Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Art Show

It was a very busy weekend which began Thursday when Jason, Kristina and the kids arrived. We went to the pool at Elisa's. Friday I got off early. I stopped at TJ Maxx to see if they had a big zebra bag for one of Kristina's belated birthday presents but they were out of them. I spied a wallet underneath my car as I came out. It looked like it had been tossed underneath my car. The owner did not have a phone. I called his debit card company to let them know I found it & would be mailing it him if I didn't hear from him. My good deed for the day. I know only too well what is like to have your wallet stolen and then have to replace the contents. Some things cannot be replaced.

We went to a barbecue joint. The last time we ate from there, Rhett & I both got sick. I wasn't happy about this so I got a hot dog. You wouldn't think you could have a bad hot dog but I did. I said never again and I mean it! We swam again at Lisa's. Kristina and I discussed Market Days since she could be within my set up for FREE! Lucky her.

I let Kristina use the outside of my frames where I hang my art to display her girlie bows. She has some really neat ones. It was nice having someone to talk to even though I had to look in between her bows to see her! LOL Of course Rhett was there also. The coolest part was the fact that I was standing there when my best friend Genie & her daughter Jena walked up! How cool was that? We visited for a few minutes, saw Jena's engagement ring which I took a pic of, introduced them to Kristina then they went to check out the other stuff. Kristina sold some bows to Jena for her dog Sadie! Jena picked out one of my photos they want framed. It was the same photo I sold. I now have a best seller. I must remember to submit it zazzle.com too!

Talked with some interesting folks. One was a lady artist who is thinking of getting back into art. I told her she should do this!

When Market Days was over, we packed up and went to the Bullard House so Kristina could see the old victorian home. After seeing it, Kristina wants to bring some vintage clothing for Shelby to put on and take pictures inside. I warned the kids not to touch anything before we went inside! I thanked the owner profusely for letting us see the house. I did not take another pic of the outside because K and I decided we like the mood of my overcast shot of it better.

Then we went to Booth's Corner Cafe to get some much better hot dogs. Once home I fell asleep on the couch! We went back to Elisa's pool. I started to stay home because I need to shower and do my hair since we were to meet everyone including my best friends Genie, her daughter Jena and future son-in-law along with my other best friend Penny who is Genie's cousin and Penny's two daughters, Penny's mom and brother Rob plus our kids Jason, Kristina, their kids, Steph and her friend at Al's German restaurant. I was trying to please everyone. Don thought I shouldn't mix my friends with family, but I thought that was the craziest thing I ever heard of!

We turned wrong and got a little lost but I could see it from where we were. It was small and hot inside. The man who owns it was in a wheelchair at the last place trying to serve Pepsi from his chair! He spilled it all over himself. I asked how he was doing. Both legs had been amputated but he had prothesises and was still cooking at age 72! Rhett & I split a schnitzel. It really is the best in town. Then Penny and her family arrived. Don suggested we put the table in an L shape so we could be closer together and not separated. That was a good idea that time.

As always we end up in the parking lot talking. Penny's girls headed for a cactus and sure enought Sarah got some stickers in her finger just as Penny hollered at them to get away from that! Genie had to get home to her ailing mother but we knew we'd still be visiting with Penny and her family. We thought Genie had pulled off but Jena and Colby came up to me. Jena said, "You know your dr you go to once a year for a yearly exam... a pap smear?" I went ok. I am thinking she wants to start going to my obgyn. Then she said, Sandy. Ok. That is not my dr's name but then it hit me it's the name of his nurse that takes my blood. I told them that she always wants to take the blood out of the side of my finger and it hurts more so I tell her to take it out of the center of my finger. It turns out Sandy is Colby's aunt. I saw the resemblance immediately and told him that. Small world. Sandy has seen me as one of Jena's FB friends and told her she knew me! Jena said we were going to find out we are all related eventually!

We went to Penny's hotel showing her the way back there. Sadly for the kiddos the pool closed at nine so we just hung out, talked, caught up, watched the end of "Terminator" movie while the kids played their Nintendos. The next day Penny was going to her old church while Genie went to the one she and I grew up in. Then they were going to Hatchachubee for homecoming. If I didn't have the Art Guild art show, we probably would have went with them.

We went to the art show after lunch. There was a Member's Choice award. I was going to put my name on my slip to start with and vote for myself. The lady there looked at me like I was crazy. She told me I had not seen the art yet. Little did she know I had the seen most of it on Thursday. So I had to wait to vote for myself. There were other pieces I really liked. This turned out to be yet another funny story when I told it later.

Mom & Daddy were already there. Mom had fallen washing off the front porch but did not call me to tell me this! He wrist was bandaged so I couldn't see how bad it was. She looked for my artwork then had to sit down. They could not stay for the whole thing but we walked them back up and showed them the elevator so they wouldn't have to go up steps.

The food was ok. The chicken salad was good but it was on really hard oval shaped bread hard enough to break teeth! I just ate the chicken off the bread. There was not a lot of food and it didn't last long.

My "Rainy Day in Georgia" looks really good. It looks like a piece hanging in an art gallery. I took a pic of it which looks equally good. I WILL upload it later this weekend. I have my friend Anne to thank for this. Our resident photographer took my pic with me pointing at it with my zebra nails! LOL

We stayed until 4 pm. The Member's Choice had not been tallied yet. I probably did not win anyway. We went on to church early. Afterwards the guys were going to the hunting land. I had to drive the monster truck back home to get bathing suits and get my car. The water was so warm. It felt so good. I floated on a float. Heaven.

We have a critter in our attic again so I did not get much sleep. I was lucky enough to spend most of the day with Penny and her family.

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