Friday, January 16, 2009

UGA Bench for Paulie & Other Georgia Fans


Today I was looking through my blogging friend Paulie's bench blog at the following.... and catching up on it. Then I remembered I had a really cool bench. The other weekend, my friend Cheryl, Rhett & I drove up to Warm Springs, Ga to eat at the Bulloch House and go through the quaint little village of shops. We arrived before the Bulloch House opened so we went to a shop next door until the restaurant opened. I found a wealth of things inside this shop. I got a new big maroon velvet bag and some stretchy bracelets on sale for $2! On our way out, we saw this bench. Both of us are huge University of Georgia fans so Cheryl asked me to take a photo of it so I could forward it to her. I also forwarded it to some of my other Georgia fans. My friend Caroline who I worked with at JCPenney's, wanted to know how much the bench was. I did not know as it was sprinkling rain & we did not check out the price. She said she'd have to make a special trip up there just to buy one. I should get a commission off the sale. LOL

So enjoy Paulie! Hope I did the link thingie a the top right. Go Dogs!!!

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PERBS said...

Thanks for thinking of me! That is one I have never seen in my travels before. You put the url on just fine. If yu want to make a link of it, you need to add this at the beginning:
#a href=

At the end you need to close it by writing #/a# (and then the name of it like:) Paulie's

Where I ahve placed the # three times, replace with < at the beginning and <> at the end.

That will make a clickable link.

becky voyles said...

You're very welcome Paulie. I didn't think you would have seen one like it. Wow! The rest of your instructions sound hard & intimidating but I will try it. Wish me luck. LOL

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