Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Soup Bowls We Made

On Sat. Rhett & I went with my friend Debra & her granddaughter, Abby
to the Britt David pottery studio for our 1st time. We were making
free soup bowls for the needy. Later these bowls will be filled with
soup at the Empty Bowl brunch on March 8th at the Chester center for
$10. People keep the bowls and the funds raised that day go to the 2nd
Harvest Food Bank - kid's cafe. These bowls help feed local children.

Now my efforts in pottery in elementary school totally sucked so I
wasn't sure about this but figured it was FREE. I wore a flannel shirt
just in case. The 1st pink bowl I was handed, I stuck one of the tools
thru the bottom of it! I did it again on the 2nd so I am thinking this
isn't going to work for me. So I picked up a pencil to use on the 3rd
greenish looking one and went to town. I decided to use symbols I use
a lot esp my own special swirly. Then I noticed Rhett was doing a
design I used to draw all the time. In fact, I used to use it when I
signed my name Becky in high school so I told him about that. Did I
channel art to him from the womb?

He kinda went upward w/ his design, but I told him that was ok &
showed him to make it all meet. His had orange looking clay underneath
so his looked sort of like an Auburn bowl. Mine had brown underneath &
I like the color combination which surprised me. I started adding
hearts to mine then digging the hearts deeper into the clay with a
tool luckily without poking another hole. Rhett was as amazed as I was
they were turning out so well. Who knew we could do pottery? One man
who works there was very complimentary. All the workers praised the
kids that were making them. Some church groups were there. When we
finished one, we got to make another one. Believe it or not I picked a
black one once I knew there was another color underneath. I wanted to
give words of encouragement so I put "a cup of Hope" on mine. Just to
be different, I dug out the center of certain letters. My friend Debra
got even more creative with her 2nd bowl also.

Then they let Rhett & Abby make a bowl. There was a machine that
flattens out the clay. Then they had to use a dowl to further flatten
it out, a scraper to get rid of an creases. There were pre-made
designs made from HOT GLUE. You placed it on the flattened clay then
rolled the dowl over it again, pulled the design off and there it was
in the clay! They had red fancy shaped plastic bowls sprayed with a
cheap version of Pam. You dropped the bowl several times on the table
so it would fall into the bowl, taking on the shape of the bowl. Thus
you had another fancy soup bowl. Rhett put his initials on his if we
should go back to try to buy them.

I also took pics of things inside the building I'll be sending later.
Then we went to lunch. It felt good to be doing this for a good cause
knowing someone will be eating out of something we made.

The studio will be making rabbits in March. It is not very expensive
so we will probably try our hands at that.

It was a very good day yesterday. Sorry once again the photos did not load. I will try them again later....

I got a call from my mom earlier that they will be weaning my Uncle off all tubes and such keeping him alive on Wednesday.


PERBS said...

I came by earlier and read but could not see the photo. Glad I came back. . . great project!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Paulie! I thought so too.