Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Much Better Today

Well, I am in a much better place today; a better frame of mind; a better mood than yesterday and I am so thankful for this good mood. Could it be because today is a special person's birthday? Even thought that person is no longer in my life, I still remember.... I am thankful for all my memories. Still rose tinted after all these years. I am thankful for my memories especially when there are so many people with Alzheimer's. I think that is just as bad as cancer. Although I would not want either disease, I am not sure which is worse - dying or not remembering those you love.

I picked up Rhett's pumpkin mug. I am such a good Mom driving way across town to get it for him. It is not the prettiest mug, but he was thrilled by it as if it were the most beautiful one and that is what counts. The lady who helped him make it will have an art show tonight and I hope we can go to it. There will be other artists of other mediums as well inside an art building I have never been in. That could be why I am in such a good mood. Art does that for me.

I had a free lunch this week which saved me money and gas. A small blessing. Always a good thing and I am thankful. I had a good turkey and dressing lunch that was brought to me today saving me me more gas. There were plenty of leftovers for supper. Always thankful not to cook! LOL

I am thankful for the photos I took this week. Not many. I am thankful for the one greeting card/piece of art I re-worked last night. I also took pics of the kids artwork they created the previous Wednesday night. Those were cool. One looks like a lamb. I started collecting lambs when I was pregnant with Rhett. Their art work reminded me of McCabe and her Mermaid Warriors with their art. My friend Darryl sent me the coolest photo of his green peppers this week. When I sent it my home email, the microsoft program made the background look like a watercolor. Not sure how or what I did. I usually do everything by accident anyway. Darryl and other friends really liked it and wanted to know how I did it. Wish I knew. I am sure there is a name for doing something by accident. It is not accidentally on purpose as Rhett would say! LOL Serendipity perhaps?

As always I am thankful for my many, many friends. Those that email me good emails which I passed on this week. Those that send me funny things to make me laugh especially when needed. How do they know? But then I seem to have a knack for sending my friends something they need at just the right time. I am thankful for my friends who are hoping we can get together over the Christmas holiday. Always remember to say "Merry Christmas!" loudly and proudly! Not just "Happy Holidays" for Jesus is the reason for the season. So I am not politically correct.

Our oldest granddaughter got inducted into the Beta Club at Rhett's school and we are proud of her. Rhett was ok with not being in it. He has been congested most of this week.

Looking forward to the artwork I shall receive from my friend Cheryl!

I am excited and thankful I sold something else on ! Someone bought not one but EIGHT of my Happy Birthday balloon postcards! Yeah!!!!!!!! Another small blessing. I seemed to have a lot of those this week. It has been a good Thankful Thursday so far. What small blessings are you thankful for? If you would like to share them, please go to the following...


hip chick said...

Wonderful things to be thankful for.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you Hip Chick. I so enjoyed your conceptual post today!

More Than Conquerors said...

Thank God for blessing you in many ways, Becky. Glad you are in a better mood. Thanks for your visit and encouragement. Take care and God bless you!


Apron Senorita said...

On a day like this, I really needed to hear your words. There are times that our moods takes us off our path. With the grace of God I have been able to get back on course. I admire your wisdom.


Lynn said...

Hi Becky,

Girl, I come here every week to read your TT posts. It is like visiting an old friend. Like we knew each other since we were five. I love reading about your life and your thankful heart.

God bless you Becky. Your heart is good. Hugs, Lynn

Denise said...

I am very glad that you are happy sweetie, love you.

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, Nancie... thank God indeed! I am glad I am in a better mood too. I think art has alot to do with it. You are very welcome for the visit and encouragement. Blessings back at ya! Well, Apron Senortia, you made my day! I am so glad my words helped you get back on the right path of happiness. Thanks for admiring my wisdom. No one has ever said that before. Lynn, that was so sweet to say it is like visiting an old friend. I am glad you like to read about my life as I do your's. God bless you also. Thank you sweet, Denise. I love you too. Thank you ALL for your comments.