Monday, March 31, 2008

Paper Tree?


My Uncle Bert passed away on Friday morning so I did not particpate in Thankful Thursday and I had a lot to be thankful for from last week. Another post; another day. Nor did I feel like participating in Sky Watch Friday even though I had photos already uploaded. I started to use one of those today for my odd shot, but as I was getting in my car to go to lunch, I saw this tree. They look like "paper trees" to me with the bark hanging off like it does here. I find that odd in itself, but I thought I could see a face where the bark sticks out the most on the left side, then if you look back to the right, I saw eyes or a face. When I returned from lunch, when I parked, I walked up close to the tree. It wasn't as obvious as in the camera's view. Maybe I need new glasses! I sent it to myself as a email so I could get a good gander. Then I saw other things in it. Seeing other things in it reminds me of my art work. So I am content with this one.

Much to my surprise I had a three comments from my Odd Shots and Sky Watch buds on my previous post about Uncle Bert's death last time I checked. I thank your for your comments of sympathy. They were like the good hug I also received this morning that made me feel better. The internet is awesome in that others can reach out to you in your times of need and lift your spirits. I love that you all are such a caring world wide community. I am proud to be apart of it.

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P.S. I hope to do a post dedicated to my uncle.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Passing of My Uncle Bert

I had uploaded photos for Thankful Thursday and went ahead & uploaded my photos for Sky Watch Friday but, sadly my Uncle Bert was moved to a hospice yesterday and I sent the entire day there with the family. Uncle Bert passed away this morning at 5 am.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Napkin Art


I had a yellow Wendy's napkin just casually lying on my desk. It had a few wrinkles in it. In the wrinkles I saw this face which I turned into a half clown. Another abstract. My hands have been itching to do more tape art. It is no longer just calling out to me, but screaming at me! So I will go attempt some now ... but I only got to do one,

If you want to find out what color green you are go to the following:

You Are Teal Green

You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.

Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.

While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.

Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

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I think I can live with that.

J is for...

Jack Frost is still with us here in the south. In the mornings it still feels like it is January. My first idea for a J word was a few of my favorite photos of my step-son Jason, but I did not search for them. Don wouldn't know where they were. Sorry. Jason and his family were here for Easter but I mostly took pictures of our son and the grand kids.

Then I remembered I had a previous post of the word JUST.


Just was the name of the sink at work which led me to write what I wrote previously here at:

Today I have reused the Just idea, but changed some of the wording.

Just be
Just because
Just breath.
Just be yourself.

As has become my custom on ABC Wednesday, I go through the the dictionary looking for J words that apply to me and my life. I wanted to show my joie de vivre. I have two ceramic jack-o-lanterns I keep on my desk year round because I like Halloween and pumpkins. Also I have a candy jar at my desk that someone donated to me. If Rhett had gotten a bag of jelly beans for Easter, I would have used those, but he did not get any of them this year.


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Last week I though I'd lost my journal but luckily I found it in a plastic bag instead of my BIG bag. Just call me "the Bag Lady". LOL I was even going to offer a reward to the person who found my journal. So I guess I should pay myself the $5.00 finder's fee. I am just so thankful I found it.

Hope you have a joyful day.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prayer Requests

As we were about to sit down to Easter dinner at Elisa's, Don's cell phone rang. It was his brother Alan calling to tell him their mom is in the hospital with either bronchitis or pneumonia. This is getting to be a yearly thing with her. Alan's wife Kim is in another hospital in another city in Indiana which makes it harder on Alan. They are running tests on Kim, but they are thinking it may be her gall bladder since she has a lot of indigestion problems. Been there. Done that. She was having problems before then had a wreck in her suv. She was very badly bruised.

Our son-in-law lifted both of them up in a beautiful prayer that brought tears to my eyes.

After I got home yesterday, my mom called. I thought we'd left something of Rhett's at her house, but it was much worse... my Uncle Bert is back in the hospital yet again. He either had another stroke or the brain tumor has paralyzed his right side. When he leaves the hospital, he will have to go to a nursing home. The doctors say he will never come home again. It is just a matter of time.

A former JCPenney retired co-worker, Judy O. also has brain cancer. Hospice has been called in 24-7 for her.

Please add these people to your prayer list. Thank you very much.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Odd Shots Monday 3/24/08


Rhett had pink eye and a cold on Good Friday so I took him to the doctor. I got his scripts filled at a family owned pharmacy we use. The wife's owener makes all kinds of floral arrangements. In between the flowers was this guy. He stood out like a sore thumb. I took one of all of him length-wise, but snapped this close-up of his face because it was so unusual. I think he looks odd. I don't understand why the maker used such brick red color for his cheeks and between his eyebrows. It reminds me of birthmarks. I emailed it to a friend because I thought he sort of looked like him, but he did not think his face was that red!

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Hope you had a happy Easter as we did.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Flowers and Ink Blots





I knew I wanted to post Easter flowers here today rather than a Sky Watch Friday post to say "Happy Easter" to ya'll since I probably won't be back on here til Monday. I have a full weekend ahead of seeing my best friend Genie this evening and family coming in tomorrow. The sky was too pretty and blue to post my rainy day shot of the water tower and the story that goes along with it I couldn't get to upload last Friday.

I worked some more on my Ink Blots. I printed some photos at Walmart yesterday. I was able to use a xerox copy of my Tape Art & it turned out really well. I was very pleased. I was able to enlarge it so the woman's face shows up more profoundly. It is black and white now not brownish looking as it appeared on my blog previously. I prefer the black and white. I can just see it framed in a black frame upon my walls and hopefully on other's walls as well. Today I cut & pasted things together on the Ink Blots to give them more conformity. Hope they don't appear too jumbled up on the last one. Let me know which one you like better... I am thinking I like the 1st one better. Less is more. I think the polls for this are running neck and neck. For each vote for the 1st one, then someone votes for the 2nd one. Every one loves the hearts.

Rhett kept rubbing his eyes in his sleep early this morning. I thought it was due to his sudden cold. When I looked at his eyes, I saw he had pink eye in one of them so I had to take him to the doctor. It was a good thing he was off for Good Friday. I wanted his eye better before Monday or else they will send him home. He should not be contagious by the time Jason's family arrives tomorrow.

Happy Easter!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have You Seen Me?


This was what I began at my mom's Tuesday afternoon. I knew I wanted to use this title smack dab in the middle of it. I actually didn't start really working on it and adhering it until the next morning which is surprising since I am not a morning person. I really like it. Now I was not feeling the least bit invisible when I was creating it. Afterwards I just thought that maybe a lot of women could relate to it at times. My husband even said he liked it. He only asked what was I going to use it for. Use it for? Do we really use art for anything but our own pleasure? Our pleasure of viewing or evoking an emotions. Of uplifting us.

I can see it framed and hopefully it will be sold and hang in some woman's home... It might serve as a reminder of when she felt invisible in her life knowing that she isn't invisible any more but a colorful soul. I liked the fact that the differing pieces blended so well. That's why it pays to save your scraps. This is the 2nd time a brown piece has worked for me. The first being a brown collage I did for my first postcard swap. Bbrown is not my favorite color so I guess I went outside my comfort zone again. It worked in this case. It was another simple and easy piece. I am proud of myself for figuring out this was the best photo of all I took and refixing my post so this one would be displayed. It sort of reminds me a bit of Janet's ladies on her blog They too are sometimes faceless.

I am not participating in Thankful Thursday this week because of the things I was NOT so thankful for like deleting my memory card for the camera and misplacing MY JOURNAL who knows where! It had some of my art in it too. Don doesn't know where it is either. He asked, "Oh, you mean the one I had published...?" Yeah, right. Funny husband.

I did try to do some ink blots like Leah did and suggested on her blog
but mine did not turn out very well or as good as her's. All the blots are more individual pieces rather than forming a whole picture. It is still a work in progress. I added other markers to the black and green ink, but I would have to photograph each piece individually. I did find a cute little birdie in it. Just not sure if I will post the whole thing since I don't really care for it. The birdie, yes.

I guess I let Easter sneak up on me. I was a bit overwhelmed last night when I found out my step son and his family will be here Friday and I'd already made plans for Friday night with my best friend Genie for dinner with her two kids. The only thing I can do is invite everyone to wherever we decide on dinning. We will be the herd looking like the Osmond clan wherever we go compared to Genie's three! She calls them a troup, but we will be a herd taking up half a wall. I may feel like this photo at that point.

I know I have a lot to be thankful for... a husband that partially paved my parent's driveway. A brilliant son who made all A's again. All that I accomplished this week. All the ideas that have been forthcoming. And this piece of art I did.

I have a friend name Claudia who sells Stampin' Up stamps. She has her own blog now with lots of neat ideas for card making using stamps. Please go to the following for inspiration:

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008



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My son and I love these types of I SPY books. My best friend Genie gave him a similar type of book to begin with one year when he was smaller. We love to search for the items over and over again and again. I found this Christmas book as a gift for him this year. So I knew this was what I wanted to use as my I word for ABC Wednesday. I did not take a flash with this because of all the gold and glitter on the book would probably have made a white spot or washed some of it out. Here it is a bit dark. Sorry.

I asked Rhett to make up his own I Spy photo one summer Sunday afternoon after I began using my new digital camera, but he kept playing with something else. So I got a black towel, placed it on a tv tray and began placing some of his toys that he played with the most such as his chess pieces. I thought about submitting the idea to the book, but could not find where they accepted this type of idea. Tell me what you spy in the bottom photo.

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Quote of the day:
Always show the you in you that makes you the you that you are.
-Chidinam Obietikponah-

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Men With No Backbones

Well, I am not tooting my horn this Tuesday like I did last week because I am angry at myself as you will read why below....

Rhett went to a Monster Truck Jam with his youngest big sister Stepanie Saturday. Don paved part of my parent's driveway all day. Later that night we watched "The Wedding Crashers". While Don was totally exhausted, I could not sleep. I felt like I had become my mother. I remembered how she told me she couldn't go to sleep until I came home. I didn't go to bed til almost 2 am which is ironically about the time Rhett went to bed because they were playing on the a WE til then. He looked tired the next morning at church where Steph dropped him off.

After church we went to the Cracker Barrell with friends. The food was good as was the fellowship. We all sat outside in the rockers for awhile, rocking. Rhett & Don played a game of checkers and I took a really good photo of them. I knew it would be the perfect Father's day gift for Don and his father.

Then Rhett wanted to go to Thunder in the Valley, a yearly airplane show we have watched from the back of the truck at Home Depot. It is ususally very windy and I get a little sunburned. This year we parked in the newly re-built Walmart lot across from the airport. I had on a t-top so I could get lots of sun, but we did not stay long enough. I tried to take photos which were too hard with the planes flying by so fast. I couldn't make out a lot of them on the camera in direct sunlight. Now I wish I had not taken any because I deleted my whole disk!!! I could have cried. All I had were these not so great photos of the air show. We went inside Walmart. No old pictures came up and my spirit went down. I did get a disk so I can upload the ones I have on the computer to a cd so all is not lost. I just will not have the ones I took of my guys on Sunday. We can always go back to the Cracker Barrell before Father's day so I can retake that one perfect shot and another one of a sign that is a very pretty blue filagree that says:

As Southern As Possible"

I had not printed any photos this past week and I am especially fond of my Tape Art design. A friend told me she found other things in it which I could not find for the life of me, but I didn't tell her that. She said she could look at it for days and still find more things which made me feel good. Leah said she saw a cat in it.

We stopped by to look at Don's handiwork of the driveway Sunday before evening church, went home for a few minutes then went back to church. Back home, I caught up on a few emails and blogs as is my Sunday evening ritual. I emailed friends asking them to pray for me on Monday as I was expecting some ugliness at work. I have had a lot of work lately and I do it in the order which I receive it. I sort of went above and beyond on a vendor list, giving specific info such as fax #s and email addresses so letters could be faxed or emailed to save time and postage. I did not deviate from this since it was requested a week ago. The person I did the list for thought that was an excellent idea so that made me feel good. I guess I am a team player after all. I just don't play well with certain people. Or maybe its certain people don't play well with others.

I cannot believe I almost forgot Monday was St. Paddy's day! I had bought Rhett a kelly green t-shirt to wear for the day while I had on red, white & blue. I had to become a quick change artist and don my greenery. Yesterday marked my 7th year at my current job, but I made no mention of it to anyone.

The office supply order I placed after 4 on Friday (on purpose)arrived, but I really didn't want to open it because all of the things the "supervisor" requested were not in it. I did not want to hear any flack from her and believe me there would have been some and more. I guess I was gearing up for her and was not so nice to a counselor who I apologized to later, but he didn't notice and said he understood.

My left hip started hurting the worst it has ever hurt. The pain seemed to be shooting down my leg causing it to hurt down to my foot. I took 3 Alleve and it was gone by the time I starting cooking supper. It made me feel like an old lady with Arthur and the fact that I no longer go out and drink green beer. My pain level was so bad I wanted to cry and just crawl in bed. I made sloppy joes and Rhett helped. Rhett ate good and we watched tv. I discovered my husband doesn't like sloppy joes and I make really good ones using only ketchup and McCormick mix.

Today I was "mad as a wet hen" as my mom would say. I am so sick of being told one thing then it changes the next at work. People go back on their word almost faster than they change underwear! I handled things in a manner so I would not be berated or verbally abused by the "supervisor". I told her to see her supervisor. Then they let her have her way as they always do. I should be used to it by now. She gets her supplies or at least it looked that way before I left early for a meeting at Rhett's school about his report card. He made All A's. YEAH!

I told one of the ladies I once read a book entitled "Men in Kilts" which wasn't that good because the female character got on my nerves. I said I should write a book called "Men With No Backbones" because that is exactly how I felt today.

When I stepped outside into the sunshine and windiness, I felt like screaming to get all my anger and frustrations out. I refrained, but growled, shook my head as if I was really angry. Now I wish I had not acted so childish because the "supervisor" was sitting in her car about to pull out for lunch. If she saw this, she would have thought it was because of her but it was not. It was because of the men with no backbones. I ended up driving behind her. I couldn't reach my mom on my cell phone so I called work to tell one of the ladies I was behind her and if she went to subway.... I just could not stand in line with her and have a conversation. Of course she would do all the talking anyway.

Luckily she went in a different direction so I got to get my free cold cut from Subway. Of course they charged me a $1.07 for the extra meat. I did not feel like making a fuss and taking it out of someone else, but I did feel like emailing the manager since he'd told me on the phone I could have a free meal yet they mailed me two free 6" coupons. I know I should be just thankful I got a free sandwich for having a ham bone in my sandwich a few months back. The sandwich was really good and I was hoping I wouldn't get indigestion.

The "Supervisor's" list of supplies was lost, but not by me so I had to ask her for another one which I did not want to do because I did not want to her her mouth. She started talking and I just walked out of her office. I'd asked for the list. It was up to her to give it to me if she really wanted the items. She said she got the TWO boxes of legal sized file folders that I had ordered. One of those was for someone else. That just shows how hoggish she is. It also meant I had to order more of them.

I turned in all my reports and yet ANOTHER office supply order to my big boss that will come out of another fund and not the office supply fund before departing for Rhett's school. My appointment was not til 3:30 so we had time to go to a nearby store and get him a cold drink. Afterwards I paid a bill. We went to Mom's. I watched "General Hospital" while he did his homework. I pulled out pieces of magazines cuttings I'd cut out prior at mom's. I put some together, but had no background paper for it. I put all the pieces in a baggie to work on at home later tonight so I am excited about it and looking forward to doing that... I know I will able to add more like pieces to it. I already have the title because it will be in the center of the piece... "Have You Seen Me?"

It is funny when I got home and told Don about today, the words that came out of his mouth was this question... "Don't these men have any backbone?"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mushroom Tree for Odd Shot Monday 3/17/08

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I could not get my Sky Watch Friday to load on the blogger so I did not participate. I had been meaning to take a photo of this tree from quite some time now. This past week we were right beside it waiting for the traffic light to change. I think it looks like a giant mushroom, don't you? I don't quite like the quality due to the cars in the background. I zoomed in on another one, but got the glare of the windshield on it which made this one look better. And since I can't use both, I picked this one.

Hope you are all having or had a great St. Paddy's Day today. Would ya believe I almost forgot to wear green? Horrors! Even I can't believe it. I remembered as I was getting my son his new kelly green t-shirt I bought him to wear specifically for today so he would not get pinched at school. I became a quick change artist and donned my greenery.

I know I have been neglectful of my quotes as of late so I have two and a joke....

May the best day of your past
Be the worst day of your future.
-Irish Blessing-

Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover?
You don't want to press your luck.
-Daryl Stout-

What did the momma bullet say to the daddy bullet?
We are going to have a bb!

If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to:

Here is my Celtic horoscope:

You Are An Apple Tree

You are quiet and shy at times, but you have lots of charm and appeal.

You are quite attractive: your pleasant attitude, flirtatious smile, and adventurous spirit draw people in.

Sensitive and loyal in love, you want to love and be loved.

You are a faithful and tender partner - who is generous in sharing your many talents.

You love children, and you need an affectionate partner.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tape Art

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It is poetically ironically funny that I sent Leah of and Janet of
an email about tape art last week if I remember correctly. I think I have ADD because today I couldn't concentrate on work, placing a supply order due to the fact my "supervisor" expects me to hop when she says jump that she needs supplies when she has enough in her drawers and we have only a small budget to last us until June. So I took scotch tape and kept pressing pieces onto a black micropore pad on paper until I stopped. Again I did not want to over do. This was the result. I see a woman's eyes just below where the upper white v is located, but then I am always seeing things others do not see. But if you click on it to enlarge it, you won't be able to find her. I liked this piece and it only took me a few minutes to make. How cool is that? It seems these quickies I make are the ones I really like now. I chose doing this over Sky Watch Friday because I couldn't get blogger to load my photos and I had a story to tell... Every time I try to make letters bold, it keeps putting the word "strong" in there instead. Is someone trying to tell me something... that I am strong? LOL I knew that already. I like the fact that I chose art today or as Kyra of said, "Art chose me." I am being true to myself and my art today. This photocopies well on dark. I have alread done this and cropped it to 4x6 size. I can just see it in a black frame... Did you choose art today or did art choose you?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Testimony

Yesterday I was driving down the road when I got behind a big white truck that was driving slow for a vehicle of it's size. You know the kind... with the big wide back fenders. I admit I drive fast so I passed the slow poke. As I passed it, I noticed a gapping hole in the fender over the back left tire. I wondered what happened to cause such a hole? Then I thought we are all like that broken fender or a wrecked car; a bit broken ourselves. We may be beaten up by life itself or our own selves or by others physically. We may have been hit hard by certain events in our lives; we may have been side-swiped, but hopefully not demolished; we may have had a few fender-benders in our time, but we are still standing; still truckin'onward. We nay have crashed but not burned. We may have been rear-ended, but we continue on down our paths we have chosen. We may have taken a few wrong turns, but those mistakes led us to where we are now. Where we were meant to be. Or where I am meant to be.

I had a 1975 baby blue camero. I did not have it very long that summer of '75 after high school when I wrecked it by hitting a BIG tree. That tree is still standing. I pass by it sometimes, but not often now. I learned a new term the day of my wreck. "Totaled". I had totaled my car I was told. I still cringe at that memory even today. If only I had not made that turn... But we cannot got through life thinking about what if's. What if's change nothing. They are a waste of our time and energy when we could be doing better things.

My car wasn't totaled out so it was fixed, but was never really the same again. Just as we are never quite the same person after something tramatic affects our life. I drove that car for almost 20 years. It served me very well. It was like my baby. My mom called her "Ole Bestsy". Some might say the car was bad luck for me. Later in 1990, the radiator exploded on me while I was out of town. Some idiot opened the hood and the radiator fluid came pouring up and out like water from a garden hose onto me! It seemed to follow me as I moved backwards. I had 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my face, right chest and breast, right arm and back shoulder. But I was lucky. I was wearing contacts and sunglasses so my eyes were not harmed. The t-shirt I had on came from a winery in California I'd visited with my best friend Genie and it was thick cotton which held the hot fluid. A black lady and her children were there at the Chevron station I'd stopped at. I asked her to please help me because she was the only woman in sight. Her children got my bag out of the trunk of my car so I could change clothes. She helped me wash the fluid off with water in the ladies room. I did not care that her children were seeing my bare breasts. You tend to forget about modesty and shame when you are really hurt. I took off my watch because it had some of the fluid underneath the leather band and it was stinging my wrist. I never got the watch back, but my mom and I consider it payment for their help. Later my mom would buy me another one similar to it, but the watch was not important. The fact that I drove myself to the hospital while crying and praying is one of my proudest moments in my life. It proved that I am my mother's daugher. I am a strong person when life demands it.

Once changed I drove myself to the nearest hospital outside of Savannah. The nurse had to pop my blisters, but it tickled. They gave me something for pain and had me lie down. I had to because it was fast acting stuff. I had a wonderful Indian doctor there. I was placed in a room to await my parent's arrival. I called my very pregnant best friend Penny in Savannah to come stay with me until my parents arrived to take me home. To this day I still bless her for coming to sit with me on one of THE worst days in my life. She brought me one of her father's buttoned down shirts since I only had t-shirts. I still have that shirt at my mom's and the one I was wearing when the accident happened, but I have no desire to wear them now or ever again. That would be too much of a reminder. And the winery t-shirt was one of my favorites due to it's color. I was a rich berry color.

The Lord was trying to tell me something that day before I left home. I knew there was a problem with my car, but I went on anyway. He was trying to tell me I should not have been with the boy I was seeing at the time. A boy not a man. Certainly not a man of God. I just refused to hear Him until this happened. The boy did come to the hospital to see me for a few minutes before my friend Penny arrived. I never heard from him again - not that I care now. I guess I was damaged goods to him. I bear the scars of this freak accident today. I have tried to cover them up with a cream, but I no longer do that. Sometimes I forget they are there. I no longer see them in the mirror.The one on my arm has faded. It looks as if I had a tatoo and had it surgically removed. Once I tried some Metaluca stuff that had it fading, but I stopped using it because I did not like the smell. I could have made a testimonial for the stuff. I am not sure if is still being made or in existance, but like I said it doesn't bother me now. I think it bothered my husband far more than it did me. Even he wanted to kill the man that opened the hood and he is not a violate person. Yes, if I could go back... I would NOT have went out of town that day. But if I had not, my life would have gone in a different direction. I might still be unmarried and childless. I would not have met my husband. I would not have my son. Go back? I think not. Not now. Sure it would be wonderful to have no scars; to be near perfect again, but there is only one who is perfect.

Lesson learned: Listen when God is trying to tell you something. Listen to that inner voice that tells you you should not be doing something. It is almost always right.

Because of this tragic event in my life, I was able to tell my testimony to a young man I knew who had been badly burned far worse than I was. I wrote him a letter telling him much of what is stated here. Later he told me it made him cry.

We kept my car til it was running on it's last wheel. It was smoking when we pulled into an out-of-town car lot one Saturday. We hurried away from it so the salesman would not see the smoke. We did not make a trade that day, but luckily we made it back home. Later we would trade the camero in on Thunderbird.

I am a keeper. I keep things until they wear out. I have been blessed in my life in so many ways. One of them is having a lot of clothes as well as shoes and I am very thankful for them. I have worn out a few pairs of jeans and shoes in my time. I like to wear my husband's old, thin shirts around the house. I like to use thin, worn out wash cloths as opposed to new thick ones. I kept my son's baby wash cloths and bought me more of them because they are so soft to my sensitive skin. Now I would not put these out for our guests of course. LOL

Just because something is old, thin or broken, we don't have to throw it away or at least I do not. Even if something is broken, it may still work. A broken person is still of value also. My mottohas always been: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But if it is broken, fix it NOW! If you are broken, God can heal you as He did me.

We all have our scars to bear just as Jesus bore His. You cannot see mine just by looking at me. Luckily my clothes cover them up. I could never wear a low-cut, strapless or one shouldered gown unless my right side was the one coverd up. Because the scar is white, I was once asked by a tactless person who knew my story if it was lotion that I did not rub in good.

My Thunderbird is dented from an scarey accident a few years ago. The good thing about a banged up car is you don't have to worry about scratching it up anymore. Not long ago I drove by some windows and saw my car reflected there. It did not look as bad as I thought it did so I no longer felt bad about it. It is all in how you see yourself. I no longer see my scars, I see only me. I not longer see my dents, I see a better looking car. How do you see yourself?

Despite all this that happened to me, I am thankful it happened so I am where I am now.

Today Rhett had a program at his school. We thought he was winning an award, but alas he did not. I guess he was like "honorable mention" without being mentioned because he did get to attend the luncheon consisting of 2 slices of pizza that tasted like cardboard and wilted brown salad I paid $3.00 for. It was like a waste of make up for me, but I was there supporting my child.

On every Thursdays Rhett has to turn in current events which we adhere to construction paper with my Creative Memories photo splits. I found two articles of interest. If I knew how to link to Columbus Ledger Enquirer in Columbus, GA, I would do that now for the article entitled "Alabama Artist in Smithsonian" where an 80 year old artist who makes batik paintings from clay as a dye and her canvas consists of antique linens, handkerchiefs, doilies, etc. Once I figure out how to do this, I'll post the link. There was another article about the water tower I previously posted for Sky Watch Friday
I would like to link this also.

This week I already tooted my own horn about it, but I am so thankful I sold not one but two of my stampst at !!

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to:

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Blessing to you!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

H is for....

My parent's house I drew around 1987.

Holey Moley! Bet no one has this one of Hexion!

or Hi balls

Hi! How are you? Hope you are doing well today on this ABC Wednesday H is... for day. Are you hale and hearty? Hunting for H words was harder than I thought they would be. Happily I was able to find some of them as you can see. My first thought was of hearth and home. I do not have a current photo of our house nor did I dig up some old ones taken the old fashioned way. I do have a photograph of my parent's home I drew in charcoal back around 1987. I still consider it my home away from home. A haven I can always go to. I can always go back home. This is one piece of art I am extremely proud of. It is a heirloom that will be passed down to my son. He will remember his days spent here with his grandparents.
I took a photo of my hand, but I didn't like it. It did not look like my hand without any painted nails. It looked haggish to me. Sort of like when I have a bad hair day. Hee hee. I pass by the Hexion sign sometimes four times a day going back and forth to work and to lunch. I am nor sure what type of business it is in case you are wondering...
On Saturday Rhett and I went out into the sunshine after the snow flurries stopped. We drove to Backyard Burgers only to find them closed much to my disappointment. So we headed to Logan's Roadhouse instead. Our booth was across from the bar with this Hi Ball neon sign. I took it in a hurry because I did not want to get the bartender in the shot so it came out a bit blurry. I apologize. I wasn't exactly thrilled about taking a photo of it because... 1.) I did not want people to think I was a hi ball drinker. 2.) I am not condemning or condoning drinking here. Still I thought it was a differently unique H.
Then on Sunday between Sunday school and the church service, I got this idea... I took the Holy Bible and placed the hymn book over it opened to the hymn "Higher Ground". I could have gotten excessively extreme and placed another hymn book on top of those with it opened to the hymns "How Great Thou Art" or "Holy, Holy, Holy", but I didn't go there. I did not want to appear holier than thou. Are you humming these hymns now? Hmmm?
Then I thought maybe the good Lord had His almighty hand in my choices for this H post. Hi balls vs. the holy indeed kept haunting me throughout the week. Good vs. evil. Hopefully good over bad. We all have to make choices. We hope they are all the right ones. I am not trying to be high and mighty here. Just taking the high road and feeling rather good about it. Also I tried to take a photo of a new place called Higher Ground, but the photo did not meet my own high expectations so I nixed it.
This morning I was behind a truck that had these words "'How's my driving?" on it as a lot of trucks do these days. I passed Hilyer Drive, but did not want to do street signs again. I had also thought of taking a photo of honey and horseradish on the supermarket shelves, but kept forgetting. I could have photographed the hamburger I cooked last night. I had thought about heroes in my life, but mine would be my Daddy or Don and I have already used their photos.
Hope you had a great day full of hope and happiness. Wishing you a happily-ever-aftering. ~theRAV~
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1st Wordless Wednesday With a Twist

Tooting My Own Horn on Tuesday Toot 3/11/08

Yes, I am tooting my own horn today. In fact, I started tooting yesterday because one of my stamp designs I submitted to sold not once but twice!! My first sale here. Once I received the email, I sent it out to all my friends. If I had been walking, I would have felt as if I was floating! So now I am a PAID ARTIST. I owe half of it to my husband Don because he fixed the skeleton behind the heart magnet on the fridge, but I haven't told him that so sh-h. I just took the photo. To view it, go to this post of it:

After work, Rhett & I went to the library where I submitted two more ideas to One I had been meaning to do. It is a St. Paddy's day theme t-shirt. The other was another button which I know I will buy because it has theRAV on it. I will play around with more ideas like it with different fonts.

Today I received the personal rubber stamp I ordered from the office supply company we use at work. I still get the same discount only I have to pay tax. I ordered a copyright stamp that says:

~C theRAV~
which can be seen in the above doodle. The doodle was made of ink blots from my favorite pen. I love the Zebra SARASA 7.0 gel pen in navy. I thought I could use this stamp to stamp on my art work. Believe it or not, I have not been a stamping fool with it today. I have only stamped it about three times as if savoring it. When I had to send a invoice to accounting, I stamp it with a "received" stamp. I was tempted to use my new one, but knew no one would get it. I hope you get my ink blots. I see Andy Rooney at the top, an eye, a man and a few other things. What do you see?

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Owl Tree for Odd Shots Monday 3/10/08

I took this one on Friday at lunch. I went to McDonald's to get some of their good sweet tea after hearing about my Uncle Bert's tumor. I parked and just kept looking at this tree. Turned my head sideways and zoomed in closer. It reminded me of an owl. How cool is that? I've already printed this shot. It looks sort of washed out in the print, but I was at a new Walmart, not the ususal one I go to where I like the way the colors come out better and brighter. Of course there wasn't a lot of color in it to begin with. Oh, well, what the hey? I like it anyway.
I have a tip for you: from one of my scrapbooking sites. Go to who is having a really good deal until 3/17/08. You can get 150 4x6 prints for $15.00. The coupon code is: GETPRINTS.
We had another good weekend. We even had snow flurries early Saturday Morning! In March. In Georgia and Alabama! Of course I took a few shots, but its hard to see the flurries except in two of them. One where Rhett is holding up his black glove to the window with some snow flakes on it. Then the sun came out and we went out to run errands, pay bills, go see "The Water Horse" which is really good. Loved their accents. Made me want to go there.
I also have some wonderful news to share... I sold two stamps I created at !! Needless to say I am walking on air today and nothing could bring me down. I am so excited.
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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Tin Man

This is the fourth shot in a series of the Columbus Water tower. Please see my previous post for it.... Now it has been painted this shiney silver reflecting in the bright sunshine earlier in the week. It reminded me of the Tin Man from "The Wizard of Oz". I took a lot of other Sky Watch shots, but this one kept calling out to me so I really wanted to use it. I took another one of it this morning in the drizzling rain, but it was not as good. I had raindrops on my window. The blue off the rain clouds was reflected on the left side which was kind of neat, but I could not see it in the photo like I saw it in reality. Last night I took some night shots with and without flash. I re-took my previous eerie Sky Watch post that you all liked. This time there was no blurr; no errieness. I may save it for Odd Shots but I think I like the eerie one better. The white flowers are blooming here now. The night shot I took of them without flash did not turn out well. I will have to retake them again with flash. Hopefully this weekend...

Still it makes me wonder what color this tower will be next week...

I am asking for your prayers for my Uncle Bert again. We knew he had a mass on his brain which could have been causing his mini strokes. They finally got back all the results of his MRI's and said he has a tumor, but that is all we know at this point. He is no longer able to write out a check now. I took this pretty hard at work since he is one of my favorite Uncles, an uncle by marriage not by blood but he might as well be because he is family. Thank you in advance for your prayers. I was told today that there are lots of people walking around with a brain tumor. We are going to see him after work so Don can see if he can fix his chair that broke.

If you would like to participate in Sky Watch Friday, please go to... for today since Dot is away. Hope you all have a great Sky Watch weekend, my friends.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday 3/6/08

Today is Thankful Thursday. Today I am thankful for yet another great family weekend we had. It was not quite the photo op I expected it to be, but I got a masterpiece out of it. Please see "My Masterpiece" post
I realized when I wrote it, it would have worked for this post as well. I was so thankful I created some art this week even out of anger. Please see "The Boot" post for that. At least I can laugh about it now.

I was thankful on our ride to Dothan, Ala when the song "Neon Moon" came on the radio. It used to be "our song" we danced to when were country line dancing when we were dating. We even danced to it at our wedding. I asked Don when he hears that song now, what does he think of? He gets this silly grin where he pretends he is not really smiling when I KNOW he is. He said, "Nothing." So I hit him on his arm! Then Rhett was "What? What?" It was one of those moments I wouldn't trade for all the crab legs in the sea.

In Dothan, we stopped at Po Folk's per my request which was SO good. We had to back track to get to it which Don fussed about. The fried green tomatoes were the best I have had in a long while. Not too thick. Not too thin. Just right and serve with a out of this world ranch dressing. They only served 3 so I had to order more since Rhett was eating them with me. I am so thankful we stopped there. Don was too after he ate!

It was neat going back to the auction in Dothan although it had not changed except for the cute puppy with blue eyes trying to bite my jeans! Then he wasn't so cute. Rhett was just a toddler on our 2nd trip. I remember him wearing blue jeans or blue jean overalls with a blue jean conductor hat standing by a huge John Deer tire three times his size. Don said it has been 7 years. So I took Rhett's picture by an old rusted out tractor with tires that were coming out all over the place. I thought it looked like it has a face in the tractor, but it doesn't once it is printed. You can't see it when Rhett is standing there. Rhett likes to take the camera and go, "Now you see. Now you don't." It is weird because it makes him seem like a ghost.

On the way home, I was thinking how good ice cream would be since it had warmed up. Don read my mind. We stopped at McDonald's in Eufaula. I got a chocolate sundae instead of strawberry which must have shocked my husband. Then I took "My Masterpiece".

Last night on the way to church Rhett was trying to say "boot leg" but called it "boot shoot" instead. I was laughing til I was crying as was he. I am thankful for that laugh and all the laughter we share.

At Capt D's Sunday Rhett was holding the beeper they now give you like the other fanicer eateries. It went off while in his hand, he jumped and placed it on the table. We cracked up at that too.

I am thankful I have seen my cousin Ben more this year than I have in a long time.
I am thankful for my post about Genie, my best friend. Please see my previous post to read it.
I am so very thankful for her.

There were 2 things that I was NOT thankful for this week. I got screwed - a screw was in my tire and it started going flat! I have lost count how many flat tires this makes now. Luckily I work in a place where there are a lot of men. They had the inmates change it. They did it so fast I told them they should get a job with Nascar when they are released from prison. I thanked them profusely. I was thankful for their help.

Then this morning I locked the keys in the car when I warmed it up to take Rhett to school. At 1st I just looked around trying to remember where the spare key was hidden. So I had to call Don. He wasn't answering his cell. I had to call 411 to get the # of his work because I don't know it, but I sounded like a panicked woman when I asked for the numberfrom the 411 operator. Don finally came to the phone. His attitude was "Oh, good you are still at home..." I had trouble finding the key. Rhett finally saw it. I am thankful for his ability to find things. I unlocked ALL the doors and left them wide open. I had to go inside to wash my hands. Rhett was thankful for the heat inside the house, but the car was so hot when we got inside of it. I know I wasted a lot precious gas. Rhett was late for school for the 1st time and was sort of miffed at me. I apologized for being such a klutzy mom. I was late for work too. But I know it will get better.

I am thankful there was no WWIII at work this week, but I had plenty of folks praying for our office. If you would like to read something funny about co-workers, go to: It is written by a beatiful, funny woman.

My friend Janet of Lavendar Loft had a new blog place listed on her blog. It is called zentangle. Go to After viewing some of these great pieces of art, I realized I have done a few, but mine were done in color. I have a brown piece I'll have to dig up and take a photo of it.

I am thankful for today because I'll be printing photos, I won't be thankful for paying bills, but I may get some shopping in too. I have bought Rhett's Easter shirt already from JCPenney's. It is apart of their new line American Living which is really Ralph Lauren. It pays to know people that work there.

Rhett, the bugger, got his pictures from school, but failed to tell me they were in his book bag. I found them Sunday night. I'd just told Katherine, our preacher's wife that the school did not take as good pics of him as I do. They made a liar out of me this time. Now I'll have to buy more to give to everyone. They are THAT good.

Rhett almost got choked by someone's book bag that had string like straps earlier in the week. He had a slight burn mark on one side of his neck. Mom panicked and thought he should go to the dr. It didn't break the skin and he wasn't bleeding. I am just thankful he wasn't choked for real. The other student was reprimanded and his mom assured the vice principal that book bag would not be brought back to campus. Mom told me to watch it to see if it swelled. It was so minor that I didn't give it a 2nd thought except to tell Don about it & let him look at it. I didn't think about it again until I was nibbling on his neck the next day. It was sore.

I made a new blog friend who added me to her blog roll this week which made my day and I am thankful for that too. Despite all the problems I had, it was still a good week since my last Thankful Thursday. If you would like to share your thankfulness, please go to:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

G is for... Genie

Good Gravy! I had a great time looking for G words. I found a bright orange sign for a gun show to be held this month in Columbus, Georgia. I also saw signs for a gun show in Dothan this past weekend. I was behind a Growing Room bus for a local child care. I passed by several Guaranteed Catch signs for McDonald's double fish sandwiches. Then there was a big Old Glory flag flying proudly not to mention all the high gas high prices. Gee wiz after those G's, I had trouble finding anymore good G words but really I stopped looking for them because I knew I'd found only one perfect G word.
G is for... Genie who is my best friend. Genie and I have been friends for over 45 years. How many people can say that? It all begin in the cradle roll at church. Genie and I both attended all the same schools, elementary, jr high, high school and some college. Our parents were friends. Our fathers were in the same club, the Exchange Club. Genie and I even attended some of the same conventions from that club. Both Genie and I were only children. We had make believe friends. I had two, Mavis and Naval. I was always mean to Naval because of her name and she wasn't very pretty. I am sure a shrink would have a field day with this! Genie had an entire family. One of the member's name was Pansy. Genie says she can't recall the other's names now. Genie and I lived within walking distance of each other, just a block, a park, a high school and another block between us. Later we grow up to go a cruise together.
I was the outgoing girl whereas Genie never wanted to bring attention to herself. Even to this day Genie hates having her photograph taken which is why I have so few of her unless I sneak some in. I have a really good black & white one I took of her a few years ago. I know Genie would not want her photograph here and I respect her wishes BUT... this is a likeness of her. It is the lady that looks like Genie, not the angel. This lady is larger than Genie also. I seem to have a theme here of Renaissance women on my blog. This is the fourth one.
After Don and I got married, I came across these blank cards that reminded me so much of Genie that I had to buy them. I even bought Genie some of them too. If I remember correctly, I used one of them as my thank you card to her for our wedding gift she gave us. Genie wasn't as gleeful as I was about these cards. I thought they were so neat because they looked so much like Genie. I have always wanted to frame this card, but I never have. Instead it hangs on the mauve colored fabric wall of my open cubby at work along with other family photographs. Thus making Genie family.
Genie is the first one I call if I have a problem. It is always her sage advise I seek. Genie is the one I call crying incoherenlty on the phone late at night which I have not done in over eight years now. Does that mean I am a grown up now? I always feel better after talking to Genie.
Genie's cousin Penny is also my other best friend in the world. I think the good Lord did not give me sisters so I would feel like these two are mine. There is not anything I would not do for either of them and I know they feel the same way about me. Genie was my maid of honor at my wedding as I was one of her's at her wedding. Genie's daughter Jena was my flower girl.
Genie and I have always had a lot in common. Genie and I both married yankees which we said we would never do being southern bells from Georgia. One of Genie's favorite books and movies is "Gone with the Wind" as it is mine. Both Genie's last name and mine begins with V. We are still Georgia peaches even if she lives in Alexandria, Virginia., near George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon which we both love. We are true G. R. I. T. S. (Girls Raised in the South). our sons are Sons of G. R. I. T. S.'s. Rhett had a bib which said that when he was baby. Genie and I both love Barry Manilow and have seen him in concert.
If if had not been for Genie, I would not have become the world traveler that I am by going to visit her in all the grand places they were stationed at like Hawaii, Sacramento, etc.
In my Father's house are many mansions. I hope mine is in between Genie's and Penny's. If not, at least within walking distance or should I say flying distance?
I love you Genie. I don't know what I would have done without you at certain times of my life. I hope I never have to find out what life would be like without you.
love always... your friend Becky
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Boot

Ever feel like giving someone The Boot?

I had my first negative comment on my blog that I let get to me; get my goat and touched a raw nerve for unknown reasons. I realize when we put ourselves out there on our blogs, we are leaving ourselves open for whatever may come our way. It is bad enough that we are exposing parts of ourselves we might not nornally expose with our art and could be rejected. I'd posted for Odd Shots Monday on Monday. I had put 3 photos in my post. I completely and honestly forgot that we are only supposed to post ONE photo in my excitement of having a series of odd shots with trees. I thought of it as a series and just ran with it. An honest mistake. After reading this person's comment, I got mad, got defensive and wrestled with it for awhile on the way home. In my defense I said it was my blog after all and I can post any way I please which I know was bit childish, but I don't really care. I did take the other 2 photos off despite the fact that I was feeling like a rebel with a cause wanting to leave them on there. Now I did not do this because of that person or what was said. I had abided by the one photo rule in all my previous posts for this endeavor. It is an exercise that is suppose to make us pick one. Then that person had the nerve to comment back about what I'd said about it being my blog which did not help matters.

I doodled at my desk pad. I did not over do. I cut out my doodle wanting to fit in on another doodle I'd started, but it didn't fit so I turned it around and saw it looked like a boot. Because of the reds in it, I immediately cut a 3x5 piece of paper to adhere it. Later I thought about something Leah at said on her blog at: where you 'just think on something and let the images flow... and the outcome of your thoughts will appear on the page' as if by magic. Well, this is the 2nd time this has happened to me since reading Leah's words. The first time was in my India Ink Doodle of the Day post awhile back.

This took away my anger as if I had actually kicked that person with this boot and it made me feel good. LOL I could laugh about it. I sent the boot out as an email to all my friends. Most replied to my question at the top in bold with a firm resounding "YES!" They liked my boot as well. Only one person had trouble figuring it out it was a boot. So I guess I should thank that commentor for this inspiration especially since I haven't really been creating stuff; just taking photos and cutting out scraps; being a gatherer from way back as Leah so aptly put it in one of her more recent posts.

I discovered something new... that it you save your photo on your blog, then post your words the next day, it still gives yesterday's date on your post. Cool. What did you discover today?

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Monday, March 3, 2008

My Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece.
Well, it is not entirely all mine. I could not have had it without Don's help and the good Lord above. I am so thankful for this masterpiece which is unfinished.
We were in a McDonald's in Eufaula on Saturday eating ice cream when I saw the frame just hanging there calling out to me. As Rhett was about to go outside to play, I told him to go around and stand behind it. I had to tell him to move over some to the right then I snapped it. It is kind of neat because there is another one just like it behind him. It also reminds me of the ones I snapped at Cowboys when he was "in jail" so I guess I have a sort of theme going here. All of my friends that I have showed it to on my camera have liked it. My friend Anne kidded me by asking if I meant the art or Rhett. I say both. But it will not be sold at an auction or anywhwere for that matter. There is not enough money in the world you could pay me for this one. It is priceless. And I am going to toot my own horn about it today because I am so proud of it!
I am also tooting my own horn about my last couple of posts I did as well as the photos I took and the fact that I got the link to show up!
If you too would like to toot your own horn today, please go to the following:
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Odd Shots Monday 3/3/08

This is outside my mom's house in the apartments outside her driveway. I have taken it before with a disposable camera last Mother's Day weekend. The sun was shining very brightly when I took this yesterday. Can you see the abstract face when you click into it? I wish it were a better shot. I probably should have waited til the evening to take it.

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