5th before the Pekin parade. It is the longest running 4th of July parade. Of course as soon as we arrived at the parade, I had to go pee! It is a holiday. The 1st store was closed. I asked a cop where I might find a restroom. He said something about a park who knew where. I started walking. One cafe was closed. Next was a biker bar. I thought I saw Yvonne's husband out front but I wasn't going to go up to him and ask if he was Kevin for fear it wasn't him. Then they guy might have thought I was trying to pick him up! I go inside the biker bar. I had to show my id in order to just pee! When I returned to where we were all sitting for the parade, I told them this. A cute older lady said she'd love it if they asked for her id!

Jason handed Don pics of Shelby and Austin and something else. I did not find out til later that it was a necklace for me. It is a bottle cap with this fancy saying... "Forget Princess. I'd rather be a vampire". It was all red, white and blue. I loved it. Kristina so gets me. She gets me the neatest stuff. Once we got back to the house and I was cooled off, I put it on and wore it home.

I really did not want to go to the parade on the day we were leaving. I'd rather just came on home but Don really wanted to go. I did enjoy it and spending time with family. Got a few more pics in too. Coming home was a much better trip. Always glad to get back home safe and sound. We were thankful for this blessing.

We were thankful my cousin Patsy from Louisiana was able to call my mom & wish her a happy birthday. Patsy had a heart attack or a stroke. She had to have surgery requiring a stint but they forgot to put the stint in and had to go back in! She thinks her mom is still alive. So to have her call, was like a small miracle. Please keep Patsy in your prayers as well as Don's mom, Helen. I have another very special prayer request to ask of you.... please pray that our family members stay together in wedlock. Thanks so much for these prayers.

Had a semi difficult morning. Couldn't get the store to go through as I did not have the other co-worker's password. I let this get to me. I was literally shaking anticipating Illy's remarks and others but I was told to calm down. It is not my fault. It is just everytime it is my time to run store, everything goes wrong. Someone even said sabotage. I am calmer now.

I am thankful for the watermelon I had a mom's yesterday. We got a free one at work today too! The blessings keep coming. May they continue.... It you would like to share your blessings and thankfulness, please go to the following....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Many Blessings to be Thankful For This Week

Well, we had another great time at 6 Flags with our church group and arrived back safely so we are indeed thankful; Always thankful to be back home. Thanks for all your prayers on our behalf for traveling mercies. They worked! I learned several things while there that I will remember next year.... One I will pass on is... if you use your Discover card, you get 5% back!

I don't think it was as hot as it was last year and I was indeed thankful for that small blessing. We had a thunderstorm which cooled things down a bit. Of course we had to wait about an hour for it to stop storming. Afterwards, we stayed at the water park a few hours. I got a little sun, but not too much. I got more sun than Rhett did. My camera bag got accidentally dipped into some water, but luckily didn't reach the camera! I took an old thin towel, cut it half so Rhett & I could wet them with cool water to keep us cool since I couldn't find my Cool Ties. It served it's purpose well. I love it when I do stuff like that. It makes me feel so Martha Stewart. I love it when I save money too.

Our church group wore new matching tv shirts. The verse on the back was "Pray without ceasing."
-1 Thessalonians 5:17

We had total strangers walk up to us to tell how much they liked our t-shirts. This happens to us every year. This scripture verse reminds me of you, Anne, because you are ALWAYS praying without ceasing. It also reminds me of sweet Denise, Nancie, Lynn, etc. If I left anyone out, I didn't mean to offend. You know who you are and so does God.

Jordan Sparks was there at 6 Flags, but I stayed at the water park with Rhett & his best friend Alex. Nancy & Tiffany walked to where Jordan as supposed to be. She was not performing until later around 8 & we always leave before then. I did take a pic of her poster. I figured that was as close as I would get and it was. Each time we go, we don't get to do it all, but there is always next year.... Every time I bought something at 6 Flags, the cashiers all loved my zebra nails! LOL I have gotten more compliments on them than any other time. I may keep getting them painted this way after I attempt to do them myself first.

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I'd been run over by a Mack truck! I guess I slept so hard. I'd slept on the way home. I must have been exhausted. Nancy, the Louise to my Thelma was driving her car & I usually ride with her. I got some neat pics of course.

Saturday was my folk's 57th anniversary. We took them to Red Lobster. Lesson learned: always go at lunchtime if you can because it is much cheaper.

Don had to work so my car didn't get worked on, but it is doing somewhat better and I am thankful. No, Lynn, I still have not laid hands on it. LOL Ironically on "Myth Busters" this week, they talked about cars going into the water, how the windows (electric & non) will work or not work. The best thing is to have one of those hammers that will break glass. Since mine won't work, I am buying one of those hammers! I am recommending them to everyone.

Monday was a bad day. I let Illy get to me about her time or lack thereof. Another person from work nearly drove me bonkers, calling me, instant messaging me, and emailing me, with year end stuff, but I forgive her. I discovered she does have a sense of humor much like mine so she cannot be all bad. LOL This week was about people who cannot keep up with their time. Some wanting to go back nearly a year later to verify it. Unbelievable. Tuesday was a much better day and I was so thankful for my 90 degree mood swing in a much, much better direction. I have had some really good laughs this week and I am thankful for each one of them. Also I am thankful for all the yummy lunches I had this week as well. I have so many blessings to be thankful for. One bad day out of a week is not bad at all.

I think I have pretty much finished the large doodle on my doodle pad at work. I took it home anyway. Now what to do with it? I was thinking a large or maybe smaller color copy of it since it is on thin paper. I know the highlighters used will fade with time & I want to preserve it. It is so colorful. I could put it in the art show this month. We will see... I took it to church last night and everyone liked it.

Mrs. Moore called me to say she has finished my colorful bag she made me out of plastic bags. I cannot wait to see it, but I will get it at the next art meeting. I am hoping to participate in Market Days now through November. So keep your fingers crossed for me on this.

The 3rd is my mom's birthday. I am so thankful for my mom. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies. Thanks. Here's hoping you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend! If you have thankfulness you would like to share with us, please go to Lynn's place at the following....