Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Episode

Yesterday was perhaps one of The most shocking days of my life. The preacher lady at work's daughter had a baby out of wedlock. It was the first I had heard of it. Only myself and the "supervisor" did not know her daughter was pregnant.

The "supervisor" had told me she went down to medical to get some claritin and would take some more later.

Then around 10:30 am, I was talking and taking a fax off the machine. Yes, I can multi-task! The fax was for the "supervisor" aka the Black Widow Spider aka Illy Nilly. I was talking to someone else as I walked into her office to place the fax on her desk when I saw she was slumped over in an ackward postition that looked very uncomfortable on her neck, SNORING! This isn't the first time I have caught her like this in a compromising postition. She pulled something similar back in Feb., 2006. I am always the lucky one who finds her. I went immediately to her supervisor and told him. He tried several times to wake her up unsucessfully. Although he hated to do it, he had to tell his boss who simply told him to wake her up. The boss did not even want to or try to look in on her. The second in command tried again calling her name getting louder each time. He even hit the door with his foot. She stil didn't wake up. He finally had to touch her in order to wake her. He said she moved like Michael Jackson doing the robot which he demonstrated today! LOL It was so funny.

She was told she could go home, but was obviously in no condition to drive if she cannot stay awake at work. Our office would be liable and her family would most definetly sue. She said her husband was at work, her sister was swamped at her job. The doctor and nurse were called up to the office to check on her. Later the nurse took her back to the clinic to take her vitals. She was gone a long time. In the meantime her husband called to see which hospital she was going to go to.

Not to sound uncaring, but being this is not the first time around this block, I was the only one in the office besides her, I didn't know what to do about lunch. A counselor came to answer the phones while I was gone and remained while I ate. By the time I got back with the food for myself and two others, she was talking the counselor's leg off saying the dr here thought she might be having mini strokes. If she is then I am sorry. She said her blood pressure was high. Now I have high blood pressure. Her bottom number was only 80 which is normal for me. Again I was not concerned about this fact. The boss was mad because she went out to smoke knowing her blood pressure was high yet he can get mad over something small like that but won't do anything about her. If she could talk as much as she did, I didn't see that much wrong with her. She got attention from the doctor, nurses and other co-workers with the exception of myself. I am not cold-hearted here, I am just tired of all this.

Luckily the rest of the afternoon was quiet. Thankfully the phone did not ring off the hook. At about 3:25, I was doing the commisarry reimbursements when the boss told me when I finished, I could leave early. I told him I still had other things to do but he wasn't concerned about them. Like that is supposed to make up for what happened earlier. The more I thought about it, the madder I got. It was like putting the tiny bandage on a gaping open wound that has been left festering. I finished what I was doing and left 30 minutes before time to get off as normal. I made a deposit after work.

I went to an art store where I bought some watercolor postcards for an idea, a canvas for an acrylic I want to try my hand at for an upcoming art show, and a large piece of inexpensive watercolor paper. The only thing I did not get was rice paper.

Don arrived safely back from Indy and I am thanful. He said I should have taken a picture of Illy with my camera. I thought of it, but felt it was too mean like I was out to get her fired. Today everyone has asked if anyone took a picture. Since a lot of them know I carry a camera, they probably think I did take one. Don said I could use it later when she is getting onto me about something then whip out the photo. I am sure I would be constantly playing the photo card!

There have been other workers fired for sleeping on the job. Today I heard they have been called about this and have already made calls to HR. Now I have to write yet another witness statement. Not that I think it will do any good. It has not in the past. And these people that got fired may call me as a witness in their cases.

But I am thankful for the quietness of the office today. We will have a respite until Thursday IF she returns then.

This morning on "Good Morning, America", they were doing a series on bullies at work. How ironic! One lady had it far worse than we do here. She went to HR about her Illy Nilly. This bullied lady had to take another job in another department for lesser pay then still had a nervous breakdown because of it and cannot work today. The show welcomed comments. Would I have a book to tell them! Of course, I could not let my face be shown so I wouldn't get my 15 minutes of fame. LOL I would be the "undercover" person they hide their true identity by keeping them in shadows but the shadow knows.


PERBS said...

Wow! You get paid to wrok and the drama is an added bonus. . . lol

becky aka theRAV said...

Yep, how about that, Paulie!