Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sub Sandwich


We're back! Sorry I have been away so long. We had a great Christmas and hope you did as well. Rhett especially did. He got three different versions of Guitar Hero. Unbelieveably his father left our presents to him in the trunk of my car! I asked him about them in Nashville. I told him to turn around and go back but, he refused to turn around to come back home to get them as we were halfway to Indiana. I was so mad and upset, but Rhett seemed to be okay with it knowing he'd still have another Christmas when we returned. Or he is a good actor. Then a gift Don bought him at Walmart got left in the store on Christmas Eve so I felt sorry for him and forgave him.

We arrived back home safely for which we are so very thankful. Last Monday as I was driving Rhett to my mom's on my way to work, as we crossed the bridge, I spotted this sub sandwich guy. It was really cold that morning. At first I thought he was hiding his head to keep it warm. I was so excited about this photo and was giggling like a school girl. Rhett told me "Don't do that..." like all the kids say it on tv now. Then he told me he worries about me sometimes. I was just happy I got this once in a lifetime photo. How often do you see a sub sandwich standing on the side of the street?

It doesn't take much to make me happy and this photo was one thing that did that for me.

I hope you all have gotten off to a great start in this New Year of 2009. My father lost his wallet, but there is still one honest man left in the world who returned it to him with his money still in it. The man refused a reward. So my faith in humanity is restored. We are so thankful to this man and have blessed him many times. May the good Lord richly bless him and you in the new year. I am getting the new year off to an early start with this post which may be a first for me.

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PERBS said...

That's a great catch! I haven't seen that around our town yet but there is a kid playing a guitar for another pizza company. It is cardboard and looks so funny strumming it. I figure the kid has earphones on with music and is playing to the beat. . .

I had some trouble with my new camera but finally got up several snow posts lately. We have had 14 days of some snow so far.

becky voyles said...

Hi Paulie! Thanks. Good to "hear" from you again. Glad you got some pics with your new camera. Our oldest son & wife got a big new camera they haven't read how to use yet. They were just pointing & shooting.

We had some ice in Indy but not snow here in the south. It has been getting up into the 70's by afternoon. Short sleeve weather in January!

diXymiss said...

Great catch, Becky! I would have been tickled to capture a shot of this funny fellow too.

Happy New Year!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Bless that man who returned the wallet!
& great odd shot! Happy New Year.

Hilda said...

This kind of advertising never caught on in Manila, so it's really Odd to me. I guess I should be glad ;D

Katney said...


becky voyles said...

Thanks, DiXymiss. Glad you see it from my point of view. Happy New Year to you too! Yes, Lily, bless the man. Happy New Year to you also. Glad you found it odd too, Hilda. I agree Katney. Thanks to all of you for stopping by & commenting. I have missed that.