Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Lately I have been thinking a lot about reconnections.... I have recently reconnected with an old classmate from elementary school named Tracy. I have known her that long! Almost as long as my BFF Genie. She commented on my Daddy's obit and we have been emailing since then. Tracy and I used to read the Dark Shadows books. Although we don't think we will like the new "Dark Shadows" movie with Johnny Depp, we agreed to go see it at the cheap movies but that hasn't happened yet. I have my official Dark Shadows t-shirt waiting and ready! LOL Tracy has dreams of being a writer too so we are finding we have a lot in common. She has made me want to write again. I have been sharing my poetry with her.

Then I ran into an old JCP co-worker, Pam, who shares my love of vampire/dark hunter novels. It was so good to see her and reconnect after all these years. We have become email buddies too. Who knows maybe some book cons are in our future.... Pam seems to be really lucky at meeting authors and winning stuff esp books on line. Must find out how she does it so I can start winning free stuff too! LOL

And I have reconnected with my friend Abby who I met on a blog years ago. I always loved going to Abby's blog and did it daily; religiously. Her's was one of the 1st blogs I found besides Susannah Conway's Ink on My Fingers blog. I love the way Abby writes. She is also very creative and crafty like me. Abby has two blogs now as well as being on Facebook. I am so glad she is blogging again. I tried to add her blogs to my blog but since all the new fancy changes, I am lost as to how to add them so I will just add them here now until I figure it out...


Who or what have you reconnected with lately?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Heart Art

We all have our good days and our bad days but hopefully our good days outweigh our bad ones. Some days we just feel plain yucky. Thankfully those days are few and far between. Or what begins as a yucky day turns into one that will be well remembered in the days to come as a yucky turn semi golden day. Yesterday was one those that turned a lovely golden shade for me. My bursitis had kicked in big time. I could hardly lift my arm without pain. I knew I had to take care of me and I did. I took time for myself but still felt yucky due to the Mobic I had to take in order for the pain to finally cease. My mom’s good home cooking helped. Chicken soup for my body. The chicken soup for my soul would come later in the day. Catching up on things and running errands took my mind off my yuckiness. We all pray to feel better when we are feeling bad or down. It always seems there is some tiny little thing that comes along to brighten our days and help us feel better. That is God listening to us, hearing our prayers and sometimes answering them. Each day I pray that the good Lord will give me something positive that I can share with others and He usually does. He is faithful like that and I am so thankful. My son and I had stopped at the library where I picked two free older copies of “Guidepost”. As Always I was judging them by what was on the cover. More about this later... We stopped at the dollar store. He needed a pair of sunglasses for band camp. He told me how a fellow horn player had wore a pair of $150 sunglasses one day and an $80 pair the next. I told him “Sorry.” I did not feel bad that my son was wearing a pair that cost $1 plus tax. I needed baggies and saran wrap but I just had to stop at the book section first. My son asked me what was I looking for. I told him I’d know it when I saw it. It turned out to be a book entitled Letters to God which had been made into a movie. So I bought it take to Bible class. Everyone thought the photos of the handwritten letter written by the boy suffering from cancer were cute and amusing except for the reason behind the letters. Each letter had a Bible quote beside them. One quote sang out to me.... “And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all will hear and laugh with me.” Gen. 21:6. If any Bible verse was about me, that was it! As I read more of the letters to the class, the boy was getting closer to death. Having recently lost my Daddy, I cannot deal with death in books or movies. The tears started flowing. Casey asked if she could take the book and read it to her little sister. I told her she could, but I warned her Jamie might cry. Then this morning I reached for one of the “Guidepost”s I had brought inside our house. It was an older Christmas issue with Martina McBride on the cover. Someone had drawn on her face giving her eyelashes which were okay. That look worked for her but the mustache and the outline drawn of her lips did not! I thought of writing Martina to tell her she might look neat in video as one of those sad looking clowns with lots of eyelashes. The “Guidepost” opened to a page that had a maple leaf with heart cut out of it which looked like something I would photograph. The story was about a mom who had MS & was walking her daughter to school using crutches instead of using a wheelchair. The pain was the worst. Her daughter was playing in the leaves. Some wet leaves got caught on the rubber tips of her crutches. She had to get them off so she wouldn’t fall. One last leaf wouldn’t come off so her daughter got it off. That leaf had a perfect heart shape in it. The daughter pointed it out to her mom. Somehow that one leaf helped the lady reach back home pain free. They later laminated the leaf and hung it in a window in their kitchen to serve as a reminder. This story made me think I am on the right track with all my hearts I find in nature and photograph and all the hearts in my art. I feel as if I am doing what I am meant to do. I am thankful for a lot of things this week. That I still have my mom. That Rhett is loving band camp. That things were not quite as bleak as I thought and worried they were. That I have re-found old friends lately. This has caused me to want to write more again. That I made a wonderful Texture Art piece my mom loves. I used her old wash cloth! LOL I am thankful for my many, many blessings.