Monday, November 9, 2009

My Weekend

Friday evening was our granddaughter Wesley Rose's bowling birthday party. She is 5 years old now. A friend of her family made her birthday cake. It was in the shape of a bowling ball! So cute! It was delicious. Elisa got a new digital camera that took wonderful pictures from the view on the back viewfinder. I can't recall the name brand.

Saturday I had to take my cuz L to get his name take off his deceased mother's saftey deposit box and get the guns out also. There was a parade for an out-of-town football team so I had to go around the world to get to my mom's house! I hate it when that happens and it usually does around Oct and this time of year. After that he wanted to pick up some pecans for neighbors and friends to take back to Boise, Idaho. I thought of a market on the new north side of town so we went there. They had no pecans as they haven't come in season yet. We went to the Georgia welcome center so he could look for birding places as well as possible pecan orchards on his way home. I got a bunch of pamplets. Even he is starting to know me too well... because he asked me if I was going to put them in collages. You betcha! He treated me to lunch at the Firehouse. While at the welcome center (which I had never been to before), we got the phone number of a local place that sold pecans. The call wouldn't go through there. We stopped at Wolf camera so he could get a lense cover for his digital which is why he hasn't been taking pictures. I kept trying the phone number for the pecans. It was still busy so we drove on over to it which was on the south side of town. There was a For Sale sign on the building. I suggested we go to the Library to check for pecan orchards on line. While there, he checked his emails. Since being here, he joined a birding website for Georgia, but wanted to remove his name since he was heading home. He showed me a starling video from an email. It reminded me of a swarm of locusts! We checked a local hardware store that sells pecans, but they were too pricey for him. I think they may have been last year's crop anyway. Rhett was miffed at me for being gone so long and the fact that he didn't get to go anywhere. Plus he worried we went to jail because of the guns. Bless his little heart.

I was going to cook supper at mom's. Since L and I were not hungry, I decided to wait awhile. I cut out things from the sales papers that mom had kept for me while Daddy watched ballgames when he wasn't channel surfing! L napped, but finally curiosity got the better of him as he had to get up to see what I was cutting out. There were a lot of argyle sweaters in the sales papers which was the majority of what I cut for a futue collage.

Mom wanted tacos AGAIN! I decided on taco salads in the shells you brown in the oven instead. L was bored so he went with me to the grocery store. He is actually quite helpful around the kitchen and might make someone a good helpmate/husband when not getting on your last nerve! LOL It would have been nice to be married to a man that liked to cook. I wouldn't know! LOL

The store we went to did not have the shells you brown in the oven so we had to go to another store! I wasn't happy camper, but I had my mouth was set on that so we went to another one. I manage to cut my finger on a pairing knife which has bothered me all weekend. The food was good as was the company. I wasn't a happy camper about missing the art show I had planned to attend, but knew it was also on the next day.

Later once Rhett & I were home, we played the "Twillight" game til I was falling asleep.

Sunday was dinner at church. Our preacher's wife has been out sick for a couple of weeks now. I am really concerned about her once again. Rhett spilled spaghetti on his shirt and on the floor! I had country captain which I have not had in years and years.

I had everything planned... Don was not supposed to eat his usual 2-3 desserts at the church fellowship meal. We were supposed to go to the art show then at 2 be at our granddaughter's for more cake & ice cream. One of our friends who attends church with us got sick. Don now works for her husband permanently - thank goodness. Lauri brings her grandmother to church. Her grandmother asked Don to drive her car & I follow in our truck. I felt like God was laughing at me because I made plans. There went my plans. I hate driving the truck! But Lauri's husband was called so luckily for me we didn't have to take them. I did help the grandma get into the car from her wheelchair as she can't move one leg. I also noticed her speech was not as good as it used to be. She seemed to have trouble getting thoughts out. She told me she loved me and I felt bad for not wanting to help them when I had other plans, but it all worked out.

We went home to change clothes. I went to the art show while my guys went to eat cake. I wore my Arts in the Park t-shirt I was given for participating. I saw an old co-worker from my JCP days. Bette W was and still is a sweet, beautiful lady only grayer. She had heart problems, but is doing well now. She also paints. She wanted to share what the good Lord has done for her. She had her paintings made into greeting cards. Some of these were framed in small frames. There was one flower painting on a card I really liked, but you had to buy the assortment for $10. Her proceeds went to the Lottie Moon mission fund. I sat & talked with her for awhile talking about the old JCP days. How Mr. R would tell her dirty jokes and she did not appreciate it. Bette still had some of the poetry I wrote way back then which made me feel good. She introduced me to her friend as a poet. I had to tell her I am an artist now.

It is weird that I had thought about Bette a week or so ago. I'd seen a Columbus magazine that told of when Jane Russell, the actress lived here. Bette had been in several beauty padgents and won some them . Bette had a black & white photo of herself dressed much like one of Jane's famous pin-up girl photos. Then to see her after seeing the article about Jane Russell was sort of freaky to me. I told her about it. She said she'd shown that pic of her & Jane to her husband asking him to tell her which one was her. He picked Jane! LOL

Then I met a young artist named Elin Winblad who is just starting out in the artworld. She had some fresh new ideas. I wanted to buy one canvas, but I was being frugual with my money as Christmas is fast approaching and Rhett has champagne taste on my imitation beer budget. Elin has a blogspot mentioned and an etsy shop.
Her blog is:
and her etsy shop is:

There was a local army wife who made clay sculptures. I will have to send you the link to her site later. She had several trinkets for a quarter a piece so I picked out 4 of them. I also got a "Magic" rock for $1. I was thrilled and not feeling guilty about Christmas at her prices.

Another local artist, Derek McCrea was there with his beautiful images. I wanted to buy 2 copies of his work. Each were only $10, but I refrained as I did from an 8x10 odd shot photo I wanted very badly. Wearing my Arts in the Park t-shirt was a good decision as it made other artists talk to me.

I decided to go ahead and join this artist group. As I was looking at their bulletin board, I saw a visitation for a man who is a member of the Columbus Guild so I asked about it. Manfred Metcalf was killed in a car wreck on Friday! I had just seen him at Office Max last week! He was supposed to be at this art show Friday nite, but no one could reach him. I was in shock. You just never know. This group made the decision to send flowers sparing no cost as he was a nice man, friend to all and fellow artist.

My dues are for 2010, but the next meeting will be a pot luck and I can bring my family. The good thing is I can hold a show here! I saw how some displays were set up so I am glad I went now in many ways besides seeing old friends, meeting new ones, buying inexpensive trinkets, etc. I was told I was the 2nd abstract artist and they need more!

As I went back to my car, I took pictures of the ducks in Moon Lake inside Idle Hour Park. I was trying to capture a drop of water on their bill as they pulled their bills out of the water and wasn't successfull. I got one flying up on the bank wings spread to get some bread then a close up of the water beaded on his underbelly which was so cool when we zoomed in on it later on the computer. I finally just sat down on the bank, breathed and went, "Ah...". It was a perfect moment. Peace and quiet. No worries. No where to be. No one I had to go see. No one I had to do something for. Just me. Just be in that moment. A second in time. Just what I needed. I am sorry I missed my granddaughter 2nd cake, but I needed this time just for me.

I went home and we went to church. I upload pics afterwards. I only emailed a few emails as Rhett wanted to play more of "Twillight" & he was driving me nuts in the computer room until I did this. I did send out my magic rock one as an email because it was my greatest find so far this week. What was your greatest find?

Due to the approaching hurricane, my cuz probably won't be leaving as planned. He'd wanted to bird in Mobile where it is headed. I am glad he decided not leave in the midst of it.

I plan to go see Mike's mom this afternoon then stop by the funeral home for Manfred. Since my cuz is not leaving I won't cook supper at mom's as I'd planned. I have to call the lawyer about seeing him possibly tomorrow to start the estate account for my aunt. Hope you have a great week!

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