Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Flowers and Ink Blots





I knew I wanted to post Easter flowers here today rather than a Sky Watch Friday post to say "Happy Easter" to ya'll since I probably won't be back on here til Monday. I have a full weekend ahead of seeing my best friend Genie this evening and family coming in tomorrow. The sky was too pretty and blue to post my rainy day shot of the water tower and the story that goes along with it I couldn't get to upload last Friday.

I worked some more on my Ink Blots. I printed some photos at Walmart yesterday. I was able to use a xerox copy of my Tape Art & it turned out really well. I was very pleased. I was able to enlarge it so the woman's face shows up more profoundly. It is black and white now not brownish looking as it appeared on my blog previously. I prefer the black and white. I can just see it framed in a black frame upon my walls and hopefully on other's walls as well. Today I cut & pasted things together on the Ink Blots to give them more conformity. Hope they don't appear too jumbled up on the last one. Let me know which one you like better... I am thinking I like the 1st one better. Less is more. I think the polls for this are running neck and neck. For each vote for the 1st one, then someone votes for the 2nd one. Every one loves the hearts.

Rhett kept rubbing his eyes in his sleep early this morning. I thought it was due to his sudden cold. When I looked at his eyes, I saw he had pink eye in one of them so I had to take him to the doctor. It was a good thing he was off for Good Friday. I wanted his eye better before Monday or else they will send him home. He should not be contagious by the time Jason's family arrives tomorrow.

Happy Easter!
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Janet said...

Beautiful flowers!

I've been trying some ink blots, too. Nothing I'm really pleased with yet. I guess I don't see so much in mine!