Sunday, June 28, 2009

Need a Hand?


This was taken last month when we went to the hospital to see Aunt Betty who had fallen and broken her hip. I spotted it on the way into the hospital. Of course my guys groaned when I stopped to take the pic but I didn't let that stop me. I took it any way. We are always needing an extra hand. Here take this one!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All the Fish

It is hard to believe I have been away from my blog for over a month now! We went on vacation at the last minute because Don wanted to go to Indy before he got a job. The job still hasn't happened. I wasn't really in the mood to go because my mind was on my art show which got cancelled due to rain and was rescheduled later. I am glad we went now. We had a good time as always. It was much cooler up there than here. I got lots of really good pictures of nature and family. I have not uploaded any pictures either. I fear I will blow up the computer when I do!

Before we left for vacation, I was working on our VBS. I had S-O much fun with my friend Nancy in preparations for it. She has a Cricut machine which is so cool! We were able to cut out letters for bulletin boards as well as other things. The ideas where rushing at me like a river, bombarding me. Our theme was "Fishing with the Master". We wanted one BIG fish on one wall, decided to have bubbles with the fish saying something, but what should he say? Then it suddenly hit me and I said, "Come follow me". Our preacher was standing there at that moment. I know I got chills. Nancy, our kids and I stayed the longest of anyone that day, thinking and working. We make a great team.

The next day Nancy told me that she had so much fun; that I inspire her. She said she has not felt that good since before her husband got sick years ago. He FINALLY got disability. She made me feel really good that I could inspire her which brought tears to my eyes. We hugged.

On the way to Indy we stopped at Gander Mountain in Bowling Green which has become our custom. As I was looking at the ladies clothes, there was a bright multi-colored fish hangin on a fishing pole! Then I spied a t-shirt that had a large fish on it with every type of fish named inside it with pink letters. The word "Perch" stands out in my mind now. In BIG bold letters were the words "I'm a Keeper". Of course I took pics of these so we could use them for VBS.

They had neat caps that said "Trust your journey" but they were $20 each so I passed on them. Still I liked the saying and put it in a piece of art once we arrived. It took me two days to finish it. They also had a t-shirt with those words ontop of an Amelia Earhart quote which I really liked. I did look the quote up but I have it at work. It is about fear and paper tigers. As soon as I find it, I will put it on my blog.

I called Nancy once we were back out on the highway after leaving Gander Mountain. She thought something was wrong, but I was calling to tell her about my finds. Rhett says they are my "catch of the day". She loved the "I'm a keeper" which we will use on that one wall instead of fish thought. At this rate we may run out of room! All the leftovers can go to Don's class.

When Don goes to Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, he drops me off at the Old Pottery Barn. I found fish there too! I was arranging them on a shelf much like I do at
T. J. Maxx. The photo was just ok although there was a silver filigree fish I really liked and so did Nancy once she saw it. I also found tiny easels really, really cheap which I planned to use in my art show one we got back. Don said he couldn't make them for the price I paid. A whole 85 cents a piece.

I told some of the ladies at the Kansas Church of Christ about finding all the fish. One of them said, "Isn't it neat when He talks to us?" Indeed it is for He was surely talking to me!

We got a canopy for the art show on sale at a Rite-Aide in Indy which was a blessing!

I took pics of my brother-n-law Alan's fish in a tank with the window behind it so the fish look like they are swimming in a field of cows! Talk about an Odd Shot! I also got flies on a window screen showing the same cows out in the field.

We were so very thankful and blessed that Jason let his brother Rhett borrow his trombone to play in the band when schools starts so we do not have to buy one!

At the Cracker Barrel on the way home, we stopped at one in Franklin, KY. Don't stop there to eat because the food was not as good. Their set up was different. Don said the food was not as good because everything was backwards. This coming from a man who backs into every parking place. LOL There I got a minty colored stone that has the word "Faith" in silver. I took pics of it for my art show.

Back home Don found me a card table at the Salvation Army for $10 for my art show. So everything just sort of fell into place piece by piece and I am thankful.

One of the officers at work brought up a picture frame the inmates made out of Ramen noodles wrapping paper! Of course I took a picture of it. They even made a hook on the back so it can be hung. I get to keep it at my desk, put a picture in it but it cannot leave the building.

I have a photo of a blank stucco wall I took not long ago. While up there in Indy, I asked a lot of people if there were a wall and they could say anything on it, what would they say? Jason, our oldest son said, "The writing on the wall." LOL This was in my show also. I gave Jason credit for it. John, the preacher up in Indy simply said, "John 3:16". I can't give John credit for that one, but it was in the show as well right up front. So if you could say anything on a wall, what would you say?

He has put all these fish on the table before me. It is now up to me what I must do with them... I will now be selling fish art, making fish get well cards for the church, etc. Examples will be uploaded soon...

Jesus said, "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men."
-Mark 1:17

I had fish frames in my art show. I took pics of all that was displayed. I cut one of the fish frames out of a photo and used it as a template. I have been cutting out fish of all colors, designs, etc. I used the fish template to trace on inter-office envelopes to bright them up a bit in hopes of making someone's day and lifting their spirits. I colored them in with an orange marker so they looked like gold fish. At first I said, "Have a golden day." Then I used the above bible verse. After doing this, my morning was made by a fellow co-worker in another dept downtown. Well, my fish paid off because my friend told me how much she liked them and my artwork; how they brightened up a plain ole envelope and she appreciated it. Plus best of all, I am passing the words of the Lord on.

This week I am into birds. Fish and fowl. LOL I found a filigree bird Christmas ornament, hung it on our beige wall, took a pic of it, printed it at Walmart, adding as much blue to it as possible which turned it a purplish color. I cut the bird out much like I did the fish template. I adhered it to blue card stock to make a 5x7. Even the folks at Walmart really liked this one! So I think I have another keeper.

Sorry I have been away for so long. As you can see I have still been very busy and artistic. I have missed reading your blogs and hope to catch up soon. I hope to set up an Etsy shop too! Good news! I have sold some things on

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