Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Art Show

Rhett and I went to the student art show at the Corn Building yesterday evening. We were lucky enough to find a parking space on right hand side of it. Lots of interesting work, photography, paintings and twisted pottery. One cute young guy had taken a photo at the infamous Springer Opera House known to be haunted. He had a "ghost" in the picture. Actually he had 2 ghost pics. I questioned him about them, but he wasn't forthcoming. I am not dumb. I know he superimposed two photos to get "the ghosts". All he said was, "You don't see my reflection in the mirror, do you?" Did that mean he was a ghost too? LOL One was really better than the other as the ghost wasn't as fully there as the screaming banshee on the couch at the Springer.

I saw something I had never seen before... large prints of old poloroid pictures! I know there are blogs out the about Poloroids. I even heard there is such a demand for them that the film is being made again. Susannah of Ink on My Fingers would have loved them. She would have been in her element much like I was.

One potter had some interesting mugs that were differently shaped. Lots of twists and turns. Pretty colors too. Other mugs were really cheap - maybe $3, but they didn't hold my interest like the odd shaped ones. One lady artist did fantasy art on the computer and had a few prints for sale. She also made jewelry I liked made out of pieces of old watches. One was a really old antique face of a watch. Not sure if it worked, but it was on an old chain that looked like it would rub off on a white blouse or turn your neck green! It was $30 so I passed, but cannot stop thinking about them. Why does time always call to me? I got one of her business cards, but left it at home. I sound like a broken record. She has an etsy shop. I will send a link later.

There was a young girl photographer who superimposed three photos that was awesome in color. Not expensive either. I bought a black and white she had of a tree in one of the squares in Savannah for $3. I should have had her sign the back of it in case she becomes famous. Because these are young college kids they were not as prepared with business cards, change or sacks for those purchasing their work. A lot of the photographers took pics of everything like a Dr. Pepper bottle on the grass. Rhett even asked "WHY?" So there is something to be said for being an older, more mature artist. No offense to young artists intended. Encourage them if you can. Encourage any artist.

One unknown and unseen artist did a self-portrait painting that was awesome. One of the best pieces there. She had long red hair. The eyes. It was so lifelike. Very talented.

Of course I got lots of new ideas. I know I can do better and have done better than some of the things I saw. Almost made me want to go back to school, but just for art classes. I guess it inspired me because we took some pics on the way home. Like Rhett's palm print on his window. His idea. So I it must have inspired him too. He did a radio talk show type of interview of me on the way home. The ham.

Somehow I jammed my index finger on my right hand. I know it is not broken because I can move it, but it hurts when I do stuff like write!

Today I took pics of all the fall leaves I have been passing by and passing up all week. I had to use my sunglasses as a filter in order to get a more accurate color and lessen the brightness.

I hope art rubs off on you today.

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