Monday, March 10, 2008

Owl Tree for Odd Shots Monday 3/10/08

I took this one on Friday at lunch. I went to McDonald's to get some of their good sweet tea after hearing about my Uncle Bert's tumor. I parked and just kept looking at this tree. Turned my head sideways and zoomed in closer. It reminded me of an owl. How cool is that? I've already printed this shot. It looks sort of washed out in the print, but I was at a new Walmart, not the ususal one I go to where I like the way the colors come out better and brighter. Of course there wasn't a lot of color in it to begin with. Oh, well, what the hey? I like it anyway.
I have a tip for you: from one of my scrapbooking sites. Go to who is having a really good deal until 3/17/08. You can get 150 4x6 prints for $15.00. The coupon code is: GETPRINTS.
We had another good weekend. We even had snow flurries early Saturday Morning! In March. In Georgia and Alabama! Of course I took a few shots, but its hard to see the flurries except in two of them. One where Rhett is holding up his black glove to the window with some snow flakes on it. Then the sun came out and we went out to run errands, pay bills, go see "The Water Horse" which is really good. Loved their accents. Made me want to go there.
I also have some wonderful news to share... I sold two stamps I created at !! Needless to say I am walking on air today and nothing could bring me down. I am so excited.
If you would like to participate in Odd Shots Monday, please go to:
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Paulie said...

Neat shot -- I like that owl!

Katney said...

That is a trully fascinating tree trunk. Good choice for an odd shot.

Lilli & Nevada said...

That is amazing, it really does look like a owl. Very good eye

diane said...

It does look like an owl~cool!
Come visit~

becky voyles said...

Glad you all liked my owl. Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

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