Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Lately I have been thinking a lot about reconnections.... I have recently reconnected with an old classmate from elementary school named Tracy. I have known her that long! Almost as long as my BFF Genie. She commented on my Daddy's obit and we have been emailing since then. Tracy and I used to read the Dark Shadows books. Although we don't think we will like the new "Dark Shadows" movie with Johnny Depp, we agreed to go see it at the cheap movies but that hasn't happened yet. I have my official Dark Shadows t-shirt waiting and ready! LOL Tracy has dreams of being a writer too so we are finding we have a lot in common. She has made me want to write again. I have been sharing my poetry with her.

Then I ran into an old JCP co-worker, Pam, who shares my love of vampire/dark hunter novels. It was so good to see her and reconnect after all these years. We have become email buddies too. Who knows maybe some book cons are in our future.... Pam seems to be really lucky at meeting authors and winning stuff esp books on line. Must find out how she does it so I can start winning free stuff too! LOL

And I have reconnected with my friend Abby who I met on a blog years ago. I always loved going to Abby's blog and did it daily; religiously. Her's was one of the 1st blogs I found besides Susannah Conway's Ink on My Fingers blog. I love the way Abby writes. She is also very creative and crafty like me. Abby has two blogs now as well as being on Facebook. I am so glad she is blogging again. I tried to add her blogs to my blog but since all the new fancy changes, I am lost as to how to add them so I will just add them here now until I figure it out...


Who or what have you reconnected with lately?

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