Monday, January 12, 2009

Alien Cucumber


Saturday night I actually cooked a home cooked meal! Shock. My guys probably thought they were in the wrong house. LOL I made meatloaf, got some new Green Giant herbed potatoes, Niblets nibblers, Green Giant brocoli with cheese sauce and a cucumber. My meatloaf is so simple. I jusst add two eggs, lots of ketchup and some bread crumbs, but I was out of bread crumbs. As I was slicing the cucumber, this was the next slice from the end. I immediately took it to show Rhett who was playing Guitar Hero in his room. I said, "Look, alien cucumber." He said, "Don't eat it!" Then I grabbed my camera. Sorry it is not real clear. I guess I was so excited my hands were shaking. Or maybe it was the alien! LOL

Oh, and I did eat it!

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PERBS said...

I was off celebrating my birthday Monday so messed this earlier. That is really a great catch! Are you planning to send an article to the national Enquirer how you ate an alien?

becky voyles said...

Glad you were celebrating, Paulie. Thanks. LOL You really made me laugh! I had not thought about that! I can just see the headlines now... Thanks for the laugh.