Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Friday's on a Sunday

Feb. 25, 2007 We went to Friday's on Sunday after church. Don got grilled Mahi-Mahi. The well-seasoned rice that came with it was very good. He said his brocoli was too hard. I told him when Rhett & I went to Applebee's last time, I had them cook mine longer. I, on the other hand did not get what I wanted and should have. Next time I will, if there is a next time we go there...

Don paid his Sears bill. Then we used the last of Rhett's Brewster's ice cream cards he got for his birthday. Rhett & I got strawberry while Don got black cherry (ugh!) as I shake my shoulders at the uckiness of it. It was not the best strawberry I've ever had. Again my taste buds which are not my buddy at the moment. Did some alien steal them in the night? We sat outside while we ate it because it was such a beautiful day. Another great family moment for which I am grateful.

Then we went to Target to get Rhett some notebook paper for school. I got the popcorn/Pepsi combo because it was cheaper than buying just a drink. We all ate half the bag on the way home.
Once home, I watched some of "General Hospital" while lying on Rhett's bed before we went to the evening service. Don ate the rest of the popcorn.

Stayed up way too late watching the Oscars when I could have been doing other things. Just wanted to see all the beautiful gowns. Once I did that, I should have went on to something else. Would have, should have, could have.

Tastebuds & Quotes

Feb. 24, 2007

A lazy Saturday. Slept late. Stayed in bed reading. Cut out green stuff for a St. Patrick's Day card. Watched "Dances With Wolves" for the umpteenth time while Don and Rhett figured out how to get the cable to work on his Sponge Bob tv in his room. Don told me I should be ashamed for spending the day inside. It was overcast outside. Late evening I went to pay a bill. What I cooked for supper wasn't as good as it tasted in myh mind. I ran out of cooking oil so my cornbread didn't turn out right but Rhett liked it. What is wrong with my tastebuds? When will they return back to normal?

We watched "Open Season".

It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?

A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for the good one.
~Mae West~

The teacher said to the students, "Come to the edge."
They replied, "We might fall."
The teacher said again, "Come to the edge."
And they responded, "It's too high."
"Come to the edge" the teacher demanded.
And they came, and the teacher pushed them, and they flew.
-Apollinaire Guillaume-

The Sign, Broken bracelet & Good neighbors

Feb. 23, 2007

"Try our weighting room"
at local diet place

I could have had a free lunch today. Then I couldn't find the right coupon. Got fried catfish, mashed potatoes and cobbler which was good. Would have preferred the free chicken from Church's. My favorite bracelet that Elisa, my oldest stepdaughter gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago got caught on my keyboard tray and broke. I hollered. The Deputy Warden was on the phone with the "supervisor" because she didn't get a check. He stopped their conversation to ask me what was wrong. I can holler over a bracelet, but I have officers coming up trying to scare me all the time and I don't holler at them. I put all the beads in my pants pocket and put them in a baggie at home to be restrung later.

When I told Don about the "supervisor" not getting a check. He said in his deep tone, "No, because you didn't have any time to get paid with!" I told him it wouldn't do for him to work in our office. He said no because he would tell her just like it is. They wouldn't get along at all.

Lorrie, mom's soon-to-be-ex-neighbor, gave Daddy a brand new lounge chair. Husband Joe didn't like the set so they were giving away them to my parents. Don helped Joe bring it inside the house. They will get the matching chair later... It looks like my folks have whole a new living room. Can't wait to take pictures with the new furniture. Our Christmas pictures will look like we are in a new home! I know my mom will be sad that Lorrie is moving up to the river. She has been a really, really good neighbor to them and me. She reminds me a lot of Mrs. Chambless who used to live across the street from us. Good neighbors are hard to find and keep.

Afterwards we went to Country's barbecue on Macon Rd to eat. Rhett and I split a huge hamburger steak with some left over. Rhett sat in the giant rocking chair all by himself. I did help him down as I went to the restroom. He is growing up on me before my very eyes. He can make his own hot chocolate now.

Rhett's speech teacher has said he has really come out this year. He is so entertaining, telling his stories he makes up. He told her his brother is a movie star in Hollywood which bothered me and I corrected. That he is from the future (which I've heard a time or three!) She said he has such an imagination. I just worry that people will think he is lying. The bad part is the kids at school take him at this word. His teacher said she has a daughter who is just like him and not to worry.

I'd forgotten to mention that on my birthday, at mom's, Rhett took the alphabet letters on the fridge and arranged them to say "Happy b-day, Mom" because he didn't have enough doubles of some letters. My friend Mike E who is a mensa and also chemistry teacher thought that was really bright of Rhett. He said to send him over to the magnet schools in Columbus. He said they needed more kids like him! It made me feel good. I am sure I beamed with pride.

Catch Up Day

Feb. 22, 2007 Rhett made an A+ on his poster we worked on. He is doing much better in his work. I am very proud of him and told him so as he was getting out of the car this morning.

After work, I went by the Library to post on my blog yesterday. I almost caught up with myself. Can't believe I have not been on it in 9 long days. Caught up some more today so I guess today is Catch Up Day for me.

I had screen saver problems at work so I changed it back to paradise. paradise. I think I'll stay in paradise. Then my printer cartridge went out (at work still). I had to reprint half of the receipts I'd printed. One lady in the Purchasing Dept kept calling me what seemed like every 15 minutes. On the way to make the deposits after work, I saw a bumper sticker that said: "My other car is a broom!" I burst out laughing. It was just what I needed.

Got 2 small free pizzas from Ci Ci's while chatting with my friend Marty who works in the floral/produce section at Publix. He gave me his pizza box because he couldn't have it at work. I am so lucky and grateful, but not very aware.... if I'd looked inside the box, I would have seen there was only one piece of pizza inside of it. So I had to compensate by cooking pizza bites for supper. Watched "Grey's Anatomy" instead of "CSI". Had to see if Meridith died knowing she would not because she is the star of the show. Still glad I watched it because the brought Denny back from the dead. I hollered, "I knew they were going to bring him back!" Don just laughed at me.

Denny made an interesting statement that I thought Susannah of Ink on My Fingers would like to hear.... He said that he still feels Izzy, his love he was going to marry before he died. He will be in the same place she is. He will be standing right next to her, he can smell her, he can feel her. Izzy had said she felt Denny with her. It ended by showing them in the hallway of the hospital and they both can feel each other there. You hear him say her name. Then Izzy leaves. Of course I cried. It brought tears to my eyes as I wrote this. Susannah, I hope it gives you some comfort...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Chocolate Quotes

A new British survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The 10th lies.
-Robert Paul (British computer scientist & humorist)

I've been on a diet for 2 weeks and all I've lost is 2 weeks. ~Totie Fields, commedienne

Anything is good if it's made of chocolate. ~Jo Brand~

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.
-Mark Twain-

There are 3 ways to get something done, do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it. ~Mona Crane~

These words came back to me many times today... They touched many people. I let my friend Sabrina who sent them to me know this fact.

God determines who walks into your life... it's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.

My quote, Mark, Quotes of the Day

Feb. 21, 2007

Ah, to drive a Highlander suv through the Highlands....
To drive an Outback in the Outback,
would be like lying upon the cool marble floors of the orginal Ceasar's Palace.
Not the one in Vegas, Baby.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

My friend Ruth's son Mark and a friend he was working with in Iraq were electrocuted, but both are ok - thank the Lord! Mark not having good luck over there. I think someone is trying to tell him something... It would be telling me to come home.

Quotes of the Day:

Our plans miscarry because they have no aim.
When you don't know what harbor you're aiming for, no wind is the right wind.

Pleasure in the job put perfection in the work. -Aristotle-

It has been said that a man's character can be judged by the "wake" he leaves as he goes through life. May his "wake" forever continue.
-David Braxton, my classmate on our principal's death

Every less is a widening and deepening of consciousness. It is a stretching of the mind beyond its conceptual limits and a stretching of the heart beyond its emotional boundaries. It is a bringing of unconscious material into conciousness, a healing of past wonds, and a discovery of new faith and trust.
-Paul Ferinni-

Stryker, The Prescription

Feb. 19, 2007 Rhett had the day off from school for President's Day. Lucky him. I called mom to remind her of this @ 7:30 am. She called me back at 7:45 to ask if I could could call in late to take Daddy to the ER only she didn't say what was wrong with him. I worried that it was his heart. I thought it might be the flu again. At least the later is what I hoped it was and not something serious. I packed a bag for Rhett full of his games for his game boy. Even included his charger in case it went dead. I am such a good mom.

It sound like food poisoning to me but I am no dr nor do I play one on tv. =) So there I sat in the waiting room of life and death that smelled like stale urine. Catching up on my words, adding to them while I wait and wait and wait.

I did get to see an old acquaintance, Crystal, who I worked with briefly at JCP. It was nice to see her again. She came out from behind the glass and gave me a hug. I told her I hoped I didn't catch anything while I was there! At least it wasn't crowded. While I was sitting there, I received a snack bag from Cascade Hills church which I thought was very nice. It had a juice, crackers, a piece of bubble gum and a peppermint int it. That will probably go to Rhett.

While there, I finished The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon. By 11 am I was starting to get hungry since it was my normal lunch time. They FINALLY took Daddy back to a room beyond triage. His nurse was from Scotland. I loved listening to her talk. I called mom to let her know we would be there awhile; maybe an hour or so or until he finished his 2nd IV.


With my book finished, I'd been wanting to draw a tree... I cannot quite master copying my left hand extended out where my fingers form the limbs. Parts of this tree I drew have some of the elements I envisioned... The tree should be feminine so I gave her a breast. Not that she has had a mastectomy or had the other one knocked off somehow! She is sturdy and strong yet graceful. Perhaps a bit softer on one side than the other. (Enter the Rebecca/Becky thing again. Rebecca being my softer side I think.) Some limbs are broken to represent a broken heart or the trials that have cost us a part of ourself. Thus the missing breast. What caused her to break? Yet she didn't wither and die. She went on. She grew strong. She regrew limb after limb. She She reached out yet remained rooted in the same stationary place and was content to be there. Of course she did not have a choice. She could not be uprooted. She could not be moved. Never thinking the grass was greener elsewhere. This was where she belonged. She withstood the winds of change, weathered every storm, survived the harshest winters only to bear her fruits each spring year after year. Her flowers were her halo she wore like a crown. No longer a princess. Even in the depth of winter when she is bare, she stands out regally from the other trees. She is quite unique. Her limbs are dark black as if they have just been rained upon. They are not faded with time. There is no moss growing on her. It wouldn't dare! She worries not about the morrow or time itself. She still thinks of herself as a young sapling. She has a purpose. To be who she is... a thing of beauty to behold. She is beholden to none. There is no other tree like her nor will there ever be again.

Althought she is stationary, she looks like a tree in motion, as if she is about to walk across the meadow with limbs thrashing about like bull whips. Her name is Stryker. She doesn't run from a fight. She is not someone you want to mess with or else you will get tangled up in her whip-cracking limbs. But it is good to have her on your side.
~By Becky Bristow Voyles~ 2/19/07 12:40 am.

Is this how it is to be in the days to come... where my parents are in the ER or the hospital and I am sitting here with them waiting, listening to the beep of machines and the sound of the heat/air flowing, writing and drawing trees? Would that make me an arborist?

We didn't leave the hospital til 4 pm! The dr said Daddy had a urinary tract infection or a prostrate. The nurse that was helping us leave said urinary tract infection. I took him home, ate something mom cooked earlier then got his scripts filled.

Don had tried to call me at work. I couldn't use my cell phone in the hospital. He was mad at me. When I tried to tell him about Daddy, he said he thought I was dead. I told him if I was dead, I would let him know by coming back to haunt him. I threw the b-cue sandwiches and beans I'd gotten him on the table and went to the bedroom. Rhett came back there asking if he could eat his sandwich now and I told him he could. I heard the sound of microwave and knew Don was heating his sandwich up. I came out of the bedroom at 8 pm. He asked me about Daddy & I told him.

The prescription: Be gentle with yourself.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Feb. 18, 2007 I had one of my sinus headaches today. Took something for the sinus part because I had no Alleve. Made Don stop after church on the way to lunch so I could finally get some of it. For once Rhett wanted to go eat Chinese, but that was because they had Chinese New Year at his school on Friday. The news was there at his school, but we didn't see Rhett on tv.

At the Chinese place near our house, I saw Claire, the red-haired girl I went to elementary school with who I hated more than anything. We just could not get along at all on anything. She'd tell on me for EVERYTHING I did; "every little fizzle" as my mom would say. I dropped a gum wrapper on the playground which I picked up. She still told the teacher on me and I had to pick up trash on the entire playground the remainder of recess. The good thing was ALL my friends walked with me and helped me pick it up. I seem to remember she would tell, "Here's some trash over here..." I had a huge movement of folks all moving in the same direction which was neat. That day I'd worn a pair of cream colored gloves because it was cold outside. I remember how dirty they were, but I knew my mom would wash them. My friend Genie would be saying, "How do you remember all that?" as she read this.

I'd seen Claire when I worked as a receptionist at Gayfer's Hair Salon. Once I saw her after all those years, I couldn't believe I'd held all that hate and bitterness inside. I realized it was such a waste of my time and energy. It was nice to finally let it all go. Why did I even bother with it? Lesson Learned: Do NOT hate.

Claire passed by me twice, but did not recognize me. Rhett seemed really interested in my school tales. On her 3rd trip by me, she stopped and asked if I was Becky. Who else would I be? Of course my mouth was full at that moment. She did remember me. She asked how long it had been. I told her it was longer than 13 years since I worked at Gayfer's where I saw her last. She must have been thinking longer like back to elementary school.

She asked if I ever saw her friend Gail. I told her I'd seen her a couple of times, but she didn't recognize me. Really I think she did, but just didn't want to admit it or acknowledge me. I'd seen her before when I worked in Adult Probation and she had to change her address to receive her child support payments. I still made her show her id even though I knew exactly who she was.

Gail had one of THE cutest boyfriends. He went to another high school. Gail was one of the smartest people that attended our elementary school but I am not sure about high school. My friend Iris probably had her beat. Gail was rather plain jane looking so we couldn't believe she landed such a cute fella. Yes, we were petty back then. Just plain catty now.

Claire said she went to Ann Mott's father's funeral. She saw Ann who I haven't seen in years, not since Jr. High. When we went to Jr. high, all of a sudden Ann was very popular. I'd know her all those years and couldn't see what had happened to make her more popular than Genie or myself. Claire was hoping to see Gail at the funeral but did not see here there. I didn't tell her if she went to Subway neat where I work, she might run into her sometime.

Gail looks like she is mad at the world now. And folks say I don't smile. Which I guess if I lost a good-looking husband, I might not be a happy camper either. Of course I don't know all of their circumstances nor do I care to know.

I did go back to Claire's table to tell her about Emma Jean & David Whittington dying a year ago or has it been longer? Don couldn't believe I went back there after telling him how much I hated her, but as I said I'd put that hate away. I met her husband Richard who seemed nice. He told me she'd commented on my "smooth skin" which shocked me. So maybe I don't look my age. Of course sitting next to her, I did notice her wrinkles especially around the eyes but she didn't look that old.

At home I fell asleep on the couch. Don woke me up so I went on to bed. The guys didn't care how much noise they made when someone is trying to sleep. I, on the other hand, try to make as little noise as possible when they are sleeping. I slept through the evening service. Don told me I should have been there...

Talked to mom later after I go up. My Uncle R. F. would like a book about my Grandfather Graddy's side of the family. He said he had one but he let my cousin Florence in Montgomery, who is named after my Grandmother, borrow it. Now she knows nothing about it. So I emailed Mike E to email his friend Ann, whom we met at this Christmas party. She is really into geneology. She had sent us some stuff on Don's family. I also checked on the internet, but wasn't having much luck. I found very little except the Irish pronunciation of Graddy. The Irish pronounce it as "Grady." I got my grandmother's Windham side confused with the Graddy's. Then it was time for "Desperate Housewives".

The Wedding

Feb. 17, 2007 We went to Matt & Tiffany's wedding today. We were late as always. Brother Larry, our preacher performed the ceremony. It was all very nice. The wedding cake was really good. I am not much of a cake eater so when I say it was good, IT WAS GOOD. That is what Rhett & I had. Rhett requested the white cake NOT the chocolate groom's cake. Don ate enough that I didnt have to cook supper which is ALWAYS a good thing and I am grateful for it.

We came home a different way so we didn't stop at Dollar General to get me some Alleve, my miracle cure and we should have. Lesson Learned today: ALWAYS stop for Alleve.

We should have watched "Open Season" since there wasn't anything on tv. Instead Rhett and I worked on his poster on the floor. I would have to stop to lie down to rest my back. Guess I am getting old. After all our hard work on it, Don said it needed a big baseball on it. I told him to draw one on a piece of paper and I'd glue it onto the poster. I did not want him messing it up! I am the artist here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Feb. 16, 2007 On my way to work, I saw a Jeep Compass. I really liked the looks of it from the rear view. Then a preacher from a Church of Christ was speaking about a chameleon. He said don't be a chameleon, changing your colors to fit the group you are with. Good advice. Have I been guilty of doing that?

Then I passed a Church of Christ. I really began to notice that I was starting to see things that began with a C. Passing C's. Passed Chattham Woods subdivision. The word Chattham alwasy reminds me of my friend Penny when she lived in Savannah, GA. Savannah is in Chattham County (stream of conscious thinking). Crossed railroad tracks.

This exercise I came up with cause me to really think; to be more conscious of my surroundings and pay more attention to everything. Try it.

The Intimidator

Feb. 15, 2007 I let someone get to me at work again. It wasn't the supervisor this time because she is out on medical leave. Why I let this person have that power over me is beyond me. Just hearing her voice is like nails across a chalkboard. I let her intimidate me while another friend gets intimidated by the intimidator's boss who I went to high school with. It is strange who we let intimidate us.

All day I dreaded calling the Intimidator back. I put it off til late afternoon. Even went on a break which is not something I usually do and played Bookworm before calling her. She didn't answer so I got her voice mail. Felt like she was sitting there listening to my message but not picking up. So I sent her a long, detailed email where I got to say, "I can't understand why this document has not been paid." This was carbon copied to her boss, my high school acquaintance. Got my point across. I sent it @ 5:10 pm. which meant I went overtime but won't get paid for it.

Lesson learned today: When emailing the vendor I should have carbon copied the Intimidator as well as her supervisor of dept. head to show I was working on the problem.

If I had my cell phone turned on this evening, I would not have had to cook supper. Don told me he went to Sears. I figured he was buying a hand truck. Oh, well, supper was good anyway.

Don guessed how a lady cop was killed on "CSI" I told him that was really good. He should be a CSI then he could hire me as one too! I'd never make it on the chemistry part. I'd be calling my friend Mike E all the time for that.

Valentine's Day, 2007

Today an inmate received a money order from Robin Hood. = )

Tony, Genie's son answered my Valentine's email before she did! Thought that was kind of neat. Told Genie she must have done something right with him. Also left Genie a message on her home machine. Later I found out Tony answered me but she did not hear from him so I felt bad.

Great minds thinking alike... I sent my friend Abby one of my Valentine cards I'd made. Then she was having a "pink swap" on her blog. Never participated in one of those before. Asked her in an email if mine would qualify. She was sending me something too! I love new things.

One of the Dep. Wardens gave us a small heart shaped box of candy. An unexpected surprise - the best kind. Don gave me a watch with hearts on it. He got underwear with hearts on them.

JCPenney Retiree breakfast

Today I had my semi-annual JCPenney retiree breakfast. I knew when I saw empty parking places in the Shoney's lot, there would not be a room full of folks. Still it was good to see everyone as always. At least no one had died this time.

I am just grateful... that I have tact and don't ask people personal questions like if they have a "sugar Daddy". It brought tears to the lady's eyes because she felt compelled to admitt she is divorced after 33 years of marriage.

Late afternoon I had to take Rhett to the Ortho. His teeth have shifted nicely to where they should be. He may not have to wear the braces as long as they anticipated. Of course now he wants them! His orthodontist said he could keep them on until he is 32. I told him his Daddy might not like that too well. He laughed and said, "Oh, we wouldn't charge him." Yeah. Right.

Rhett got 2 games for being so good this time & because they were so cheap. One had 3 games in one. One of them is Scrabble, Jr. I tried playing the advanced game but Rhett had to show me how to play it. I found it very frustrating. It came up with weird word combinations I'd never heard of before. Simple 2 letter words I don't use every day. I tried to play it's game but didn't win. I'll just keep playing Scrabble Blast and Bookworm thank you very much.

Rhett did his homework very fast so he could fix his Valentine's for school then play with his new games. Wish he would have done it that fast the other night it took him forever and got on my last nerve.

My Daddy's 82nd birthday

On my way to work, I noticed a car tag that ends in YHS which is shy backwards. Then I saw another tag that said YHT which thy backwards. I am seeing a pattern here.... Are they backwards are am I? Next I saw an big ole F350 truck with the vanity tag of "Scrap U". I figured it belongs to a man in the scrap metal business or its a super-duper scrappin' momma! I'd need one that big to carry ALL my scrapbooking supplies.

I am proud of myself because I remembered all of this above from memory without writing it down first. I did buy a hot pink post-it pad to put on the console of my car. I opened the pack but it is still in my purse and doing a lot of good there. I did write the above on the 1st sheet of it.

I brought my lunch today so I saved $ which is a good thing for which I am grateful. We are going to Logan's Steakhouse tonight to celebrate Daddy's 82nd birthday. Don will meet us there. I have to stop by the PO to mail Penny & Genie's packages, plus some coins for Don and get some stamps. Breast cancer awareness ones this even though they cost more. Then stop by Walgreen's and the $ store. I got Valentine's stamps instead.

Today I went to http://www.blogthings.com/whatdoesyourbirthdaymeanquiz. Mine said:
"You tend to be the rock in relationships. People depend on you. Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs 1st. You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world. An idealist, you strive for positive change & dream about how much better things could be..." My strength - my intuition. My weakness- I put myself last. Power color - rose. Power symbol - cloud.

My vampire name is "Sirona of Austria".

Well, Logan's wasn't as good as it has been in the past. The server wasn't good although he sang their version of "Happy Birthday" to Daddy. Mom had a red heart shaped cake waiting back at home. By the time we got to our house, I was exhausted.

My Daddy's 82nd birthday

On my way to work, I noticed a car tag that ends in YHS which is shy backwards. Then I saw another tag that said YHT which thy backwards. I am seeing a pattern here.... Are they backwards are am I? Next I saw an big ole F350 truck with the vanity tag of "Scrap U". I figured it belongs to a man in the scrap metal business or its a super-duper scrappin' momma! I'd need one that big to carry ALL my scrapbooking supplies.

I am proud of myself because I remembered all of this above from memory without writing it down first. I did buy a hot pink post-it pad to put on the console of my car. I opened the pack but it is still in my purse and doing a lot of good there. I did write the above on the 1st sheet of it.

I brought my lunch today so I saved $ which is a good thing for which I am grateful. We are going to Logan's Steakhouse tonight to celebrate Daddy's 82nd birthday. Don will meet us there. I have to stop by the PO to mail Penny & Genie's packages, plus some coins for Don and get some stamps. Breast cancer awareness ones this even though they cost more. Then stop by Walgreen's and the $ store. I got Valentine's stamps instead.

Today I went to http://www.blogthings.com/whatdoesyourbirthdaymeanquiz. Mine said:
"You tend to be the rock in relationships. People depend on you. Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs 1st. You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world. An idealist, you strive for positive change & dream about how much better things could be..." My strength - my intuition. My weakness- I put myself last. Power color - rose. Power symbol - cloud.

My vampire name is "Sirona of Austria".

Well, Logan's wasn't as good as it has been in the past. The server wasn't good although he sang their version of "Happy Birthday" to Daddy. Mom had a red heart shaped cake waiting back at home. By the time we got to our house, I was exhausted.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Just a few more quotes...

I already decided that it's better to trust God and walk in wisdom too! ~Lisa Land Bower, my friend~

I detest life-insurance agents; they always agree that I shall some day die, which is not so.
-Stephen Leacock-

The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him. -Robert Benchley-

Living is having ups and downs and sharing them with friends. -Trey Parker & Matt Stone-

True love brings up everything - you're allowing a mirror to be held up to you daily.
~Jennifer Aniston~

A gift - be it a present, a kind word or a job done with care and love - explains itself!... and if receivin' it embarrasses you, it's because your 'thanks box' is warped.
~Alice Childress~

In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved to it.
-Robert Heinlein-

1. Never tell everything at once. -Ken Venturi-

This one if for Susannah of Ink on My Fingers:
I grew up in Europe, where history comes from. -Eddie Izzard-

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live. -Thoreau-

My Gift for the Pounding

Today I came up with a cute heart idea for cards...

Yesterday I stopped at Michael's looking for the perfect basket. They did not have what I had in my mind's eye. I was so grateful... for finding a medium size wicker laundry basket for only $2.49 at A. C. Moore. This is what I planned to put my taco bake ingredients and canned goods, plus my recipe for it for Tiffany & Matt's wedding shower gift. The canned goods are apart of "the Pounding". The basket is a bit larger than I wanted, but it will serve two or three purposes and I certainly couldn't beat the price. It could even hold a baby. I just love it when I find stuff like that.

Don is supposed to attend a "tool" party for Matt tonight. That is a first. The invitations were cute. They were made with scrapbook materials & had tiny scrapbook tools attached. Barbecue sandwiches are to be served. Rhett & I will have a "date" and eat somewhere. He wants to go to Applebees's. He has champagne taste on my beer salary.

I have got to get the stuff for chicken salad sandwiches for Tiffany's shower tomorrow. No bills to pay today. Just stop by Office Max to make color copies for my Valentine's cards & the grocery store.

On tomorrow's agenda, after making the sandwiches, after the shower, pay a bill and work on Rhett's school project due on the 15th.

Quotes of the Day:

Somethings aren't worth the pain they cause and others are worth worth fighting for.
-Michael Faulisi-

In love there are no vacations... No such thing. Love has to be lived fully... with its boredom and all that.
~Marguerite Duras~

Remember that success depends on your being 1st, best, or different.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(I have the different part covered!)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Exercise of the day & Quotes

Use a word to describe what you want;
Use a word to describe who you are,
and what you desire to be.

Love. To be love and be loved. That is all I have ever wanted in life.
I am creative. I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend.
I desire to be happy; to have a happily-ever-aftering.

Quotes of the day:
Remember the next person you meet could be your best friend.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
-George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), English novelist-

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
-Albert Camus-

You build on failure.
You use it as a stepping-stone.
Close the door on the past.
You don't try to forget the mistakes,
but you don't dwell on it.
You don't let it have any of your energy,
or any of your time, or any of your space.
-Johnny Cash-

It would be easier to write with a herd of buffalo in the room, rather than even one cat; they bite the end of the pen and walk on the typewriter keys.
~Barbara Holland~

"You're a 'creator' with a capital 'C'. Think of what you'd be denying the world if you didn't write." ~Amber~

Art is a live, ... a force... that people who love it channel through themselves... it's alive, and potent and possesses its own delicious magic, but you are just as magical, and deserve to let yourself commune with all of your dreams, no matter how big they are. ~Amber~

I don't remember anybody's name. How do you think the "dahling" thing got started?
~Zsa Zsa Gabor~

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.
~Ivy Baker Priest~

Remember that when you look back over your life, none of the things you treasure most will have been purchased with money.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. -Carl Jung

Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tuesday Tale

Well, today certainly has been another exciting day at the prison.... I learned the "supervisor" went by the sick girl's house yesterday with the excuse of picking up Avon books only to repeat conversations which would only cause more problems.

"Supervisor" wasn't in a good mood today. Another lady was late. The warden has said our "supervisor" has no control over us; that she is not the records manager. She has another title now. So she has filed a grievance about that claiming unfair treatment and another matter.

The warden was going to talk to her today, but had to take care of other pressing matters. We heard she'd already told him she had nothing more to say to him. I can't imagine saying that to a boss. When he went into her office for the second time, he discovered her laying on her arm on her desk. He asked the receptionist to call for the nurse to come check her out. We were not moving fast enough for him. He seemed mad at because we were unaware of her condition. We tend to stay away from her when she is in one of her moods like she was today.

Later we learned that he couldn't believe I and another lady did not react at all. He went into the Deputy Warden's office with his hands on his hips and said we acted like "Why the f--- should we care?" It was hilarious when the Deputy Warden told us and mocked him.

The nurse checked her out. A few minutes later she came out of her office to tell us "the warden said she passed out..." (her words). I was having trouble with my computer at the time and did not turn to react to her the way she wanted. I am not an unsympathetic person. I just don't react like some people do. Believe it or not I am quiet. She got mad at me and the other lady for this. Mumbling something about Christians and "even heathens acting better than that" as she went back into her office. So now I am a heathen. Been called a lot of things but never that before. So she goes on to lunch, stops to tell the other lady she passed out and she seemed to be the only one concerned about her. Walked out saying, "God will take care of her."

I'm sorry but it you had really and truly passed out, I don't think you would have raved on like that. The receptionist said she would pray for her and ask God to bless her; that God was going to kick her butt for her behavior. We joked with her that we didn't want her to bless us if God was going to make us pass out like the supervisor did. We all got good laughs out of the entire situation while she was gone. When she came back from lunch she had the front end of her car sticking way out into the road rather than in the parking place. This is not the first time she's parked like that.

I go to lunch. I eat my sandwich at my desk. I had this feeling... it was too quiet in her office although she had Rush Limbaugh blaring which gets on my last nerve. I usually crank up Barry Manilow when she does this. I got up with the excuse of making a xerox copy of something I'd already copied. I looked in her office & there she was laying back on her right arm. It did look ackward and uncomfortable. To me passing out is literally passing out on the floor. I didn't want to touch her, but I couldn't leave her like that. What if she was dead? I couldn't live with myself. So I called the other warden and told him he needed to come check on her. He brought the nurse again. They called 911. They had her call her husband who called her back. When I walked into her doorway, which was crowded with EMT personnel, to tell her he was on the phone, she gave me a "go to hell look" if ever I saw one. They took her to the Medical Center. I asked her if she had her purse as they were wheeling her out of her office, but she snottily told me she had it.

Now we have to write witness statements yet again about what happened with her.

I emailed what happened to my friends. My best friend Genie said, "I think you are earning more jewels in your heavenly crown by dealing with her daily." My other friend called her a "Drama Queen." Yep, she was going for the oscar yesterday, but the Deputy Warden thinks the warden deserves it for what it said about us.

Quote of the Day:
You can't make good deals with bad people. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Saturday's Adventure

2/3/07 We ALL slept in for the 1st Saturday in months. Don wanted the 3 of us to go to the hunting land to get his climbers to bring home now that hunting season is FINALLY over. He didn't want to go by himself. Aw. He gave me a pair of his long john pants to wear since it was 30 degrees outside which I was complaining about. I had to find a big, old pair of jeans to wear ontop of them. Its nice to know I am not that big anymore. I wore a red wool sweater and my hooded jacket trimmed with fur (which will come up later...) I wasn't trying to win a fashion contest out in the wild by any means.

We got gas and something to eat on the way to the woods. McDonalds for Rhett who can't stomach Krystals which was what we were going to eat. The "sliders" didn't sit well with me as we bounced down the road.

I'd told Don I wanted him to park the truck at my favorite spot in the woods where the trees look like a magical forest. The trees are perfectly lined up and seem to go on forever. I'd seen it once before in a King Arthur movie where people where hiding behind trees. Remember the name of the movie. It may be "Merlin". Its where you feel as if you could be transported back to another time... or expect to see a knight come riding out of it on a steed.

I told Don I was taking several cameras to photograph odd looking trees, a note book to write the Great American Novel which would be best seller and we'd be rich. He just laughed at me as he always does. And didn't write a thing! Not one word in my new pink notebook.

I studied trees on the way there. It's a wonder I didn't have whiplash from turning my head and neck around so much. It reminded me of the day Genie & I went to Auburn University for her to register and I boy watched til my eyes should have bugged out. Genie just shook her head at me and laughed. It was a good day much like this one.

Don didn't follow my direct order. Instead he drove to a different area when you first enter the gate to the hunting land. It had a grove of trees planted similar to my favorite spot. Even Rhett noticed the similarity. He gets that from me.

Rhett had my Minolta around his neck. He wanted to take a picture of a twig hoping to become a tree someday. I know my scrapbooking friends like Marie Cope would say "Let him take it." I asked him to wait until he found a better tree. He took one of moss grown on the ground instead. Even I didn't take that many pictures as I had envisioned.

We all rode the 4 wheeler to get one of Don's stands. I had to put my hood on for that. Rhett kept complaining and spitting because he was sitting behind me & when I put the hood on, he said the fur got in his mouth. It had rained hard last week so there were flooded spots we had to wade through. I asked if this was "the swampland" they often talked about. I wore my oldest black Reeboks that have permanent mud stains from all the craft shows I have been to at the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA. Don told me I should have worn boots. Like I am going wear my good boots and mess them up! My Reeboks were just fine. I had the Minolta around my neck which was heavy, choking me & ackward between Don's back and myself.

We ended our woodsy journey at the campsite. I collected empty cans the other guys left behind being the recyclists that we are. I walked over to where I'd seen a tree that looked like a hand with 3 fingers. It was not there! Where did it go? Where it's only digits knocked off somehow? I was so glad I'd taken a picture of it before. It used to scare Rhett when he was smaller. I guess because he thought it was a real hand. Don bellowed for us to go. Rhett was writing in the white sand at the campsite. He didn't come right away. I kept walking. I finally called behind me that Ron, one of the other hunters we passed, could bring him home when he came back through. Then I heard footsteps running behind me. I'm good.

We headed home to change clothes, to get the directions to for the free dishwasher in Pine Mountain. We'd found out from Ron that Meade sold the hunting land to someone else. Don may be able to hunt for another year at least. Then who knows? It is sad in a way. I know I complain about him hunting, how I am a "hunting widow" and I resent it alot. Yet I like the place and enjoyed the times we've spent there - few that they have been. We can always find another place. Who knows? It might even be a better place than this one minus my favorite spot of course. This land hasn't been good to Don hunting wise for the past 3 years. It has not filled our freezer with meat. I have felt like it has been a waste of his time and money.

Then we headed up to Pine Mt. I remembered Maria, the lady we were getting the dishwasher from, from when I first worked at the Gov't Center. Her husband was one of the Santas at the mall, but not the one Rhett saw. He looked like a Santa with his white beard and overalls. The dishwasher was working when last used back in June and has been outside in the elements since then. Sure hope it works.

Don did wash dishes on Friday when he was off for which I am grateful. So I made my taco bake per his request.

2/4/07 After church we went to Ci Ci's pizza, to Fred's Discount Store for Pepsi and to mom's but they were not home. I was feeling yucky. Guess I am getting old and can't eat things like I used to do. Or else it was the vibrations of the monster truck. Laid down til time to go back to the evening service.

The Indiana Colts were playing in the Superbowl so we had to watch it since Don is from Indiana! I'd bought a heart hole puncher at Fred's. I punched out hearts from a cloth retail catalog until I was literally exhausted but I found a surge of enough energy to glue some of them onto a small card I'd begun last year. It may be this year's Valentine's cards. I'll just make color copies of it.

I am grateful... for another great weekend we had.

2/5/07 Monday was a Monday and a half for me. One girl out sick. Supervisor left early for a friend of her husband's funeral. I had over time to put in the system. The transfer list came in. I had inmate going and coming. I didn't know which way I was going. Still had money orders to key punch. The warden kept interupting me when I wasn't balancing. I was near the end of my perverbial rope at that point. I had to finally had to tell him I was sorry I wasn't trying to be rude but I wasn't balancing and it was almost 5. He got a bit nicer after that. I still worked 20 mins over photocopying the money orders which I probably won't get comp time for now. Then went to the bank to make the deposit. The bank is inside Publix. I needed milk anyway so it was not out of my way.

Publix prepare sample meals hoping you will purchase the ingredients. They were serving couscous which I'd heard of but never eaten. It was good. Not that much different from rice. So I tried something new today. Also bought the new Sherrilyn Kenyon novel The Dream-Hunter. It has a gorgeous man with blue eyes on the front cover.

What new thing did you try today?

Friday, February 2, 2007

Yesterday's Thoughts, Bound, and Warriors within us

Just too many thought in my head lately. Need to purge them like Professor Dumbledore did in the "Goblets of Fire" Harry Potter movie.

Yesterday after work, I went to CVS to buy another disposable black and white camera only they cost too much. Instead I bought wire bound notebooks. One pink. One pink with polka dots. One with pink stripes. Does this mean I am bound? Bound to write more? Remember Rebecca means "bound to". I paid more for these bound notebooks that I normally would, but see it as a wise investment in my writing future. No pressure to fill them at all as they are screaming out in my car, "Fill me! Fill me!"

I have written about my name on my other blogs so I won't repeat myself again and bore you. Just the other day I thought about if I could change my first name, what would I change it to? Garnett because garnets are my birthstone and are the only stone rings I wear now except for my diamond engagement ring, the ruby v-shaped ring Don gave me for Christmas one year and the garnet & emerald mother's ring Don & Rhett gave me for Valentine's years ago when Rhett was a baby. I am quite content with my garnets. (I don't have time to dig into the safe. We were robbed when Rhett was 6 months old.) Because I wear a lot of velvets in the winter, I thought of the name Velvet, but that one brings back old memories of another time better left in the past... What would you change your name to if you could?

Yesterday morning as I was rushing down Macon Road, I had flashbacks of flying to JCPenney's to go to work. Weird. Need to email all my JCP buds about that feeling. I'm sure it will bring back memories for them as well.

Yesterday I found THE perfect Valentine's card for D. I did not pick it because of the words inside. I can write far, far better than that. I picked it because of the black and white picture on the front. From the waist down, it looks like us. It looks like D sitting on a couch (not our's) in his jeans and white socked feet with who looks like me on sitting on his lap. Even her second toe nail is crooked looks like mine! The only thing that doesn't look like me is her fake fingernails. Everyone knows mine are real.

Now it seems all these people that know Don, that have worked with him in the past are calling him about working with them. They are two weeks too late. He is making more money where he is so he'll remain there.

Quotes of the Day:

Yesterday on Susannah of Ink on My Fingers' blog, were the words "the warrior within". So here is a warrior quote that came across my path today.... How were you a warrior today?

A warrior does not give up on what he loves;
he finds the love in what he does.

Sometimes sweat is the best form of therapy. ~Samantha Dunn~

What are the chances of a cat starting a nuclear war? Pretty negligible. It's not that they can't; they just know that there are much better things to do with one's time. Like lie in the sun and sleep, or go exploring the world.

We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.
-George Eliot-

At your next meeting, give everyone a box of animal crackers. You'll be delighted with the smiles and comments.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

I don't want to end up simply having visited the world. ~Mary Oliver~

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Pounding, Thoughts of the day

Yesterday after work, after paying two bills, I drove around looking for trees to photograph. I found a few worthy ones. I only took one color photo. The rest were all black and white. Something was burned out at Ft. Benning, GA that left the entire town of Columbus smokey. Just knew I was going to need my inhaler. I wondered if the smoke would effect my film. Would it give it a smokey quality like fog? Despite the smoke, I was extremely content and grateful that I was able to take some pictures.

A young couple from our church is getting married on 2/17. The church will have a shower for them on the 10th. I volunteered myself to bring chicken salad sandwiches and whatever else I feel like on that day since my taste buds seem to be on a permanent vacation. Or my hormones are out of whack. The groom's mom requested what is known as "A pounding". You bring in a canned food item when you bring your shower gift. A great idea for a couple starting out their life together. The last thing they are thinking of is food! Wink.

This brought to mind a once used idea for another wedding shower... I fixed a basket with Christmas trim that held a box of Bisquick, a can of mexicorn, a packet of taco mix, two cans of tomato sauce, a can of green beans and my recipe for Taco Bake which was one of the 1st recipes I learned to make after we were married. The lady I gave the gift to seemed to really appreciate it. I was right proud of myself. I look foward to doing it again for Tiffany and Matt... I plan to put shredded paper in the bottom of the basket so it will look like slaw. If someone gives them a large laundry basket, they can take all the canned goods to their new home as they begin their new life together. Of course I will get them something they need for the house as well.

Has a pretty good free lunch at work today for which I am grateful because I didn't have to get out in the pouring rain.

Thoughts of the day:

fill the well

feel the well