Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Take the Cue & Randomness

This one below made me smile when I read it this morning. It resounded as I recalled seeing a ladder ontop of the old Raymond Rowe building as I was coming into Columbus. When I saw the ladder, I immediately thought "stairway to heaven". Next I saw a tree in the Wynnton area with bright yellow leaves. Many were on the ground. If I lived in that house, I would not mind those leaves nor would I rake them for they made a lovely yellow carpet. Then I read these words and felt like it was a culmination of all my artwork thus far. Each piece forming a whole that is apart of me. Hope that makes sense to you as it does to me.

Happy Thanksgiving! As always I am ever thankful for your friendship, love and support and being apart of my family.


Take The Cue

What you see, what you think, what you feel, has a reason. What you happen upon, seemingly by blind chance, has a reason.

In all that you experience is the voice of your most authentic self, carrying an important, appropriate and timely message. Listen, and seek to lovingly understand what the experience of each moment is saying.

All the wisdom you've collected is speaking to you. All the possibilities that spread out in front of you, are calling to you.

It is not by coincidence that you are where you are. A whole set of thoughts, intentions and experiences brought you here.
All that you have learned and all that you have been through culminate in this place now. It is a rich and entirely meaningful opportunity that greets you and calls you to move forward.

Take the cue, feel the message of this moment, and go with it. In this time and this place, this life is yours with which to do great things.
-- Ralph Marston

Today I am wearing a new pin on my lapel. It cost me 75 cents at Walmart! I took a pic of it to show you later.... I know you've heard that before! LOL I got good feed back on the above words. I know that I am not alone in what happens in my life; in the things I go through like family coming from out of town for the holiday. I have good friends that are like the sisters I never had.

I am wrestling in my head with my aunt's lawyer. I will have to become more assertive about how things will be handled in the days ahead so I can soon put all this behind me. I am thankful I have such good friends who give me good advice. Who are always there for me.

I am going to see my doc about the HRT I am on now. Then I have to possibly see the lawyer then go home & clean house like a mad woman! Pies are calling my name.

My good friend Cheryl just dropped by with my art gift in a cute little bag. It is pressed leaves in a lovely old maroon frame. I love it!!! I keep picking it up and looking at it again and again. I am so lucky. I am lucky to have her as my friend.

I probably won't be back on here so I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in advance.
Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to count your blessings.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Art Show

Rhett and I went to the student art show at the Corn Building yesterday evening. We were lucky enough to find a parking space on right hand side of it. Lots of interesting work, photography, paintings and twisted pottery. One cute young guy had taken a photo at the infamous Springer Opera House known to be haunted. He had a "ghost" in the picture. Actually he had 2 ghost pics. I questioned him about them, but he wasn't forthcoming. I am not dumb. I know he superimposed two photos to get "the ghosts". All he said was, "You don't see my reflection in the mirror, do you?" Did that mean he was a ghost too? LOL One was really better than the other as the ghost wasn't as fully there as the screaming banshee on the couch at the Springer.

I saw something I had never seen before... large prints of old poloroid pictures! I know there are blogs out the about Poloroids. I even heard there is such a demand for them that the film is being made again. Susannah of Ink on My Fingers would have loved them. She would have been in her element much like I was.

One potter had some interesting mugs that were differently shaped. Lots of twists and turns. Pretty colors too. Other mugs were really cheap - maybe $3, but they didn't hold my interest like the odd shaped ones. One lady artist did fantasy art on the computer and had a few prints for sale. She also made jewelry I liked made out of pieces of old watches. One was a really old antique face of a watch. Not sure if it worked, but it was on an old chain that looked like it would rub off on a white blouse or turn your neck green! It was $30 so I passed, but cannot stop thinking about them. Why does time always call to me? I got one of her business cards, but left it at home. I sound like a broken record. She has an etsy shop. I will send a link later.

There was a young girl photographer who superimposed three photos that was awesome in color. Not expensive either. I bought a black and white she had of a tree in one of the squares in Savannah for $3. I should have had her sign the back of it in case she becomes famous. Because these are young college kids they were not as prepared with business cards, change or sacks for those purchasing their work. A lot of the photographers took pics of everything like a Dr. Pepper bottle on the grass. Rhett even asked "WHY?" So there is something to be said for being an older, more mature artist. No offense to young artists intended. Encourage them if you can. Encourage any artist.

One unknown and unseen artist did a self-portrait painting that was awesome. One of the best pieces there. She had long red hair. The eyes. It was so lifelike. Very talented.

Of course I got lots of new ideas. I know I can do better and have done better than some of the things I saw. Almost made me want to go back to school, but just for art classes. I guess it inspired me because we took some pics on the way home. Like Rhett's palm print on his window. His idea. So I it must have inspired him too. He did a radio talk show type of interview of me on the way home. The ham.

Somehow I jammed my index finger on my right hand. I know it is not broken because I can move it, but it hurts when I do stuff like write!

Today I took pics of all the fall leaves I have been passing by and passing up all week. I had to use my sunglasses as a filter in order to get a more accurate color and lessen the brightness.

I hope art rubs off on you today.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Much Better Today

Well, I am in a much better place today; a better frame of mind; a better mood than yesterday and I am so thankful for this good mood. Could it be because today is a special person's birthday? Even thought that person is no longer in my life, I still remember.... I am thankful for all my memories. Still rose tinted after all these years. I am thankful for my memories especially when there are so many people with Alzheimer's. I think that is just as bad as cancer. Although I would not want either disease, I am not sure which is worse - dying or not remembering those you love.

I picked up Rhett's pumpkin mug. I am such a good Mom driving way across town to get it for him. It is not the prettiest mug, but he was thrilled by it as if it were the most beautiful one and that is what counts. The lady who helped him make it will have an art show tonight and I hope we can go to it. There will be other artists of other mediums as well inside an art building I have never been in. That could be why I am in such a good mood. Art does that for me.

I had a free lunch this week which saved me money and gas. A small blessing. Always a good thing and I am thankful. I had a good turkey and dressing lunch that was brought to me today saving me me more gas. There were plenty of leftovers for supper. Always thankful not to cook! LOL

I am thankful for the photos I took this week. Not many. I am thankful for the one greeting card/piece of art I re-worked last night. I also took pics of the kids artwork they created the previous Wednesday night. Those were cool. One looks like a lamb. I started collecting lambs when I was pregnant with Rhett. Their art work reminded me of McCabe and her Mermaid Warriors with their art. My friend Darryl sent me the coolest photo of his green peppers this week. When I sent it my home email, the microsoft program made the background look like a watercolor. Not sure how or what I did. I usually do everything by accident anyway. Darryl and other friends really liked it and wanted to know how I did it. Wish I knew. I am sure there is a name for doing something by accident. It is not accidentally on purpose as Rhett would say! LOL Serendipity perhaps?

As always I am thankful for my many, many friends. Those that email me good emails which I passed on this week. Those that send me funny things to make me laugh especially when needed. How do they know? But then I seem to have a knack for sending my friends something they need at just the right time. I am thankful for my friends who are hoping we can get together over the Christmas holiday. Always remember to say "Merry Christmas!" loudly and proudly! Not just "Happy Holidays" for Jesus is the reason for the season. So I am not politically correct.

Our oldest granddaughter got inducted into the Beta Club at Rhett's school and we are proud of her. Rhett was ok with not being in it. He has been congested most of this week.

Looking forward to the artwork I shall receive from my friend Cheryl!

I am excited and thankful I sold something else on Zazzle.com ! Someone bought not one but EIGHT of my Happy Birthday balloon postcards! Yeah!!!!!!!! Another small blessing. I seemed to have a lot of those this week. It has been a good Thankful Thursday so far. What small blessings are you thankful for? If you would like to share them, please go to the following...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Different Kind of Day

Today has been a different kind of day from yesterday. I still have my honking fever blister although the fever has finally gone out of it. I am wondering if my Angeline Jolie lips will be a permanent fixture on my face? LOL

Although I lost at Book Worm, I managed to get my 3rd highest score with a larger sized best word. I wasn't having a bad hair day until later. Then it seemed nothing went right.

I'd learned you could eat cheaply at the nursing home up the street from work. This is where my friend Mike E's mom is staying while her broken hip is healing. I went up there today. I ran over a curb. The food was not ready. They were serving something else entirely from the menu I was given. It was not something I wanted. I didn't know how long it would take them to make a burger & fries so I had to leave to rush to McDonald's. I am doing 55 mph in a 50 when I am passed by a silver mustang! The tea I got wasn't as sweet as I bragged Mickey D's having the best tea yesterday. My meal was just ok and I know I should be thankful I had something to eat. I know I shouldn't complain. It was the 1st sandwich I have had in over a week due to my lip. I dropped papers all over the floor. I said I was having a bad day and was told I needed to turn it around. But how? How else? With prayer of course. It reminded me of Rhett's favorite children's book "Grover's Bad Awful Day". I was having a Grover Bad Awful Day.

Then as I was typing this, I was going to see what my large sized best word on Book Worm was when I deleted myself from the game yet again! I did that a few weeks ago. I had another game started. My first word was a long word... scattered. My score wasn't high or anything to brag about, but it was mine and I was happy with it; proud of it. It is lost now forever in cyberspace, but I still have my high scores locked in the game until I beat them. I was able to re-add my name without Rhett's help. I know this is minor compared to the world's problems. I know I shouldn't ask "Why me?"over something as inconsequential this small stuff. But I am not going to focus on the negative. I am going to focus on the positive. I am going to have a better afternnoon.

I am not particularly fond of this time of year because.... I have to fuss with folks over their time. People do not pay attention to their check stubs then ask me why I have taken time away from them now when I took it months and months ago. Some days it just kills me. I get defensive when questioned, but have paperwork to back me up yet I feel like people still think I did something incorrectly. Then you know you have another person going behind you in the system to check to see if you are just talking or lying; to see if you made a mistake; to see if they can prove you wrong. I do not do this to others. Today it gave me a headache. Some times it is hard being the keeper of time. If only I were really that and had all the time in the world in my hands. I could live forever like a vampire, but without having to drink blood! LOL I am thankful I can make myself laugh and cheer myself up.

The rest of the afternoon was stressful, meeting a dealine in the nick of time, being the only one answering the phone. I wasn't a happy camper and my mood showed.

I have received some really good emails lately. Today I got a good one about Christmas which I passed on.

Going to pick up Rhett's pumpkin mug.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What My Day Was About....

Yesterday was about pictures sent from an excellent photography friend who shared his works with me. Darryl had an excellent photo of peppers. I sent it to my home computer and it somehow gave the background a neat watercolor effect. So cool.

I'd seen a church sign about character. Without character, you have nothing. That is so true. If I didn't have my character, I would not be me... the one and only. The funny person who always makes people laugh. Rhett seems to have inheirited this trait from me. I'd let him read an old email about how Walmart picked their greeters. 3 men were applying. Bubba was one of them. We went to Walmart after church. A lady was the greeter. She was missing a tooth. Rhett sort of mumbled, "She doesn't look like a Bubba!" I cracked up so loud my laugh echoed. He's a character like me. I am so glad we have our characters. In fact, he was trying to talk like "The Terminator" this morning. I replied back in kind as I bent over to pick up my bag. It sounded really good. I told him and he agreed with me. That will probably never happen again.

Today was about trying to feel better from my cold and big ole honking fever blister Don gave me. It is one of the worst I have had since my bad sunburn back in the 80's. I have an Angelina Jolie upper lip! Today was about decisions of whether to say:

"Happy Fall Ya'll!
Remember to recycle
Happy Thanksgiving!
Be thankful
Be Blessed
Count your blessings
Be creative"
or say nothing at all.
I said nothing at all on inter-office envelopes.

I did take 3 radom photos today so far.

I had a free lunch that did not require getting out in the rain or using gas.

While my cuz was here from Idaho, before he left, we went to the Ga welcome center. While he was looking for places for birding, I picked up lots of pamplets for collages. Lance even said I was going to use them for that purpose! Even he knows me too well! LOL One of the pamplets I picked up was about Ga artists. Although I haven't read it entirely, I skimmed over one lady artist's short bio. She is a member of the colored pencil society. Didn't even know there was such a thing! When I told Don last night, he asked, "Isn't that racist?" LOL

I briefly checked out their website...

Of course it costs to be a member, but maybe one day.... I can become a member of this one too. There are no Bristow's or Voyles among them - yet. Thought you might want to check out some of the pencil art. Very realistic.

I also checked out another colored pencilist's site.... and found one I really liked...


I did something new today at work work wise which was a fun challenge.

Thank you Dancing Mermaid and Katelen for visiting my blog and commenting.

My friend Cheryl is going to send me a piece of artwork she created for just me for the art exchange. I am so excited. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I can hardly wait.

Gotta to get corn meal for Aunt Pearl. PTA tonight. I will probably pick up Rhett's pumpkin mug he made this week. He has been bugging me about it. I got the email that it is ready. The lady that helped him is having an art show Thursday in the Corn Art Building which I have never bee inside. Should be fun.

I hope you have had a good day filled with character or characters. At least the good kind. I hope you had some randomness and blessings today along with some creativity and art. Hopefully I have provided a new source of inspiration for you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost and Found

Happy Friday the 13th. Mine began a bit early...

I was so thankful my mom gave me Rhett's cream for fever blisters because it really worked. Took the fever right out. Because all bills were paid for this week, I had time to go to Walmart to print a few pics after work. I printed the ones from Sunday afternoon at Moon Lake along with some others. I'd called ahead to see if there machines were working properly & was told they were. I just know I'd get there and they would not be working correctly, but me of little faith... found them working until I got to one photo. I helped an Oriental man with his machine as I was printing mine. I printed the duck with it's wings spread as it flew up on the bank to get some bread, a cool leaf in the water, a rainy day shot only I will probably like, the card I made this week, my magic rock, a wet leaf on the trunk of my car, a raven quote on an inter-office envelope I also created this week (which a co-worker sent back to me!), a photo entitled "Magic in the palm of my hand" and the one I couldn't get to work. I'd altered a photo I took especially made it for my best friend Genie's birthday present. I couldn't get the photo to work on the machine. So I placed it on a display holder and took a picture of it! I made lemonade again. I knew I could crop out the background in Picasa anyway. Although the best thing is to go back to Office Max and have color copies made on cardstock. I live and learn as I go. Every day is a learning experience for me. Some things work. Some do not. What doesn't work, I usually find a way for it work. Never give up.

Because Walmart is near a new Cato, I went in there hoping I'd find a certain frame I found there back in July. I bought all three of the ones they had. Gave one to mom and Kristina for their birthday with my art work inside the frame. Instead I found 2 sheep on the word "Dreaming" for Wesley Rose & Shelby's Christmas present on sale for $1.99 each! Love it when that happens! I will take a pic of one of them before I wrap them next month. I'd seen a red and black checked blouse here that was so soft. They only had a size XL so I drove to another nearby store, tried it on, but decided I didn't like it for several reasons. The checks made me look fat and pickie my thought the checks could have been better placed in front. Besides it was three quarter length sleeves. So I saved money which is always a good thing.

By the time I got to mom's my lip was burning. I couldn't find the cream. I was so mad at myself thinking it fell out of my purse. I called the last Cato I went to. It wasn't there. The 1st one's line was busy. I knew I could call Walmart tomorrow from work. I let this put me in a bad mood and I know I should not have let it take me there.

Rhett wanted to cook supper so I let him do a lot more stuff. He says he wants my recipes for when he has a family. I just cannot phathom that right now. The poor man's hamburger stir fry we made was really good even if we had to use an off- off brand with limited brocoli and thick, round carrots, but I was NOT going to another store! I could just eat the hamburger meat in the ramen noodles with water chestnuts and be content. Rhett and I really like this whereas it is not Don's favorite meals.

We watched "CSI" and "The Mentalist". I had no more medicine for my burning lip, but I survived the night. I kept hoping I'd left it at work although I could have sworn I put it in my purse.

Today I wore one of Aunt Va's fall jackets. I had been thinking a certain thought... and shared it with Don this morning... if I wear her clothes, will I channel her? LOL Worst of all her meanness? He told he didn't think so.

I did find a tube of triamcinolone acetonide cream at home this morning , but it was only 1 percent. I thought the one I'd been using was a slightly higher percentage.

I get to work. The cream was not on my desk much to my disappointment. I went through my purse, cleaned out the excess receipts, shredding them and then went through my BIG bag. No tube of ointment. Sigh. I opened my drawer for a pen to begin my work day. Lo and behold there it was! I was never so glad to see anything in all my life. I was so thankful. Lesson learned: Don't let loosing something put you in a bad mood.

I was also thankful for all the comments I receive yesterday. Thank you all. I love the strong names you seem to be bestowing upon me as Serendipity did yesteray by calling me "Iron Lady". That was a first. It made me feel like I could bend steel like Superwoman! LOL Thank you Elin for stopping by for the first time. I hope you all will come back to visit again real soon. Have a great weekend! Be artful and creative as you can. Hope to have more pics on here soon.

Tomorrow morning Rhett wants to go build something out of cans at the local high school which should prove to be picture worthy. So much for cleaning house on Saturday.

As I was thinking of a title for this post, I thought of how we are lost then found by the Lord. Thank heavens for that.

Today I did more tape art. I learned that if you let the tape sit aside for awhile, the ink will bead up on it and make a polka dot pattern when you stamp with it later. I did another large doodle on my pad. I saw it had a lot of hearts in it so I colored them red. There were also a lot of lips which just had to be red also. I took pics of it as always. Some in sections especially where I saw a lot of facial images or ghosts. Even a Ladybug head. Don't call the funny farm yet! LOL

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Week of Thankfulness

This week I am thankful for the fun Saturday I had with my cousin. I am thankful for the art show I attended on Sunday. Please read my previous posts about it if you haven't already. I am so very thankful for that peaceful moment I had by myself at Moon Lake where I was taking pictures of the ducks. Just sit back for a moment and soak it all in. Just breathe. Just be. It was so rejuvinating to my soul. It was like a miracle drug for me. It's after effects still lasting everytime I recall it's memory. I wish I could patent it, bottle it and sell it to all who needed it. It might eliminate depression meds altogether.

I am thankful I went to visit my friend Mike E's mom in the nursing home just up the road from where I work on Monday evening. It was so good to see her again. She looked really good even though she has a broken hip and is on oxygen now. Her hair was so pretty. I got to see pictures of her as a young girl at 18 then a pic of her holding Mike as a baby. She looked more like herself in the face in that photo. I know he is trying to make her feel as much at home as possible as you can be in a nursing home. He was thankful I went to see her. After sending out an email about my weekend which was my previous posts, Mike replied his greatest find was his friends. As is mine. I am thankful for them all.

I am thankful to have met and known a local artist if only for a short time. Manford was in a car wreck Friday night and passed on to be with the Lord. Later I thought this... God needed another artist in Heaven to help Him make more beautiful things here on earth. To paint more beautiful sunsets for us to behold and share. So the next sunset you see may be by Manford.

Believe it or not, I am thankful for hurricane Ida because it made my cousin stay a few day longer than he planned. He left today headed to Alabama for pecans and birding in Mobile. He is taking his time returning to his home in Boise, Idaho. The next time he returns will be for my either of my parent's funeral which I hope and pray won't be anytime soon! Please pray for traveling mercies for my cousin.

I am thankful for the day Rhett and I had yesterday for Veteran's Day even if I didn't accomplish much. I think I needed the rest, but I am thankful to ALL our Veteran's past and present.

I had been reallly tired lately, but then I had been cooking more at my mom's while my cousin was here. I found myself falling asleep sitting on the couch watching tv all this week. Guess I must be getting old. LOL Or else it is one of the side effects of my new HRT pills. I think I am trying to have a cold also.

I am thankful for the budding artist I teach on Wednesday night Bible class. I let them be artistic after our lesson. I just have to get them to not use so much paint! I am thankful for the piece of art I created last night. I am thankful our preacher's wife felt well enough to be there last night. Everyone was beginning to really worry about her. It was so good to see her again.

I am NOT thankful for this big ole honking fever blister I have smack dab in the middle of my upper lip! My husband had one last week, but refused to put anything on it. I am thankful mom had some of Rhett's medicine he used for fever blisters. Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. It works wonders. Takes the fever right out of it. Don even said mine didn't look as bad as his and this was after only applying it a few times last night.

Today I am thankful for the bright, warm sunshine on the changing fall leaves following hurrican Ida's wake. I didn't want to come in from lunch today. I had the window down, the breeze was blowing my hair and I didn't care.

I am thankful I posted a bit more on my blog. I am thankful my blog list has increased also.

What are you thankful for today? This week? Please share with us your thankfulness at Thankful Thursday at the following....
where Iris has a touching post.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9 Things

McCabe said we could recopy this post she had...

when i don’t know what to say or write,
i make lists.

here is your homework assignment:

1.) if you usually wear your hair up, wear it down. and vice-versa. this throws people off and attracts special attention. and we all want special attention don’t we?

Today Hurricane Ida made it rain so my newly washed hair frizzed. My curls fell out. I took a scrunchie and pulled it back. It didn't look to shabby if I say so myself. I am a one day hair down then next day up kind of girl anyway.

2.) carry crayons and coloring books in your bag or purse. next time you see a bored child on a subway/train/restaurant/coffee shop give it to them. (my friend allison does this)

Having an 11 year old son, we get crayons from the restaurants we go to. I always have some in my purse. Even I have used them when I only had a few markers to work with. Once he got a toy at Burger King that was too childish for him. A little boy was screaming. At the same time we both thought to give it to the little boy so he wouldn't scream. It was a perfect moment.

3.) if you are feeling triggered by someone or something today, try and find one good thing about them. you don’t have to like them or change your mind, just notice something positive.

I didn't let Illy get to me today. Yesterday she gave me grape jelly I really needed and I thanked her for it.

4.) make a note that says “its going to be ok” and put it on a strangers car.

I'd love to do this! I have left notes in books at the library before. I draw on inter-office envelopes also.

5.) go outside. find something beautiful in your backyard, and take a picture of it. if you are at work, take a quick break if you can and do the same. see, beauty is right outside your door.

I took a pic of a yellow suv cab in front of me in the rain this morning. Does that count? LOL

6.) find something soft to touch. My son's cheek

7.) commission a child to write you a poem.

8.) make a nature arrangement out of sticks, leaves, flowers, etc. don’t think about it too much. now take a photo and show me.

9.) decide to let go of one thing today. just one.

the stamped raven tag I decided was too much

feel free to recopy this
and link back here if you complete any of these!

posted by mccabe on 11.06.09 @ 12:44 pm | 6 Comments

You can get her site from my list. She is Dancing Mermaid.

Tag Your It!

Hurricane Ida is sending heavy rains our way, but I brightened my own day today... I found some Avery 11013 strung marking tags. They look just like tags you could use in scrapbooking. I kept looking at one thinking... tag... tag... tag... Tag your it! LOL So I traced one on an inter-office envelope. The receiver might not get my sense of humor but oh well... Later I made what I consider a mock-up or prototype greeting card where I drew several blank tags on the card front. "Tag Your It!" was one of them. I realized this type of tag looks like a mini clipboard so I made it look even more like one by coloring the top metal part gold, writing the words "To Do" then drawing paper. I just need a brown colored pencil or marker to complete the backboard. I used a fancy font to type the word "LOVE" which I adhered with my Creative Memories photo splits to another tag. I drew a red heart on another tag. Then added red polka dots to one that is going off page, repeating my red color as I know I am supposed to do. I tried to stamp my raven stamp on one, but it wanted to smear so I laid it aside to dry. It really didn't fit even if the full raven would have been cut off. And I KNOW less is more. I cut out the tags on my mock up card and placed them on blue cardstock paper because it just looked better to me. I took a photo of it. I will take the original to Walmart soon. Hope their photo machines are working. If not, I will have to go to Wolf camera. I will up load it later.

I liked the "Love" font so much, I sent it as an email. I tried to cut and paste it here, but it didn't work to my disappointment. Sorry. Anyway the email said:

Pass it on....

I am not ending on a sad note here, but David at:
is leaving his blogdom to write his novel. He had another photo site to keep up with him...
I wish him Godspeed.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Weekend

Friday evening was our granddaughter Wesley Rose's bowling birthday party. She is 5 years old now. A friend of her family made her birthday cake. It was in the shape of a bowling ball! So cute! It was delicious. Elisa got a new digital camera that took wonderful pictures from the view on the back viewfinder. I can't recall the name brand.

Saturday I had to take my cuz L to get his name take off his deceased mother's saftey deposit box and get the guns out also. There was a parade for an out-of-town football team so I had to go around the world to get to my mom's house! I hate it when that happens and it usually does around Oct and this time of year. After that he wanted to pick up some pecans for neighbors and friends to take back to Boise, Idaho. I thought of a market on the new north side of town so we went there. They had no pecans as they haven't come in season yet. We went to the Georgia welcome center so he could look for birding places as well as possible pecan orchards on his way home. I got a bunch of pamplets. Even he is starting to know me too well... because he asked me if I was going to put them in collages. You betcha! He treated me to lunch at the Firehouse. While at the welcome center (which I had never been to before), we got the phone number of a local place that sold pecans. The call wouldn't go through there. We stopped at Wolf camera so he could get a lense cover for his digital which is why he hasn't been taking pictures. I kept trying the phone number for the pecans. It was still busy so we drove on over to it which was on the south side of town. There was a For Sale sign on the building. I suggested we go to the Library to check for pecan orchards on line. While there, he checked his emails. Since being here, he joined a birding website for Georgia, but wanted to remove his name since he was heading home. He showed me a starling video from an email. It reminded me of a swarm of locusts! We checked a local hardware store that sells pecans, but they were too pricey for him. I think they may have been last year's crop anyway. Rhett was miffed at me for being gone so long and the fact that he didn't get to go anywhere. Plus he worried we went to jail because of the guns. Bless his little heart.

I was going to cook supper at mom's. Since L and I were not hungry, I decided to wait awhile. I cut out things from the sales papers that mom had kept for me while Daddy watched ballgames when he wasn't channel surfing! L napped, but finally curiosity got the better of him as he had to get up to see what I was cutting out. There were a lot of argyle sweaters in the sales papers which was the majority of what I cut for a futue collage.

Mom wanted tacos AGAIN! I decided on taco salads in the shells you brown in the oven instead. L was bored so he went with me to the grocery store. He is actually quite helpful around the kitchen and might make someone a good helpmate/husband when not getting on your last nerve! LOL It would have been nice to be married to a man that liked to cook. I wouldn't know! LOL

The store we went to did not have the shells you brown in the oven so we had to go to another store! I wasn't happy camper, but I had my mouth was set on that so we went to another one. I manage to cut my finger on a pairing knife which has bothered me all weekend. The food was good as was the company. I wasn't a happy camper about missing the art show I had planned to attend, but knew it was also on the next day.

Later once Rhett & I were home, we played the "Twillight" game til I was falling asleep.

Sunday was dinner at church. Our preacher's wife has been out sick for a couple of weeks now. I am really concerned about her once again. Rhett spilled spaghetti on his shirt and on the floor! I had country captain which I have not had in years and years.

I had everything planned... Don was not supposed to eat his usual 2-3 desserts at the church fellowship meal. We were supposed to go to the art show then at 2 be at our granddaughter's for more cake & ice cream. One of our friends who attends church with us got sick. Don now works for her husband permanently - thank goodness. Lauri brings her grandmother to church. Her grandmother asked Don to drive her car & I follow in our truck. I felt like God was laughing at me because I made plans. There went my plans. I hate driving the truck! But Lauri's husband was called so luckily for me we didn't have to take them. I did help the grandma get into the car from her wheelchair as she can't move one leg. I also noticed her speech was not as good as it used to be. She seemed to have trouble getting thoughts out. She told me she loved me and I felt bad for not wanting to help them when I had other plans, but it all worked out.

We went home to change clothes. I went to the art show while my guys went to eat cake. I wore my Arts in the Park t-shirt I was given for participating. I saw an old co-worker from my JCP days. Bette W was and still is a sweet, beautiful lady only grayer. She had heart problems, but is doing well now. She also paints. She wanted to share what the good Lord has done for her. She had her paintings made into greeting cards. Some of these were framed in small frames. There was one flower painting on a card I really liked, but you had to buy the assortment for $10. Her proceeds went to the Lottie Moon mission fund. I sat & talked with her for awhile talking about the old JCP days. How Mr. R would tell her dirty jokes and she did not appreciate it. Bette still had some of the poetry I wrote way back then which made me feel good. She introduced me to her friend as a poet. I had to tell her I am an artist now.

It is weird that I had thought about Bette a week or so ago. I'd seen a Columbus magazine that told of when Jane Russell, the actress lived here. Bette had been in several beauty padgents and won some them . Bette had a black & white photo of herself dressed much like one of Jane's famous pin-up girl photos. Then to see her after seeing the article about Jane Russell was sort of freaky to me. I told her about it. She said she'd shown that pic of her & Jane to her husband asking him to tell her which one was her. He picked Jane! LOL

Then I met a young artist named Elin Winblad who is just starting out in the artworld. She had some fresh new ideas. I wanted to buy one canvas, but I was being frugual with my money as Christmas is fast approaching and Rhett has champagne taste on my imitation beer budget. Elin has a blogspot mentioned and an etsy shop.
Her blog is:
and her etsy shop is:

There was a local army wife who made clay sculptures. I will have to send you the link to her site later. She had several trinkets for a quarter a piece so I picked out 4 of them. I also got a "Magic" rock for $1. I was thrilled and not feeling guilty about Christmas at her prices.

Another local artist, Derek McCrea was there with his beautiful images. I wanted to buy 2 copies of his work. Each were only $10, but I refrained as I did from an 8x10 odd shot photo I wanted very badly. Wearing my Arts in the Park t-shirt was a good decision as it made other artists talk to me.

I decided to go ahead and join this artist group. As I was looking at their bulletin board, I saw a visitation for a man who is a member of the Columbus Guild so I asked about it. Manfred Metcalf was killed in a car wreck on Friday! I had just seen him at Office Max last week! He was supposed to be at this art show Friday nite, but no one could reach him. I was in shock. You just never know. This group made the decision to send flowers sparing no cost as he was a nice man, friend to all and fellow artist.

My dues are for 2010, but the next meeting will be a pot luck and I can bring my family. The good thing is I can hold a show here! I saw how some displays were set up so I am glad I went now in many ways besides seeing old friends, meeting new ones, buying inexpensive trinkets, etc. I was told I was the 2nd abstract artist and they need more!

As I went back to my car, I took pictures of the ducks in Moon Lake inside Idle Hour Park. I was trying to capture a drop of water on their bill as they pulled their bills out of the water and wasn't successfull. I got one flying up on the bank wings spread to get some bread then a close up of the water beaded on his underbelly which was so cool when we zoomed in on it later on the computer. I finally just sat down on the bank, breathed and went, "Ah...". It was a perfect moment. Peace and quiet. No worries. No where to be. No one I had to go see. No one I had to do something for. Just me. Just be in that moment. A second in time. Just what I needed. I am sorry I missed my granddaughter 2nd cake, but I needed this time just for me.

I went home and we went to church. I upload pics afterwards. I only emailed a few emails as Rhett wanted to play more of "Twillight" & he was driving me nuts in the computer room until I did this. I did send out my magic rock one as an email because it was my greatest find so far this week. What was your greatest find?

Due to the approaching hurricane, my cuz probably won't be leaving as planned. He'd wanted to bird in Mobile where it is headed. I am glad he decided not leave in the midst of it.

I plan to go see Mike's mom this afternoon then stop by the funeral home for Manfred. Since my cuz is not leaving I won't cook supper at mom's as I'd planned. I have to call the lawyer about seeing him possibly tomorrow to start the estate account for my aunt. Hope you have a great week!

Quotes of the day & ....

Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something,
perhaps when you are least expecting it.
I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.
-Charles F. Kettering-

I am always stumbling onto something then I usually take a photo of it!

Never regret $ spent on old books, old dogs and old friends.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Live in a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip!
-Will Rogers-

Take good care of today. It's the tomorrow you longed for yesterday.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Life is a term paper. Don't wait until the last minute to get started.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Then today on the way to work, I was behind a convertible! Although it had an Alabama license tag, I was trying to figure it out as it was in the new tagcode. It said: "Live to live" or something like that. It was a great way to start out my morning commute. I thought about it again as my Swiss Miss swirled. Thinking if everyone in my email buddy list sent "Live to live" to all their buddies and their buddies sent it to their buddies and so on, there might be one person who was struggling with life. This might make them want to live. I have had this happen before. So PLEASE pass this one on... Thanks and have a great day. Live your life to the fullest today, tomorrow and always... I already received a positive response on this!

an new art blog to check out....

I met Elin Winblad on Sunday at the PC art show. She is young & has fresh new ideas. Be sure to check out her blog, commment if you can. I think she could use the encouragement. She also has an etsy shop which I haven't checked out yet.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Well, we went to Uncle Bill's funeral. They had photos displayed. One army one I remembered from my aunt's house and it felt sort of weird. Brought back memories. There was one of him and Hilda, his now wife taken when they first met. It is hard to believe they had been married 22 years. In this photo, he looked the way I remembered him. So you know I took pictures of pictures. In one 8x10 frame were multiple pics of his woodworking. There was the crib he made for Rhett which brought tears to my eyes! So you know I had to have a pic of that even if we have some with Rhett in it after it was painted white. I got to see Uncle Bill's sister, Elaine who Don knew. Have not seen her since we got married. I thought I recognized her. The give away was one arm shook. Their mother had palsy really bad. Uncle Bill had it just as bad as his mom did. Elaine reminded me a lot of my Aunt Voncile.They both painted on their eyebrows.

A lady named Vida who worked at Tom's with Daddy only in a different dept nearly talked my leg off! She was the type who grabbed your arm so you couldn't get away! She talked more than Rhett does! I learned more about her and her family that I ever wanted to know! Even mom said she must have needed someone to talk to. Thankfully she sat with someone else. I was scared she'd talk thru the service.

They played a Josh Grobin song "Fly Me Up to Where you Are" which was really nice. I haven't heard him sing in awhile. Such a beautiful voice. Then they played "The 1st Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Reberta Flack. You know this is a l-o-n-g song.

It was difficult for me so I know it was difficult for mom hearing about all the many things Uncle Bill did with Hilda. All I could think about was my Aunt Voncille. I almost thought they had the wrong man. For once my mom was really quiet. I even told her this.

Back at mom's I took the photo I had been wanting to take of my Aunt Va's stuff. I placed her tapestry vest I got that has watch faces on it, placed it on my mom's green velvet covered couch, put my great-grandmother's watch face on it, I had two small calendar sheets, one with her birth month & the other of her death month, placed her childhood silver barrett with the name on it (Lance had it) on the prettier Oct calendar sheet. I even got a baby pic of her her & daddy as another piece in the background. We all went to Burt's Butcher shop afterwards but the schnitzel was not good. I guess you need to go to a German place to get good schnitzel. I took more pics there. Lance still has not taken any while here. I would be going thru withdrawls!

While we were at Burt's, I was telling Don about seeing Elaine at the funeral. He said, Elaine should have introduced back then! That made me feel good!

Good news! Lance got my great-grandfather's constable badge back from Rob! Daddy had been asking for it. Aunt Va had "borrowed" it to flash so she could get the job at the sheriff's off but never gave it back to him. Daddy has been carrying it around in his pocket since getting it. Daddy told me he thought that watch was Maw-maw's. He told me I could take it to a jeweler to see how much it is worth but I am not even going to do that as I will be keeping it even if it doesn't work. No way would I sell it! Lance will get her guns tomorrow as Rob did not want them. Hopefully they will eventually go to Rhett. Mom even got her gowns.

I could have uploaded pics when we got home, but I did something else for myself. I cut out things out of catlogs while watching tv. It was very theraputic for me. Just what I needed; just what the dr ordered.

Today is Wesley Rose's bowling party for her 5th b-day. Just charged my camera battery at work.

Early tomorrow morn Lance and I go to get the guns. There is an art show at the Phenix City art studio I want to go to afterwards just for me. If not, it will also be on Sunday. I feel alot better today than I did prior to the funeral yesterday. I think things are finally looking up. It is about time!

Don has a permanent job now! We are so thankful. Of course when you get a job, other places you applied for call with a job. One was in Auburn and would have been 2nd shift which I did not like, he would have been paid less than he is making now. He would have to work for 90 days before going to a normal shift.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Cannot Be Everything to Everyone

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have always loved dressing up as a character for it even into my adult years. Most years I am a vampire. My make-up skills at being one have improved each year if I say so myself. Over the past several years, dressing up for Halloween became a family affair. Don even got in on the act. We were lucky enough to win the costume contests several times at the American Legion. We so enjoyed going there. This year due to the economic situation, it would have cost Don & I to go. Rhett would have been free. If we had not won the costume contests, we would have been out that money so we decided not to go.

Halloween has always been MY time. We share it with our granddaughters and their family. It is a family photo fest. It is not uncommon to take 70 pictures. We always take Rhett to my folks prior to getting together with our granddaughters. But before we did this, I uploaded pictures on Saturday. Something I had not done in a while. I wanted to get all my spooky pics out that day. Don had some hunting photos he wanted to look at also.

Rhett was going to be a Ghostbuster. His costume was fairly inexpensive as it was a t-shirt ontop of another long sleeve t-shirt. I wasn't really going to be anything although I bought myself an orange t-shirt at Walmart that said "WICKED" on it. So I decided to go as the hatless wicked witch of the South! I found some really dark purple lipstick that looked almost black for my lips. I painted my nails with this really dark purple which was a first for me. Don also wore an orange t-shirt with a deer skull that said "What happens at the deer camp stays at the deer camp". I gave that to him for Christmas. He says last year but it was the year prior. When he opened it that Christmas, our son-n-law asked him "What have you been telling her?" LOL

While on the computer, I always have my cell phone on now. Mom called to ask when we were coming over. She said my cousin was down. I thought to myself, I just can be everything for everyone! I can't always be the one to cheer everybody up. Who is going to cheer me up when I am down? When we arrived at my folks, my cousin burst out laughing at my t-shirt then gave me a hug. He asked Don who he was. Don told him, "I'm her husband." We all cracked up but it was a defining moment. My cousin wasn't too bad off as he continued to work his crossword puzzle while we were there. He'd still talk but...

Both are granddaughters were sick. It was raining. Elisa and I rearranged all her Halloween decorations on their porch to take photos. Wesley was the cutest jelly fish you ever saw! Her hat drove her crazy so she whined about it while we took pictures. The wind arose. The rain was coming in on the porch so we went inside and rearranged the decorations for more photos. I took my raven stake so I had Lisa take pics of me too. I was thankful for another Halloween moment with my family.

We went to friends' houses nearby with the exception of Mrs. C from church. I felt bad we did not go to her dark house because you never know if this will be the last year of her life. Instead we went to a subdivision and three houses. The girls did not need to be out in the rain. Then we went to a church. The kids got to play a game or activity then get candy. They were running out of candy. Afterwards we got hot dogs and ate them. I was thankful for the time we got to spend together.

I guess I still feel like I am trying to please everyone. I took my cuz to an open house at a small art gallery inside a house. Rhett and I missed the singing at church so I could do this.

Monday, I had gotten another good pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Little Ceasar's for lunch. I forgot that my friend Cheryl was supposed to stop by with some clothes from her yard sale. She put the big box of clothes in my car and I invited her to have pizza with me. It was so good to have lunch with someone. It made me feel almost human again. I was so thankful for Cheryl, our visit, the lunch and the clothes.

Monday I decided I'd cook meatloaf at mom's to help her out. She'd had a room painted & was putting stuff back when she got a phone call that my Uncle Bill died. This was the 3rd death in our family this year. I have heard death comes in three's. While she was talking, I was preparing the meal. I had a box of Hamburger Helper on the kitchen table which I moved so I could work. Mom would put it back and I'd move it. So the 3rd time it was back on the table in my way, I said, "Mom, that doesn't go here!" She got mad at me. She didn't eat my meatloaf either which hurt my feelings.

After dinner, mom, my cuz and I went through the box of clothes. I am now clothes poor! I have giving the smaller sizes that did not fit me to Tiffany, the teenager who sits behind us at church. My friend Nancy's daughter. Passing things on feels good. Some things went to my Aunt Pearl.

The 3rd was my best friend Genie's birthday. I did not got to Christmas in the South on Halloween like I usually do. Just wasn't in the mood. Didn't want to spend money. I normally get her something while at that craft show. I kept pondering what to give her. The one piece of artwork I thought of, I cannot find another frame for it and I cannot bear to part with mine. Selfish I know. I had something on my desk at work. I had copies of it. I had other photos I'd taken with me. I made her THE Perfect card with one of my photographs! How cool is that? One idea just melted into another and I had two new art ideas. Two gifts for Genie. Once I left work, this inspiration came to a quick halt.

My cousin has decided to go back home to Idaho. My mom thinks I am some sort of miracle worker and that I can do something, but I don't what I am supposed to do; what I can do. My hands are tied at the moment as an estate is being set up. I cannot write checks until it is done. I cannot change my aunt's will. So I feel stretched out in different directions much like Christ strung up on the cross. This is my cross I have to bear for awhile.

I did email the lawyer that my cousin was leaving to go home. What else can I do?

Everytime I tried to use a photo machine at Walmart this week to copy the inspired ideas I had on Genie's birthday, none of them worked! It was frustrating!

A co-worker has gotten on my last nerve this week over petty stuff which I know I should not let get to me, but it did. I am only human. I am sure my uncle's death only added to this. I told one friend I was going to have a pity party, but no one would come. She said she'd be there with bells on! Anne is always there for me and I am so thankful for her.

I finally got color copies made of my artwork for Genie so I can keep the orginal altered photo. The year was cut off one of my pieces of art, but that turned out okay. I made lemonade again. Since the year is cut off, it can be used for anytime so that was a good thing! Another small blessing for which I was thankful.

Don didn't feel like going to church due to his dr not calling in his high blood pressure pills. My friend Nancy told me I need some time for me and I do.

The burglar alarm went off at my aunt's and the security called the house. I am sorry but my aunt is gone now. I do not have to put up with this every time the alarm goes off! This is my other cousin's responsibility not mine.

Every little thing bothers me. If my husband tells me one more thing I have done wrong, I may loose it.

Today I am getting off a half a day to take my parents to my uncle's funeral. I think if someone asked me one more thing of me, I might scream! I am trying to maintain, but it is hard. I so need your prayers. Thank you. Finding funny things seems to be my saving grace. Like this morning, Chaney Brothers called with a delivery. The man on the phone had a thick accent. I thought he said "Chaney Boogers"! LOL

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...
It is a wonderful post by Iris. One which I needed. It is about my friend/blogger Denise. It made me feel bad about what I wrote; the trials I have been through this week compared to Denise's. It made me sound selfish especially since I don't praise the Lord as much as she does all the time.

Quote of the Day:
Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual,
you also have an obligation to be one.
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

I loved this one! It made me smile 1st thing this morning. It was just what I needed. It is so true and so me! My friend MikeE put this in his parent emails that went out. That made my morning! Another small blessing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Friend's Funny Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was this guy... He liked chartreuse WAY to much, and boy, was he bitchy. One day someone said to him "Hey, fairy, you are looking extra gay today. Why? " and the fairy responded, "Project Runway starts it's new season tonight and I am SO excited."

and everyone lived fairily ever after.
Mike E.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today Is a New Canvas

Today is a clean slate
to do good for others
not for self.

Today is a new canvas
just crying out for colors.

Today is new canvas
on which to create a masterpiece
of your life.

Becky Bristow Voyles
aka ~theRAV~