Thursday, January 29, 2009

B is for Becky


Hi! It's me... Becky once again. This was another no brainer for me. I had been meaning to put this photo up on my blog since it was taken on Dec. 5th, 2008. It was taken at the city Christmas party after the Artist Guild party. There is a story behind it as always... I think I already blogged about the two tomato incidents that happened at both parties on that night. At this second party, we always sit with my friend Debra & her husband Bob. Each year I take a picture of them and she in turn takes one of us. In the 1st one she took of Don and I, I looked like a fat old, lady. I was slumped making me look bigger. I looked like my mother. I didn't like this photo one bit so I had her to re-take it. This time I sat up really straight. The difference was unbelieveable. Lesson learned: Always sit up straight.

Sorry I am post this a day late and a dollar short for ABC Wednesday, but blogger wouldn't connect until today.

Today is my Uncle Frank's funeral.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nose Picker



I took a picture of this old picture at a barbecue place we frequent. It is an old bus stop made into a restaurant complete with a Greyhound bus attached as an old timey dinner. The bus has actual recordings so the kids can sit behind the wheel and pretend they are driving. When Rhett was small, he did not like the loud noises especially the one that lets off steam or the horn honking. He'd leap out of the seat and come running to me. I would die laughing at him.

Don was hunting the night this photo was taken. Rhett and I were sitting in a small booth made for two. This picture was hanging in our booth. I took the picture then cropped it later. When I uploaded it, it looks like the man is picking his nose! Rhett thinks this one is so funny. So we entitled it "Nose Picker".

I am posting early because I am at a loss as to what to do with myself. My Uncle Frank passed away earlier today so I am a bit restless. Thought doing this might help me.

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Uncle Frank is Gone

"Uncle Frank is gone." Those were my mom's exact works tonight. She'd been to see him and he was the same as the day before. I'd spoken with her before 6 pm. After the evening church service we went to Fred's so Don could exchange some sweat pants. On the way home, my cell went off. I saw it was my mom calling. I knew then it was not good since I'd just talked her over an hour ago. Uncle Frank passed away at 5:30 this evening just after she left. He is not suffering anymore.

It was not a good day for us family wise. We had another family situation that shocked the socks off of me had I been wearing them. Never in a million years would I have thought what happened happened. We just pray that the Lord will let this situation work out for the best,especially for the children's sake. It shattered my faith in mankind; chisled the foundation a bit. You just never know... Just because someone goes to church and appears to be good Christian people, things are not always what they seem or appear to be. Unbelieveble. This happens to other people - not someone in our immediate family. I know we are not perfect. Maybe I am naieve thinking everyone is perfect until they prove differently.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday 1/22/09

Today I don't know where to begin... My Uncle Frank had his 4th brain surgery where they removed more fluid and infection. He has been in a coma for well over a week. Last Wednesday nite, the family had been notified to come see him for the last time. My mom called me after our church service was over, but we we still hanging around talking with friends. I broke down, but I had my loving husband there comforting me. You know you have a good preacher when he cries with you.

We went home, watched a new "Hannah Montana" episode which was just what I needed - to laugh. I was able to forget for a moment until the phone rang. Our preacher had called our friend that sits behind us at church to call and check on me which brought it all back but it was sweet of her to call.

I went to see my uncle during this recent holiday. He did not look good at all. His arms were swollen. All the fluids they had given him were "weaping" from where they had poked his veins and one smelled bad. I held up better that day so I was proud of myself for my strength. One of my uncle's Mason friends came in and had prayer with us.

I had all my family, friends and email buddies praying for him. On Wednesday they were going to remove the tube in his throat and begin weaning him off everything slowly to see if he could breathe on his own.

Don got a small deer Monday night. It was too small to send to the processor so he decided to butcher it himself and save some money since he still has not found a job. He told us if he ever tried to get a job as a butcher, to tell him he shouldn't do that! LOL He has cooked a lot lately and I am thankful for that.
He cooked some of it on our small George Foreman grill last night.

Mom called me at 6 last evening. I was expecting, the worst but Uncle Frank woke up!!!! Praise the Lord. We are so thankful. I will not be a doubting Thomas again. God is good. He is able. Not just with my uncle. My friend Jimmy's brother Jay is now cancer free, but still taking chemo as a precaution. Another man who was in a bad wreck & on our prayer list will be coming home from the hospital soon. My best friend Genie's father got to come home from hospice. It is just amazing what God can do. I just had to share it with you today as my Thankful Thursday post.

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Laurie is taking over for Iris while she is away from blogging.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Odd Fellows


When I first got my digitial camera two years ago, one day I drove by Esme sitting out in the sunshine, the first lady in the collage along with her friend Millie who sat back in the shade. I had to take a picture of them. I just love Esme. You cannot look at her without smiling, can you? Then I never saw them again so I knew it was a once in a lifetime thing; it was meant to be that I saw them on that particular day.

Back in the fall of this year, we ran into Chef Bubba Pierre at Cafe 431. I have since found another one of these characters when we were in Warm Springs recently, but his name kept changing until I settled on Chef Tony because he reminded me of my father's old friend from work who was a chef named Tony, but he is not in this collage.

One day I am going to write a story about all these Odd Fellows who I like to think of as extended family now. But for now I am picking them as my Odd Shot for Monday. Hope they make you smile and brighten your day.

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Journal Drawing


I began this drawing (in my journal my best friend Genie gave me for my birthday 2 years ago) this Friday night when Rhett and I went to eat at Loco's since Don and Jason, our oldest son were hunting. It all just came to me except the words I was going to use. I took the Scarlett O'Hara route knowing I could think of them tomorrow. We saw my obgyn there at Loco's. Before we left, we stopped by his table so I could show him Rhett. I told him he'd won a spelling bee and my doctor said, "Well, we got him out just in time, didn't we?" Rhett thought that was real funny.

Once at home after "Ghost Whisperer", I began the colorization process with colored pencils and markers. I over-did one of the nails a bit. I finished it Saturday night after I found the J stamp. I re-found a lot of rubber stamps I can use too.

This coming Saturday I am going to hold another art class with the kids at church providing my Uncle is still living. We are going to do a Valentine's theme since the following week after Valentine's Day we will have our Sweetheart's Dinner where we honor our elderly memembers as we did last year. We will have about 3 Saturdays to prepare for this. I know we won't have time to get things framed and I don't want to use cheap frames. I figure we can tie each piece with red yarn and string them across the newly erected walls of our new fellowship building without doing much damage. Or we could hang them by red velvet ribbons. Once the dinner is over with, we can take them and make a big collage for the center of one wall. So many possiblities...
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Our Other Soup Bowls





Here are the rest of the Voyles' bowls. Try saying that several times. LOL Hope these upload this time. Yeah! They did!

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Cup of Hope


Since my photos did not upload yesterday, I am trying this once more. This was the Cup of Hope I designed for my 2nd soup bowl Saturday. I was proud of it. I see it uploaded thank goodness. Maybe this one was meant to be or maybe I can only upload one photo at a time from home. Who knows?

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Soup Bowls We Made

On Sat. Rhett & I went with my friend Debra & her granddaughter, Abby
to the Britt David pottery studio for our 1st time. We were making
free soup bowls for the needy. Later these bowls will be filled with
soup at the Empty Bowl brunch on March 8th at the Chester center for
$10. People keep the bowls and the funds raised that day go to the 2nd
Harvest Food Bank - kid's cafe. These bowls help feed local children.

Now my efforts in pottery in elementary school totally sucked so I
wasn't sure about this but figured it was FREE. I wore a flannel shirt
just in case. The 1st pink bowl I was handed, I stuck one of the tools
thru the bottom of it! I did it again on the 2nd so I am thinking this
isn't going to work for me. So I picked up a pencil to use on the 3rd
greenish looking one and went to town. I decided to use symbols I use
a lot esp my own special swirly. Then I noticed Rhett was doing a
design I used to draw all the time. In fact, I used to use it when I
signed my name Becky in high school so I told him about that. Did I
channel art to him from the womb?

He kinda went upward w/ his design, but I told him that was ok &
showed him to make it all meet. His had orange looking clay underneath
so his looked sort of like an Auburn bowl. Mine had brown underneath &
I like the color combination which surprised me. I started adding
hearts to mine then digging the hearts deeper into the clay with a
tool luckily without poking another hole. Rhett was as amazed as I was
they were turning out so well. Who knew we could do pottery? One man
who works there was very complimentary. All the workers praised the
kids that were making them. Some church groups were there. When we
finished one, we got to make another one. Believe it or not I picked a
black one once I knew there was another color underneath. I wanted to
give words of encouragement so I put "a cup of Hope" on mine. Just to
be different, I dug out the center of certain letters. My friend Debra
got even more creative with her 2nd bowl also.

Then they let Rhett & Abby make a bowl. There was a machine that
flattens out the clay. Then they had to use a dowl to further flatten
it out, a scraper to get rid of an creases. There were pre-made
designs made from HOT GLUE. You placed it on the flattened clay then
rolled the dowl over it again, pulled the design off and there it was
in the clay! They had red fancy shaped plastic bowls sprayed with a
cheap version of Pam. You dropped the bowl several times on the table
so it would fall into the bowl, taking on the shape of the bowl. Thus
you had another fancy soup bowl. Rhett put his initials on his if we
should go back to try to buy them.

I also took pics of things inside the building I'll be sending later.
Then we went to lunch. It felt good to be doing this for a good cause
knowing someone will be eating out of something we made.

The studio will be making rabbits in March. It is not very expensive
so we will probably try our hands at that.

It was a very good day yesterday. Sorry once again the photos did not load. I will try them again later....

I got a call from my mom earlier that they will be weaning my Uncle off all tubes and such keeping him alive on Wednesday.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sky Watch Friday 1/16/09


Hi Skywatchers! I am b-a-c-k and on a roll! I took this shot as we were driving home from Indiana after Christmas. The sky looked like it was on fire. I know it is a bit blurry as I snapped it will riding not driving! LOL I liked the effect I got in spite of the blur. My friend Cheryl told me it looked like a charcoal drawing which I thought was neat since I am an artist and especially since I cannot do charcoals well. I find them very, very frustrating. I did take some more sky photos this week so I am prepared for next Friday.

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It was c-o-l-d here today. The wind chill was 11. Us southerners are not used to these temps. It made me so very thankful for my warm home and the warmth where I work.

Our son Rhett won a spelling bee at school this week and I was able to surprise him by attending it. He will compete at another school the end of this month with 3rd through 8th graders. If he should win, he will go on to Birmingham. We are so very proud of him.

My Uncle Frank has had his 4th brain surgery to remove more fluid. He is in a semi-coma, but was waving his arms on Wednesday so we are taking that as a positive sign and trying to remain optomistic. My best friend Genie's father is in hospice with pnemonia, but seems to be on the road to recovery due to all the vistors he has had and we are indeed thankful for that blessing.
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UGA Bench for Paulie & Other Georgia Fans


Today I was looking through my blogging friend Paulie's bench blog at the following.... and catching up on it. Then I remembered I had a really cool bench. The other weekend, my friend Cheryl, Rhett & I drove up to Warm Springs, Ga to eat at the Bulloch House and go through the quaint little village of shops. We arrived before the Bulloch House opened so we went to a shop next door until the restaurant opened. I found a wealth of things inside this shop. I got a new big maroon velvet bag and some stretchy bracelets on sale for $2! On our way out, we saw this bench. Both of us are huge University of Georgia fans so Cheryl asked me to take a photo of it so I could forward it to her. I also forwarded it to some of my other Georgia fans. My friend Caroline who I worked with at JCPenney's, wanted to know how much the bench was. I did not know as it was sprinkling rain & we did not check out the price. She said she'd have to make a special trip up there just to buy one. I should get a commission off the sale. LOL

So enjoy Paulie! Hope I did the link thingie a the top right. Go Dogs!!!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gifts of the Day

I have not done a good thankful post in a long while. It is long over due. Nor have I blogged my blessings but I had such an over abundance of gifts today that I couldn't let this day pass without doing this post.

Today I found a fortune cookie lying on the table. I opened it this morning and read it. It said:

"You will be showered with good luck tomorrow."
May you be showered with it also.

There was also a little card lying on the table with a poem entitled:

"The Cross in My Pocket"

I carry a cross in my pocket,
a simple reminder to me
of the fact tht I am a Christian
no matter where I may be.

When I put my hand in my pocket
to bring out a coin or key,
the Cross is there to remind me
of the price He paid for me.

It reminds me too, to be thankful,
for my blessings day by day
and strive to serve Him better
in all I do and say.

So, I carry a cross in my pocket
reminding no one bu me
that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life,
if only I'll let him be.

In my purse, I had two recipes using Andes mint candies I discovered even if the coupon expired. You can get recipes with these mints by going to the following:

In yesterday's mail I received 3 free cards from Guidepost. I love those cards! I can't afford to buy them, but I send the free ones out or give them to our church to use in their card ministry. I love the messages on the back of them, but I think I will save those for another day...

What gifts did you receive today?

If you would like to go to Thankful Thursday, please go to the following:

P. S. I got positive feedback from several friends when emailed this post to them which made my day. They told me what their gifts were.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Alien Cucumber


Saturday night I actually cooked a home cooked meal! Shock. My guys probably thought they were in the wrong house. LOL I made meatloaf, got some new Green Giant herbed potatoes, Niblets nibblers, Green Giant brocoli with cheese sauce and a cucumber. My meatloaf is so simple. I jusst add two eggs, lots of ketchup and some bread crumbs, but I was out of bread crumbs. As I was slicing the cucumber, this was the next slice from the end. I immediately took it to show Rhett who was playing Guitar Hero in his room. I said, "Look, alien cucumber." He said, "Don't eat it!" Then I grabbed my camera. Sorry it is not real clear. I guess I was so excited my hands were shaking. Or maybe it was the alien! LOL

Oh, and I did eat it!

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Simplify, Simplify


Okay. Sorry the picture wouldn't come through yesterday. Gmail kept kicking me off line. Grrr! So I hope it comes through this time. There it is! Yeah!

Simplify. Simplify.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009



This time of year, I have noticed on a lot of other people's blogs that like to start off the new year by picking one word for the entire year. Normally I don't like to be limited to just one word due to my love of words. But I think my fave all time word is "CREATE" or some form of it because it is what I do and do best.

As I was looking through some things, I re-found this ornament I bought at Belle's Place prior to the holidays in 2008. I re-found a lot of things this week like Frank Sinatra stamps I'd been missing, a quarter,etc. I love lambs and knew I had to have this one as a companion to my "Blessing" lamb ornament which I did so many things with in the past year. Although I could hang this one anywhere, not just on the Christmas tree. I liked the word "Simplify" and thought maybe, maybe it might help me simplify my life; get it more in order rather than having three or four bags full of art supplies here, there and yon, still not finding what I was looking for. Maybe it will inspire me to finally clear out the back room so I can have an actual art room. To throw away all the clutter. So for now my word will simply be "Simplify". What is your word for the year? The day? The week? The hour?

A bit of good news... we have a new fellowship building at our church and have had two meals there already. Today I was asked if I would like to put some artwork up on the blank white walls. Earlier I'd been thinking almost the same thing. I had been thinking of another group art project with the kids especially since I have not done one of those in awhile. So that made my day today.

I have drawn two small pictures since the new year.

Uncle Frank had his 3rd or 4th brain surgery again last week to draw off excess fluid build up again. My best friend Genie's father is not doing well. She had to come home. Yesterday a nurse practioner loudly proclaimed to those in his room that he was dying loud enough for him to hear it! Genie took it far better than I would have. She did tell the head nurse she did not appreciate the NP's unprofessionalism. Now Genie says she is "taking things one hour at a time" whereas it used to be one day at a time.

So please keep them in your prayers. I had more family sagas over the weekend, but I survived them all and decided not to post about them. Not sure if I am blessed or cursed to be on someone's ADT list. Not sure if it was a test or if I passed or failed. If I am wrong, I pray I will be forgiven.

Currently I am on the 4th book of the "Twilight" series. Joyfully I found out this will not be the final chapter from a teenager girl at church today. There will be another volume from Edward, the vampire's point of view. Yeah! Can't wait! Can't wait to tell Steph who is hooked on these books like me!

I have decided I am only going to participate in Odd Shots for now. It is what I love best. especially since I seem to find the oddest things to photograph. I am so very thankful to ABC Wednesday for opening my eyes to my surroundings. I am thankful for all the friends I met through it, but I will still visit their blogs when time permits. Time seems to have gotten away from me since the holidays and I can't seem to get my rhytmn back. I may still participate occasionally if I have a really good ABC word. I am going to start working on an art blog also. Maybe I should call Jenny Craig while I am on a resolution streak!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to do more quotes as requested by my friend Darryl. I sent out a bunch via email earlier this past week. I don't have them at hand and they would be a whole post unto itself.

I was digging through old printouts and found this one I really liked so here is the Quote of the day:

"We watchers play an important role in the lives of others, who need to know that someone is cheering especially for them.
~Gina Bridgeman~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sub Sandwich


We're back! Sorry I have been away so long. We had a great Christmas and hope you did as well. Rhett especially did. He got three different versions of Guitar Hero. Unbelieveably his father left our presents to him in the trunk of my car! I asked him about them in Nashville. I told him to turn around and go back but, he refused to turn around to come back home to get them as we were halfway to Indiana. I was so mad and upset, but Rhett seemed to be okay with it knowing he'd still have another Christmas when we returned. Or he is a good actor. Then a gift Don bought him at Walmart got left in the store on Christmas Eve so I felt sorry for him and forgave him.

We arrived back home safely for which we are so very thankful. Last Monday as I was driving Rhett to my mom's on my way to work, as we crossed the bridge, I spotted this sub sandwich guy. It was really cold that morning. At first I thought he was hiding his head to keep it warm. I was so excited about this photo and was giggling like a school girl. Rhett told me "Don't do that..." like all the kids say it on tv now. Then he told me he worries about me sometimes. I was just happy I got this once in a lifetime photo. How often do you see a sub sandwich standing on the side of the street?

It doesn't take much to make me happy and this photo was one thing that did that for me.

I hope you all have gotten off to a great start in this New Year of 2009. My father lost his wallet, but there is still one honest man left in the world who returned it to him with his money still in it. The man refused a reward. So my faith in humanity is restored. We are so thankful to this man and have blessed him many times. May the good Lord richly bless him and you in the new year. I am getting the new year off to an early start with this post which may be a first for me.

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