Friday, November 6, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Well, we went to Uncle Bill's funeral. They had photos displayed. One army one I remembered from my aunt's house and it felt sort of weird. Brought back memories. There was one of him and Hilda, his now wife taken when they first met. It is hard to believe they had been married 22 years. In this photo, he looked the way I remembered him. So you know I took pictures of pictures. In one 8x10 frame were multiple pics of his woodworking. There was the crib he made for Rhett which brought tears to my eyes! So you know I had to have a pic of that even if we have some with Rhett in it after it was painted white. I got to see Uncle Bill's sister, Elaine who Don knew. Have not seen her since we got married. I thought I recognized her. The give away was one arm shook. Their mother had palsy really bad. Uncle Bill had it just as bad as his mom did. Elaine reminded me a lot of my Aunt Voncile.They both painted on their eyebrows.

A lady named Vida who worked at Tom's with Daddy only in a different dept nearly talked my leg off! She was the type who grabbed your arm so you couldn't get away! She talked more than Rhett does! I learned more about her and her family that I ever wanted to know! Even mom said she must have needed someone to talk to. Thankfully she sat with someone else. I was scared she'd talk thru the service.

They played a Josh Grobin song "Fly Me Up to Where you Are" which was really nice. I haven't heard him sing in awhile. Such a beautiful voice. Then they played "The 1st Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Reberta Flack. You know this is a l-o-n-g song.

It was difficult for me so I know it was difficult for mom hearing about all the many things Uncle Bill did with Hilda. All I could think about was my Aunt Voncille. I almost thought they had the wrong man. For once my mom was really quiet. I even told her this.

Back at mom's I took the photo I had been wanting to take of my Aunt Va's stuff. I placed her tapestry vest I got that has watch faces on it, placed it on my mom's green velvet covered couch, put my great-grandmother's watch face on it, I had two small calendar sheets, one with her birth month & the other of her death month, placed her childhood silver barrett with the name on it (Lance had it) on the prettier Oct calendar sheet. I even got a baby pic of her her & daddy as another piece in the background. We all went to Burt's Butcher shop afterwards but the schnitzel was not good. I guess you need to go to a German place to get good schnitzel. I took more pics there. Lance still has not taken any while here. I would be going thru withdrawls!

While we were at Burt's, I was telling Don about seeing Elaine at the funeral. He said, Elaine should have introduced back then! That made me feel good!

Good news! Lance got my great-grandfather's constable badge back from Rob! Daddy had been asking for it. Aunt Va had "borrowed" it to flash so she could get the job at the sheriff's off but never gave it back to him. Daddy has been carrying it around in his pocket since getting it. Daddy told me he thought that watch was Maw-maw's. He told me I could take it to a jeweler to see how much it is worth but I am not even going to do that as I will be keeping it even if it doesn't work. No way would I sell it! Lance will get her guns tomorrow as Rob did not want them. Hopefully they will eventually go to Rhett. Mom even got her gowns.

I could have uploaded pics when we got home, but I did something else for myself. I cut out things out of catlogs while watching tv. It was very theraputic for me. Just what I needed; just what the dr ordered.

Today is Wesley Rose's bowling party for her 5th b-day. Just charged my camera battery at work.

Early tomorrow morn Lance and I go to get the guns. There is an art show at the Phenix City art studio I want to go to afterwards just for me. If not, it will also be on Sunday. I feel alot better today than I did prior to the funeral yesterday. I think things are finally looking up. It is about time!

Don has a permanent job now! We are so thankful. Of course when you get a job, other places you applied for call with a job. One was in Auburn and would have been 2nd shift which I did not like, he would have been paid less than he is making now. He would have to work for 90 days before going to a normal shift.


More Than Conquerors said...

Becky, thanks for your visit and encouragement. I have been unwell and only managed to visit some blogs today.

I am sorry to know that you have lost Uncle Bill. It must be very hard on your family to cope with the loss of another loved ones. May God comfort you and family. Take care.

Praying for you and family,

Anonymous said...

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becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you anonymous.

becky aka theRAV said...

Nancie, I must have over looked your post. So sorry. I am sorry you are unwell. Thank you for your condolences and prayers for me and my family. Greatly appreciated more than you know.

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