Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Great Way to Start Our Week

Monday was a rather hard day at work so I treated myself to getting my nails done like a zebra again. These may be my signature nails! LOL The girl got a bit more creative with them this time. I told her that, but I wasn't sure she understood me. Still I was thankful to have these pretty nails again. They make me feel good like my photography and art.

Tuesday morning Rhett and I experienced the neatest thing... as we were crossing the 13th Street bridge, in the opposite lane was a group of geese walking down the bridge as if they owned it! Now this is normally a very busy bridge. Oddly, there were no cars coming towards them either. Of course I couldn't get to my camera. I told Rhett that will probably never happen again and I hope he will always remember it. A great way to start our day. I took a half a day off so he could make a goblet at Britt David Studio this afternoon. He did well. I took a pic of him in his little apron. I was so thankful I have the good child that I was bless with. Another little boy seemed to have emotional problems because his goblet was not working and had to be redone so he cried. Then he cried anytime the instructors said anything to him, mumbling to himself.

Then I had to put up with attitudes at work. I guess I sort of let them get to me; depress me. I was unusually quiet for me thinking how I wished I had a more artistic job. Someday.... but I would still have to keep this one for the insurance for my family. Even artists cannot please everyone. I already know this fact well.

This week was about the quotes I send out via email to my friends. I was busy. One friend reminded me he had not gotten his quote of the day and was waiting on it. His day was off kilter without it like not having a cup of coffee. This made me feel good. So I sent them out in the middle of my busy schedule. Then I thanked the guy who got me started doing this which in turn made his day. Random acts of kindness echoing. I reminded me that I am needed; that I am important; that I make folk's morning with these quotes they often need on that day. It reminded me how I helped a friend to live on a day he was giving up. It reminded me of my fave quote by author unknown...

You may be one person but you may be the world to that one person.

A local radio station had been advertising that reps from Disney & Nick would be at a local hotel. Wednesday morning I had to register Rhett for school. We'd received a phone call the week prior reminding us to register. I think I protested more than Rhett did! "Oh, no! School can't be starting again!"

I can remember when you just went in a school told them who you were, maybe filled out ONE form only and you were registered. That was it. You didn't have to fill out a ton of forms. You didn't have to bring a power bill as you do now. Because I took time off in the morning for this, I didn't feel I could ask off early in the afternoon to be at the hotel at 5:30. There was a 7:30 meeting which meant we would miss church.

Rhett got nervous when I dropped him off at Mom's. He asked, "If I get a part, would this mean we move to California?" I laughingly said "yes" but I was joking and he took me seriously. He said we didn't have to go. I chose to take him. I want him to have every opportunity available to him if possible.

When I was picking Rhett up from Mom's, he told me he called his friend Tyler. Tyler is really cute. He looks a lot like Rhett. He has the same color hair and they both style their's in a similar way. They were even told they looked alike. Tyler was in the band with Rhett. He is the one Rhett met at the skating rink. Well, Tyler told Rhett they couldn't be friends any more because Rhett is not cool.

Rhett not cool! He is one of the coolest kids I know. Of course I am prejudice.

Because I actually thought there would be real reps from Disney and Nick at the Doubletree, I told Rhett that when he got a part on tv show and Tyler wanted to be his friend again, to tell him, "Nah, I can't be your friend because you are not cool enough." Rhett asked if he could really do this. I know this was probably not the right Christian thing to do but.... Of course this was a mom talking who's child had been hurt. I was trying to make both of us feel better. I could tell Rhett was trying his best not to let this get to him.

Well, we went to Doubletree and waited in the lobby til 7:30. We'd never been here before. I got a menu for the restaurant but I do not think we will be eating there. Too fru-fru for my tastes as well as wallet. I saw lots of interesting folks there. A girl who reminded us of the stuck-up black girl that played on "Hannah Montana". A guy that could be the Rock's twin! I actually talked to him. He says he gets that all the time.

The man in charge of Pro Scouts was a real hottie and former model himself. It was just him and another guy who was a former unknown actor. We went to the later guy who gave Rhett a call back card. His 1st. Then they tell you there will be a big weekend in Atlanta on the weekend of Sept 18th. All the people from Disney etc will be there. It costs $795 to go to this. If I go which I would have to since he is a minor, that would be another $65 for me! Don would have to find something else to do like go to a Bass Pro shop. LOL It is 2 nites so that would require a hotel. The rooms where this will be run $115. We'd probably have to sleep in the car! LOL

That is an awful lot of money. I know Rhett really wants to do this and I hate to shatter his dream. We probably should not have gone now. As soon as Don heard about the $ part, he said we wasted our time.

These folks will be back again. Maybe we could save up. But there is no guarantee that Rhett would be picked and all that money would be for nothing. I have until the 28th of this month to decide. Our daughter-in-law says not to do this!

Today was about one great godly email received and I sent out. I got 2 good responses to it. One friend said it is the best one I have sent out to date. I am thankful for email. It is a wonderful thing. You can forward a godly email that needs to be passed on; you can help friends. For instance I received an email about scamming at ATM's. This was done at a bank in Alexandria, Va where my best friend Genie lives. It just so happens she uses that same bank! What are the odds? On any given day you could be sending some much needed words to a thirsty soul.

I am thankful that my best friend Genie is in town. She will be coming to see me at Market Days. How cool is that to have your best friend come see you when you are selling your artwork?

What are you thankful for this week? If you would like to share your blessings, please go to the following... at where Lynn has another awesome post where The Lord clearly heard her prayers and talked to her by showing her doves everywhere!


Denise said...

I love you my truly one of a kind, unique friend. I bet your nails look awesome.

Whidbey Woman said...

Oh my! What a week you've had!
Keep praising Him in all things :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Your nails sound like my favourite skirt! Dxx

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you Denise for saying I am "truly one of a kind, unique friend". I love it!!! and you too. Yes, my nails look awesome. Even the male clerk at the Walmart photo thinks so! LOL

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, Whidbey Woman, I have had another typical Becky week. I shall keep praising Him in all things.

becky aka theRAV said...

So you are into zebra stripes too, Mrs. Nesbitt! LOL

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