Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost and Found

Happy Friday the 13th. Mine began a bit early...

I was so thankful my mom gave me Rhett's cream for fever blisters because it really worked. Took the fever right out. Because all bills were paid for this week, I had time to go to Walmart to print a few pics after work. I printed the ones from Sunday afternoon at Moon Lake along with some others. I'd called ahead to see if there machines were working properly & was told they were. I just know I'd get there and they would not be working correctly, but me of little faith... found them working until I got to one photo. I helped an Oriental man with his machine as I was printing mine. I printed the duck with it's wings spread as it flew up on the bank to get some bread, a cool leaf in the water, a rainy day shot only I will probably like, the card I made this week, my magic rock, a wet leaf on the trunk of my car, a raven quote on an inter-office envelope I also created this week (which a co-worker sent back to me!), a photo entitled "Magic in the palm of my hand" and the one I couldn't get to work. I'd altered a photo I took especially made it for my best friend Genie's birthday present. I couldn't get the photo to work on the machine. So I placed it on a display holder and took a picture of it! I made lemonade again. I knew I could crop out the background in Picasa anyway. Although the best thing is to go back to Office Max and have color copies made on cardstock. I live and learn as I go. Every day is a learning experience for me. Some things work. Some do not. What doesn't work, I usually find a way for it work. Never give up.

Because Walmart is near a new Cato, I went in there hoping I'd find a certain frame I found there back in July. I bought all three of the ones they had. Gave one to mom and Kristina for their birthday with my art work inside the frame. Instead I found 2 sheep on the word "Dreaming" for Wesley Rose & Shelby's Christmas present on sale for $1.99 each! Love it when that happens! I will take a pic of one of them before I wrap them next month. I'd seen a red and black checked blouse here that was so soft. They only had a size XL so I drove to another nearby store, tried it on, but decided I didn't like it for several reasons. The checks made me look fat and pickie my thought the checks could have been better placed in front. Besides it was three quarter length sleeves. So I saved money which is always a good thing.

By the time I got to mom's my lip was burning. I couldn't find the cream. I was so mad at myself thinking it fell out of my purse. I called the last Cato I went to. It wasn't there. The 1st one's line was busy. I knew I could call Walmart tomorrow from work. I let this put me in a bad mood and I know I should not have let it take me there.

Rhett wanted to cook supper so I let him do a lot more stuff. He says he wants my recipes for when he has a family. I just cannot phathom that right now. The poor man's hamburger stir fry we made was really good even if we had to use an off- off brand with limited brocoli and thick, round carrots, but I was NOT going to another store! I could just eat the hamburger meat in the ramen noodles with water chestnuts and be content. Rhett and I really like this whereas it is not Don's favorite meals.

We watched "CSI" and "The Mentalist". I had no more medicine for my burning lip, but I survived the night. I kept hoping I'd left it at work although I could have sworn I put it in my purse.

Today I wore one of Aunt Va's fall jackets. I had been thinking a certain thought... and shared it with Don this morning... if I wear her clothes, will I channel her? LOL Worst of all her meanness? He told he didn't think so.

I did find a tube of triamcinolone acetonide cream at home this morning , but it was only 1 percent. I thought the one I'd been using was a slightly higher percentage.

I get to work. The cream was not on my desk much to my disappointment. I went through my purse, cleaned out the excess receipts, shredding them and then went through my BIG bag. No tube of ointment. Sigh. I opened my drawer for a pen to begin my work day. Lo and behold there it was! I was never so glad to see anything in all my life. I was so thankful. Lesson learned: Don't let loosing something put you in a bad mood.

I was also thankful for all the comments I receive yesterday. Thank you all. I love the strong names you seem to be bestowing upon me as Serendipity did yesteray by calling me "Iron Lady". That was a first. It made me feel like I could bend steel like Superwoman! LOL Thank you Elin for stopping by for the first time. I hope you all will come back to visit again real soon. Have a great weekend! Be artful and creative as you can. Hope to have more pics on here soon.

Tomorrow morning Rhett wants to go build something out of cans at the local high school which should prove to be picture worthy. So much for cleaning house on Saturday.

As I was thinking of a title for this post, I thought of how we are lost then found by the Lord. Thank heavens for that.

Today I did more tape art. I learned that if you let the tape sit aside for awhile, the ink will bead up on it and make a polka dot pattern when you stamp with it later. I did another large doodle on my pad. I saw it had a lot of hearts in it so I colored them red. There were also a lot of lips which just had to be red also. I took pics of it as always. Some in sections especially where I saw a lot of facial images or ghosts. Even a Ladybug head. Don't call the funny farm yet! LOL


Anonymous said...

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Poetic Artist said...

I sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. I seem to always put off. It is nice to meet you online. You talk about your art, you must post so we can see. I wish I could see the tape process you were talking about. So did anyone have any luck with the art swap? Take care,

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Katelen! Great to "hear" from you!!! That is ok about responding. I figured you were busy with your mother. Nice to me you too. I found out I am getting a piece of art from a good close friend today so I am excited about the art swap. I had forgotten about it. Certainly didn't think she would be sending me something. Your's will probably be sent after Thanksgiving now as I am cleaning house for my husband's family for Thanksgiving.