Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fall

Today has really been a day and a half. We had tornadoes approaching this morning but luckily and thankfully all our family is fine and untouched by it. Then I got a call from Margareet, a nice lady in the artist guild who also knows my Daddy. She called to tell me Daddy fell! She let me talk to him. I asked him if he was alright and he said he didn't know which really worried me. Margareet told me they were taking him to the hospital. She said she had tried to get my mom, but she didn't answer which I thought was really strange because she is ALWAYS there. Margareet said she'd call my mom to tell her which hospital he was going to when they found out which I thought was odd. Why didn't they already know? There are only three in town. We rushed to get dressed as it was Saturday and I was still in my pj's at noon. I called my mom on the way to her house and she said she was right there, but the phone had not rung. She said she'd get ready and was waiting for us by the time we pulled into the drive.

We went to the hospital's ER. A friend of Daddy's was in the waiting room lobby and Betty rode with Daddy in the ambulance so I was thankful for that small act of kindness that he wasn't alone. There was a sheriff's deputy behind the desk as we walked into the ER. He asked how old Rhett was and when I said his age, he said he couldn't come in! This brought back the memory of when another hospital wouldn't let Rhett see Uncle Frank when he was dying of cancer. I was mad but thankfully Don was there to stay with Rhett in the waiting room. It made me wonder what do moms do when there husband is in the ER and they have small children?

When we arrived in Daddy's room, he had one of those collars around his neck which was scarey to see. I approached him from the nearest side and mom went around on the other side which was his left, the one he fell on. He had cuts and lacerations above his eyebrow and just below it. His cheeck had several bloody spots. He fell head first and looked like he'd had a bloody nose as well as a bruised lip. He thinks he may have knocked one of his front teeth aloose. One lense of his glasses are cracked. He skinned his knee as well as that hand,arm and elbow. His fingertips on both hands are scraped. He asked me how bad he looked and I told him I had seen a lot worse, but then I watch too much "ER"! LOL

He first complained about his eyebrow hurting and his knee. They were going to do a cat scan of his head first after they cleaned his wounds. I went out to give my guys a report. When I returned, Margareet and her husband were there. They drove Daddy's car home and brought back the keys. I hugged her and told her she was an angel.

Parts of Daddy's clothes were damp from the fall so we went home to get him some dry clothes to wear home if he got to come home, get his SUV so we could all fit and it would be easier for him to get inside than the monster truck. When we got back to the hospital Daddy, was complaining about having trouble taking a breath and experiencing chest pains. He was worried that he'd broken a rib. They did an x-ray. Both that and the cat scan came back ok so they told him he could go home. Although this quick release worried us, we were just thankful there were no broken bones. I worried that he would get pnemonia from being in those smemi-wet clothes in a cold hospital room, but we will pray he won't get sick.

Please keep my Daddy in your prayers. He will look like he has been in a fight for awhile where the pavement won and will be extremely sore. He is not the best patient when it comes to pain. Thank you for your prayers.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shoes on a Wire


I had been meaning to take a photo of these balls growing on this tree down the street from my parent's house for several weeks. Yesterday I finally had time as I was headed to my Artist Guild meeting. I parked in front of beautiful pale yellow gingerbread house and snapped a few shots. I am not sure what kind of tree it is, but it's big and it has white bark underneath a layer of bark that peels away revealing the whiteness. Then I noticed through the nearly bare limbs that there was a pair of shoes hanging on a wire! This could have easily been an Odd Shot for Odd Shot Monday ,but even though the sky was overcast, I wanted to use it for a Sky Watch post instead. The homeowner's tiny dog was behind the iron fence yapping at me as I took the last couple of frames. I just shook my head and drove off on to my meeting with a smile on my face for finally take the picture I wanted with an added bonus.

A note to Jo at A Majority of Two: I cannot seem to get into your blog. Everytime I try, I get kicked off the internet!

Happy Sky Watch weekend!
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Late As Always But Ever Thankful

I didn't have time to post my Thankful Thursday post yesterday, but that does not mean I am not thankful. I may always be late, but I am ever thankful. This week we are so very thankful the Lord heard our family's prayers on behalf of our family memembers and the right decision was made. An scarey event happened that I was hoping would make someone change their mind and do the right thing. Well, it worked! If that is what it took to make it happen, then we welcome it.

Yesterday I was thankful for the good lunch I had to eat. I went to Church's chicken and it was THE best chicken I have had in awhile. I couldn't stop talking about it. I guess because I have not been there in a long time made it taste even better. I almost went there again today.

I was thankful for my computer digitial skills yesterday; the fact that I have them; that I already know some things yet I was disappointed I did not glean any new information at my artist guild meeting last night. I also re-realized how competitive I can be.

I am thankful I know how to take pictures.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Franklin & Franklin


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Sorry I did not participate in last week's E is for ABC Wednesday, but Rhett had a project due that consumed most of our time. I had planned on using recent fotos of Edgar, my father and Everett better known as Rhett, my son for that post. Rhett received a 100 A+ written on the front of his poster project which made me mad after all our hard work that we put into it. My being an artist,I felt like it was a piece of art that had been written on. Almost like grafitti. Why couldn't his teacher write it on the back? My husband asked what were we going to do with it anyway? Frame it? Oh, well, Frankly my dear... Nah. Just kidding. I love to say that line whenever possible and it fits!

So I knew I was going to use the same fotos of Edgar and Everett only as Franklin and Franklin. Rhett is after all named after my father, his grandfather. Franklin and Franklin sounds like a law firm, doesn't it? Franklin is both their middle names. My father goes by Frank , but Rhett is just a nickname I wanted. He is and always will be Rhett to me. I rarely use his full name even when he is in trouble.

Picky me would have preferred my father's foto come first then Rhett's foto, but I uploaded them in the order in which they were taken this year. Rhett's foto was taken on my birthday in January. He was reading me a poem he wrote for me. I like this foto because it almost looks like a drawing or painting to me. My father Frank's foto was taken on his eighty-fourth birthday earlier this month of February. I liked the background as well as the golden glow of them both.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Episode

Yesterday was perhaps one of The most shocking days of my life. The preacher lady at work's daughter had a baby out of wedlock. It was the first I had heard of it. Only myself and the "supervisor" did not know her daughter was pregnant.

The "supervisor" had told me she went down to medical to get some claritin and would take some more later.

Then around 10:30 am, I was talking and taking a fax off the machine. Yes, I can multi-task! The fax was for the "supervisor" aka the Black Widow Spider aka Illy Nilly. I was talking to someone else as I walked into her office to place the fax on her desk when I saw she was slumped over in an ackward postition that looked very uncomfortable on her neck, SNORING! This isn't the first time I have caught her like this in a compromising postition. She pulled something similar back in Feb., 2006. I am always the lucky one who finds her. I went immediately to her supervisor and told him. He tried several times to wake her up unsucessfully. Although he hated to do it, he had to tell his boss who simply told him to wake her up. The boss did not even want to or try to look in on her. The second in command tried again calling her name getting louder each time. He even hit the door with his foot. She stil didn't wake up. He finally had to touch her in order to wake her. He said she moved like Michael Jackson doing the robot which he demonstrated today! LOL It was so funny.

She was told she could go home, but was obviously in no condition to drive if she cannot stay awake at work. Our office would be liable and her family would most definetly sue. She said her husband was at work, her sister was swamped at her job. The doctor and nurse were called up to the office to check on her. Later the nurse took her back to the clinic to take her vitals. She was gone a long time. In the meantime her husband called to see which hospital she was going to go to.

Not to sound uncaring, but being this is not the first time around this block, I was the only one in the office besides her, I didn't know what to do about lunch. A counselor came to answer the phones while I was gone and remained while I ate. By the time I got back with the food for myself and two others, she was talking the counselor's leg off saying the dr here thought she might be having mini strokes. If she is then I am sorry. She said her blood pressure was high. Now I have high blood pressure. Her bottom number was only 80 which is normal for me. Again I was not concerned about this fact. The boss was mad because she went out to smoke knowing her blood pressure was high yet he can get mad over something small like that but won't do anything about her. If she could talk as much as she did, I didn't see that much wrong with her. She got attention from the doctor, nurses and other co-workers with the exception of myself. I am not cold-hearted here, I am just tired of all this.

Luckily the rest of the afternoon was quiet. Thankfully the phone did not ring off the hook. At about 3:25, I was doing the commisarry reimbursements when the boss told me when I finished, I could leave early. I told him I still had other things to do but he wasn't concerned about them. Like that is supposed to make up for what happened earlier. The more I thought about it, the madder I got. It was like putting the tiny bandage on a gaping open wound that has been left festering. I finished what I was doing and left 30 minutes before time to get off as normal. I made a deposit after work.

I went to an art store where I bought some watercolor postcards for an idea, a canvas for an acrylic I want to try my hand at for an upcoming art show, and a large piece of inexpensive watercolor paper. The only thing I did not get was rice paper.

Don arrived safely back from Indy and I am thanful. He said I should have taken a picture of Illy with my camera. I thought of it, but felt it was too mean like I was out to get her fired. Today everyone has asked if anyone took a picture. Since a lot of them know I carry a camera, they probably think I did take one. Don said I could use it later when she is getting onto me about something then whip out the photo. I am sure I would be constantly playing the photo card!

There have been other workers fired for sleeping on the job. Today I heard they have been called about this and have already made calls to HR. Now I have to write yet another witness statement. Not that I think it will do any good. It has not in the past. And these people that got fired may call me as a witness in their cases.

But I am thankful for the quietness of the office today. We will have a respite until Thursday IF she returns then.

This morning on "Good Morning, America", they were doing a series on bullies at work. How ironic! One lady had it far worse than we do here. She went to HR about her Illy Nilly. This bullied lady had to take another job in another department for lesser pay then still had a nervous breakdown because of it and cannot work today. The show welcomed comments. Would I have a book to tell them! Of course, I could not let my face be shown so I wouldn't get my 15 minutes of fame. LOL I would be the "undercover" person they hide their true identity by keeping them in shadows but the shadow knows.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Given the Boot


I had several Odd Shots from this weekend, but this one came compliments of my cousin and her husband in Montgomery, Alabama. I took my parents for a visit on Saturday. As we were walking down to their dock and pond, I couldn't help, but see her husband's boot pictured here. I wondered about it and started to ask why when my cousin asked her hubby why it was there. Her husband replied it was alright; that he didn't wear that boot anymore anyway. So I guess the boot was given the boot! LOL

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I am posting a bit early. I seem to get this one done early. Maybe Odd Shots is just meant for me.
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This Past Week


I am sorry I have been away once again, but Rhett had a project due this week and we spent a lot of time working on getting it ready to be presented on time. I did not take any photos of it, but it was colorful. It was about Garrett Morgan, who invented a form of the traffic light. We used baby blue colored poster board to symbolize the sky. We stenciled the title which was his name in red, yellow and green to represent the colors of the traffic light. There was empty space at the bottom and my paper cutter is not the industrial size to crop such a large piece. Then Rhett came up with the brilliant idea of cutting out red, yellow and green circles to place at the bottom. Cool. I thought it was an excellent idea. I'd bought shiney scrapbook papers for the traffic light anyway.

I was going to post for ABC Wednesday and use current photos of my father as Edgar and Rhett as Everett much like I did for the last go round, but did not find the time to post. My Word Perfect wasn't working at work either.

One day last week I printed the pictures from Valentine's at Walmart. But before I printed them, I checked to see if my sunglasses I lost there the previous week had been turned in and luckily they had! The clerk questioned me about my surity that they were mine so I pointed out a chip in one lense. I thought about painting them with stripes of red and hot pink nail polish to better identify them. I was so thankful to have found them because the fit perfectly over my regular glasses. When I got to my mom's, she pointed out that I'd cut off my Daddy's head in one of their photos I printed so they will have to be re-done. I was concentrating so hard on cropping the excess out of the picture that I didn't notice I'd cut Daddy's head off!

This project was due on Friday. That morning as we were walking out the door to school Rhett told me I had to take him to his gifted school so he could catch a bus to the local high school for an event. I'd signed permission slip for him to catch the bus, but had completely forgotten all about it. I was totally focused on the project.

So we arrive at his gifted school. There was a bus at the far end of the school yard. We head into the office because I am not just dropping my child off at a school without making sure he has transportation to where he is supposed to be which turned out to be a good thing since the bus had already left for the high school! I am mad at this point and fussing at Rhett. I told him it was a good thing I had gotten gas the night before. He had his head down like he was going to cry or either throw up.

Luckily I remembered how to get to the high school from the gifted school. I have only lived here almost 15 years now, but still don't know my way around. We arrive at the high school which doesn't have a easy parking lot as it is multi-leveled plus there was construction going on in places. There was no parking at the main entrance which I remembered from paying for Stephanie's senior pictures many moons ago. We found a numbered parking place, parked and walked to the nearest entrance. Signs inside said all visitors we were supposed to check in with the main office. We found a group of high schoolers at a table and asked where we were supposed to go. There was a mix-up about Rhett being an individual presenter rather than in a group. We were suposed to go upstairs. Now Rhett has a fear of heights. So here I am having to hold a 10 year old's hand in a high school to go up stairs.

We found two students from his gifted class. The boy who was supposed to be in charge of their group was not present. Their tri-board was still at the gifted school, but one of the teachers was willing to go get it. Only one boy wanted to go ahead and present. At this point Rhett was probably just willing to observe after all the drama/trama he'd been through. I waited for his gifted teacher to appear before I left him there.

I still had to take his poster to his regular school! Of course I'd already phoned work to tell them I would be late. Luckily Illy was off so I didn't have to hear her mouth. As I was signing in to take his poster back to his room, a lady I'd never seen at this school was behind the office. She said the poster was really good and asked me if I did it. I told her it was his idea. So I made it to work where there were some accounting problems that were done incorrectly on accounting's end.

Rhett said he had fun and his group came in fourth place which was last but still that is better than nothing. He seems to be on a winning streak. Maybe I should let him pick some lottery numbers for me! LOL

Later that evening we ate a Country's. I had a really good old fashioned hamburger. We came home to watch "Ghost Whisperer" then we went to the 10 o'clock showing of "Twilight" which we saw for my birthday, but it was now playing at the cheap movies. I was very strongly dying to see it again. I'd dressed in four layers as it was really cold, but the theatre was so warm I came out of those layers fast! Rhett went to sleep on me before the movie ended. He slept in the car on the way home. Then he was ill & whiney telling me we were not going to do that again unless it was summer! But I loved the spontenity of doing something like that on the spur of the moment.

Saturday, we'd said I'd take my folks to see her oldest living sister in Montgomery. Aunt Margareet was unable to attend Uncle Frank's funeral due to her health problems. She is on a breathing machine. It was a nice drive over. Hardly any traffic. Just a perfect day for it except it was still chilly outside and too warm in the car.

Two of my older cousins were there. Florence, who was named after my maternal grandmother, but we call her "Sister" and her older sister Jean. I used to call her "Jeanie-bug" when I was a little girl. Thankfully my cousin Randall had taken his big ole dog so we could have a nice visit. Sister was quieter, not demanding as she had been during our last phone conversation where she demanded that we stop my Uncle Frank from having his brain cancer surgery in Birmingham. That was not our place and I told her we could not do that. After she'd told me my mom would go crazy if my Uncle died, I set her straight about my mom; that she is one of the strongest women I know. She would not go crazy. She would survive. I did good and did not gloat because I did not bring up about her predictions that Uncle Frank would not last through Christmas. He proved her wrong because he last a month and a day longer than she predicted.

After awhile Sister got some fish pellets for Rhett to take out to their pond to feed the fish. I wasn't crazy about the idea due to the cold wind, but we put on jackets and went out to the pond. Last time we did this, Rhett was barely a talking baby. Jean held him as she feed the fish bread. It was like a parana frenzy that day! Rhett just giggled. I love his laugh. There wasn't as many fish yesterday but there was an old carp, at least three BIG catfish, brims and a turtle. Sister handed him one of her grandson Nathan's fishing poles baited with old bread. She told him not to catch the catfish which is hard for a kid to do. He caught a BIG cat, but she made him feel bad about it. She pulled it up onto the bank as her husband was returning to the dock. Bruce wasn't mad but they had to get the hook out. Sister talked to the fish like it was a baby. Later I told Rhett she was a "Fish Whisperer" or a "Fish Talker" and he thought that was really funny. As I was leaning over the rail, I had my refound sunglasses stuck inside the top button of my blouse. Now I had my digital camera strapped securely around my wrist. So in goes my glasses into 10 feet of cold water and I'd just gotten them back! Sister couldn't find a net anywhere. She said that maybe this summer when the water level goes down, they might can find them. This is a photo of Sister and Rhett fishing on her dock.

At this point I am so upset about the loss of my refound sunglasses that I go back in the house. My mom asked me about my youngun. I told her he was out there with Sister. Luckily the sun would be at my back going home and it was nearing sunset. Still I was ill about it. I was just thankful it wasn't my camera. I would have jumped in for it - cold or not!

Sister's grandson Nathan has a small treehouse that even has a heater, air conditioner, tv and vacuum cleaner in it! Talk about spoiled!

We ate at the Cracker Barrell on the way home. All the fish that day made us want to have fish. Only Rhett got fish then he said it didn't taste right, but it did. Both mom & I tasted it. He sent it back and got grilled chicken instead. We stayed a bit at mom's then came home.

I beat my highest score on BookWorm! My highest score is now 7,917,870! That will be even harder to beat now.

We agreed to eat at Red Lobster today after church. Rhett got his first Shirley Temple today. I took a picture of it for the scrapbook. It turned out well. I tasted of it to see what it tasted like, but I didn't care for it. I really don't think he liked it very much either because he didn't drink all of the first glass. I don't recall ever having one before, but my mom said I did. I don't like it because it reminds me of cherry flavored cough syrup. Ugh! As I shiver with the thought of it! Rhett said it is the after taste it leaves in your mouth. Not my cup of tea.

I got fried catfish, but should not have gotten it. I told mom if I ever wanted it again, to tell me NOT to get it! We just couldn't seem to get it right with the catfish this weekend. I was charged someone else's bill instead of Rhett's and mine, but I made sure I wasn't paying the wrong amount. Before leaving, Rhett spilled my purse underneath the table! My camera was one of the things that fell out! I checked twice to make sure I had everything, but if I had not.... I would have no camera.

I cut out coupons at mom's. We stayed there til time to go back to church. I should have taken a Pepsi with us. I was thirsty so we stopped at a gas station on the way. I went to use my debit card & was told it wasn't working. I had no cash on me. I'd already taken a sip of my drink. I was told by a male sales clerk that I could use the ATM machine. He and another clerk had been talking about a sign in blue letter on the door that stated their credit & debit was not working but I wasn't really paying attention to their conversation nor did I notice the sign on the door as we walked in. They needed a better sign! Not to nicely I informed him it would charge me a fee. A $2.50 fee at that! I was mad. It is ridiculous to have a fee against my hard earned money. So I fussed the rest of the way to church about it. Luckily we sang almost all the hymns I really like today.

It wasn't until later tonight, I discovered Rhett's game boy got damaged when my purse spilled onto Red Lobster's floor. I didn't think it was that far a fall since the floor is carpeted, but it did knock my BookWorm game completely out of it! Part of the hinge got broken where you open it up. Luckily and thankfully it still works. Rhett had to tell me to leave it alone as I was going to try to figure out if I could super glue it! I am the Queen of super glue. Most men use duct tape. I use super glue.

I loaded Word Perfect onto my computer at home so I now have Word Perfect again! Yeah! Rhett and I found a neat balloon type font but I forgot the name of it. Wonder if it would work here? LOL It was a good weekend despite the many ups and downs. We spent time with family. I took pictures. Some things worked. Others did not but that is our life.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Art





These were the best of the best pieces I created for the blank white walls of our new fellowship hall for or Sweetheart's dinner on Valetine's night. The 1st one just fell into place the 1st day which led me believe that making art for Lord made that happen. I love the flower pot with the heart shaped flowers best of all. I can see it framed as it is... although I want to add journaling words to it like "Grow Love" and "Bloom where you are planted", etc to it. The purple one was fine until I tried to add more to it on the last day which messed it up so I cut the mistake out and made "lemonade" out of it. I thought it looked like puzzle piece and I have some many word possiblities for it. The last piece I made at work which is why it was on an index card but I like her. She looks like a Russian ladybug to me so I named her Nadia. It needs antennas and legs. I had such fun making these. The ideas were pouring inside my head like rushing water. I was on another creative roll making one right after the other.

Next I have a poster to help Rhett with this week. I want to paint something for a possible art show in April in Eufaula, Alabama providing the Artist Guild does pay the $75 entry fee so keep your fingers crossed for me. If I can do more than one piece, I may enter a gothic picture I took and framed, but will have to have gallery wrapped if I put it in any show. If the Guild does not do this, then it may be what I submit to the art show here in September since they all seem to be painters.
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Dragon Nail


My red nail varnish was wearing off just days prior to Valentine's Day as you can see.... I noticed a dragon's head design in it. Or maybe an alligator? Or an elephant's trunk? Can you see it? Is that what you see? I thought of Dragon Star when I saw it. Then of course I took a picture of it for an Odd Shot for Odd Shot Monday. It was either this, another tree face or a face in another Jello mix which seems to be re-occurring themes with me.

In case you were wondering that is my index finger, by the way! LOL

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day. Sorry I did not have time to post any of the art work I did with my church the past three to four weeks, but I hope to soon.... and of course I have another funny story to tell about it too. I wanted to get this one up first.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rhett, the 3rd Place Spelling Bee Winner!

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Today I am thankful for my Daddy. Today is his 84th birthday. What a blessing!

Yesterday I was thankful and oh so proud of our son Rhett. He drew the #3 and came in 3rd place in his spelling bee! I always said 3 was my lucky number. I guess it was his too. I know Rhett was upset because he misspelled his word and had to sit out. I had my arm around him telling him it was okay and not to cry. Then I realized he'd come in 3rd and would receive the 3rd place trophy to bring home.

Daddy had a dr's appointment so they missed the bee, but arrived afterwards for the reception. I, of course took plenty of photos. This one was one of the best and I think says it all. His principal excused him for the remainder of the day and I had to go back to work where Illy tried to stir up stuff, but I didn't let her spoil my day. It doesn't get much better than your son winning. Rhett even took his trophy to church last night! LOL I am surprised he didn't want to sleep with it, but he probably didn't think of it. Our preacher took photos of Rhett with his tropy and with us also for the bulletin board at church.

I had bought Daddy and us one of those new digital picture frames that holds 3,000 photos on it, but I am not having much luck with it. How do you make a copy of a memory card besides on a cd? I don't want to leave my memory card in it as I may need it later. Our computer at home doesn't connect to the internet properly even after having been serviced back in the summer. My zip drives do not fit into the frame. So I am pretty frustrated staying up late trying various things without much success. I will just have to tell him his gift will be late with apologies. Hopefully I can figure this out if it kills me, but hopefully not!

I am thankful for to my muse for the poetry that has come to me lately. Please see my previous post.

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"My Legacy"

A remembered landmark anniversary this morning
The 15th anniversary of telling my parents we were getting married
My Daddy's 84th birthday today.

Saw steam rising on the fences
as the sun warmed the wood.
No time or place to stop and park
Another missed Pentex moment
But the visions still linger...
in my mind
in my written word
for those I leave behind...
A legacy of photographs
far too many to scrapbook
too many to frame.
A legacy of artwork
no one wants to buy.
A legacy of poetry
with many more awaiting to be written.
A legacy of greeting cards I created
some I never sent.
A legacy of rubber stamps.
Have I made a difference?
~copyright by theRAV~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dragons for Dragonstar


During this another busy week of contemplating what to do for my D word today for ABC Wednesday, I thought of Don of course, but I might have to pay him if I used his image again. LOL Rhett won a 3rd place trophy for his spelling bee today so I was at a loss for D words in my pride and excitement. I'd worked on a digital photo frame last night, but my photos didn't load or download from the computer so I was more than a bit frustrated. Then today I remembered I promised Dragonstar a photo of these dragons I took at Walmart last week. It is a dragon candle holder. So here you go, Dragonstar... Don't ya just love them?

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Just Another Face in the Pan


I took this photo about a month ago this Sunday. I have noticed things seem to be appearing in my mixes a lot latey. I faithfully prepare Jello Cookies and Cream desert to take to church once a month for our fellowship meals. The kids love this and almost fight over who gets the most on their desert plate. This man appeared thirty days ago in my pan. I had another face to appear this Sunday which is getting really odd. The second may be another Odd Shot post next week...

A bit of good news today... I sold something else on !!! Yeah, me!!! Please go to the following to view the postcards I sold...

theRAV's Gallery at Zazzle

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Golden Sunset


I thought I'd combine two posts since I am running behind as always. First, I am thankful my Uncle is no longer suffering. I am thankful for the warm socks I have to keep my feet warm today, my warm clothes on my body, my wool coat and my refound gloves as well. I am thankful for all the good food I had this week. For the chilli my husband made for supper and the all dishes he has washed in the dishwasher. It was a very good week for me and I am thankful except for the fact that I felt old yesterday because I have to now start wearing bifocals, but as my friend Kathryn said, at least I don't have cataracts! If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following:

I picked this another golden sunset as my Sky Watch Friday post. I took this sunset this past week on my way home and I love it. There is nothing like a golden sunset to me or any sunset for that matter. Please see my previoius post for an azure blue sky. Here's hoping you had a great weekend; that you were warm in this cold weather and captured some beautiful photos.

I did not link to either of these sights although I tried. Just did my posts as I have had a super busy weekend. I went back to view my post, saw my sunset and was in awe of it's goldeness. It looks majestic to me.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cocoon


I took this cutie a few weeks ago. I thought it was one single leaf left on a bare tree limb until the next time I noticed it, it was still hanging on for dear life! I went over to inspect it up close and personal only to find this cocoon. I loved the beautiful azure sky as the background. I was going to submit it as a Sky Watch Friday post, but decided to use it here for ABC Wednesday C is for... cocoon instead.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Color of the Rainbow Am I?

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What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

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Patient. Ha!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Face in My Blood


I had other odd shots I could have used but I picked this one... I had to have blood work done last Friday. It really hurt this time, but I didn't think much of it. I had on a sweater that has sort of tight sleeves then a jacket on top of it. It wasn't until I got to work and removed the bandage and saw how much I bled. This is odd in itself because I usually do not bleed that much. Then I saw a face in my blood and of course had to take a picture of it. Can you see the face? Don't my red nails look good for Valentine's?

I had a run in with Illy Nilly at work today which had me so mad this morning because she lied to my face. Plus she only got 2 sick days taken away from her time out of five days. My hands were shaking and I had to walk away from her. I was proud of myself for being assertive and standing my ground even if I was told later I had my hands on my hips at the time and every one found it so funny! LOL

If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to Katney's blog at the following....
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Sad Chapter in Our Lives



Another sad chapter in our lives is now over. We survived the visitation of my Uncle Frank Wednesday night. Everyone did well except I broke down as we were leaving. Otherwise it went without incident except I lost a glove. No family fights or squabbles - thank goodness.

I took this photo of the flowers my immediate family sent to the funeral home. The three pink carnations were my idea. They represented my mom, myself and my son Rhett. I'd asked for baby's breath also, but either the florist did not have any or they subbed it with another type of greenery.

We are normally a family that takes photos of our dead. We have pictures of my paternal grandfather in his casket. His body actually remainded in one of my aunt's house in a small town outside of Montgomery until the funeral service. It was freezing cold so there was no worries about the body. I don't know if anyone stayed up with the dead at night because I was only five at the time. I can't remember if we drove all the way back home and went back the next day. Ijust remember wearing pj's underneath my pants and seeing my mom cry for the first time. Now if my father looked at such pictures, they would make him throw up, but they don't bother me. I guess my stomach is stronger than his thank goodness!

I did take some pictures for a cousin with her camera after asking permission to do so at the visitation. But I just couldn't do it on my camera.

We all did well at the funeral itself until my aunt asked if we wanted to see my Uncle Frank one last time bore the service began. My mom couldn't do it nor could I. I wanted to remember him the way he was before the cancer. This made me cry, but we went to talk to our preacher and his wife which helped me.

My husband drove my parent's SUV to the funeral so we were not in our vehicles. Luckily I saw our youngest daughter Stephanie (my step-daughter) as she stepped outside looking for our cars. Don opened his door and she came over to us. I asked her if she wanted to ride with us to the cemetary but she told me no, she just came there FOR ME! She walked around to my side so I got out to hug her and broke down on her as we just held each other tightly. It really meant a lot to me that she was there for me and I told her that. When I got myself semi-composed, I told her I was ok now. I offered her one of my many wadded up tissues because I had plenty. She also hugged my mom which I thought was really sweet. There wasn't a dry eye in the car. I will always cherish that moment.

I always seem to break down on someone at a funeral. When I my cousin Ken died I was pregnant with Rhett. Ken was Uncle Frank's youngest son. I broke down on my Aunt Bea who I am not close to at all then my friend David. Steph was the lucky one this time.

The graveside was masonic. Afterwards we took food to my aunt's house and we ate, laughed and talked. I did take pictures of my great grandparents photo framed on the wall of my uncle's bedroom. My mom had the photo re-framed years ago. At least it remained in the family. The photos I took turned out really well. I have already printed copies for my mom, my aunt and myself. I am going to have it blown up for my mom's Valentine's present.

A couple of hours after we'd eaten, my Daddy came out of the bathroom white as a sheet. I asked him if he'd gotten sick. He said he had been having chest pains. He sat on the couch. I loosened his tie. I asked him if he had his nitro pills which he did not! I ordered him to take a baby asprin which I thankfully had and he thankfully took. He asked for alka seltzer, but they didn't have any in the house. My cousin gave him a rolaids instead.

Now I am praying but saying, "Lord, I just buried my Uncle today. I can't be burying my Daddy too." Once Daddy belched, he said he felt better. Once he felt better, I drove them home. Once home, my Daddy asked me to go get him some more alkies. My husband didn't think he needed them, but Don hardly ever has indigestion or won't take anything if he does have it. Daddy has always had problems with it. I told Don I was going to do what my Daddy asked me to do for him so I did. I went to a nearby Rite Aide to get him some more alkies. By the time I got back, Daddy was in his chair asleep covered in a blanket. Mom made him go to bed after we left. He seems to be ok now. Thank the good Lord. I know this was just as stressful for my dad too. My Uncle Frank use to pick at Daddy by saying, "Come here and give me some sugar." just to aggrevate my Daddy even though they were brother-in-laws. I am sure they felt more like brothers. It was always funny each time he did this. And now he won't be doing it anymore, but we still have the memories.

Saturday I went to an unexpected shower about an unexpected baby. My mom used the excuse of my Daddy so she wouldn't have to go. Chicken! Our preacher's wife asked Rhett if he could get sick so I could use him as an excuse for me not to go. LOL I had to represent the family even though I did not really want to since the couple is not married. But the baby cannot help that fact. My mom and I split the cost of the items I bought on short notice on Friday after work. I did not go all out as I normally do when buying baby gifts. I did not buy pink things but yellow ones. I bought only one bib that said, "I love my Daddy" since it is my cousin's son who is the father. I bought nothing about the momma. The shower games were different than any showers I have attended. They included the baby's daddy.

Don got his 3rd deer of the year. He had me emailing picures to his kids last night saying his was he biggest of all and that's not a fisherman's tale either. I also emailed them to my former deer hunting friend Cheryl. I knew she would be the only woman to appreciate them and she did. Hey! It is meat on our table, saving us money and we are indeed thankful since Don still hasn't found a job. He saw one job in the paper today so keep your fingers crossed for us that he gets it. It sounds kinda cool. I told him I needed one like that. One of my old jobs is available. I told him I thought it would be a real hoot if he applied for it and got it. I don't want it as it involves money & I don't like jobs that involve moola. I'd said my next job was going to be artistic and I am sticking to my words.

Speaking of artistic... I held another art class at church, but no one showed up. Despite that fact, I didn't let it stop me. I created another really good piece I am proud of, but it is unfinished which is why there is no photo of it yet. I am not discouraged because no one came. It was actually cathartic for me. I realized I am making art for the Lord and in turn I hope to sell it someday... I can only hope. I really liked what I did and have cut out some more similar patterns to make more.

This first photo was the last picture I took of my Uncle Frank just before Christmas. When I took it, I had a feeling it might be my last one I would take and it was. I thought it only befitting to put it here and pay tribute to him. Hoping Picasa and the blogger will work which it did.
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