Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Many Blessings to be Thankful For This Week

Well, we had another great time at 6 Flags with our church group and arrived back safely so we are indeed thankful; Always thankful to be back home. Thanks for all your prayers on our behalf for traveling mercies. They worked! I learned several things while there that I will remember next year.... One I will pass on is... if you use your Discover card, you get 5% back!

I don't think it was as hot as it was last year and I was indeed thankful for that small blessing. We had a thunderstorm which cooled things down a bit. Of course we had to wait about an hour for it to stop storming. Afterwards, we stayed at the water park a few hours. I got a little sun, but not too much. I got more sun than Rhett did. My camera bag got accidentally dipped into some water, but luckily didn't reach the camera! I took an old thin towel, cut it half so Rhett & I could wet them with cool water to keep us cool since I couldn't find my Cool Ties. It served it's purpose well. I love it when I do stuff like that. It makes me feel so Martha Stewart. I love it when I save money too.

Our church group wore new matching tv shirts. The verse on the back was "Pray without ceasing."
-1 Thessalonians 5:17

We had total strangers walk up to us to tell how much they liked our t-shirts. This happens to us every year. This scripture verse reminds me of you, Anne, because you are ALWAYS praying without ceasing. It also reminds me of sweet Denise, Nancie, Lynn, etc. If I left anyone out, I didn't mean to offend. You know who you are and so does God.

Jordan Sparks was there at 6 Flags, but I stayed at the water park with Rhett & his best friend Alex. Nancy & Tiffany walked to where Jordan as supposed to be. She was not performing until later around 8 & we always leave before then. I did take a pic of her poster. I figured that was as close as I would get and it was. Each time we go, we don't get to do it all, but there is always next year.... Every time I bought something at 6 Flags, the cashiers all loved my zebra nails! LOL I have gotten more compliments on them than any other time. I may keep getting them painted this way after I attempt to do them myself first.

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I'd been run over by a Mack truck! I guess I slept so hard. I'd slept on the way home. I must have been exhausted. Nancy, the Louise to my Thelma was driving her car & I usually ride with her. I got some neat pics of course.

Saturday was my folk's 57th anniversary. We took them to Red Lobster. Lesson learned: always go at lunchtime if you can because it is much cheaper.

Don had to work so my car didn't get worked on, but it is doing somewhat better and I am thankful. No, Lynn, I still have not laid hands on it. LOL Ironically on "Myth Busters" this week, they talked about cars going into the water, how the windows (electric & non) will work or not work. The best thing is to have one of those hammers that will break glass. Since mine won't work, I am buying one of those hammers! I am recommending them to everyone.

Monday was a bad day. I let Illy get to me about her time or lack thereof. Another person from work nearly drove me bonkers, calling me, instant messaging me, and emailing me, with year end stuff, but I forgive her. I discovered she does have a sense of humor much like mine so she cannot be all bad. LOL This week was about people who cannot keep up with their time. Some wanting to go back nearly a year later to verify it. Unbelievable. Tuesday was a much better day and I was so thankful for my 90 degree mood swing in a much, much better direction. I have had some really good laughs this week and I am thankful for each one of them. Also I am thankful for all the yummy lunches I had this week as well. I have so many blessings to be thankful for. One bad day out of a week is not bad at all.

I think I have pretty much finished the large doodle on my doodle pad at work. I took it home anyway. Now what to do with it? I was thinking a large or maybe smaller color copy of it since it is on thin paper. I know the highlighters used will fade with time & I want to preserve it. It is so colorful. I could put it in the art show this month. We will see... I took it to church last night and everyone liked it.

Mrs. Moore called me to say she has finished my colorful bag she made me out of plastic bags. I cannot wait to see it, but I will get it at the next art meeting. I am hoping to participate in Market Days now through November. So keep your fingers crossed for me on this.

The 3rd is my mom's birthday. I am so thankful for my mom. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies. Thanks. Here's hoping you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend! If you have thankfulness you would like to share with us, please go to Lynn's place at the following....


mrsnesbitt said...

Some food for thought! I have started my journal - Day 2 and it is a wonderful reflection of how much I am blessed loved this! xx

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks, Mrs. Nesbitt. Glad you loved it. I tried to repsond to this this weekend on my DIL's computer but could not. I will have to check you out! Thanks for the visit & comment.