Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9 Things

McCabe said we could recopy this post she had...

when i don’t know what to say or write,
i make lists.

here is your homework assignment:

1.) if you usually wear your hair up, wear it down. and vice-versa. this throws people off and attracts special attention. and we all want special attention don’t we?

Today Hurricane Ida made it rain so my newly washed hair frizzed. My curls fell out. I took a scrunchie and pulled it back. It didn't look to shabby if I say so myself. I am a one day hair down then next day up kind of girl anyway.

2.) carry crayons and coloring books in your bag or purse. next time you see a bored child on a subway/train/restaurant/coffee shop give it to them. (my friend allison does this)

Having an 11 year old son, we get crayons from the restaurants we go to. I always have some in my purse. Even I have used them when I only had a few markers to work with. Once he got a toy at Burger King that was too childish for him. A little boy was screaming. At the same time we both thought to give it to the little boy so he wouldn't scream. It was a perfect moment.

3.) if you are feeling triggered by someone or something today, try and find one good thing about them. you don’t have to like them or change your mind, just notice something positive.

I didn't let Illy get to me today. Yesterday she gave me grape jelly I really needed and I thanked her for it.

4.) make a note that says “its going to be ok” and put it on a strangers car.

I'd love to do this! I have left notes in books at the library before. I draw on inter-office envelopes also.

5.) go outside. find something beautiful in your backyard, and take a picture of it. if you are at work, take a quick break if you can and do the same. see, beauty is right outside your door.

I took a pic of a yellow suv cab in front of me in the rain this morning. Does that count? LOL

6.) find something soft to touch. My son's cheek

7.) commission a child to write you a poem.

8.) make a nature arrangement out of sticks, leaves, flowers, etc. don’t think about it too much. now take a photo and show me.

9.) decide to let go of one thing today. just one.

the stamped raven tag I decided was too much

feel free to recopy this
and link back here if you complete any of these!

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