Thursday, March 31, 2011

Never Too Busy

I have a very busy life now just like you or anyone else yet I always find time for others and sharing things I love with them except on here my blog lately or FB. I have had very few complaints thus far until recently. I have always been supportive of my friends, family and even strangers out in blogland. My in-boxes are full and overflowing yet I never complain to anyone or turn anyone away. There is always room in my in-box! LOL. It may take me years to catch up with myself, but I am not complaining. Yet I am always hurt by some of my family and folks I have admired if often from afar. I guess I take it as not being liked or accepted as if they don't find me,my info, emails, funny stories, photos or my art isn't up to their standards. Yet my friend Anne's words about never underestimating my talents keep reverberating in my head as well as the hymn "Days of Elijah".

Maybe my feelings are always easily hurt. Or maybe they are tender due to what all is going on in my life and dealing with my aging parents and I am wearing my feelings on my weary shoulders. Yet I wondered if I were a really successful person in my own art business or blog, would I be treated the same way? Then again, if I were more successful selling my art on a blog or on etsy, I might be hurt by someone's criticism or negativity towards me and my art. I am made of tougher stuff. Perhaps I need to put my big girl armored undies on, deal with it or not or just let it go! LOL

Even when I had hundreds of pen pals back in high school, I wrote to as many as I could write. I don't think I turned many away. I have always considered other's feelings first. I have never rained on someone's parade, but have been rained on many, many times. It is called caring. Not being rained on! LOL

Even if someone sends me a not so nice email be it political or politically incorrect or whatever I usually just delete it & go on with my life. I try to remember not to send that person anything ever again. I would never say "Do NOT send me any more of those!", cuss them out or be ugly to them in any way, form or fashion. Maybe it is called my tactfulness. Maybe it is just me not opening my mouth or penning words I might later regret. I always try to think before I speak or act unlike some people. I will leave off a list of names(Illy!.

Then to I have to remember I am not so sure the receiver of one of THE most beautiful email even believes there is a God. I have often heard a references to a Goddess or the powers that be. Where does this person think the latest success in life came from? I am so glad I know where and whom my many blessings come from.

To think I thought of taking a class from this person if I had the money! If this person doesn't have time for my emails now, who is to say the person will have time for them if I am that person's student? But then do I really need to take photo lessons? LOL Especially from someone I don't always like every single picture they take? I know this is the hurt talking. Trying to find fault when the fault is not mine, but their's. Their loss. It is days later now and some of the hurt has subsided. I have not even replied to the email & doubt I will. I certainly don't want to sound shrewish like some people. Just as I never replied to very negative emails in the past. This recent one brought up memories of those in the past. I know I need to leave the past in the past.

My friend Anne once again came to my rescue in another wonderful email. Lately I don't know what I would do without her and my church friend Nancy who have been my sounding boards, letting me vent & get everything out of my system. Usually after I talk to them, situations have improved. Nancy told me to that I am the Christian here and to be nice. I told her I would only be nice because she told me to be! LOL

There will always be someone to criticize; to rain on our parades. It is up to us as to how we deal with it. Hopefully I will deal better in the future than I did this week. I KNOW I am more confident in my art.

Always remember to make time for your real friends.

Sorry I haven't been on Thankful Thursday in a such a long while. I knew when I was typing this as an email to my real friends, that this would make a great TT post for today. If you would like to join us at Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I know. I know I haven't been on here in a long while. Life happened again. Too busy. My post to catch up would be an endless volume.

Today is a very sad day. Our preacher's wife Katherine passed away this morning. She was having problems and we were all concerned. Tests were being run.

A little girl named Jamie was experiencing breathing problems and had to be rushed to the hosptial. Last night we had a prayer chain for Jamie at 8 pm. So when Nancy called me this morning, I thought she was going to tell Jamie died NOT Katherine!

It was unexpected and such a shock. It is the same as the loss of a family member. We know she has gone to the Lord and her babies. It is just really hard.

I have lost a good, caring, loving, praying friend. She loved you and told you she loved you. She prayed for you always. She had the lovliest laugh and I loved making her laugh just to hear it. I will miss her.

I cannot stop thinking about our preacher, their daughters and grandchildren and especially Matt, their grandson they raised. You feel the family's loss. Please keep them in your prayers in their great loss.

My sweet friend Patti called me to check on me to see how I was doing after she read my email of Katherine's passing.